There are a variety of weapons in Etrian Odyssey II. Only a few are available for purchase at Sitoth Trading in the beginning, but more can be unlocked by selling monster drops.


Name Buy Sell Description Effect Classes Requirements
Ygg Sword N/A N/A ATK+210 LPDTRW Crimson Vengeance Quest
Dragvandil 312,000 124,800 ATK+189 Force Up LPDTRW Axe Shard x3
Dragonbane 265,000 106,000 ATK+183

All Stats+20

LPDTRW Fire Scale x1

Ice Scale x1

Volt Scale x1

Rubylight 255,000 102,000 ATK+169 STR+5 TEC+5 LPDTRW Sword Chip x1
Levantine 155,000 62,000 ATK+151 Type:Fire LPDTRW Flame Bone x1
Dainsleif 50,100 20,040 ATK+138 LPDTRW Iron Fang x1
Tyrfing 34,400 13,760 ATK+133 LPDTRW Ruin Talon x20
Vorpal 29,800 11,920 It has split legendary creatures in half. ATK+129 LPDTRW

5 x Cat's Eye

5 x Red Collar

Balmung 24,600 9,840 A sword said to be able to cut through anything. ATK+125 LPDTRW Guard Horn x1
Duergar 18,900 7,560 ATK+120 AGI+5 HP+10 LPDTRW Moonstone x5

Plum Hide x10

Claymore 17,600 7,040 ATK+122 LPDTRW Damask Bit x1
Caledfwlch 16,800 6,720 A holy sword imbued with lightning. ATK+111 Type:Volt LPDTRW 1 x Spinal Fin
Melputteh 13,500 5,400 A sharp two-handed sword with a long handle. ATK+111   Type:Stab LPDTRW 2 x Coal Bone
Flamberge 8,960 3,584 A long sword with a twisted, wave-like edge.

ATK+98     VIT+2       HP+10   

LPDTRW 1 x Curve Horn
Shamshir 8,790 3,516 ATK+102 STR+2 LPDTRW Lilac Vine x3

Malachite x7

Patissa 8,230 3,292 Long blade that can be used one- or two-handed ATK+100 LPDTRW 1 x Plum Quill
Executor 6,210 2,484 Two-handed sword made to mow down one's enemies. ATK+90 LPDTRW 1 x Heaven Pin
Flissa 4,850 1,940 A special sword with a wide blade and thin tip. ATK+80 STR+2 LPDTRW 5 x Adularia     5 x Snow Quill
Estoc 4,640 1,856 A long, slender sword, made for piercing

ATK+76 HP+10 Type:Stab

LPDTRW 15 x Bug Nest
Talwaar 4,120 1,648 A long sword, bent for improved cutting power. ATK+79 LPDTRW 1 x Red Fin
Cutlass 3,080 1,232 Simple one-handed sword with a sharp blade ATK+70 LPDTRW 1 x Torn Tail
Rapier 2,580 1,032 One-handed sword fit for cutting ATK+66 TP+10 LPDTRW 1 x Spire Horn
Katzbalger 1,550 620 Its weight cuts more than its sharpness. ATK+63 STR+1 VIT+1  LPDTRW 5 x Red Ball
Broadsword 1,230 492 Double-edged sword with a wide, cleaving blade. ATK+60 LPDTRW 1 x Armor Hull
Kora 820 328 Its tip is angled for greater destruction ATK+50 LPDTRW 1 x Rock shard
Carp Sword 440 176 One-handed sword that tapers to a point. ATK+43 LPDTRW

1 x Gem Eye

7 x Feather

Boar Spear 350 140 A hunting sword shaped like a beast's fang. ATK+37 STR+2 LPDTRW Red Shard x5

Aragonite x5

Gladius 280 112 A simple short sword, designed for piercing. ATK+35 LPDTRW 3 x Metal Hull
Falcatta 150 60 One-handed sword whose weight is in its tip. ATK+20 LPDTRW 1 x Rat Needle
Kukri 120 48 A short blade that's curved like a sickle. ATK+18 LPDTRW Available from Start


Name Buy Sell Description Effect Classes Requirements
Ygg Staff N/A N/A Yggdrasil's life energy flows through it. ATK+210 MATHW Yggdrasil's Exterminators Quest
Kerykeion 333,000 133,200 Holds a god's power to control men's hearts ATK+176 TEC+5 TP+40 MATHW Tough Wing x1
King Staff 267,000 106,800 Overwhelms any observer with radiant light. ATK+203 STR+8 HP+30 MATHW Pale Bone x3
Polar Rod 221,000 88,400 ATK+159 TP+30 Type:Ice MATHW Ice Horn x3
Arcana Rod 52,100 20,840 A mage staff that's said to contain divine power. ATK+133 TP+40 MATHW

10 x Deep Leaf

5 x Ruin Talon

Stardust 38,900 15,560 ATK+138 STR+5 HP+50 MATHW Pure Horn x10
Sage Wand 31,100 12,440 ATK+129 TP+50 MATHW Moss Shell x10
Goldendag 25,500 10,200 A cudgel enhanced with dragon scales. ATK+122 TP+30 MATHW Evil Bone x1
Ebon Staff 19,300 7,720 ATK+130 STR+2 HP+20 MATHW Black Husk x5

Ironwood x3

War Flail 17,800 7,120 Staff that sharpens the user's sense. ATK+123 MATHW Black Core x1

Metal Chip x3

Quest Rod 13,600 5,440 An adventurer's staff that can crush boulders. ATK+117 MATHW 1 x Lemon Core
Purple Rod 8,860 3,544 Despite its appearance, it holds strong magic.

ATK+99       TEC+1       TP+10 


5 x Plum Quill

5 x Scent Wood

Sting Maul 8,850 3,540 A heavy maul fashioned after a scorpions tail.

ATK+104    STR+1        HP+10

MATHW 1 x Dark Lymph
Thorn Rod 8,210 3,284 Thorny, linked roots made to destroy enemies.

ATK+102    HP+10

MATHW 1 x Hazard Eye
Gold Wand 6,190 2,476 Strengthened with magically charged gold. ATK+89 TP+15 MATHW 2 x Gold Crest
Malice Rod 5,510 2,204 A flame spirit resides within this staff. ATK+73 TEC+8 Type:Fire MATHW 1 x Red Wings
Luck Staff 4,890 1,956 A staff that raises the user's luck. ATK+79 LUC+5 TP+10 MATHW 1 x Front Wing, 5 x Shell Chip
Mirage Rod 4,780 1,912 Illusionary staff that protects the user. ATK+50  TP+50 MATHW 1 x Curse Bone
Doom Mace 4,640 1,856 ATK+88 HP+20 MATHW Sea Branch x3

Torn Tail x15

Haze Rod 4,160 1,664 Glowing blue staff that raises the user's magic. ATK+72 TP+10 MATHW 1 x Blue Core
White Rod 3,070 1,228 Melee staff made of linked stones. ATK+73 HP+10 MATHW 1 x White Gem
Shard Mace 1,880 752 Made with a crystal that assists concentration. ATK+60  TP+10 MATHW 3 x Red Core
Milk Maul 1,530 612 Increased spore density heightens its power. ATK+65 HP+15 MATHW 20 x Open Cap, 5 x Hardwood
Gara Rod 1,250 500 Boiled, hardened tail of a forest animal. ATK+63   HP+10 MATHW 2 x Ruby Shard
Milk Staff 830 332 Emits mushroom spores to diffuse enemy magic. ATK+48  TP+10 MATHW 2 x Open Cap
Horn Mace 440 176 Staff with a durable horn fastened to the tip. ATK+45 HP+20 MATHW

7 x Red Shard

3 x Hard Root

Maimai Bat 420 168 Mage staff created from durable shells ATK+37  TP+10 MATHW 30 x Husk Shard
Warhammer 370 148 Melee-oriented staff used mainly for support.

ATK+41 HP+10

MATHW 2 x Gel Core
Amud Staff 130 52 The crystal on its tip acts as a magical focus. ATK+18   TP+8 MATHW 2 x Husk Shard
Staff 80 32 Two-handed staff used by forest explorers. ATK+15   TP+5 MATHW Available from start


Name Buy Sell Description Effect Classes Requirements
Ygg axe N/A N/A L The Beautiful Queen Quest
Dragon Axe 292,000 116,800 ATK+200 Force Up L Call Horn x3
Bomb Axe 267,000 106,800 Hell-forged axe that burns away all things. ATK+196 Element: Fire L 1 x Sharp Claw
Meteor Axe 251,000 100,400 An axe that can destroy even the stars. ATK+181 STR+14 ACC+ L 1 x Statue Arm
Demon Axe 48,910 19,564 ATK+143 L Plum Scale x20
Royal Axe 33,300 13,200 Battleaxe issued to the king's royal guard. ATK+138 L 20 x Short Nail
Earth Axe 28,100 11,240 ATK+134 L Throb Vine x20
Corseca 18,700 7,480 An axe designed to break through any armor. ATK+129 STR+3 L 1 x True Soul
Bardiche 17,200 6,880 Long battleaxe designed to pulverize foes. ATK+126 TP+20 L

1 x Tourmaline

5 x Black Hoof

Poleaxe 16,800 6,720 Its heavy blade is made to crush opponents. ATK+128 L 1 x Comet Chip
Lochaber 12,400 4,960 A battleaxe with a long, slender blade. ATK+116 L 2 x Black Hoof
Halberd 11,100 4,440 Has three edges for various attack types. ATK+109 HP+30 L 1 x Stone Beak
Poison Axe 8,410 3,364 A battleaxe doused with strong poison. ATK+101 VIT+2 AGI+2 L

5 x Prehnite

15 x Bee Needle

Big Axe 7,980 3,192 Designed with a longer handle for more power. ATK+104 L 1 x Pale Beak
Goliath 6,250 2,500 An axe imbued with the power of a giant. ATK+91 VIT+2 L

1 x Red Blade

1 x Blue Core

Color Axe 5,800 2,320 Small axe created from a polished carapace. ATK+95 L 1 x Color Hull
Volt Axe 4,740 1,896 Its lightning destroys enemies from within. ATK+84 Type:Volt L

1 x Whole Hull

2 x Space Husk

Bipennis 4,450 1,780 A weighted axe that delivers heavy blows. ATK+88 TP+10 L

7 x Snow Quill

1 x Celestine

Biliomg 3,890 1,556 Its flexible blade is made from insect claws. ATK+86 L 3 x Torn Tail
Beheader 3,360 1,344 Made to lop off the heads of unrepentant sinners. ATK+73 L 1 x Horn Shard, 1 x Glow Quill
Zeta Axe 2,960 1,184 A battleaxe that cleaves using a rounded blade. ATK+75 L 1 x Blue Fin
Snow Axe 1,690 676 Battleaxe with an ice-elemental blade. ATK+66 Type:Ice L 1 x Ice Fiber
Battle Axe 1,480 592 Double-edged axe that deals immense damage. ATK+65 STR+2 VIT+2 L 5 x Flourite, 5 x Moving Eye
Broba 1,150 460 Battleaxe with a wide, crescent-shaped blade. ATK+68 L 1 x Steel Beak
Broadaxe 780 312 A precision axe with a chiseled blade. ATK+53 L 1 x Soft Horn
Tabarzin 560 224 Short axe with a claw-shaped blade. ATK+46 Type:Fire L

1 x Red Horn

5 x Gel Core

Tshirovha 410 164 An axe that can pierce opponents when striking. ATK+39 STR+2 L

7 x Aragonite

5 x Shell Wart

Spike 220 88 An iron axe pronged with sharp blades. ATK+33 L

3 x Cactus Pin

5 x Earth Nail

Kalinga 160 64 An axe made from the sharp nail of a beast. ATK+21 L 1 x Earth Nail
Francisca 120 48 An easy-to-use small axe. ATK+18 L Available from start


Name Buy Sell Description Effect Classes Requirements
Hyuga N/A N/A ATK+210 R Shadow of the Castle Quest
Masamune ATK+256 All Stats+10 R Eden Apple x1
Shishinoko 338,000 135,200 Howls in the night as it seeks something. ATK+198 HP+30 R 1 x Gem Chip
Hisamemaru 303,000 121,200 An illusionary katana said to bring rain ATK+192 Type:Ice R Frost Bone x1
Youtou 296,000 118,400 Demonic, cursed katana with abnormal sharpness. ATK+186 STR+5 TP+50 R 1 x Harpy Wing
Chidori 46,600 18,640 Infused by the lightning bolt that it once cut. ATK+142 Type:Volt R

5 x Moss Shell

10 x Dry Thorn

Hotarumaru 44,600 17,840 A firefly's glow coats this katana's blade. ATK+138 Type:Fire R 20 x Red Metal
Ichimonji 19,100 7,640 Supposedly used by an ancient military god. ATK+127 AGI+5 TP+20 R

1 x Coal Brick

10 x Moonstone

Onimaru 18,400 7,360 Anti-demon katana that only requires one swipe. ATK+129 STR+2 R

10 x Black Core

10 x Metal Chip

Nenekiri 17,200 6,880 Cuts right through an object's very essence. ATK+128 R 1 x Black Husk
Dotanuki 13,100 5,240 Can cleave the toughest helms in twain. ATK+115 R 3 x Pale Husk
Hachi 8,660 3,464 Its handle is decorated with leaves for luck. ATK+111 LUC+15 R

1 x Blue Petal

1 x Malachite

Doujigiri 8,520 3,408 It can behead even the toughest oni. ATK+105 STR+1 TP+5 R 20 x Color Hull
Juzumaru 7,870 3,148 A beautiful, unblemished katana. ATK+103 R 1 x Gold Claw
Kotsujiki 6,640 2,656 Can slice through the very bones of a beast. ATK+99 VIT+2 R

1 x Dark Scale

1 x Metal Horn

Kishindaio 5,790 2,316 Said to have been forged in one night by an oni. ATK+93 R 2 x Bee Needle
Kuzunosada 4,620 1,848 Anti-demon wards are etched into its blade. ATK+86 STR+2 R

5 x Space Husk

1 x Dew Scale

Nikkari 4,360 1,744 Said to dismember stone statues in one swipe. ATK+84 AGI+2 HP+10 R

5 x Celestine

10 x Snow Fang

Ochiba 3,860 1,544 Its strikes are rumored to cause leaves to fall. ATK+87 R 1 x Pale Arm
Ganyu 2,880 1,152 Its heavy blade can shatter even boulders. ATK+74 R 1 x Bug Nest
Shida 2,060 824 Long, slender katana made from beast claws. ATK+67 STR+2 R 1 x Sharp Nail
Zanmatou 1,480 592 A magnificent sword, made to slay demons. ATK+62 Type:Fire R 7 x Green Hide, 3 x Red Core
Nodachi 1,180 472 Katana almost as long as a person is tall. ATK+63 R 1 x Red Core
Sensui 1,020 408 Shows its true power if its user is cornered. ATK+55 STR+2 R 1 x Scythe
Tachi 790 316 Designed for large, arcing swings. ATK+51 R 3 x Soft Horn
Kurodachi 580 232 Katana with a simplified handle design. ATK+46 Type:Ice R 1 x Iron Shell
Warabide 450 180 Its tip is curved inward and rounded off. ATK+39 STR+2 R

7 x Amazonite

15 x Rat Needle

Kodachi 270 108 Katana that's as flexible as a short sword. ATK+37 R 1 x Red Shard, 3 x Bug Nail
Wakizashi 180 72 A compact katana with a sharp, metallic blade. ATK+25 R 1 x Cactus Pin
Sasuga 90 36 Has a sharp edge despite its small size. ATK+20 R Available from start


Name Buy Sell Description Effect Classes Requirements
Divide Bow N/A N/A Heirloom of the winged ones that can pierce air. ATK+210 ST The Volt King's Rampage Quest
Yumiyawata 297,000 118,800 A bow once used by the god of miracles. ATK+190 VIT+5 TP+30 ST

5 x Shiny Vine

5 x Closed Cap

Ill Wind 266,000 106,400 ???

ATK+185 TEC+5 LUC+5


1 x 1000 Shell

3 x Kilo Horn

Zamiel Bow 231,000 92,400 Its bolts hit any target, no matter how small. ATK+181 STR+10 HP+40 ST Brute Wing x 1
Greed Bow 49,200 19,680 Said to erase one's presence if you tarry. ATK+137 ST

10 x Red Quill

3 x Deep Leaf

Unjoudou 33,300 13,320 Powerful bow whose bolts can puncture the clouds. ATK+135 ST

10 x Maroon Fur

10 x Throb Vine

Flash Bow 28,300 11,320 Anti-demon bow said to fire streams of light. ATK+129 Type:Volt ST

5 x Venom Twig

25 x Red Collar

Arc Drawer 26,700 10,680 A demonic longbow with an arc-shaped body. ATK+120 TP+30 Type:Ice ST 1 x Devil Wing
Shidgedou 17,300 6,920 A long bow with incredible elasticity. ATK+124 STR+2 ST

5 x Gum String

10 x Pale Hull

Still Bow 16,600 6,640 A large bow with a highly elastic string. ATK+123 ST 1 x Pure Shell
Snow White 13,100 5,240 Its pure beauty leaves onlookers breathless. ATK+96 TP+20 Type:Ice ST 1 x Snow Vine
Failnaught 12,200 4,880 Ranged weapon that only experts can use. ATK+109 ST 3 x Cry Root
Arbalest 8,580 3,432 Huge weapon that pierces through metal armor. ATK+100 VIT+5 HP+20 ST

10 x Sticky Web

5 x Arc Branch

War Bow 8,490 3,396 A large battle bow used in times of war. ATK+101 TEC+5 TP+10 ST 15 x Dark Spur
Heaven Bow 7,770 3,108 A legendary bow said to fire shooting stars. ATK+99 ST 1 x Dew Beak
Aquael 5,690 2,276 A complex bow with a confusing mechanism. ATK+87 ST 1 x Sticky Web
Gendawa 4,610 1,844 Its sturdy grip allows for more power. ATK+76 AGI+2 TP+10 ST

5 x Red Fin

Hades Bow 4,290 1,716 Lures living beings back to Earth. ATK+79 STR+2 ST

20 x Shell Chip

5 x Death Stem

Fin Bow 3,780 1,512 Longbow made from a large animal horn. ATK+78 ST 1 x Metal Horn
Hunter Bow 2,790 1,116 Light, easy to use bow designed for hunting. ATK+69 ST 2 x Blue Fin
Shadow Bow 2,380 952 Its arrows can pierce anything imaginable. ATK+58 STR+2 HP+10 ST 1 x Brute tail
Scorch Bow 1,720 688 Its magical arrows become balls of fire. ATK+62 Type:Fire ST 1 x Curse Nail
Self Bow 1,440 576 A bow made of a single material. ATK+56 STR+2 AGI+2 ST

15 x Ruby Shard

1 x Red Root

Vine Bow 1,130 452 High-class bow enhanced with animal horns. ATK+59 ST 1 x Steel Horn
Long Bow 770 308 This bow's large size lets it deal greater damage. ATK+52 ST 2 x Steel Fang
Hindi 560 224 A small bow used for close combat. ATK+36 AGI+3 LUC+3 ST

7 x Long Pin

7 x Bug Wing

Beast Bow 440 176 Longbow crafted from feathers and light wood. ATK+39 STR+1 ST

5 x Bent Twig

10 x Feather

Short Bow 270 108 Compact bow designed to be carried easily. ATK+34 ST

1 x Glue Quill

2 x Bug Nail

Wood Bow 170 68 An everyday bow made of the forest's branches. ATK+27 ST

1 x Bug Wing

1 x Bent Twig

Sling 90 36 Swung around one's head to let loose stones. ATK+16 ST Available from start


Name Buy Sell Description Effect Classes Requirements
Ice Vine N/A N/A A white whip that reads its wielder's mind. ATK+210 D A Life in the Balance Quest
Dominator 350,000 140,000 Its godly winds can obliterate enemies. ATK+196 STR+8 Force+ D 3 x Curse Vine
Beam Whip 277,000 110,800 Glistens gently until its final, fatal strike. ATK+173 AGI+10 TP+30 D

1 x Red Quill

5 x Dew Bone

Octal Whip 18,600 7,440 ATK+161 VIT+10 HP+20 D Risky Vine x8

Throb Vine x1

Volt Whip 47,800 19,120 Whips through targets at the speed of light. ATK+141 Type:Volt D 20 x Dry Thorn
Spine Whip 33,900 13,560 Long whip with the power to rip through bone. ATK+139 D 20 x Giant Horn
Noir Queen 29,100 11,640 A black whip as alluring as it is evil. ATK+133 D

5 x Red Metal

3 x Shiny Vine

Comet Whip 19,000 7,600 Appears as a star falling through the night sky. ATK+126 VIT+5 HP+30 D 1 x Coal Skull
Tormentor 18,600 7,440 Its whipcrack sends foes to the afterlife. ATK+128 LUC+5 TP+20 D

10 x Pure Shell

3 x Gum String

Dead Whip 17,300 6,920 This long whip brings ruin to all it strikes. ATK+125 D 1 x Plum Hide
Pale Queen 14,800 5,920 Its pure white exterior instills fear in foes. ATK+103 TEC+5 Type:Ice D 1 x Snow Vine
Scourge 13,200 5,280 A whip with extra lashes for increased damage. ATK+114 D 1 x Cry Root
Seven Whip 8,660 3,464 Its linked metal bars pulverize the enemy. ATK+104 VIT+2 LUC+2 D

10 x Dew Beak

3 x Arc Branch

Knout 8,530 3,412 Iron filings on the tip tear through flesh. ATK+101 AGI+5 D 15 x Razor Edge
Plant Whip 7,800 3,120 Blue whip made from a highly resilient plant. ATK+102 D 1 x Lilac Vine
Gale Whip 5,710 2,284 A whip that cuts all foes with the wind. ATK+92 D 1 x Razor Edge
Gore Chain 4,710 1,884 Made from beetle horns stuffed with fibers. ATK+86 STR+2 D

1 x Stag Horn

5 x Red Mane

Tentacle 4,420 1,768 A whip said to bring death when it strikes. ATK+83 AGI+2 LUC+2 D

5 x Bison Hide

3 x Death Stem

Wolf Pain 3,840 1,536 A whip made of the fangs of a snow-white wolf. ATK+84 D 1 x Snow Fang
Rouge Whip 2,760 1,104 A crimson whip said to bring ill fortune. ATK+70 D 1 x Red Mane
Beast Tail 2,310 924 A whip of beauty that tracks down monsters. ATK+65 VIT+2 LUC+2 D 1 x Brute tail, 2 x Steel fang
Snake Whip 1,680 672 Double-lashed whip made from snakeskin. ATK+66 STR+2 D 5 x Red Root, 5 x Ruby Shard
Sting Whip 1,350 540 Its horn can pierce a foe's vital points. ATK+64 VIT+2 AGI+2 D 30 x Soft Horn
Flame Whip 1,070 428 Red whip imbued with the power of flames. ATK+62 Type:Fire D 1 x Green Hide
Bird Whip 680 272 A whip covered in sharp bird feathers. ATK+51 D 1 x Tail quill
Briar Whip 520 208 Created from the vines of a gigantic flower. ATK+42 VIT+1 AGI+1 D

5 x Gum Vine

1 x Shell Wart

Slice Whip 370 148 The sharp blades at its tip can cut anything. ATK+38 STR+2 D

15 x Metal Hull

3 x Bent Twig

Bullwhip 260 104 Created from sewn-together monster hides. ATK+32 D

2 x Gum Hide

3 x Bug Wing

Nail Whip 130 52 A whip tipped with monster nails. ATK+19 D 1 x Small Nail
Plain Whip 80 32 A slender weapon used to stop enemies. ATK+17 D Available from start


Name Buy Sell Description Effect Classes Requirements
Agnea N/A N/A ATK+210 G The Waiting Wyvern Quest
Agneyastra 331,000 132,400 Its destructive force turns everything to ash. ATK+202 STR+5


G 1 Flame Puff
Megido Gun 278,000 111,200 ATK+189 TP+30 Type:Fire G Flame Bone x2

Thorn bone x5


232,000 92,800 Once its target is in sight, it never misses. ATK+185 AGI+10 ACC++ G

1 x Giant Bone

1 x Ice Bone

Angel Cry 53,300 21,320 Its retort is the voice of the Reaper's cry. ATK+143 G

5 x Short Nail

10 x Plum Scale

Land Saker 39,100 15,640 ATK+139 G Pure Horn x20
Gae Bolg 30,100 12,040 A magical gun that fires beams of light. ATK+135 G

10 x Gold Spore

Gold Gun 19,900 7,960 A golden gun that can be easily dismantled. ATK+131 VIT+5 HP+20 G 1 x Gold Arm
Agbuster 18,800 7,520 Its bullets can drive away demons. ATK+128 AGI+5 ACC+ G

20 x Bat Fangs

5 x Tourmaline

Dragoon 18,100 7,240 A high-tech gun with a compact design. ATK+129 G 2 x True Shard
Zamiel Gun 17,100 6,840 A firearm that hits the smallest vital points. ATK+109 STR+5 ACC- G 1 x Shot Shard
Apollo Gun 15,600 6,240 Its divine essence can thwart any darkness. ATK+110 HP+10 G 1 x 100 Shell
Steel Gun 14,000 5,600 Improved gun that uses special steel rounds. ATK+116 G 1 x Pale Hull
Volt Gun 9,190 3,676 Accurate enough to shoot birds from the sky. ATK+103 Type:Volt G

1 x Wind Blade

3 x Malachite

Dark Saker 8,900 3,560 Its sights can detect beasts in the darkness. ATK+104 AGI+3 ACC+ G 10 x Gold Claw
Arquebus 8,250 3,300 A gun that's fired from the user's shoulder. ATK+106 G 1 x Dark Spur
Wyrmhunter 6,220 2,488 Its bullets can pierce through thick armor. ATK+95 G

1 x Bee Needle

1 x Gold Crest

Iron Saker 4,780 1,912 Gun reinforced to fire more powerful rounds. ATK+90 TP+10 G

3 x Metal Horn

1 x Red Scale

Fire Saker 4,550 1,820 A firearm equipped to shoot bullets of flame. ATK+87 VIT+2 Type:Fire G

10 x Blue Core

3 x Adularia

Handcannon 4,030 1,612 Its true power shows in point-blank shots. ATK+88 G 1 x Shell Chip
Nalnari 3,020 1,208 Fits naturally into the bearer's hand. ATK+74 G 2 x White Gem
Godhunter 1,920 768 Can fire multiple rounds simultaneously. ATK+66 AGI+2 ACC+ G 1 x Armor Bone, 3 x Flourite
Ice Musket 1,610 644 Its frozen barrel allows it to fire ice rounds. ATK+68 STR+2 Type:Ice G 10 x Steel Horn
Shotgun 1,290 516 Capable of firing both barrels simultaneously. ATK+65 G 1 x Brute Bone
Madfa 870 348 A firearm capable of firing huge bullets.z ATK+55 G 1 x Moving Eye
Matchlock 530 212 Its claw decreases the impact from enemy hits. ATK+46 STR+3 G

3 x Lymph

3 x Amazonite

Volcanic 370 148 A firearm with an easy-to-load breech. ATK+43 G Feather x 1
Culverin 240 96 A small, easily concealable firearm. ATK+35 G 1 x Bug Nail
Fire Gun 130 52 A simple firearm that holds a single shell. ATK+21 G Available from start


Name Buy Sell Description Effect Classes Requirements
Bond Claw N/A N/A ATK+210 B Charity to Monsters Quest
Sten Nail 339,000 135,900 ATK+198 STR+5 VIT+5 B Giant Post x1
Purr Claw 295,000 118,000 ATK+187 HP+50 TP+50 B Sword Claw x3
Blood Nail 46,900 18,760 A wild claw that awakens one's thirst for blood. ATK+139 B

10 x Red Lymph

5 x Jade Thews

Comet Nail 19,800 7,920 Light, compact claw with a sharp edge. ATK+127 VIT+5 HP+30 B

10 x Comet Chip

20 x Lemon Core

Sonic Claw 17,900 7,160 Stealth claw that makes no sound when used. ATK+126 B 2 x Bat Fangs
Risk Claw 9,500 3,800 Even steel melts upon contact with this claw. ATK+105 HP+20 TP+20 B

5 x Hazard Eye

1 x Prelinite

Wind Claw 7,890 3,156 Absorbs and channels the air around it to attack. ATK+106 B 2 x Razor Edge
Hard Nail 4,380 1,752 A claw made out of the finest materials. ATK+91 B 5 x Pale Arm
Aqua Claw 3,650 1,460 Fires high-pressure jets of water at enemies. ATK+86 Type:Ice B 1 x Space Husk
Hell Claw 1,210 484 A claw left by an envoy of Hell. ATK+61 Type:Fire B 1 x Brass Fang, 2 x Gel Core
Breaker 1,020 408 This claw cuts as well as smashes enemies. ATK+65 ACC+ B 2 x Armor Hull, 1 x Red Ball
Iron Claw 990 396 A claw tempered for greater resilience. ATK+64 STR+1 B 1 x Steel Fang
Royal Claw 420 168 Made from modifying and sharpening a hard shell. ATK+47 B 1 x Metal Hull