Who needs armor, when you have magic and beanies?

Runemasters (ルーンマスター, Rūnmasutā) primary purpose in battle is to deal elemental damage, but they can also defend themselves and allies against elemental damage. Their elemental damage output is a force to be reckoned with, but are sorely lacking in physical defense and attack. This weakness is not often a big issue, however, as their affinity for elemental damage is fairly unique among EO4 classes, and back-row placement helps them avoid physical damage.


Runemasters take up the attacks of their Alchemist cousins from the first and second games and diversify the skill set by adding several defensive skills. Their basic Rune skills resemble the Troubadours' Fantasia skills in shifting the elemental alignment in favour of the party, reducing damage taken from an element but also managing to create an elemental weakness if applicable to synergize with their own or other members' skills. Their Runic Shield skill is a unique one, allowing them to randomly block elemental attacks on themselves or adjacent members, slightly improving their chances of survival and allowing a player to shift them forward whenever the situations call for it.

  • Strengths: Impressive magic offense and TP, great at manipulating elemental affinities.
  • Weaknesses: Physically frail, smallest HP pool.

Subclassing Edit

Subclasses for Runemaster Edit

Due to Runemasters' stat growth favouring Technique, they have difficulty using the skills of other physically oriented classes. That, combined with their rather steep skill point investment in their own skill tree, makes it difficult to effectively use both their main and sub skills without being forced to give up investment in either.

  • Medic: They make for decent healers in case your party happens to lack one, they won't be incredible in the healing department but their high TP and Tec their skills will allow a Runemaster to be a decent one, and you can't deny any form of Full Heal or (Auto-)Revive which are the main reasons for using a Medic.
  • Arcanist: Decent alternative if your party needs some form of offensive support, some Arcanist skills will synergize with a few Runemaster skills and their safety when trying to land ailments/binds can prove to be useful if your party lacks them. Otherwise, you should opt for an Arcanist itself.
  • Bushi: While most of the Bushi's skills affect only physical attacks, Blood Surge offers a universal damage boost, sharply increasing the Runemaster's damage output if combined with Runic Gleam and Runic Flare. Avoid excessive investments in that, though, as Runemasters have the smallest HP pool and can burn out quickly with Blood Surge. Endure gives them an extra life and Deep Breath offers a quick and easy means of recovery.
  • Imperial: Most recommended option due to their passive skill synergy. Hawkeye reduces enemy elemental defense, making Runes hit harder, and Element Boost stacks with the Runemaster's passives. Absorber also allows TP regeneration when hitting elemental weaknesses to increase the Runemaster's fighting stamina, especially when a Rune has turned an otherwise neutral hit into a weakness.

Runemaster as Subclass Edit

The Runemaster attack skills all scale off Technique, making Runemasters, at first glance, a good subclasses only for members with good Tec growth. However, their passives and support skills also show that Strength-oriented characters can still make good use of their passives.

  • Medics and Arcanists have good Tec that allows them to make the best of the attack Runes. Free Energy is also desirable due to the general high cost of their skills, allowing them to last longer in protracted battles or dungeon trips.
  • Link-based Landsknechts and Imperials use Runic Flare and Runic Guidance to increase their elemental damage, especially when hitting enemies' elemental weaknesses. TP Boost and Free Energy also contribute to allowing them to fight for longer periods of time, offsetting their small TP pools.

Skill TreeEdit

Skill Description Type Prerequisites Extra
Proficiency Increases elemental attack and defense for allies in your line. Class None
Fire Rune Increases the party's fire resistance and lowers the enemy's. Rune None Converts neutral hits into weaknesses.
Ice Rune Increases the party's ice resistance and lowers the enemy's.
Volt Rune Increases the party's volt resistance and lowers the enemy's.
Fireball Rune Ranged fire attack with a splash effect. Rune Fire Rune Lv1
Ice Lance Rune Ranged ice attack that pierces across the enemy lines to hit two enemies. Rune Ice Rune Lv1
Lightning Rune Melee volt attack to an entire line of enemies. Rune Volt Rune Lv1
Runic Gleam Increases the power of your elemental attack skills for 3 turns. Support None
TP Boost Increases your maximum TP. Passive None
Herbology Greater chance of finding extra plants when gathering. Passive None

Skill Description Type Prerequisites Extra
Expertise Increases elemental attack and defense for allies in your line. Class Proficiency
Flame Rune Ranged fire attack to all enemies. Rune Fireball Rune Lv3
Glacier Rune Ranged ice attack to random enemies. Rune Ice Lance Rune Lv3 Level to also increase number of hits.
Storm Rune Ranged volt attack to 1 enemy. Rune Lightning Rune Lv3
Runic Shield Chance of nullifying an elemental attack to an ally in your line. Passive Runic Gleam Lv2
Runic Guidance Increases damage when striking an enemy's weakness. Passive Runic Shield Lv2 Also affects physical weaknesses.
Free Energy Chance of not expending TP when using a skill. Passive None
Runic Flare Increases elemental and untyped attack power. Passive None
Wise Chef Increases TEC gain from cooked food. Sky None

Skill Description Type Prerequisites Extra
Enlightenment Further increases elemental attack and defense for allies in your line. Class Expertise
Inferno Rune Ranged fire attack to 1 enemy. Rune Flame Rune Lv2
Blizzard Rune Ranged ice attack to all enemies. Rune Glacier Rune Lv2
Galvanic Rune Ranged volt attack to random enemies. Rune Storm Rune Lv2 Level to also increase number of hits.
Rune Mastery Increases attack power of rune skills. Passive Runic Guidance Lv2
Origin Rune Ranged untyped attack to all enemies. Rune Rune Mastery Lv2