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A class that weakens enemies at a distance from the shadows with throwing knives, or uses two blades to go in for the kill. Special attackers who work on either line.
In-Game description, Etrian Odyssey IV

Nightseekers are the vicious cousins of the Dark Hunter class from previous games, Nightseekers are deadly assassins that excel at crippling and killing targets.


Drawing parallels to the Dark Hunters in the first two games, the Nightseeker's stock and trade is the ability to throw envenomed knives with the ability to inflict all manner of status effects on foes, paired with lethal close-combat skills that become even stronger against ailment-afflicted enemies. Rounding out their skills, they are the only class capable of using two weapons at once with the ability Blade Flurry, as well as the only class that can cause skills to activate more than once with Follow Trace.

Because their damage increases considerably when an enemy is under the effects of a status effect, their damage output is among the highest in the game if built correctly, capable of matching the likes of Bushi, Snipers, and Imperials - if the target is under a status effect, at least.

  • Strengths: Incredible offenses paired with highest Agility of all classes.
  • Weaknesses: Low HP and Vitality stats shorten front row lifespan; dependent on landing ailments for maximum damage output.

Skill TreeEdit

Despite the class description implying otherwise, the Throw skills can be used while wielding any weapon.

Etrian Odyssey 4Edit

Skill Description Type Prerequisites Extra
Proficiency Greatly increases damage to enemies suffering from ailments. Class ----- Does not work on stunned enemies.
Ice Knife Melee ice cut attack to 1 enemy. Sword/Knife -----
Biding Slice Melee attack to 1 enemy. If not hit this turn, do another cut attack to the same target. Sword/Knife Ice Knife Lv3 Second attack will not activate if the target is dead.
Sand Throw Ranged cut attack to 1 enemy. May blind. Throw -----
Nerve Throw Ranged cut attack to 1 enemy. May paralyze. Throw Sand Throw Lv2
Blade Flurry Can attack twice per turn if two weapons are equipped. Passive ----- Level to increase strength of second hit.
Shadow Cloak Nulls one physical attack in the next 3 turns. Support ----- Level to reduce cost.
Auto-Cloak Shadow Cloak may activate at the start of battle. Auto Shadow Cloak Lv2
Decoy Increases the chance of 1 ally to be targeted by enemies for 3 turns. Support -----
Herbology Greater chance of finding extra plants when gathering. Passive -----

Skill Description Type Prerequisites Extra
Expertise Further increases damage to enemies suffering from ailments. Class Proficiency Does not work on stunned enemies.
Assassinate Melee instant kill to 1 enemy. Higher success rate against ailing enemies. Sword/Knife Biding Slice Lv2
Shadow Bite Melee cut attack with increased damage against ailing enemies. Sword/Knife Assassinate Lv3
Sleep Throw Ranged cut attack to 1 enemy. May induce sleep. Throw Nerve Throw Lv2
Curse Throw Ranged cut attack to 1 enemy. May curse. Throw Sleep Throw Lv2
Spread Throw The next throw skill you use will attack all enemies. Support ----- Level to reduce cost.
Sneak Attack Raises chance of preemptive rounds for the next 40 steps. Dungeon ----- Level to increase duration.
Agile Chef Increase AGI gains from cooked food. Sky -----
Speed Boost Increases action speed, hit rate, and evasion rate. Passive -----

Skill Description Type Prerequisites Extra
Enlightenment Further increases damage to enemies suffering from ailments. Class Expertise Does not work on stunned enemies.
Swift Edge Multiple melee attacks to 1 enemy. Sword/Knife Shadow Bite Lv2 Level to also increase number of hits.
Venom Throw Ranged cut attack to 1 enemy. May poison. Throw Curse Throw Lv2 Level to also increase poison strength.
Foul Mastery Increases attack power for each ailment inflicted during this battle. Passive Swift Edge Lv2, Venow Throw Lv2 Boost caps once it reaches 2x damage. Does not trigger on stun or instant kill.
Follow Trace Weapon attack skills may sometimes activate twice. Passive Blade Flurry Lv3 Second skill is free. Strength of second attack increases with Blade Flurry level.
Auto-Spread Spread Throw may activate at start of battle. Auto Spread Throw Lv2

Etrian Odyssey NexusEdit

Skill Description Type Used Stats Requires Extra
Killing Intent For 3 turns, increase attack and ailment infliction rate. Force Boost -- --
Disaster Strong melee cut attack to one enemy. If target has ailment, the ailment's duration is extended. Force Break Arm, STR
Sand Throw Ranged cut attack to one target, may blind. Throw Arm, STR/LUC None Lv6 increases damage.
Sleep Throw Ranged cut attack to one target, may induce sleep. Sand Throw Lv2
Shadow Cloak Negates the next physical attack made on the user. Lasts 3 turns. Support Legs None Leveling increases action speed.
Biding Slice Melee cut attack to one target. Attacks again at end of turn if user was not damaged this turn. Sword/Knife Arm, STR Shadow Cloak Lv1
Ice Knife Melee cut + ice attack to one target. Sword/Knife Arm, STR None
Proficiency Increases damage to ailing enemies. Passive -- None
Decoy Sign For 3 turns, increases one ally's chance of being targeted. Support -- None
Blade Flurry Normal attacks strike with both weapons. Enables subweapon use. Passive -- None Leveling increases second strike's power.
Chop Allows the user to find more resources while chopping. Gather -- None

Skill Description Type Used Stats Requires Extra
Curse Throw Ranged cut attack to one target, may curse. Throw Arm, STR/LUC Sleep Throw Lv3 Lv6 increases damage.
Nerve Throw Ranged cut attack to one target, may paralyze. Curse Throw Lv2
Shadow Bite Melee cut attack to one target. Doubled damage against ailing enemies. Sword/Knife Arm, STR Sleep Throw Lv3
Auto-Cloak May trigger Shadow Cloak at start of battle. Passive -- Biding Slice Lv2 Does not trigger if another Auto-Cloak triggered.
Backstab Melee cut attack to one target, may bind head. If Shadow Cloak is active, adds almighty element and doubles damage. Sword/Knife Arm, STR/LUC Auto-Cloak Lv2 Lv5 and 10 increase head bind chance.
Sneak Attack Increases chance of preemptive attacks for a certain number of steps. Field -- Proficiency Lv2
Foul Mastery Increases attack every time the user inflicts an ailment. Resets on death, max 3 stacks. Passive -- Sneak Attack Lv2
Speed Up Increases evasion, accuracy, and turn speed. Stat Up -- None
Spread Throw Next turn, increases range and infliction rate of Throw skills. Charge Arm None

Skill Description Type Used Stats Requires Extra
Venom Throw Ranged cut attack to one target, may poison. Throw Arm, STR/LUC Nerve Throw Lv2 Lv6 increases damage of initial hit.
Swift Edge 3-5 inaccurate melee cut attacks to one target. Maximum number of hits increases to 9 on an ailing target. Sword/Knife Arm, STR Shadow Bite Lv3
Assassinate Melee cut attack to one target. If Shadow Cloak is active, may instantly kill. Sword/Knife Arm, STR/LUC Backstab Lv3 Lv4 and 8 increase instant kill chance.
Enduring Cloak May reapply Shadow Cloak after it negates an attack. Passive -- Assassinate Lv3
Follow Trace When using an attack skill on an ailing target, may repeat the same skill. Passive -- Blade Flurry Lv4
Auto-Spread May trigger Spread Throw at start of battle. Passive -- Spread Throw Lv2 Does not trigger if another Auto-Spread has triggered.

Subclassing Edit

Subclasses for Nightseekers Edit

Nightseekers subclass well into many classes.

  • Landsknecht: Due to the high innate speed of Nightseekers, Nightseekers can immediately gain the advantage of establishing Links for the rest of the party to trigger without needing to set up Vanguard, and enjoy the bonuses of Initiative and Power Boost to hit even harder. Swordbreaker, Iron Wall and Weapon Parry allow for dual-wielding Nightseekers to offset their slightly low durability.
  • Sniper: For backrow Nightseekers, Sniper skills offer two different types of builds. One allows a Nightseeker to dual-wield bows and land many normal attacks with a good critical chance due to Bullseye and Power Boost. Another allows a Nightseeker to both bind and inflict ailments with bows and knives by capitalizing on their high Agility and Luck.
  • Dancer: Sword Dance and Mist Dance, when combined with their innate Blade Flurry skill, results in multiple hits and stuns at once - particularly if triggered off a Chase Samba or Rush Dance, and the damage can only go higher if an ailment gets inflicted on the way. Note that stunning with Mist Dance will not trigger Foul Mastery or the Nightseeker's class passives.
  • Arcanist: While Circles may seem to be an easy way to repeatedly attempt ailments multiple times across many turns, Ailment Boost and TP Return are prime skills to attain due to the increased ease in crippling enemies with ailments without much net loss in TP, allowing a Nightseeker/Arcanist to be nearly indefinitely sustainable during long dungeon trips. Releasal Spell, while expensive, also allows for re-application of ailments and binds during a long boss fight to maintain and even improve the Nightseeker's DPS.
  • Bushi: Charge, Blood Surge, Power Boost and Defiance drastically raise the base offensive power of dual-wielding Nightseekers, especially when used to boost the strength of Swift Edge through the roof. When combined with the Nightseeker's own Foul Mastery and class skills, they can absolutely destroy any enemy afflicted with ailments. Ferocity also allows a Nightseeker to sustain themselves when attacking twice with Blade Flurry, and Deep Breath can easily restore TP lost to Blood Surge.
  • Imperial: Drive Blades cannot be dual-wielded, but the Drive skills offer ridiculous burst damage, especially if it has been boosted by Foul Mastery and doubled up with Follow Trace. In between, the Nightseeker's own Sword skills can still be used while holding a Drive Blade, so they can follow through with Swift Edge, Ice Knife, Assassinate or Shadow Bite. Power Boost also exists to raise their base damage.

Nightseeker as Subclass Edit

Nightseeker is a highly desirable subclass as well, usually only due to their Blade Flurry and Follow Trace skills allowing for units to attack multiple times in one turn.

  • Dual-wielding Bushi and Landsknechts go for this class specifically for Blade Flurry which raises their offensive ability since they will strike with both weapons and have skills that grant bonuses for dual-wielding. Speed Boost also offers them better accuracy, evasion, and turn speed.
  • Dancers benefit from dramatically increased offensive power and access to both special attacks, status knives, and the ability to combine Blade Flurry with Sword Dance and Mist Dance for anywhere between 2 to 8 normal attacks, each with a chance to stun the target.
  • Arcanists can gain access to specific status effects they otherwise couldn't get (such as Curse and Blind), and attack boosts for inflicting status effects should they have managed to invest enough skill points to attain Foul Mastery.
  • Imperials seek this class specifically for Follow Trace - this skill can allow Drive skills to hit twice and allow more mileage from cooldown skills, getting two reductions for the price of and in the time space of one. Swift Edge is also an appreciable, if expensive, multihit skill to take up.

Subclasses for NightseekerEdit

Nightseekers are incredibly fast and have good Luck growth, but they ironically lack any skill to improve their odds of landing ailments. Correcting this with a subclass that has Status ATK Up becomes utmost priority for most Nightseekers.

  • Ronin offer a great number damage-boosting passives for the Nightseeker. Duel and Phys ATK Up are your bread-and-butter passives. When it comes to choosing an appropriate Stance to invest in, Upper Stance is good for a temporary burst of damage, while Clear Stance offers a better, though temporary, ailment infliction boost.
  • Ninjas first come to mind due to both classes being similarly quick but fragile characters focused on inflicting ailments. Mystic Calm offers a slight TP discount that makes their Throw skills nearly free, and Concealment raises evasion to offset their fragility. Beheading also synergizes really well with the dual attacks off Blade Flurry, albeit at a very low instant kill rate. Between the Nightseeker's kit and Izuna and Ninpo: Panic, this class combination can access every kind of ailment for conditional drops.
  • Landsknechts offer Initiative and Proficiency that synergize perfectly with the Nightseeker's unparalleled speed, letting them lead the team's assault as well as a Landsknecht main would without needing to spend a turn on Vanguard. It's great for Nightseekers focusing on damage.
  • Arcanists provide TP Return to give them better TP sustainability during a long dungeon trek. Their Circle skills let the Nightseeker access area-of-effect binds and ailments, but be mindful of the skill point investment needed to push them to efficiency.
  • Pugilists are taken for their support skills - Adrenaline gives TP restoration to keep the Nightseeker fresh when their Throw skills land, and Meditation offers a greater infliction boost than Spread Throw ever will, which is great for disabling single targets. Raging Billows stacks with the Nightseeker's own damage passives which lets them utterly murder bound and ailing bosses if your party can back up with binding support. Million Rush can combo with Blade Flurry for a standard attack that can hit up to 8 times, a combo great for triggering many Link follow-ups.
  • Harbingers have Reap skills to also allow a Nightseeker to inflict ailments to entire rows and forgo investment in advanced Throw skills or Spread Throw. Miasma Armor shoots the Nightseeker's speed through the roof, all but guaranteeing they'll go first in a combat round. If skill points permit, Wilting Miasma also reduces enemy resistance to ailments, letting the Nightseeker cripple the enemy with more efficiency.

Nightseeker as SubclassEdit

Unlike in Legends of the Titan, the Nightseekers' Follow Trace now restricts itself to triggering on ailing enemies, requiring the party to have some form of ailment support before the player can use it well. However, some classes still benefit from having a Nightseeker around.

  • Ninjas with a Nightseeker subclass, compared to the inverse, exchange incredible damage output for the ability to inflict ailments with greater accuracy. While they don't get as much damage off Blade Flurry, Beheading has a higher base chance of activating for greater instant kills. The Throw skills give the Ninja access to a wider variety of ailments, and the Nightseeker's various bladed weapon skills add to the Ninja's offensive repertoire.
  • Pugilists with a Nightseeker subclass have the potential to deliver a devastating combo. On a fully bound and ailing enemy, proccing Follow Trace on the Pugilist's own Leading Blow can deliver an amazing eight hits for a great Lash Out. Proficiency can also amplify the damage the Pugilist does after they land paralysis with a stray Corkscrew. Speed Up also allows them a better chance to bind enemies before they can act. Dual-wielding Pugilists can combo Blade Flurry with their Million Rush to potentially do 8 hits with a normal attack, which builds up to an impressive Lash Out combo.
  • Harbingers may have a lot of their skill tree focused toward their Deathguard versions, but a Nightseeker subclass can push them back towards their Deathbringer role from their home game. Their own skills can inflict ailments en masse, but the Throw skills offer a way to inflict them to single targets without spending much TP. Proficiency and Foul Mastery are important skills to raise their offensive power, and they can use Follow Trace to great effect.