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Missions, quests, and requests for Etrian Odyssey Untold: The Millennium Girl are listed here. Missions are dispatched from Radha Hall, quests from Golden Deer Pub, and requests from the guild's mansion. Unlike missions and quests, requests that are cancelled are gone for good.


Name Description Mission
Adventurer's Initiation New adventurers must be tested by mapping B1F of the Labyrinth, and you are no exception. Go and prove your skills as a Highlander. Complete a map of B1F.
Investigate the Abnormality While investigating the strange happenings in Etria lately, we discovered a mysterious ruin we believe is related. You must explore its halls. Investigate the hallways of the mysterious ruin.
Defeat the scythed fiend (Classic Mode only) A monster that injured a noble must be dealt with. For the sake of his honor, you must slay it in secret. Bring back proof of its demise. Defeat the monster with the scarlet scythe.
The Terror of Fenrir A pack of wolves patrols the bottom of the Emerald Grove. Defeat Fenrir, the alpha of the pack, and perhaps their menace will be no more. Defeat the alpha wolf, Fenrir.
Retrieve the Dragon's Egg A dangerous dragon resides in the Primitive Jungle. You've been charged with going to the dragon's nest and retrieving its egg. Find the Wyvern's nest and retrieve its egg.
The Hunt for Cerunnos Cernunnos, the King of the Jungle, is blocking further exploration of the Labyrinth. Eliminate the thing before we lose more good men. Defeat Cernunnos, the King of the Jungle.
Map the Newfound Stratum Congratulations on reaching the Azure Rainforest. It's an unknown region, so we'd like you to create precise maps for B11F and B12F. Complete maps of B11F and B12F.
Lurker in the Rainforest We've received word of a mysterious creature deep in the Azure Rainforest. Investigate this unknown life form and report back your findings. Confirm the existence of a mysterious life form in the Azure Rainforest.
Annihilate the Forest Folk The race of forest folk must be eradicated to allow further exploration of the Labyrinth. If it's us or them, it's going to be us. Exterminate the forest folk dwelling in the Sandy Barrens.


The requests granted by each Guildkeeper are randomized each time, although they will always request for items, drops, or to kill monsters that appear in the deepest floor explored by far. The rewards for the requests, be it the items or EXP, will be scaled according to where the player is expected to find them. Completing enough of a Guildkeeper's requests will eventually unlock more Prepare options.

As Kupala is not a Guildkeeper in classic mode, her requests are also unavailable.

Name Guildkeeper Description Reward
Maid's Monster-slaying Rosa A quest from Rosa to defeat monsters. Random
Maid's Harvest Rosa A quest from Rosa to gather items. Random
Maid's Collection Rosa A quest from Rosa to gather monster drops. Random
Detective's monster-slaying Austin A quest from Austin to defeat monsters. Random
Detective's Harvest Austin A quest from Austin to gather items. Random
Detective's Collection Austin A quest from Austin to gather monster drops. Random
Native's monster-slaying Kupala A quest from Kupala to defeat monsters. Random
Native's Harvest Kupala A quest from Kupala to gather items. Random
Native's Collection Kupala A quest from Kupala to gather monster drops. Random


  • Quests that have an asterisk(*) after the name will be expanded on in the Quest Notes section.
Name Description Mission Reward
The Leathersmith's Favor An Etrian artisan desires three strips of Soft Hide, for the purpose of making clothes. Collect and deliver three Soft Hides to the pub! Jerkin
450 EXP
A Certain Shop's Request A certain shop in Etria has requested one measure of Hardwood from the forest, useful in constructing walls. Collect and deliver Hardwood x1 to the pub. Theriaca A x3
350 EXP
To Taste it Once More... An old adventurer getting on in years wishes for Holy Water that can only be found within the forest. Collect a Holy Water, found somewhere on B1F. Medica x5
300 EXP
Requests from the Inn I The owner of the Rooster Inn is seeking someone to collect a certain item for him. Deliver three Small Fangs to the inn to make fertilizer! Analysis Lenses x2
400 EXP
Requests from the Inn II The boy at the Rooster Inn finds himself in trouble again, and wishes to speak with an adventurer. Deliver a Wolf Pelt to the inn to make a quilt! Chill Mist
5000 EXP
Collect Nectar Ingredients! Shilleka's Goods requires Amber Lump in order to make Nectar. Sell an Amber Lump to Shilleka's Goods Nectar x3
900 EXP
A Favor to Shilleka I Shilleka has posted a request for the materials necessary to craft Bone Armor. Sell one Monkey Bone and six Beast Bones to Shilleka's Goods Bone Armor
950 EXP
A Favor to Shilleka II Shilleka is now in need of materials from which she can craft a Skarn Barrette fit for explorers. Sell one Andranite to Shilleka's Goods. Skarn Barrette
1650 EXP
A Favor to Shilleka III Shilleka's final request pertains to the materials necessary to craft a Bone Flail. Sell one Broken Wing to Shilleka's Goods. Bone Flail
7500 EXP
Observing Adventurers I* Shilleka wants to accompany adventurers on an exploration of the Labyrinth. Speak with her to learn more. Speak to the girl at Shilleka's Shop to learn about the quest! Blaze Oil x3
2500 EXP
Observing Adventurers II* Shilleka would like to see the interior of the Labyrinth again. Talk to her to learn what she has in mind. Speak to the girl at Shilleka's Shop to learn about the quest! Slumber Knife
8000 EXP
Looking for Memories* An adventurer dropped something of value in the stomping grounds of a fierce on B2F. Please recover it for her. Find the basket lost on B2F. Bravant
750 EXP
Get Rich Quick I A local merchant would like to know where he may find a place to gather materals through chopping. Talk to the Portly Merchant and find a place to chop in B1F! Fire Talisman x3
800 EXP
Get Rich Quick II A local merchant would like to know where he may find a place to gather materials through Taking. Talk to the Portly Merchant and find a place to take in B2F! Chill Mist
1350 EXP
Get Rich Quick III A local merchant would like to know where he may find a place to gather materials through Mining. Talk to the Portly Merchant and find a place to mine in B3F! Amrita
1850 EXP
End of a Story I went mining on B3F, but I had to drop my entire fortune to flee a giant mantis. I want my money back! Recover and deliver the fortune of the portly merchant on B3F. 100en/300en (if recovered fortune)
3000 EXP
Subduing the Woodflies A student at Ceft Apothecary requests that the Woodflies thwarting her herb-gathering be exterminated. Defeat the Woodflies at the herb gathering spot on B2F. Medica II
1450 EXP
Gratitude for a Beast An adventurer claims to have been rescued by a bear when in great danger, and would like to give it a gift. Deliver a gift to a bear on B3F. 200en
1750 EXP
Requests from the Pub I It's me, the pub owner. I need three Tiny Petals. Can you get them for me? Collect and deliver three Tiny Petals to the pub! Dismemberer
1300 EXP
Requests from the Pub II It's me, the pub owner. I need four Iron Shells. Can you get them for me? Collect and deliver four Iron Shells to the pub! Nectar x3
7000 EXP
Explorers Guild Job I The Guildmaster of the Explorers Guild has a mission to be done, but requests that applicants speak to him in person. Talk to the Guildmaster of the Explorers Guild and complete his quest! Green Boot
2150 EXP
Explorers Guild Job II The Guildmaster of the Explorers Guild again seeks assistance from adventurers willing to meet him in person. Talk to the Guildmaster of the Explorers Guild and complete his quest! Flash Bomb x2
Sonic Bomb x2
5750 EXP
Shadow in the Grove A band of adventurers seek vengeance by proxy on the unknown beast that attacked them on B5F. Defeat all the Longisquamas that have appeared on B5F. Guard Sole x2
6000 EXP
Fashionista I Etria's most expressive designer, the lady Mrs. Meryl, must have butterfly eyes for use in her new product. Collect and deliver five Insect Eyes to the pub! Lucky Scarab
5250 EXP
Fashionista II The lady Mrs. Meryl has created another bold new product, this one requiring the use of a sharp stinger. Deliver three Sharp Stingers to the pub! Lucky Scarab x2
6500 EXP
Horticulture* A dying man's final wish involves the cultivation of a flower he could never get to bloom. Make the flower that only booms on B7F bloom! 700en
7500 EXP
Adorable Plants A botanist seeks to know the breeding grounds of the Petaloids on the 2nd Stratum in order to further study them. Report the location of the Petaloids! Axcela
7000 EXP
Explorer's Guild Trial* The Explorers Guild has assigned a harsh ordeal to its new recruits: spend five days in B8F of the forest. Spend 5 days on B8F. Nectar II
10500 EXP
The Lucky Coin* An adventurer dropped in precious coin while being chased by a monster and would dearly like it back. Find the coin lost near the Wyvern's lair! 1500en
11000 EXP
Chef's Odd Request Jackson Restaurant seeks Carminite, which is dropped by the Firebird beasts in the Labyrinth. Obtain the Carinite from the Firebird! Fire Ring
11500 EXP
Chef's Request I Jackson Restaurant desires to stun its patron's palates with a new dish, made from Bug Nest. Collect and deliver three Bug Nests to the pub! Confuse Gas x2
28500 EXP
Chef's Request II To appease jaded gourmands, Jackson Restaurant has devised a new dish, requiring two Sandfish Eyes has ingredients. Collect and deliver two Sandfish Eyes to the pub! Luring Bell x2
47500 EXP
Chef's Demand Jackson Restaurant needs ingrediants to impress a finicky patron with an unprecedented entree. Obtain and deliver a Fish Scale, Glow Beak, and Dried Peachtree to the pub! Spark Mist x2
52500 EXP
Scavenging for Ian I* The merchant Ian has requested samples of all the items that can be mined from the 2nd Stratum. Collect everything you can mine in the 2nd Stratum and deliver it to the pub! Hunting Horn
10000 EXP
Scavenging for Ian II The merchant Iant now requires a sample of each tree that can be chopped in the forest's 3rd Stratum. Collect everything you can chop in the 3rd Stratum and deliver it to the pub! Hunting Horn x2
31000 EXP
Prayer to the Stars Beliving in their power to draw her desired lover's eye, a girl will pay handsomely for a star-shaped seed. Collect and deliver one Starseed to the pub! Amrita x2
12000 EXP
The Fossil Charm* A beautiful Etrian woman longs to adorn her marble-white throat with a gorgeous Old Choker. Obtain and deliver and Old Choker to the pub! Tusk Charm
13000 EXP
The Diamond Charm Etrian's most luxurious woman has decided her life cannot be complete without a Cullinan. Obtain and deliver a Cullinan to the pub! Adamas
50000 EXP
Pest Control* A fruit gatherer's livelihood is threatened by the vermin feeding on the fruit in B10F of the Labyrinth. Defeat the parasite on B10F! Medica III x2
21500 EXP
Remembering the Fallen* An adventurer needs the articles of his less fortunate comrades to hold a proper burial ceremony. Recover the articles of late adventurers on B11F. Kotegiri
23500 EXP
The Bandit's Treasure* I'm out to find the legendary bandit king Edue's treasure! More specifically, I want you to find it. Find the treasure said to be beyond the crystal door on B5F! 10,000en
50000 EXP
Love, Cast in Silver An artisan of Etria needs one lump of Corundum ore to craft a ring worthy of proposing to his love. Obtain and deliver a Corundum to the pub! Soma x3
26000 EXP
Official Business I To: All adventurers; From: Radha Hall Deal with the abnormal plants blocking the corridors through B10F. Defeat the man-eating plant on B10F! Stonard x2 (+1 for each
additional; max 3 for x4)
30000 EXP
Official Business II* To: All adventurers; From: Radha Hall Will someone please repair the broken lift in the 5th Stratum? Fix the life device on B21F! Medica IV x3
225000 EXP
Official Business III* To: All adventurers; From: Radha Hall The researchers require assistance in retrieving ancient relics. Go to the 6th Stratum and collect ancient artifacts! 7000en per artifact
260000 EXP
Lost Item Somebody dropped something on the mains streets. It looks like it might be important, so let's return it to them. Go to the northeast mining spot on B11F and deliver the lost boot to its owner! 2000en, Corundrum x1
24000 EXP
Find the Detective* The detective has become something of a local fixture here, but he's vanished! He left a strange note behind... Find the missing detective in the Labyrinth! Warding Bell x3
27500 EXP
Missing Detective* The detective has disappeared again, and this time it appears to be foul play. Please, find him! Find the missing detective in the Labyrinth...again! Paralyze
34000 EXP
Orphans of the Forest Adventurers seek the cause behind the rising incidence of ferocious ant attacks on B12F. Find out why the ants on B12F became violent! 3000en
29000 EXP
Mystery of the Labyrinth* I was walking around the 2nd Stratum when I saw a mysterious plant. I'd like someone to investigate it for me. Bring back the carcass of a mysterious plant that appears at dead ends on B10F! Axcela
25000 EXP
Crab Catchers* A biologist tells of a species of man-sized crab livin on the 3rd Stratum, and would like a sample to study. Find a sample of a crab that lives on B13F! Steel Gage
32500 EXP
Love's Uncertain Promise An adventurer's fiancee pleads for someone to find her love, who has disappeared into the forest's depths. Search for the adventurer with a rainbow-colored bandana on B16F! 5000en
45000 EXP
The Foreign Seeker* A traveler from far-off lands has reached Etrian in search of an elusive Turtle Shell. Gather information and obtain a turtle shell! Kayanohime Crown
47500 EXP
Fishing Contest An upcoming festival requires a great number of fish. Adventurers are requested to help gather rare fish. Enter the fishing tournament on B14F! 1st place (all 9): Amrita II x4 + 90000 EXP
2nd place (5-8): Amrita II x3 + 60000 EXP
3rd place (3-4): Amrita II x2 + 35000 EXP
Last place(< 3): Amrita II + 15000 EXP
Work Stoppage* A member of the Carpenters Guild has had his contruction project on B17F disrupted by three monsters. Get information from the carpenter and defeat the monsters on B17F! Nectar II x3
75000 EXP
The Gold Enthusiast I The so-called Golden Baron of Etria is looking for five Gold Antlers in order to decorate his home. Collect and deliver five Gold Antlers to the pub! Gold Shoe
50000 EXP
The Gold Enthusiast II The so-called Golden Baron of Etria needs golden fur to have a new suit tailored entirely out of gold. Collect and deliver ten Gold Furs to the pub! Gold Helmet
120000 EXP
The Gold Enthusiast III* The so-called Golden Baron of Etrian now seeks Gold Feather in order to continue expanding his gilded wardrobe. Obtain and deliver a Gold Feather to the pub! Gold Armor
240000 EXP
Under Construction The Carpenter's Guild is lacking three Hard Shards and five Steel Chips in its current project. Obtain and deliver three Hard Shards and five Steel Chips tot he pub! Cranial Hammer
62500 EXP
Irovy Princess' Dream I* A millionaire's daugher, known has the Ivory Princess, requests help with the nightmares haunting her nightly sleep. Gather information at the pub and find a way to help the Ivory Princess sleep! Divine Gift
57500 EXP
Ivory Princess' Dream II The Ivory Princess again suffers from nightmares, this time involving monsters attacking Etria. Go to B1F and investigate the reports of a horde of monsters! Sonic Dagger
120000 EXP
I Refuse Thee, Death* A terminally ill woman's son begs for any adventurer to find a cure for his mother's malady. Gather information at the pub and deliver a remedy! 50en + Old Shield
127500 EXP
Medicine Woman I A medicine woman in training at the Apothecary requests Bird Tendon as ingredients for a new medicine. Obtain and deliver a Bird Tendon to the pub! Hamao
60000 EXP
Medicine Woman II A medicine woman in training at the Apothecary requests Cordyceps as ingredients for a new medicine. Obtain and deliver a Cordyceps to the pub! Somaprime
65000 EXP
Medicine Woman III A woman in training at the Apothecary has supposedly created a cure for petrification. It needs to be tested... Return to the pub with a petrified member! Axcela x3
70000 EXP
Rememberance of a Friend* My lifelong friend threw himself into harm's way for me...I want to wish him good luck in the afterlife. Gather information from the townsfolk and make offerings to the gravestone on B1F. Unihorn x2 (+Rune Glove, Flame Boot
and Circlet for additional offerings)
105000 EXP
Phantom of the Forest* There's a rumor a mysterious girl lives in the marshes of the second Stratum. Is it true...? Investigate the girl's voice being heard on B7F! 50,000en
250000 EXP
The Crystal Maiden The Crystal Maiden of Etria wishes to surround herself with the jewels from which she takes her sobriquet. Collect and deliver three Shiny Vines to the pub! All Mist
100000 EXP
Reversal of the Poles* A strong geomagnetic influence is causing chaos on B18F. Investigate the partial distortion. Investigate the geomagnetic phenomenon occurring on B18F! Formaldehyde
110000 EXP
Sealed Monster* The stone monument linked to the geomagnetic phenomenon was sealing away a certain monster. It must be defeated. Defeat the ferocious monster on B16F! 50,000en
250000 EXP
A Sister's Parting Gift* An adventurer's younger sister seeks to create an Angel Wing charm to bring her deparing brother good luck. Collect give "bee wings that are pretty like angels"! Metopon x2
122500 EXP
Lost Pet; Reward Offered* Latche, the Rooster Inn clerk's pet, escaped while they were on a walk in the forest. A reward has been posted. Find Latche, who ran away while on a walk in the Labyrinth! 5en
125000 EXP
Hidden Treasure According to a book, a breed of ice mantic lays eggs after spending time at Chop sites. Collect an egg for me. Talk to Stone the treasure hunter in the bar and complete his quest! 14,000en
135000 EXP
Song from the Depths* Rumor has it the legendary songstress of Etria can be heard in the forest's depths. I ache to hear her voice... Broadcast the beautiful voice that echoes deep within the forest to town! Syrinx
215000 EXP
Emblem of Love To convey a love burning like fire, strong as lightning, and exquisite as ice, three Tri-Colors are needed. Collect and deliver three Tri-Colors to the pub! Lucky Scarab x3
245000 EXP
Remenats of an Age Past* Find more of those ankh-shaped objects like the one you find on B21F, would you? I need as many as you can get. Collect and deliver five ankh-shaped parts to the pub! Four-Leaf Clover
235000 EXP
Awakening the Serpent* I made this Ankh Motor from the Ankh parts. Put it in the machine on B21F and see what happens! Insert the Ankh Motor into the device on B21F and observe what happens! 100,000en
Level cap +10
500000 EXP
Proof of Heroism* I lost my art to a blizzard-breathed dragon, but I'm the only one who's seen it. Prove it exists for me. Gather information from the one-armed man and find the blue dragon on B15F! 25,000en
230000 EXP
Call of the Wyvern* The Wyvern's cries have sounded strange lately. It is some sort of omen? Could you investigate this? Defeat Wyvern on B8F and take minimal damage! 50,000en
350000 EXP
Chef's Latest Request* Jackson Restaurant wishes to use the Cursed Root dropped by a monster in the final stratum in a dish. Obtain and deliver a Cursed Root to the pub! Nectar II x3
100000 EXP
The Legendary Bird* The bird sung in legend is more than a mere fairytale. I want you to find it and prove it's no myth. Gather information from the bard and find the legendary bird! Hunting Horn
235000 EXP
Gourmand's Request* The millionaire Gourland King won't rest until he's tasted the ultimate meal. Gather ingredients for him. Deliver a Wolf Fang, Bird Limb, Fossil Nest, Red String, and Curse Tusk to the pub! Dagger of Mercy
290000 EXP
The Azure Colossus* That cold-blooded dragon's existance has been confirmed on B15F. It's up to you to carry out my vengeance. Defeat the blue dragon deep within B15F! 100,000en
Level cap +10
500000 EXP

Quest Notes[]

  • Observing Adventurers I: Take Shilleka to B1F, B2F and B3F in the 1st Stratum. She wants to see a deer (Ragelope), boar (Boulder Boar), and a mantis (Reaping Shade). Just walk in the pathway of the FOEs until you see them. You don't need to fight them.
  • Observering Adventurers II: Take Shilleka to the healing spring on B8F.
  • Looking for Memories: The basket is found in D2 of B2F.
  • Horticulture: Place the plant at C2 on B7F.
  • Explorer's Guild Trial: Enemies do not spawn in the room with the Wyvern, so it is a good place to safely pass time. In Story Mode, you can opt to return to the spring to rest at 7PM each day, then sleep in to regain control at 12PM instead of 7AM, skipping a total of 17 in-game hours per day.
  • The Lucky Coin: He dropped his coin near the Wyvern’s lair. You need to head to B8F, in the northeastern portion of D5, past the healing spring and Chop point. There, when you try to pick up the coin, you will fight a Fire-Eater; a more powerful Firebird. It is still weak to ice.
  • Scavenging for Ian I: You need to get Scrap Iron, Laterite, and Smashed Fossils. They are each found random at each mine point once daily. It will help to boost your mine skill if you are having trouble.
  • The Fossil Charm: You can get fossils for the Old Choker by mining down in the 2nd Stratum. Then, sell the fossils to Shilleka until you can buy the Old Choker. Smashed Fossils are found randomly at each mine point daily.
  • Pest Control: Go the room on B10F that's directly north of the east staircase.
  • Remembering the Fallen: There are three articles to find, and can be found in the following locations on B11F: B3, C6, E2
  • The Bandit's Treasure: Use the White Key to unlock the White Crystal Door on B5F, and follow it until reaching a large room with a Golem. It resists physical attacks. Once defeated, search any 3 random tiles in the room and then return to the pub.
  • Official Business II: Simply defeat the monsters that are inside the elevators on B21F.
  • Official Business III: Collect artifacts that are on B27F/B28F. While only needing one artifact, you get 7000en per artifact, meaning you collect 35,000 for all five. They are not in the main parts of the floor (the pitfalls/damage areas respectively), but are where the stairs are at the top of each map. There are three on B27F and two on B28F.
  • Find the Detective: You are given three notes left by Austin. "Once property of man, now belonging to the insects who dwell below. The light of the ore becomes the sun. The shadow points to the four doors. From under the sun, south two steps and one, west one step, and again south two steps and one. There, below. The honey shall become an orb and regain its shine." All it is saying is that Austin is, starting at the southern mining point on B11F, is behind the door that is west (on the map, not from the player's perspective) from the center and down the pitfall. When asked, say that the Mine Point was the sun.
  • Missing Detective: Two more notes from Austin: "Belief for ultimate return to eventual equilibrium necessitates failure. Such easy comfort only reinforces naivete. Escape relief. Has existential laziness prevented mental exercise?" By reading the first letter of each word, it reads BFOURTEENF SE CORNER HELP ME. Note that this corner is also a fishing point for Fishing Contest, and if both quests are activated at once you must talk to the detective first before fishing there.
  • Mystery of the Labyrinth: Just walk back and forth into a dead end until an encounter with the World Sprout appears.
  • Crab Catchers: NOTE, while the quest is talking about the Aquatic Butchers, you do not fight them in order to get the sample. Go towards the chop point at C2 on B13F, but take a right at the path that's just below it. The crab shell will be at the end.
  • The Foreign Seeker: Speak to the well-dressed man in the pub to obtain Turtle Feed, then head to the northern part of B13F (which, in turn, requires going up from the northeast corner of B14F) to find the turtle tracks. Set down the feed, then keep the spot out of an immediate line of sight for the Lure Turtle to spawn.
  • Work Stoppage: Defeat the Medusa Trees that are at the three event points on B17F. One in A1, B6, and D4.
  • The Gold Enthusiast III: Defeat Iwaoropenelep again. The Gold Feather will be obtained as a valuable item after the fight; there is no need to get the Golden Plume conditional drop.
  • Ivory Princess' Dream I: Talk to the butler in the pub, and then the Pure Maiden afterwards. You can either have a Medic or a Hexer in the party, or collect five Pure Roots from Hexroots to complete the quest.
  • I Refuse Thee, Death: Talk to the Pure Maiden and collect Mugwort, Death Stem, and Red Blood.
  • Remembrance of a Friend: Talk to the people around town about the man who died, and they will suggest what to lay on his grave. Tiny Petal, Crabapple, Sap Wine, Hard Shard, Targe, Pipe Tobacco, Herb Wreath, and Prayer Flute. Targe can be bought from Shilleka's goods, while the Pipe Tobacco, Herb Wreath, and Prayer Flute can be gifted from the shopkeepers and locals. The rest can either be mined, chopped, or taken from the Labyrinth.
  • Phantom of the Forest: Unlock the Violet Crystal door on B11F and follow it until on the right side of B7F. Alraune is in a small room, similar to the Golem, and must be defeated in order to finish the quest. Alraune is weak to Fire while resisting Ice and Volt.
  • Reversal of the Poles: Stepping off an invisible path will take you back to the stairs on B18F. All you have to do is walk in a straight line until hitting something until you reach the the targeted spot. In other words, from the stairs: North, West, South, East (if correct you will be on line with the Take point), and North, and you will meet a Diabolix. Upon defeating it,  take one more step north so you're facing the tree and turn West.
  • Sealed Monster: Walk East on B16F until reaching a shortcut point, then go down the stairs to B17F. Go to through the room of Medusa Trees to the door in the back where the Manticore is. It is resistant to all Elemental attacks.
  • Lost Pet; Reward Offered: Latche is located on B25F, in F1.
  • Song from the Depths: On B25F, take the elevators on the left side of B23F all the way down to B25F.
  • Remnants of Age Past: There are five Ankhs in total on B24F: A1, B3, B4, D2, E5.
  • Awakening the Serpent: Take the Ankh Motor to the place where you activated the elevators on B21F. After doing so, go to B25F where you battled Etreant to find the Storm Emperor, which is weak to Fire and resists Volt. After completing this quest, the level cap will be raised 10 levels.
  • Proof of Heroism: Speak to the drunkard at the pub, then head to B16F and head to the southeast corner of the floor. Instead of taking a right to return towards the door, look straight to unlock a previously-inaccessible shortcut, which opens a new area that ultimately leads upwards to B15F. This is where a majority of that floor is mapped out. There is a room that takes up most of A1, and the frozen arm will be in there. You can also activate a shortcut here by going south of that room to a lilypad, which will take you to a shortcut in E1 that could not be activated previously.
  • Call of the Wyvern: Go down to B8F (it is easier to do this by using the stairs that are at the back of the lair, rather than where the main stairs are) and battle the Wyvern. It is weak to Ice while resisting Fire and Volt.
  • Chef's Latest Request: Obtain the conditional drop Cursed Root from Evilroots that are found in Claret Hollows. Either use a Formaldehyde (if using the same classes as the Story Mode sets) or curse an Evilroot to obtain.
  • The Legendary Bird: Talk to the Bard at the pub to get the Rare Meat item. You have to go to B28F between 4PM and 7PM and navigate in the dark (do not use the torches) to E3.
  • Gourmand's Request: Gather Wolf Fang, Bird Limb, Fossil Nest, Red String, and Curse Tusk. These are all dropped by FOEs; Forest Wolf for Wolf Fang, Giant Moa for Bird Limb, Serviator Ant for Fossil Nest, Cruella for Red String, and Arboreal Hulk for Curse Tusk. However, the Fossil Nest is a conditional drop, met by petrifying the Serviator Ant.
  • The Azure Colossus: Return to the room where you got the arm from Proof of Heroism on B15F, and you will be met with the Blizzard King. It resist Ice and is weak to Volt. After completing this quest, the level cap will be raised 10 levels.