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Name Description Mission
Entrance Examination You must be granted High Lagaardian citizenship before you begin your journey. For this, you must map the Yggdrasil Labyrinth's 1st floor and retrieve a token. Obtain the token from the far reaches of 1F and complete the floor's map.
Find the missing guards Every guard the Duke sent to patrol the Labyrinth has gone missing. Investigate these disappearances and, if possible, rescue the guards. Find the missing guards.
Chimaera, king of beasts The monstrous Chimaera has attracted a horde of beasts into the first Stratum. This monster must be subjugated by order of the Grand Duchy. Defeat Chimaera, the king of beasts.
In pursuit of the Salamander The legendary Salamander's nest has been discovered deep in the Auburn Thicket. One brave soul must fetch a Fire Plume to mix the secret remedy. Retrieve the Salamander's Fire Plume.
Extinguish the Flame Demon A terrible demon is said to dwell in the Labyrinth's 10th floor. Those who would press onward must rid the forest of this horror! Defeat the Flame Demon!
Pluck the Snow Blooms Beautiful flowers, fragile as snowflakes, grow in somewhere in the Frozen Grounds. Obtain four of these blossoms to brew the secret remedy. Find 4 Snow Blooms.
The Castle and the Grail We have made contact with the winged race who holds the key to accessing the heavenly castle. Negotiate with them and find the Grail of Kings. Find the Grail of Kings, said to be within the heavenly castle.


Name Description Mission Reward
Pure Mineral Water A local restaurateur needs his supply of clear mineral water replenished. Retrieve some from the Labyrinth. Get Rock Water from 1F and bring it to the bar! Analysis Scope x2
The leathersmith's request A local leatherworker has requested a group of explorers to retrieve 3 pins for him to sew with. Gather 3 Rat Needles and bring them back to the bar! Nectar x3
The item trade I Sitoth Trading is developing a new armor, and they need explorers to collect the materials for it. Listen to the daughter at Sitoth Trading and complete the request! Targe
The item trade II Sitoth Trading is developing a new weapon, and they need explorers to collect the materials for it. Listen to the daughter at Sitoth Trading and complete the request! Beast Bow
Paint the town blue The Amazonite used to decorate the city's roads is old and worn. We need new ore to replace the old. Gather 1 Amazonite and bring it to the bar! Freeze Oil x2
Supply lines We require an able guild to deliver supplies to a group of guards in the Labyrinth. Apply immediately. Bring the Large Case to the guard corps on 4F! Fire Jar
Volunteer service I The hospital lacks medicine to treat the wounded survivors of a recent shipwreck. Please send what you can. Gather 1 Severed Antler and bring it to the bar! Japanese Food 1
Volunteer service II The hospital wants to be prepared for future diseases and new crises, so their medicine stores need resupplying. Bring 1 or more Water Bubbles from Tree Sponge to the bar! Axcela
Braggart Chap's tall tale Another of Braggart Chap's stories talks of a pond that holds the moon's tears. Riiight... Listen to Braggart Chap's story and complete the request! Healing Rhythm Grimoire
The nameless flower Bring an old lady the flower that was used to propose to her, in memoriam of her late husband. Get the Blue Flower from 5Fand bring it to the bar! 600en
Medicinal research New medical experiments are under way at the hospital. We ask that you assist them in gathering ingredients for a new medicine. Listen to the daughter at Sitoth Trading and complete the request! Therica A x3
A taste for venison I started sellin' Deer Steak, but it ain't too popular. Could yeh help me get some buzz goin' around town? Use advertising to sell Deer Steak to the people of the South Ward! Fortune Scarab
Urban planning I run a farm in the East Ward. Could you develop the area a tad so I can sell my medicinal herbs to the Medics? Develop the East Ward, and get medics to settle in! Slumber Axe
Man down A guild has lost one of its number. To claim revenge, they need an alchemist to help defeat the monster. Listen to the Man in battered armor and complete the request! Fire Mist x2
Toward a cozier inn The Flaus Inn is asking explorers to help them collect materials for their upcoming renovation. Listen to the Innkeeper and complete the request! Western Food 2
Labyrinth stew The Labyrinth Lunch is a popular meal, but we're out of ingredients! Can you be a dear and get us some? Listen to the Innkeeper and complete the request! Scout Boots x2
That ephemeral flavor A customer wants to acquire a fruit that only grows somewhere in the forest. Could you find some? Listen to the Innkeeper and complete the request! Point Blank


A honeyed lure A bear has been monopolising the food sources in the labyrinth. To avoid its competitors seeking food here, slay the bear. Find the bear's nest on 6F and defeat the bear! Fencer Grimoire
Quid pro quo If yew want this "Guard" piece by the Master Craftsman, then fetch me somethin' I want! Collect 3 Rubys and bring them to the bar! Guard
The iron-walled garrison I will trade my "Garrison" piece for the "Guard" pieces! Collect the Guard and bring it to the bar! Garrison
Many happy returns We'd like to give the Duke's daughter jewelry for her birthday. If you find us some gems,

we can cut and refine them

Obtain Gemstone Ore from 7F and bring them to the bar! 1500en
Smithy Thompson's request Thompson at Sitoth Trading needs certain materials to complete his latest project. Listen to the daughter at Sitoth Trading and complete the request! Owl Earring
A culinary crusade We will be entertaining a number of international visitors soon. I would like you to cook certain things to satisfy them. Listen to the Portly official and complete the request! Hit-Taker Grimoire
Under maintenance We need rocks from the Labyrinth quarries for town maintenance. Help us carry them back to High Lagaard. Obtain the stones from 11F and bring them to the Geomagnetic Pole or the Town! Kotegiri
Playing Cupid I No matter what I give this girl, she won't warm up to me. Please find something she can't say no to! Obtain Celestine and bring it back to the bar! Cut Talisman
Playing Cupid II She didn't seem to like the gift you brought me before. I need something she can't resist! Please help me! Obtain a Narcissus and bring it back to the bar! Soma x2
Playing Cupid III The last present just made her mad. I need something really great...Can't you find something for her!? Obtain a Wood Rose from the 16th floor and bring it back to the bar! 12,000en
Art imitating life This request comes from a craftsman at Sitoth Trading. He needs some materials from monsters of the Labyrinth. Listen to the daughter at Sitoth Trading and complete the request! Red Helm
To the bitter end My love... My only love... I want the monster that killed him dead! I will have my revenge! Head to the dead end in north 12F and

defeat the monster!

Japanese Food 3
The Company Performer The naval band of troubadours needs new equipment so they can better support the front lines. Can you help? Obtain a Mammoth Bow XL and bring it to the bar! Stonard x2
Just out of reach We've discovered a cave on 12F. There may be something valuable inside, but we need someone to investigate further. Head on to the cave on the west side of 12F and investigate! 8000en
The sun shines down We've had reports of adventurers being attacked on 13F, but the only seem to happen at certain times... Defeat the moster on 13F between 10am and 3pm! All Mist x3
Yggdrasil cider I've had so many customers, I ran out of my best liquor... Yeh need to help me get more ingredients from the Labyrinth! Collect 3 Red Fin and 2 Crabshell and bring

them to the bar!

Hex Staff
The enigmatic woodsman The Cures Academy asks that someone retrieve a special type of incense carried by the mysterious Messenger. Offer to the shrine on the 15th floor and bring back the incense! Amrita x2
The shopkeeper girl My Husband and I are busy, so we need someone to look after our daughter while she minds the store! Can you help? Listen to the Innkeeper and complete the request! Amrita
The perfect gift Could you find something for my daughter's birthday? I'll leave it up to you--she always likes things from you! Listen to the Innkeeper and complete the request! Therica A&B
Defeat the horror in the ruins!
Rid the ruins of threats
Wanted: Golden Sprout (DLC) A green plant on 1F regenerates when chopped down. Please investigate. Exterminate the green plant on 1F! Big money that scales with progress
Wanted: Lucky Bud (DLC) An orange plant on 1F regenerates when chopped. Please investigate. Exterminate the orange plant on 1F! Nectar x2
Wanted: Blessed Clover (DLC) A blue clover on the 1F regenerates when chopped down. Please investigate. Exterminate the plant with blue leaves on 1F! Nectar x2