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The Masurao is one of the new classes in Etrian Odyssey V. They focus on speed and power while sacrificing defense (much like the Ronin, Shogun, and Bushi classes of previous iterations).

Legendary TitlesEdit

Blade DancerEdit

The Blade Dancer has the ability to wield up to four katanas at once, with skills that hit more times depending on how many katanas they choose to wield. Naturally, they forsake even more of their defenses as they devote their equipment slots to weaponry, and gain a stronger Strength and Agility growth.

  • Strengths: Unparalleled physical damage. Building wisely around Hell Slash results in a combo that can devastate bosses and FOEs.
  • Weaknesses: The most fragile class in the game, even if supplemented with Vitality/Wisdom boosting katanas. Upgrading weaponry is also far more costly than upgrading armor.
20 +2 +11 +7 +0 +0 +0 +5 +0
40 +3 +15 +10 +0 +0 +0 +7 +0
70 +5 +25 +17 +0 +0 +0 +12 +0
99 +8 +40 +28 +0 +0 +0 +20 +0

Blade MasterEdit

The Blade Master specializes in fighting with one katana. Many of their sword skills mainly involve being skilled at fighting one-on-one, to the point where they can deliver deadly critical hits even with their katana skills, and enjoy a more well-rounded stat growth.

  • Strengths: Access to armor leads to reasonable durability for general game progress without sacrificing too much on damage output. Incredible damage numbers with a critical hit.
  • Weaknesses: Underwhelming crowd control capability. Skills can be TP-intensive despite access to TP Up.
20 +8 +4 +3 +0 +3 +3 +0 +3
40 +12 +6 +4 +0 +4 +4 +0 +4
70 +20 +10 +7 +0 +7 +7 +0 +7
99 +32 +16 +12 +0 +12 +12 +0 +12


Skill Description Type Requires Extra
Katana Mastery Raises physical ATK dealt with katanas. Mastery None
Peerless Demon When an attack hits multiple times, the damage dealt increases per hit. Passive None Lv5 and 10 increase damage bonus per hit.
Duel Increases damage while attacking the same target as the previous turn. Passive None
Swallow Soar Instant melee cut to 1 enemy. Follows up again after target takes their turn. Katana Duel Lv3
Armor Pierce Melee stab attack to 1 enemy, lowering their physical DEF for 3 turns. Katana None Lv5 and 10 increase debuff strength.
Haze Slash Melee cut attack to 1 enemy. May induce sleep. Katana Armor Pierce Lv2 Lv5 and 10 increase sleep chance but reduce skill speed.
Air Blade Ranged cut attack to 1 enemy. Katana None
Whirlwind Melee cut attack 2-4 times to random enemies. Cannot hit the same target more than once. Katana Air Blade Lv3 Lv5 and 10 increase number of hits.
New Challenger Lures enemies into battle, with higher chance of Rare Breed. May chain encounters. Field None Max Lv5
High Ground Raises physical ATK of user's line for 3 turns. Support None Lv5 and 10 increase duration.

Skill Description Type Requires Extra
Multi-Katana Enables multiple katana use. Normal attacks may strike with all equipped katanas. Passive None Subsequent strikes are weaker than the first.
HP Up Increases maximum HP. Stat Up None
Reincarnation On death, may revive at end of turn with 1 HP. Passive HP Up Lv3
Hell Slash Follows up all attacks this turn with a melee cut attack to the same target. May hurt self and allies. Katana Swallow Soar Lv3 Lv5 and 10 increase maximum number of follow-up instances.
Reblossom Katana skills may activate again. Chance affected by number of equipped katanas. Passive Hell Slash Lv3
Sacred Tetrad Melee cut attack to an enemy for each equipped katana. Katana Whirlwind Lv3
Layered Bloom 2-8 random melee cut attacks across an enemy row. Slow to activate. Damage increases with more equipped katanas.
Vast Flourish Large number of random melee cut attacks across all enemies. Number of hits is a product of number of enemies and number of equipped katanas. Slow to activate. Katana Sacred Tetrad Lv3
Layered Bloom Lv3
Phys ATK Up Increases cut/stab/bash damage. Stat Up None
Meteor Rain Random melee attacks of random attributes across all enemies for each equipped katana. Katana Phys ATK Up Lv3

Skill Description Type Requires Extra
Sword God Enables critical hits on Katana skills and increases critical chance and damage. Passive None
Speed Up Increases speed, accuracy, and evasion. Stat Up None
TP Up Increases maximum TP. Stat Up None
Bolt Slash Melee cut/volt attack to an enemy. Katana TP Up Lv5
Mirror Moon May negate enemy physical attacks and counterattack with equipped weapon.
Foot Sweep Melee cut attack to an enemy row, then reduces their evasion for 2 turns. Katana Haze Slash Lv3 Lv5 and 10 increase debuff duration.
Helm Splitter Inaccurate melee cut attack to an enemy. Ignores resistances. Katana Foot Sweep Lv3 Lv5 and 10 decrease accuracy.
Spirit Sword Raises defense against enemies struck with a single-target attack this turn. Passive High Ground Lv3
Triple Strike 1-3 melee cut attacks to an enemy, each strike attempting to bind head/arms/legs. Katana Spirit Sword Lv5 Skill ends once a bind lands or 3 attacks are performed, whichever comes first.
Petal Scatter Ranged cut attack to all enemies. Damage decreases with more enemies.


The Masurao is Ready to Slice and Dice in Etrian Odyssey V Beyond the Myth

The Masurao is Ready to Slice and Dice in Etrian Odyssey V Beyond the Myth