Monster DropsEdit

Name Worth Description Source
Hardened Lava 1en Quickly cooled lava that is very hard. Magma Spawn
Ice Core Shard 1en An ice core shattered by high temperatures. Glacier Spawn
Grasseater Leg 3en The strong rear leg of a fierce Grasseater. Grasseater
Hard Skin 4en Very hard skin. Roller
Grasseater Jaw 5en A large, curved jaw. Grasseater
Rat Fang 5en A sharp, pointed tooth. Tree Rat
Gritty Scales 5en Insect wing scales with a blind effect. Woodfly
Roller Shell 6en Thick, hardened skin that rolls up. Roller
Frog Cheek Meat 6en Stretches to ten times its original size. Forest Frog
Rat Hide 7en A small yet somewhat durable hide. Tree Rat
Thin Wing 7en A thin but sturdy wing. Woodfly
Mandrake Root 8en A whiplike root. Mandrake
Baboon Bone 10en A strong bone to hold strong muscles. Angry Baboon
Frog Fluid (gold) 10en Disgusting goop from a crushed frog. Forest Frog
Needle Tail 10en A needle dyed purple from paralytic poison. Deathstalker
Sealed Neck (gold) 11en A root that has hardened from binding. Mandrake
Soft Plume 11en So soft that no sound is made when flapping. Ghost Owl
Light Hardwood 11en Sturdy wood that lets plants move quickly. Fanged Vine
Shocked Talon (gold) 13en A bird's talon that has been electrified. Ghost Owl
Rainbow Skin 13en Slimy skin that shifts color at any moment. Jig Lizard
Big Shell 13en A sturdy shell that can withstand weight. Big Roller
Elastic Skin 14en Connective tissue to keep shells together. Big Roller
Writhing Bulb 15en This limber wood hardens when it dies. Fanged Vine
Rickrack Tongue 19 en A stretchy tongue that folds up quite small. Jig Lizard
Rabbit Tail 39en A fluffy rabbit tail. Forest Hare
Fawn Hide 44 en This velvety hide is still soft and pliant. Furyfawn
Muddle Hypha 47en A fungal filament that muddles enemy minds. Trip Mushroom
Rabbit Ear 52en A long ear with mysterious powers. Forest Hare
Umbrella Lump 56en An incredibly dense and heavy fungus cap. Trip Mushroom
Dangerous Petal 59en A dangerously nice-smelling flower. Petaloid
Mountain Claw 66en A sharp, black claw that rends flesh. Great Lynx
Fiery Rind 75en Part of a pouch-like skin that burst. Fire Bulb
Sealed Claw (gold) 77en A black claw that was removed cleanly. Great Lynx
Bud Tusk 86en A hardened part of the blub. Glutton Vine
Tough Leg 87en The rear leg of an ominously-hued hopper. Demon Hopper
Boar Tusk 94en A huge tusk containing high-grade iron. Raging Boar
Fiery Seed 96en A seed that survived an explosive burst. Fire Bulb
Mist Wand Shard 97en A piece of a wand made of strange materials. Hollow Believer
Boar Skin 98en Thick fur and skin can make great clothing. Raging Boar
Pliant Vine 99en A whip-like vine for capturing prey. Glutton Vine
Hopper Wing 102en A soft and pliable wing. Demon Hopper
Green Feather 116en A surprisingly durable feather. Largebill
Bat Fang 117en A small but very sharp fang. Cave Bat
Dangerous Bud (gold) 118en A flower bud that was cut before blooming. Petaloid
Panic Chakra (gold) 121en A source of power that has become disturbed. Hollow Believer
Metallic Horn 129en A heavy, sharp, and strong bison horn. War Bison
Hard Shell 129en A strong insect shell. Claw Beetle
Ebony Fur 131en Black fur that blends in with the darkness. Black Claw
Soft Patagium 133en Soft enough that it makes no sound. Cave Bat
Lance Shard 136en Piece of a lance used by a warrior race. Hollow Roamer
Beetle Sickle 138en A barbed beetle horn to keep prey in reach. Claw Beetle
Largebill Bone 142en A large, sturdy, yet hollow bird bone. Largebill
Ebony Claw 143en A claw that extends from the darkness. Black Claw
Frog Belly Skin 144en Belly skin that seems rather dignified. Jumping Frog
Flame Fang 145en Sturdy, sharp, and can withstand great heat. Flame Rat
Broken Horn 151en A blunt, but extremely hard horn. Claw Beetle
Zapper Skin 157en A supple, smooth frog's skin. Zapper Frog
Shining Rectrix 159en A strangely glowing owl tail feather. Maya Owl
Withered Vine 162en A withered, yet sturdy vine. Hexroot
Glassy Eye 166en The shining black eye of a frog. Jumping Frog
Hard Bark 174en Tree bark that has calcified into rock. Medusa Tree
Poison Hypha 175en Just touching it may poison you. Venomshroom
Crimson Fur 176en Its absorbs fire and makes it its own. Flame Lynx
Flame Tail (gold) 176en A rat tail that feels hot to the touch. Flame Rat
Zapper Tongue 189en It lashes out as quick as lightning. Zapper Frog
Scorch Stone (gold) 189en This rock was once hot enough to burn. Magma Spawn
Frigid Stone (gold) 189en A stone so cold one's skin sticks to it. Glacier Spawn
Sealed Skull (gold) 190en An owl skull with the bird's mind intact. Maya Owl
Flame Claw 197en Scorches enemies with jets of fire. Flame Lynx
Poison Ferrule 205en Its smooth look belies its rough texture. Venomshroom
Heavy Iron Ball 208en A heavy, metal sphere that crushes intruders. Proto-Bot
Scorched Sap (gold) 211en Sap hardened by fire. Was once blood-red. Medusa Tree
Barbed Needle 215en A toxic stinger from a metallic scorpion. Steel Barb
Barbed Shell 227en This carpace is as hard as metal. Steel Barb
Mystery Shard 234en Feels like an alloy of metal and stone. Proto-Bot
Thick Bone 236en An extremely thick, well-developed bone. Baboon
Peach Feather 255en A sturdy feather that offers buoyancy. Peach Crow
Peach Leg 277en This thick leg can take intense pressure. Peach Crow
Toxic Bone (gold) 283en A thick bone shot through with poison. Baboon
Stone Fang 325en Sturdy fang that crushes intruders. Proto-Hunter
Purple Hyoid 349en Sturdy and pliable for what was once a tongue. Purple Anoir
Tiny Tooth 358en Has a blade-like tip to aid in killing. Suicide Hare
Stunned Tongue 362en Tongue of a beast stunned into stasis. Purple Anoir
Metallic Cord 363en Metal cord of unknown use found in the body. Proto-Hunter
Melted Core 371en A core left inside ice melted by intense heat. Glacier Beast
Magma Shard 376en Igneous rock containing variois minerals. Magma Beast
Evil Copal 381en Its smell triggers evil thoughts. Eviloid
Blue Ear 382en From a demon hare with no regard for life. Suicide Hare
Cursed Hypha 399en Difficult to work with due to the curse. Cursed Shroom
White Ape Skin 399en The blood stands out against this white fur. White Ape
Mole Claw 405en A hard, thick mole's claw. Clawed Mole
Dragonfly Nest 414en Consists mostly of evergreen oak branches. Dragonfly
Berserker Claw 418en This sharp claw is abnormally developed. Berserker King
Wallaby Fist 475en A marsupial's fist as hard as steel. Blue Wallaby
Mole Skin 476en Mole skin. Has an earthy scent. Clawed Mole
Butterfly Wing 477en A beautiful wing with a mysterious gleam. Venomfly
Sealed Cap 481en A giant mushroom cap that was sealed first. Cursed Shroom
Lizard Back Fin 503en Novice warriors can barely scratch it. Greedy Lizard
Sharp Claw 509en Deals fatal wounds to an enemy off guard. Volt Cat
Sky Iron Claw 524en Composed of an unknown matter called Sky Iron. Mauler Mole
Shocked Bug Eye (gold) 538en An eye that has turned stiff from the shock. Dragonfly
Bloody Fist 555en An extremely hard bone that can crush metal. Bloody Knuckle
Magma Core (gold) 584en A core left inside some viscous magma. Magma Beast
Eryngii Cap 593en An extremely strong mushroom cap. Stun Eryngii
Glacier Core (gold) 601en A metal-hard core enveloped in ice. Glacier Beast
Black Root 615en A root that's pliant like a whip. Evilroot
Icy Rind 617en Ice Bulb rind with chilled air inside. Ice Bulb
Locust Leg 640en The source of this beast's menacing jump. Curse Locust
Cold Skin 642en Skin from a mole thar burrows through tundra. Cold Claw
Golden Shell 642en Hardened shell from a shining beetle. Beetle Lord
Spear Shard 651en One small piece of a thin, sharp spear. Hollow Hoplite
Sky Iron Shell 671en A sturdy shell amde of Sky Iron. Plated Roller
Thunder Tooth 717en Sharp tooth from a thunder-calling hare. Thunder Hare
Icy Seed (gold) 718en A strong seed that survived in the ice. Ice Bulb
Eryngii Hypha 728en Its paralytic toxins affect human nerves. Stun Eryngii
Deathly Vine 731en A thin vine reminiscent of death. Muskoid
Spear Pole 741en The sturdy hilt from a sharp spear. Hollow Hoplite
Ape Bone 753en Large bone from a raging ape. Angry Ape
Indigo Vine 755en A thorny vine with sky-colore leaves. Wrath Bloom
Locust Wing 769en Soft and thin, yet hard to tear. Curse Locust
Staff Shard 781en Splinter of a staff with an ominous aura. Hollow Magus
Beetle Shell 783en Hard, red shell that seems soaked in blood. Flying Beetle
Sky Iron Nail 786en Can be melted down for the Sky Iron within. King Dragonfly
Crimson Fang 815en A small, sharp fang drenched in blood. Vampire Bat
Petal Stone 832en Stone of rare metals; some are transparent. Thunder Spawn
Crimson Wing 893en A bright red, elastic wing. Vampire Bat
Broken Core 915en A mysterious core that came to life. Thunder Spawn
Writhing Wood 955en Wood that wriggles even after being severed. Gasser Tree
Blue Blood 1,017en Vibrant blood whose color does not fade. King Dragonfly
Scorched Petal (gold) 1,022en Its qualities have been altered by fire. Wrath Bloom
Lion Claw 1,035en A ripping claw worthy of the king of beasts. Sleeping Lion
Frozen Heart (gold) 1,112en A frozen power source for wielding curses. Hollow Magus
Poison Branch 1,171en The poison has turned it a sickly purple. Gasser Tree
Deathly Bud (gold) 1,183en A plump bud that has ruin sealed within. Muskoid
Ape Hide 1,331en Thick hide that is stiff, yet strong. Angry Ape
Red Lion Hide 2,401en Small animals won't go near this tough hide. Red Lion
Red Lion Fang (gold) 2,882en Those who hold this fang gain great power. Red Lion

FOE/Boss DropsEdit

Name Worth Description Source
Baboon Skin 42en This skin's colors stand out in the woods. Nomad Baboon
Bear Claw 51en This sharp claw must be handled with care. Cutter
Fawn Hoof 57en A very small, yet sturdy hoof. Furyfawn
Fawn Hide 78en Extremley tough skin with a texture. Furyhorn, Furyfawn
Rending Claw 103en A sharp claw stained with blood. Bloodbear
Kangaroo Fist 237en Fist bones that packed brutal punches. Bounding Beast
Armor Shard 456en Piece of a turtle's armor-like shell. Plated Chaser
Poison Trihorn 513en The side horns catch; the central horn kills. Poison Lizard
Cursed Wool 514en Wool that grew thicker with successive curses. Dream Eater
Giant Wing 614en Dispite its size, it is silent when flapping. Patrol Bat
Violet Wing 626en Quite lovey despite its covering of scales. Big Moth
Raptor Wing 766en A lustrous, black feather from a raptor. Raging Raptor
Dinogator Skin 775en An abnormallu rugged and leathery hide. Dinogator
Moa Beak 847en A frightening beak that can pierce rocks. Giant Moa
Colorful Skin 853en This odd skin changes color constantly. Chameleon King
Crusher's Hide 888en This hard skin could be mistaken for metal. Tusked Crusher
Spiked Iron Ball 894en Adorned with dangerous-looking spikes. Cold Watchman
Huge Feather 903en A gigantic feather of an equally large wing. Supreme Wing
Spotted Tongue 913en It has both strength and elasticity. Spotted Frog
Raptor Claw (gold) 919en A sharp claw with a very distinct texture. Raging Raptor
Earthy Skin 1,037en Ominous colored skin that is devoid of life. Stalking Shadow
Frigid Sickle 1,135en A sharp sickle that chills one to touch. Icy Pincer
Soft Sickle 1,166en Its razor thin blade cuts through anything. Omnihunter
Stone Tusk 1,215en This tusk is made of a stony substance. Cruel Slayer
Golden Horn 1,325en A rare horn with mysterious powers. Golden Deer
Unusual Metal 1,498en it has a never before seen texture. Ancient Keeper
Stone Shell 1,726en Protects the control circuit in the head. Guardian Head
Sintered Body 1,728en Unbreakable shard of, seemingly, ceramic. Guardian Judge
Kingly Horn 1,759en A dignified horn that frightens small beasts. Baboon King
Kingly Skin 2,110en The stench of blood will never come out. Baboon King
Dress Scrap 2,255en A scrap of cloth with mysterious powers. Hollow Queen
Death's Scythe 2,255en A pure white sickle stained with red. Death Mantis
Stony Scythe (gold) 2,706en A sickle that could even reap itself. Death Mantis
Killer Blade 3,781en A sharp blade that slices intruders. Silent Killer
Guardian Shell 4,441en This sturdy shell pulverizes intruders. Scorching Beast
Fiery Horn 4,483en A coiled horn that radiates intense heat. Boiling Lizard
Thorny Shell 5,128en The hard thorns are used for self-defense. Calm King
Stone Arm 5,180en Rough arm made of unknown technology. Cradle Guardian
Raptor Beak 5,311en A very heavy, very sharp beak. Hraesvlgr
Emperor Feather 5,869en It has a somewhat primitive structure. Sky Emperor
Moa Tendon 6,173en The Achilles' tendon from an immense bird. Huge Moa
Desouler Claw 6,308en This giant bear's claw reaps with one strike. Desouler
Sand Horn 6,415en The gnarled horn from a slow dragon. Sand Leviathan
Giant Petal 6,559en This enormous petal has an awful stench. Rafflesia
Horrific Breath 6,712en Legend says inhaling it sends one to hell. Nightmare Ram
Damascus Claw 6,973en One strike is all it needs to defend itself. Iwaoropenelep
Thorny Bone 7,184en Freshly plucked from a Hexgourd's body Hexgourd
Cursed Bone 7,184en Seems to be a small bone from a Flygroud Flygourd
Cursed Femur 7,184en Mysterious bony object taken from a Trigourd Trigourd
Drive Gear 7,780en A custom-made part fro a special drive blade. Cursed Prince
Toxic Eye (gold) 8,498en This dubious eye is cloudy with poison. Nightmare Ram
Crimson Eye 9,867en It has changed color from soaking in blood. Moth Lord
Berserker Skin 10,000en A large monster's bristly fur. Berserker King
Bone Shard 10,000en From a skeleton that supported a giant body. Bared Essence
Raptor Talon (gold) 10,000en A hidden talon unseen at first glance. Hraesvelgr
Pale Bone (gold) 10,000en The cold remains of a Hexgourd's head. Hexgourd
Cursed Vine (gold) 10,000en A vine-like, boneless Flygourd stem. Flygourd
Pumpkin Head (gold) 10,000en A Trigourd's shock absorbent head. Trigourd
Eerie Scales (gold) 10,000en These scatter easily and are hard to find. Moth Lord
Chaos Feather (gold) 10,000en A beautiful feather from a bird's wing. Iwaoropenelep
Poison Wing (gold) 10,000en Makes eerie sounds when it flutters. Sand Leviathan
Colorful Tongue (gold) 10,000en A completely frozen monster's tongue. Chameleon King
Fallen Scale 10,205en The power of darkness emanates from it still. Fallen One
Thunder Scale 11,960en It's edge is the crackle of lightning condensed. Storm Emperor
Cursed Eye (gold) 12,000en A large eyeball that's clear as crystal. Hollow Queen
Reverse Scale 12,020en A deadly sharp scale with a frigid chill. Blizzard King
Fire Scale 12,300en Unbelievably sharp and engulfed in flames. Great Dragon
Effulgent Horn (gold) 20,000en The high heat has made it incadescent. Boiling Lizard
Sealed Core (gold) 20,000en A core still filled with sealed dark power. Fallen One
Dream Carapace (gold) 25,000en Rigid framework made of some strange metal Cradle Guardian
Fire Fang (gold) 30,000en The heat it radiates scorches all nearby. Great Dragon
Frozen Skin (gold) 30,000en Its chill is remarkably like a northern winter. Blizzard King
Charged Horn (gold) 30,000en Its constant roar calls down the thunder. Storm Emperor
Warped Core 50,000en It is overflowing with uncontrollable power. Warped Savior


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Name Worth Description Source
!a -9999999B
Granite 20en Common stone used for construction. Lush Woodlands
Forest Aloe 20en A panacean plant that grows in clusters. Lush Woodlands
Sturdy Timber 20 en An ordinary Piece of wood with many uses. Lush Woodlands
Shea Fruit 25en A high-fat nut with medicinal value. Small Orchard
Supple Branch 25en Quite durable, dispite its flimsy appearance. Valley Spring
Slate 25en Durable stone with high heat resistance. Old Forest Mine
Cyanite (gold) 45en Beautiful blue crystal used for ornaments. Lush Woodlands
Corundum 45en An ore that's hard to melt even in high heat. Misty Ravine
Small Flower (gold) 45en A pretty flower prized for use in medicines. Lush Woodlands
Mint 45en An herb that grows in misty forests. Misty Ravine
Teak Wood (gold) 45en Wood cut from teak growing in the tropics. Lush Woodlands
Mahogany 45en Easy to work with and dries quickly. Misty Ravine
Iridescent Ore (gold) 50en Creates a rainbow gas when dissolved in water. Old Forest Mine
Dragon's Blood (gold) 50en Red resin from what is called the Dragon Tree. Small Orchard
Guaiacum Wood (gold) 50en Hard to work with, but exceedingly durable. Valley Spring
Osmunda Frond 50en A wild plant with a signature coiled stalk. Miasma Forest
Strong Vine 50en Its tensile strength makes it versatile. Miasma Forest
Lazurite 50en This ocean-blue mineral has long been prized. Miasma Forest
Dolomite (gold) 100en Absorbent white rock used in construction. Misty Ravine
Steel Earth 100en Can be refined to extract a light metal. Golden Lair
Crane Ginseng (gold) 100en Rare medicinal herb from the Misty Ravine. Misty Ravine
Luminous Moss 100en A rare moss that glows when heated. Golden Lair
Jet-Black Pith (gold) 100en Beautiful black wood that's useful timber. Misty Ravine
Trileaf Stalk 100en A thorny stalk usually used for hedges. Golden Lair
Culantro (gold) 100en An herb with an intriguing spicy scent. Lush Woodlands
Fennel 120en Its fruit is crushed to harvest oils. Underground Lake
Pagoda Branch 120en A resilient branch with egg-shaped leaves. Toxic Cave
Tiger's Eye 120en Said to heighten one's focus and insight. Cramped Nest
Akaganeite (gold) 150en This vibrant red ore is popular with collectors. Noisy Marsh
Monks Cress (gold) 150en Its vivid red coloring draws the eye. Miasma Forest
Paulownia Bark (gold) 150en Quality, lightweight wood with many uses. Moth's Garden
Red Jasper 200en A gem treasured as a ward against evil. Echoing Library
White Apple 200en A red, sweet-smelling fruit. Echoing Library
Wisteria Branch 200en Light purple flowers are blooming on it. Echoing Library
Night Shard (gold) 200en It has greater buoyancy than Iridescent Ore. Miasma Forest
Hyacinth Petal 250en A petal that's lovey when floating on water. Windy Archive
Pachypodium 250en A thick, thorn-covered clustered stalk. Windy Archive
Serpentinite 250en Its pattern resembles the tracks of a snake. South Sanctuary
Emerald (gold) 300en This gem was offered to the gods long ago. Golden Lair
Nephrite 300en A deep green gem used in expensice crafts. Forgotten Capital
Scarlet Sage (gold) 300en A medicinal pernnial that heats when rubbed. Golden Lair
Cursed Durian 300en Its stench is so strong that animals stay away. Forgotten Capital
Poinciana Pod (gold) 300en A sword-shaped pod with a sharp edge to match. Golden Lair
Sequoia Limb 300en This branch is known as a "living fossil." Golden Lair
Life Honey 350en Honey that heals all kinds of infirmities. Echoing Library
Aesculus Wood 350en Soft wood with a beautiful grain, Lush Woodlands
Unknown Metal 350en A piece of shattered metal. Misty Ravine
Dried Vine 350en Easier to work with after its dehydration. Golden Lair
Chalcedony (gold) 360en Formed of different crystals compressed. Cramped Nest
Glove Grass (gold) 360en This grass is toxic if handled incorrectly. Underground Lake
Cave Palm Bark (gold) 360en This palm can grow even in dark places. Toxic Cave
Moss Strawberry 400en A sweet strawberry that grows on rocks. Golden Lair
Flame Fruit (gold) 400en This fruit warms one up from inside when eaten. Underground Lake
Eclogite 400en An ore transformed by intense preassure. Golden Lair
Cork Bark 400en Antibacterial tree bark infused with venom. Toxic Cave
Resin Cylinder (gold) 600en Part of a cylinder made of an unknown resin. Echoing Library
Waterlily Leaf (gold) 600en Said to be bless by a water goddess. Echoing Library
Yggdrasil Trunk (gold) 600en Bark from a tree that never withers with age. Echoing Library
Rose Quartz (gold) 750en A faint pink crystal, in demand by jewelers. South Sanctuary
Myrciaria Fruit (gold) 750en This fruit's skin has myriad uses. Windy Archive
Thujopsis Root (gold) 750en Sturdy enough to withstand gale winds. Windy Archive
Tourmaline (gold) 1,100en An ore that becomes electrified when heated Misty Ravine
Aloe (gold) 1,100en Its gel has a strong analeptic effect. Echoing Library
Holly Lumber (gold) 1,100en Hard, supple bark with thorny leaves. Lush Woodlands
Odd Wall Chip (gold) 900en A brittle stone. May be usable for building. Forgotten Capital
Valerian (gold) 900en Its roots and rhizomes have medicinal effects. Forgotten Capital
Crystal Vine (gold) 900en A vine thorught to have crystallized. Golden Lair
Tricolor Stone 1,200en A red, blue, and white stone with odd powers. Hall of Darkness
Ambrosia 1,200en A shining white flower of revival. Hall of Darkness
Polyamide Fiber 1,200en A rigid thread that rarely breaks Hall of Darkness
Dark Pyroxenite (gold) 4,500en Has a blade like cross section when split open Hall of Darkness
Grub Mold (gold) 4,500 Pungent-smelling fungus used in sterile alcohol. Hall of Darkness
Stardust Twig (gold) 4,500en Difficult to tell if it grew naturally or not. Hall of Darkness