Everything shall be in the same order as the Item Compendium. The Barter Log, Cargo Manifest and Epic Glossary will also be included.

Item CompendiumEdit

Name Worth Description Monster to kill
Igneous Rock 1en Rock that cooled rapidly, making it harder than normal.

Lava beast (Kill with ice damage)

Wilted Shroom 1en A ruined toadstool that can no longer undergo mitosis. Splitstool (Kill with mushroom dagger)
Red Scale 3en Hard scale that covers the Fanged Fish's body. Fanged Fish
Slimy Leg 4en A leg completely covered in frog mucus. Forest Frog
Green Thorn 5en Thorn on a monster's head that mimicks a fruit. Deadly Durian
Small Shell 6en Shrimp's shell that's resistant to cracking. Claw Shrimp
Frog Cheek 7en Can stretch up to 10 times its original size. Forest Frog
Sharp Tooth 8en Long tooth that always finds its target. Fanged Fish
Poisonous Tail 9en Tail that injects secreted toxins into its targets. Great Platypus
Mountain Claw 10en Long, sharp talon for inflicting severe wounds. Great Lynx
Poison Hypha 13en Toadstool's hypha that's dangerous to the touch. Venomshroom
Pungent Ivy 14en An ambulatory flower's ivy that gives a pungent stench. Titan Arum
Gigapede Leg 15en Centipede leg that tightly grasps its prey. Gigapede
Elastic Tongue 16en Tongue that stretches about 30 times its original length. Spotted Frog
Tough Feeler 17en Feeler textured with horn-like protrusions. Starry Slug
Tough Tooth 18en Sturdy tooth that can be used in various ways. Devilfish
Steel Shell 21en A steel-hard shell that glistens as if polished. Scylla Crab
Large Jaw (gold) 23en Jaw with the power to fell even the Labyrinth's trees.

Gigapede (Kill with slash damage)

Pseudopod (gold) 25en Ferrule that feels rugged despite its appearance.

Venomshroom (Kill within 1st turn)

Topaz 25en Light brown crystal that is structurally weak.

Iron Turtle, Mine at 1st Stratum

Small Flower 25en Often found growing near the Labyrinth's entrance.

Great Hermit, Take at 1st Stratum

Supple Branch 25en A piece of wood that doesn't easily snap. Hungry Coral, Chop at 1st Stratum
Red Tail (gold) 25en Shrimp's tail that shrunk and hardened after being cooled. Claw Shrimp (Kill with ice damage)
Green Feather 28en Bird's feather that cannot be cut with a dull blade. Largebill
Soft Skin 30en Typically obtained from the beasts of the Labyrinth. Clawed Mole
Red Shell 30en Red shell of a shrimp that, oddly, evolved above water. Sea Lobster
Phonolite 30en Dark green rock with trace amounts of other gems. Mine at 1st stratum
Anra Fruit 30en Popular fruit with a pleasant texture and sour taste. Take at 1st stratum
Soft Bark 30en Bark that can be easily shaped for a variety of uses. Chop at 1st Stratum
Dark Red Horn 32en Cut from the head of a rare, unusually aggressive blowfish. Red Puffer
Purple Scale 34en Durable scale that covers the large serpent's body. Great Anaconda
Starry Case (gold) 36en Exoskeleton that glitters when light is shined onto it. Starry Slug (Kill with volt attack)
Violet Comb (gold) 36en Cockscomb that sends a signal to its comrades. Devilfish (Kill with fire attack)
Spherical Bone 36en Sphere-shaped bone that covers the blowfish's body. Whorled Puffer
Red Core 37en Starfish core that gives off warmth, as though still living. Red Starfish
Blue Core 38en Mysterious starfish core that creates its own moisture. Blue Starfish
Coral Arm 39en Hardens after death, making it difficult to work with. Hungry Coral
Tough Tentacle 40en Octopus leg that secretes pinkish fluid when boiled. Coral Octopus
Sharp Fang (gold) 41en Fang that kills its prey instantly to prevent escape. Great Anaconda (Kill without slash/strike/pierce attacks)
Pungent Coral 41en Coral that reeks of decade-old bones. Rock Coral
Shell Piece 42en Piece of shattered outer shell. Great Hermit
Bloody Blade 44en Large crab's scissor with a bloodstained tip. Scylla Crab
Salamander Lip 44en Salamander's lips that are slimy, yet durable. Koolasuchus
King Core 45en King's core that glows green due to its magic powers. King Starfish
Sea Beast Fur 49en Fur that is useful in creating expensive clothes. High Onnep
Coral Jaw 50en Hard jaw that severely wounds whatever it bites. Rock Coral
Jet 50en Black amber that fossilized underwater over centuries.

Lava Beast, Mine at 2nd stratum

Green Algae 50en Highly nutritious, green seaweed.

Take at 2nd stratum, Great Anteater

Sturdy Timber 50en Timber so resistant to heat that it will not burn.

Chop at 2nd stratum, Guardian Ant

Blue Arm 51en Blue starfish arm that can shoot water from its glands. Blue Starfish
Sharp Knob 55en Protrusion used to pierce enemies when charging. Coral Octopus
Muscled Arm 56en A muscular arm to heavy for the average human to carry. High Walrus
Red Bones (gold) 58en Star-shaped bone that gave form to a Red Starfish. Red Starfish (kill with fire elemental attack)
Century Shell 59en Shell of a gigantic turtle that has lived for over a century. Iron Turtle
Phyllite 60en Greyish-brown rock that shines like silken thread. Mine at 2nd Stratum
Sea Grapes 60en Rare seaweed with a pleasant texture. Take at 2nd Stratum
Indigo Pith 60en Perennial plant harvested for the blue dye it yields. Chop at 2nd Stratum
Eggshell Piece 61en Remnants of a shell intended to protect a dragon pup. Dragon Egg (Kill without using strike/slash/pierce attack)
Cilial Sucker (gold) 62en Sharp, pointed sucker that siphons off nutrients. King Starfish (Kill with pierce attack)
Muddle Hypha 62en Saps the consciousness of its unwitting victims. Trip Mushroom
Flawless Shell (gold) 63en Great Hermit's outer shell with no damage whatsoever. Great Hermit (Kill without using strike/slash/pierce attack)
Dino Calcaneus 63en Heel bone of a carnivorous lizard. Valued by scientists. Flame Lizard
Ebony Liver (gold) 64en Delicious, if you can remove the toxins secreted within. Whorled Puffer (Kill with ice attack)
Red Iron Chip 64en Piece of Nozuchi's outer skin which contains red iron. Rattle Nozuchi
Red Fragment 66en Ant's bones fragment that has hardened and turned red. Guardian Ant
Black Fragment 67en Piece of an ant's black bone that contains a unique iron. Killer Ant
Thick Throat (gold) 68en Salamander throat with a multitude of uses. Koolasuchus (Kill with volt attack)
Burning Fur 68en Red fur that absorbs fire to add to its own. Flame Lynx
Blue Shell 68en Blue shell of a shrimp that oddly, evolved above water. Forest Shrimp
Striped Tail 70en A sturdier tail than it seems. No human hands can tear it. Ringed Lemur
Octopus' Horn 71en Meant for killing prey within its field of vision. Demon Octopus
Pup Horn 76en Highly pliable horn commonly used in crafting. Dragon Pup
Round Eggshell (gold) 77en A very well-preserved, and thus valuable, eggshell. Dragon Egg
Jutting Tusk 78en A fang sharp enough to scrape even large shells. High Onnep
Stegosaur Fin 79en It plays a role in regulating body temperature. Stegosaurus
Red Iron Scale (gold) 80en Its high iron quotient makes it turn red when heated. Rattle Nozuchi (Kill using volt attack)
Slashing Nail 80en Used for a single, desperate strike before escaping. Meregho Saeno
Flame Claw (gold) 87en Cat's claw that rends enemies with jets of flame. Flame Lynx (Kill in first turn)
Torn Tail 88en Tail shed by a Flame Lizard to flee a dangerous situation. Flame Lizard
Umbrella Lump 88en Umbrella that looks light, but cannot be easily lifted. Trip Mushroom
Mole Claw 91en Hard and thick, but not especially dangerous. Clawed Mole
Fiery Stone 93en Red Stone that is fiery to the touch.

Lava Beast

Small Scale 99en Yellow scale that is small and thin, but reasonably hard. Dragon Pup
Chalcophyllite (gold) 100en Light green mineral composed of fine crystals. Mine at 1st Stratum
Corundum 100en Iron ore that can be used as a whetting agent.

Eerie Statue, Mine at 3rd Stratum

Hibiscus (gold) 100en Red flower famed in Armoroad for its tonic effects. Take at 1st stratum
Flame Fruit 100en Fruit that warms one's body from within when eaten.

Otherspawn, Take at 3rd Stratum

Palm Trunk (gold) 100en Sturdy timber commonly seen in the south. Chop at 1st Stratum
Trileaf Stalk 100en It has sharp thorns normally found in hedges.

Aplysiomorpha, Chop at 3rd Stratum

Atrocious Fang 103en Crushes anything it considers to be threatening or edible. Cruel Roamer
Icicle Fang (gold) 104en Icy fang which causes frostbite in its victims. High Walrus (Kill with head bound)
Lizard Crest 105en Lizard's fin undaunted by fledgling warriors' attacks. Greedy Lizard (FOE B2F)
Predatory Fang 105en Once plunged into its target, it never relents. Stegosaurus
Holed Rock (gold) 105en Piece of rock with a hole pierced through it. Eerie Statue (Kill with pierce damage)
Long Tongue 109en Surprisingly coarse tongue used to catch prey. Great Anteater
Clastic Rock 110en Large rock cluster formed of weathered stones. Mine at 3rd Stratum
Moss Strawberry 110en Sweet strawberry that grows on rocks. Take at 3rd Stratum
Pagoda Branch 110en Known for its resilient, egg-shaped leaves. Chop at 3rd stratum
Red Tusk 119en Ancient elephant's tusk used to gore trespassers. Cave Elephant
Proboscis 123en Mistletoe tongue that sucks nutrients from its prey. Mistletoe
Deer Skin 142en Extremely durable fur with a rough texture. Furyhorn
Swordfish Skin 145en A set of fully bristled scales.


Prying Needle 150en Needle that is stabbed into approaching prey. Bog Lurker
Staunch Feeler 152en Soft feeler that nonetheless never breaks. Aplysiomorpha
Pig Iron Fang (gold) 156en Its poor durability makes it difficult to temper. Abyssal Death (kill without fire/ice/volt attack)
Spearhead Chip 164en Shattered tip of a Deep One's spear.

Deep Marine

Ebony Nail 168en Deep One's nail with the power to draw out spells. Deep Medium
Silver Snakeskin 171en It shines so brilliantly as to be irresistible. Silverback
Hammer Skull 182en Hammer-shaped shark's skull that could cripple its prey. Hammerhead
Gold Caruncle 183en Decorative Ptarmigan feather with an electric charge. Ptarmigan
Dryad Liquid 188en Odd fluid that changes hue at the water spirit's whim. Otherspawn
Cast-iron Hilt 196en Hilt that is strong and light, and thus easy to handle. Deep Raider
Castor's Eye 199en Its intense aqua symbolizes the Deep One's power. Deep Maiden
Magnetite (gold) 200en Iron ore with magnetic polarity.

Mine at 2nd Stratum

Red Jasper 200en Jewel valued as a good luck charm for warding off evil.

Death Scorpion, Mine at 4th stratum

Narcissus (gold) 200en Flower of a succulent plant that stores water. Take at 2nd Stratum
Crabapple 200en Red fruit with a sweet scent.

Rotten Fruit, Take at 4th stratum

Abyssal Twig (gold) 200en Feels like coral and is very light, but unfit for crafting. Chop at 2nd Stratum
Deathly Stem 200en Thin, gray stalk that gives the impression of death.

Peach Crow, Chop at 4th stratum

Broken Rock 201en Fine piece of a shattered, strange stone statue. Eerie Statue
Charmed String 206en Causes mischief and confusion when plucked. Ipupiara
Flat Beak 208en Beak that won't melt unless left inside a forge for hours. Yawnypus
Ebony Shard 221en Broken portion of a black knight's horned helm. Cursed Knight
Hippo Tusk 225en Tooth that mercilessly crushes any intruders. Raging Tyrant
Ghost Keel 226en Ship's skeleton unaffected by the wake of its attacks. Ghost Ship
Shining Feather 236en Tail feather of a Dementia Owl that emits a mysterious light. Dementia Owl
Crocodile Hide 239en Very high quality leather that's both smooth and tough. Abyssal Death
Damascus Edge (gold) 246en An axe blade made from an extremely rare steel. Deep Raider (Kill with strike damage)
Serpentinite 250en The patterns on this rock resemble a snake's trail. Mine at 4th Stratum
Hyacinth Petal 250en They look most beautiful when floating in water. Take at 4th Stratum
Crystal Vine 250en Crystallized vine of a plant.

Chop at 4th Stratum

Swordfish Fin 270en Soft fin on a swordfish's belly that feels like silk. Swordfish
Hard Skull 271en Wouldn't shatter even if a cannonball struck it. Big Snakehead
Rat's Fang 279en Small, sharp fang of a Treerat.

Tree Rat

Dawn Thorn 281en Thorny head permanently stained the color of dawn. Rotten Fruit
Butterfly Wing 288en Iridescent wing with a mysterious shine. Venomfly
White Fox Fur 289en Pure, beautiful fur that has accumulated magic power. White Fox
Hazard Bulb 292en It extends its Ivy, then lies in wait to snare its prey. Petaloid
Witch's Robe 298en Protects the wearer from curses.


Cursed Talon (gold) 299en The poison has been removed from this black nail. Dementia Owl (Kill with fire damage)
Pyrargyrite (gold) 300en Dense ore with a red surface.

Mine at 3rd Stratum

Nephrite 300en Translucent green gem often used in jewelry. Mine at 5th Stratum
Scarlet Sage (gold) 300en Perennial plant that, when heated, is useful medicine. Take at 3rd Stratum
Mint 300en Grass that gives the chewer a cooling sensation. Take at 5th Stratum
Poinciana Pod (gold) 300en Pod that grows into a sword-shaped shoot with a sharp tip. Chop at 3rd Stratum
Mahogany 300en Superb timber which dries quickly and is easily refined. Chop at 5th Stratum
Depth Scale 301en Ancient fish scale engraved with cursed patterns. Sea Wanderer (FOE B6F)
Forked Tail 301en Versatile tail used for both movement and attack. Claw Monkey
Rabbit Tail 306en So fluffy...

Forest Hare

Horned Cap 314en Much more resilient than its appearance would suggest. Stun Eryngii
Crushing Fang 319en Shatters its prey's bones, preventing them from moving. Silverback
Needle Tail 319en The petrifying poison in its glands has discolored it. Death Scorpion
Tempest Bead 319en Displays a dry, cracked earth plagued by lightning. Ruin Caller (Thunder Head)
Blizzard Bead 321en Displays an intensely cold land within it. Ruin Caller (Frost Head)
Wheel Blade (gold) 322en Piece of a strange weapon that gains power when spun. Deep Maiden (Kill with arms bound)
Writhing Wood 322en Undulates like a tentacle even after being cut. Sickwood
Monster Bone 325en A femur strong enough to support the Sauroposeidon. Sauroposeidon
Violet Tail 330en Fox's tail that seems to be weightless when held. Silver Fox (Kill at night)
Sanguine Tail 331en Ominous tail that reeks of blood.

White Fox

Dark Fur 331en Used by black cats to conceal themselves in the darkness. Volt Cat
Inferno Bead 333en Displays the dead's grudges as coruscating fire. Ruin Caller (Flame Head)
Stun Hypha 341en Toadstool's hypha which can cripple the nervous system. Stun Eryngii
Biting Vine 342en Very difficult to pull off once it's wrapped tight. Miasma Bud
Scales (gold) 347en Gained from a Labyrinth butterfly. Highly flammable. Venomfly (Kill with volt damage)
Dangerous Bud (gold) 349en Bud of a flower that was mowed before it blossomed. Petaloid (Kill with instant death attack)
Dolomite 350en Absorbent white rock used as construction material. Mine at 5th Stratum
Life Honey 350en Honey that heals all sorts of infirmities. Take at 5th stratum
Aesculus Wood 350en Soft timber with a uniquely beautiful grain. Chop at 5th Stratum
Rabbit Ear (gold) 374en Can detect the faintest noise in its surroundings.  Forest Hare (Kill while head is bound)
Heavy Piece 378en Unusually dense iron from a Deep One's sword. Deep Sentinel
Beast Skin 382en Hard fur and thick beast skin, perfect for protective gear. Raging Boar
Dull Chest Fin (gold) 384en Though hard as steel, it yields excellent mobility. Big Snakehead (Kill with curse damage)
Magic Shard 390en Sword fragment containing the regrets of its prey. Cursed Knight
Steel Needle 398en Scorpion's stinger that has been rendered safe to touch. Death Scorpion
Evil Staff 398en Engraved with intricate unfathomable patterns. Deep Believer
Dryad Statue (gold) 401en Beautifully preserved ice sculpture. Otherspawn (Kill with ice damage)
Pink Bird's Leg 409en Thick, tendoned leg that can bear extraordinary loads. Peach Crow
Poison Branch 412en Its purple coloring comes from its lethal, toxic sap. Sickwood
Iron Tusk 421en Large boar tusk containing high-quality iron. Raging Boar
Volt Whisker 423en Whalebone used to pinpoint its prey's location and attack. Narmer
Elastic Skin 426en Skin elastic enough to absorb strong impacts. Mud Lurker
Rending Fin 441en Watery fin that slices all who touch it. Corotrangul
Sharp Claw (gold) 471en Delivers fatal wounds to the unsuspecting. Volt Cat (Kill with fire damage)
Eastern Nest (gold) 500en Made from the branches of a rare, ancient tree. Meregho Saeno (Kill with arms bound)
Water Spine 531en Dragon bone sturdy enough to be used for construction. Scaled Dragon
Sharp Wing 555en Wing that can fell trees by merely brushing past them.  Mother Dragon
Fairy's Core 582en Emits a gentle light even after being removed. Clionean
Statue Finger 585en Stone that resists scratches no matter what it hits. Golem
Stink Scutellum 622en Foundation that emits an awful stench in self-defense. Insectortoise (Kill with Petrification)
Memimorphite (gold) 700en Changes color when viewed from different angles. Mine at 4th Stratum
Waterlily Leaf (gold) 700en Plant's leaf that is said to be blessed by a water goddess. Take at 4th Stratum
Siamese Senna (gold) 700en Dense timber similar enough to iron to be used for swords. Chop at 4th Stratum
Cursed Hypha 721en Its cursed nature makes it difficult to work with. Cursed Shroom
Dragonfly Nest 756en Composed of oak branches and other stray materials. Dragonfly
Infernal Scale 763en Scale with evil flame patterns that calls forth misfortune. Omnivore
Tiny Tooth 766en Has a blade-like tip for the sole purpose of killing. Suicide Hare
Blue Tentacle 771en Its coloration is as if the octopus mimicked the ocean. Silver Octopus
Rending Jaw 786en It rips and tears any food intended for digestion. Longicorn
Invader's Eye 806en Cursed eyeball that tries to violate onlooker's minds. Ammonite
Demon's Fur 809en From a rabbit which murders human indiscriminately. Suicide Hare
Longhorn Hull 826en Red shell hard enough to destroy metal. Longicorn
Toxic Leather 828en A black beast's hand with unthinkably strong toxins. Manticore
Thorny Bone 860en Cut from the body of a ghostly pumpkin. Death Pumpkin
Shielded Wing 889en Used for both flight and self-defense. Insectortoise (Kill with Petrification)
Raging Talon 912en Catches and kills all that approach or flee it. Ruin Caller
Whale Fumarole 913en Used to spout sea water as an offensive measure.  Ketos
Curved Horn 929en Only needs one strike to stab and kill oncoming foes. Freed Savage
Clay Plating 960en Automaton soldier's armor that repels physical blows. Keeper's Body
Cursed Bone 980en Still radiates an ominous presence after it's removed. Hell Pumpkin
Clay Horn 980en Sharp, heavy hown from the head of an automation soldier. Keeper's Head
Dragonfly Wing (gold) 989en So thin that one can easily see right through it. Dragonfly (Kill with volt damage)
Infinite Tongue (gold) 999en Seems capable of stretching endlessly... Omnivore
Akaganeite (gold) 1000en Metallic ore with a red sheen. Sought by collectors. Mine at 5th Stratum
Star Sapphire 1000en rare blue gem that shines like the stars when illuminated.  Mine at 6th stratum
Aloe (gold) 1000en Succulent plant that secretes a powerful, nourishing gel. Take at 5th stratum
Ambrosia 1000en Glowing, white analeptic flower.

Take at 6th stratum

Paulownia Bark (gold) 1000en Its uniquely light weight makes it very useful. Chop at 5th Stratum
Polyamide Fiber 1000en Sturdy string that rarely snaps or frays. Chop at 6th Stratum
Starry Shell 1020en Eggshell with a shine like the stars in the night sky. Pandora Egg
Tripartite Horn 1040en First captures and holds its prey before killing it.  Poison Dragon
Cursed Femur 1060en Mysterious, bony part of a three-headed pumpkin. Tri-Pumpkin
Wrenching Jaw 1160en Menacing jaw that can wrench off armor like it was paper.  Longicorn Beta
Perlite 1200en Ebony rock revealing sharp protrusions when split open. Mine at 6th Stratum
Hogweed Oil 1200en Refined oil that promotes the elevation of motor functions. Take at 6th Stratum
Star Driftwood 1200en Glitters like the night sky when illuminated in the dark. Chop at 6th Stratum
Pumpkin Head 1230en Highly impact-absorbent head of a three-headed pumpkin. Tri-Pumpkin
Pale Bone 1260en Touching this piece of a ghost pumpkin's head is chilling. Death Pumpkin
Vicious Claw (gold) 1380en used for the indiscriminate slaughter of trespassers. Longicorn Beta (Kill with arms bound)
Strong Fang 1380en Rare, extremely strong fang that's easy to work with. Calamity God
Metallic Fur 1550en Hardened blue fur that once belonged to a beast. Sea Berserker
King's Fur 1560en Adorable fur that charms all with its regal aura. King Penguin
Execution Claw 1580en Queen ant's claw, curved into a sharp, blade-like hook. Wicked Queen
Cursed Wool 1620en Wool that has been distended through absorbing curses. Somnovore
Soft Scythe 1760en This mantis' blade is thin enough to rend anything. Mortal Hunter
Diamond Arm 1820en Impossibly dense arm of a stone statue. Golden Idol
Staff Stone 1860en Has the power to analyze the Labyrinth's monsters. Deep Prelate
Princess's Fang 1890en Fang that renders its prey immobile before chewing it. Scylla
Mithril Shard 1950en Shard of a sword made with a forgotten technique. Deep Coistrel
Cursed Vine (gold) 1980en Vine-like, invertebrate body of a pumpkin. Hell Pumpkin (Kill with head bound)
Crushing Arm 2318en Can smash bedrock and guard against bombardment. Gatekeeper
Flower Scythe (gold) 2500en Scythe blade that reaps all of creation, including itself. Mortal Hunter (Kill within first turn)
Dragon Weave 2560en Special bone dense enough to withstand vehement attacks. Leviathan
Queen's Bulla (gold) 3000en Deep One's chest protector that spawned many tall tales. Deep Prelate (Low drop chance)
Sea King Ice (gold) 3000en Corotrangul's backbone composed of flexible fibers. Corotrangul (Kill with head bound)
Gray Shield (gold) 3000en Absorbent shark scale that can withstand intense blows. Hammerhead (Kill per instant death attack)
Naval Ram (gold) 3000en Assault ram that shows its might when ramming ships. Ghost Ship (10% chance)
3-Lights Gem (gold) 3000en The tricolored source of a golem's power. Golem (Kill with blind status)
Mother's Horn (gold) 3062en Dragon's horn robust enough to shatter whole boulders. Mother Dragon (Kill with petrify status)
Execution Jaw (gold) 3260en Queen ant's jaw known for its ability to chew anything. Wicked Queen (Kill while sleeping)
Sapping Root 3330en Root that stores life energy robbed from its host. Vampire Tree
Atrocity Sigh 3680en Breath of an evil sheep that sends its prey to the abyss. Dreamsmasher
Ghostly Fur 3820en Body hair imbued with strong ghostly power over the eons. Divine Judge
Coral Shell 3830en Tenacious shell quiet capable of protecting its host. Shin
Blue Scale 3860en Blue scale with the power to shut out all that draw near. Kirin
Machine Piece 4030en Shatters any sword that does not strike true.   Olympia (Boss)
Cursed Shard 4120en Came from a cursed sword that eats away its wielder. Kujura (Boss)
Zircon (gold) 4500en Rare, dense, pale green ore that's very difficult to use. Mine at 6th Stratum
Maiden's Wheat (gold) 4500en Legendary stalk of wheat left by a fertility god. Take at 6th Stratum
Stardust Twig (gold) 4500en Branch of unknown origin that may or may not be natural. Chop at 6th Stratum
Eye of Insanity (gold) 4800en Bit of a dangerous eye that drives the reckless mad. Dreamsmasher (Kill with poison/plague status)
Ruler's Blade 4810en Tongue that aims for the neck to constrict its prey. Vampire Tree
Magic Circuit (gold) 5000en Engraved with letters that receive power from its supply. Keeper's Head (Kill with head bound)
Quake Leg (gold) 5000en Can crack the very earth with its offensive thrusts. Keeper's Body (Kill with legs bound)
Raging Scale (gold) 5000en Vicious dragon's power source that emits an ominous aura. Ruin Caller (Do not use slash/strike/Pierce attacks)
Evil Horn (gold) 5000en Can pierce metallic plates with ease. Manticore (Kill with 5000+ damage attack)
Ominous Scale 5680en Scale from the princess that became an abomination. Deep Princess
Machine Wing 5810en Abyssal King's wing that wrenches off what it touches. Automaton King
Holy Horn 5890en Came from a dragon so long-lived as to be called eternal. Elder Dragon
Deathly Stone (gold) 6000en Transformed Divine Punisher stone that emits a miasma. Divine Judge (Kill while completely bound)
Volt Scale 7390en Sharp scale from one of the multi-headed dragon's heads.


Dimension Disc 8780en Oral ring of an increasingly vicious, enlarged anemone. Anemone
Prisoner's Arm 8980en Gouges the insides of its prey as it twists painfully. Kraken (Kill with legs bound)
King's Petal 9020en Resilient petal that cannot easily be scratched. Alraune
Trembling Fin (gold) 10000en Vibrates when it touches the ground, causing earthquakes. Narmer (Kill with only one fighter)
Tough Membrane (gold) 10000en White membrane that cannot be torn or pierced. Ketos (Kill within first turn)
Giant's Core (gold) 10000en Core containing two of the giant's power sources. Gatekeeper (Kill full body with arms bound)
Crimson Tail (gold) 10000en Lightning beast's tail as red as the submerged darkness. Kirin (Kill with curse damage)
Fullmoon Crown (gold) 10000en Crown tinged with magic power flowing from the moon. Shin (Kill with head bound)
Elastic Body (gold) 10000en The fat stockpiled within makes it extremely tough. King Penguin (Kill in 5 turns or less)
Tsunami Fang (gold) 10000en Emits a jet of water to blast away the prey it traps. Leviathan
Princess's Fur (gold) 10000en Shining fur enchanted with the ice princess' power. Scylla (Kill with curse damage)
Abyss Crystal 11200en Polyhedral crystal whose black shine brings disaster. Progenitor
Thunder Scale 11960en An unimaginably sharp scale of the thunder walker. Dragon
Reverse Scale 12020en An unimaginably sharp scale of the ruler of blizzards. Drake
Fire Scale 12300en An unimaginably sharp scale of the red dragon. Wyrm
King's Velvet (gold) 20000en Multicolored cloth that's rare among flower petals. Alraune (Kill with ice damage)
Blue Bone (gold) 20000en Unbelievably sturdy and flexible metallic bone. Anemone (Kill without Fire/Ice/Volt)
Offset Funnel (gold) 20000en Emits jets of fluid that allow for faster movement. Kraken (Kill without bound legs)
Divine Scale (gold) 20000en Scale worth a shine greater than the brightest miracle. Elder Dragon (Kill while completely bound)
Ice Skin (gold) 30000en Dragonskin that emits the chill of the frigid northland. Drake (Kill with ice damage)
Thunder Horn (gold) 30000en Lightning dragon's horn that still rumbles with thunder. Dragon (Kill with volt damage)
Fire Fang (gold) 30000en Fire dragon's fang that spews the fires of ruination. Wyrm (Kill with fire damage)
Happiness Fluff (gold) 50000en Golden shining fluff rumored to bring good fortune. Gold Pasaran
Darkstar Bead (gold) 100000en Black sphere so dark that it personifies fear itself.  Abyssal God

Barter LogEdit

Name Worth Description Finding place
7-Star Sardine 5en A small fish with seven dots on it. South Ocean
Flying Fish 9en A winged fish that lays its eggs on the beach South Ocean
Filefish 12en A diamond-like fish. It's actually quite fierce. South Ocean
Lantern Squid 15en A squid with a body that glows like a lantern. South Ocean
Dark Moray 21en A fish that attacks from cover. It's delicious. South Ocean
Sea Turtle 210en A sea turtle with vice-like jaws. South Ocean Event (D3)
Silver Saury 40en A swordfish commonly eaten by grilling it North Ocean
Sea Milk 95en A bivale that is both nutritous and medicinal South Ocean (E4, F3 & F4 Gold)
Armored Shrimp 450en A tropical shrimp with an armor-like outer shell North Ocean (E5 Gold)
Long Octopus 28en A long legged octopus for boiling and consumption. South Ocean
Tanniyn Skin 30en Once tanned, it is used for items such as bags or armor. South Ocean Large Fish
Tanniyn Meat 72en Considered a blessing, it is eaten in celebration. South Ocean Large Fish
Tanniyn Liver (gold) 600en If smoked and crushed, it becomes a pricey tonic. South Ocean Large Fish
Armoroad Cedar 50en Found along coasts, it's great for detail work. South Ocean Island (D4)
Terra Rossa 35en Red clay for bricks and other industrial crafts. South Ocean Island (B1)
Crawfish Claw 120en A giant pincer that could cut a person in two. South Ocean Event (D3)
Screwpine Fruit 60en An orange, thorned fruit that is unfit to eat. South Ocean Island (E4)
Bull Ant 20en An ant with a huge red body and a painful bite. South Ocean Island (C6)
Giant Kelp 40en Seaweed better used as fertilizer than food. South Ocean Event (B2)
Amber 270en A resin gem that may have fossil insects inside. South Ocean Island (D1)
Iron Ore 210en Ore called hematite used for steel manufacturing. South Ocean Island (D2)
Black Pepper 250en It can sterilize food and is usually traded raw. South Ocean Reef (D7)
Niter 220en Crystal used for natural and artificial gunpowder. South Ocean Island (A4)
Demon Melon 50en A rare purple melon not found in encyclopedias. Dark Forest (Route)
100-En Coin 100en A copper coin made over a century ago worth 100en. Skandalia Lighthouse (Quest)
500-En Coin 500en A silver coin made over a century ago worth 500en. Trade City of Batavia (Quest)

Ayutthaya Port (Quest)

1000-En Coin 1000en A gold coin made over a century ago worth 1000en. Marine City of Sheba (Quest)
Coastal Goods 200en Items from the ocean city, sacked by pirates Red Pirates (South Banner & Culverin Equipped)

Cargo ManifestoEdit

These items are your cargo and equipments for you ship voyages. Most can be found during navigation, but other will need for you to progress through the labyrinth as well.

Name Cost Description Source Use
Biscuits (ration) 10en Voyage food so hard, it's compared to steel plates. Starting ration. 6 turns
Dried Peas (ration) 20en Armoroad beans, dried while still green. South Ocean Island (C5) 8 turns
Sheep Cheese (ration) 70en A cheese of fermented wild sheep milk. South Ocean Island (B4) 16 turns
Raisins (ration) 40en A valuable sugar source during a long voyage. South Ocean Island (C7) 16 turns
Lime Fruit 20en Fruit for preventing vitamin deficiencies South Ocean (F3) 16 turns
Sauerkraut (ration) 130en Salted cabbage with high vitamin content. Trade City of Batavia (Route) 20 turns
Xian Yu (ration) 70en South Ocean (E7) 20 turns
Bacalhau (ration) 40en Give Garum to the soldier stationed in D6 of the North Ocean 20 turns
Salted Meat (ration) 250en Sun-dried beef. It's quite versatile Marine City of Sheba (Route) 24 turns
Tanniyin Bacon (ration) 150en Give any fish caught en route to the fishermen stationed in A5 of the North Ocean 24 turns
Elephant Turtle (ration) 500en A tortoise that can feed an entire sailing crew Trade City of Ugarit (Route) 28 turns
Fishing Flag 0en A modest flag said to bring good fortune. N/A Fish Schools+
Large Flag 30en A traditional flag flown over fishing ships. South Ocean Island (B2) Fish Schools++
Great Flag North Ocean Island (C5, second visit) Fish schools +++
South Banner 200en A banner that antagonizes the south sea pirates Reach the Deep City Pirates+
North Banner 1000en Reach the 4th Stratum Pirates +
Dolphin Statue 70en A bow dolphin statue said to increase one's luck. South Ocean Island (C2) Rare Fish+
Sedna Statue 450en A gold statue of an ocean goddess, granting safety Island north of Tortuga Island (D1). Rare Fish ++
Casting Net 120en A popular fishing tool made of hemp and cotton. South Ocean Island (D5) Fishing+
Fishing Net 750en It skims the water rather than being lowered South Ocean Island (C3) Fishing ++
Trawling Net 50en Return the Rock Silver to the Marine City of Sheba Fish stroll
Ned's Harpoon 200en A harpoon used by the master hunter, Ned. South Ocean Island (E3) Harpoon+
Tanniyn Cannon Clear a series of events in A2 and A3 of the South Sea (from the 4th Foothold) Harpoon ++
Foremast 30en This mast generates a stronger propulsion. Skandalia Lighthouse (Route) Move +1
Latin Sail 350en A support mast rigged to increase speed Tower of Victory (Route, reach the 5th Straum first) Move +2
Culverin 80en Its name means "snake" in an ancient tongue. Tortuga Island (Route) Hurts red pirates
Carronade 500en The newest smoothbore, nicknamed "The Crusher" Trade City fo Aeaea (Route) Hurts all pirates
Iron Naval Ram 100en A hull armament that cuts through seaweed Ruins of the Giants (Route) Seaweed sailing
Steel Plating 250en Hull plating that greatly increases durability Dark Forest (Route, reach the 3rd Stratum first) Reef sailing

Epic GlossaryEdit

The Epic Glossary are documents found during your voyages, detailing legends and history of the game's world. These do not have any practical function, but some contain hints on how to obtain some of the best equipment in the game.

Name Referenced Related Monster Source
Epigraph Piece South Sea E-5 (C-3), daytime event
Tome Page Dark Forest Manticore Finish one Sea Quest at Skandalia Lighthouse, then return to the lighthouse and five Terra Rosa to the guard
Weapon Tome I Jolly Roger - Rapier Ghost Ship Bring the Chief Shipwright to Ayutthaya Port
Weapon Tome II Return to the Dark Forest
Weapon Tome III Ice Fang Rapier,

Trade City of Aeaea

N/A Give Niter to the guard the second time you visit the Trade City of Damavand
Weapon Tome IV Kurikara - Katana Leviathan Retrieve Black Pepper and bring it back to the Trade City of Batavia
Weapon Tome V Rhongomyniad - Spear Anemone Give Armoroad Cane and Cacao to the guard during your second visit to the Trade City of Aeaea
Weapon Tome VI Revisit the Ruins of the Giants after completing a Sea Quest there
Weapon Tome VII Ukonvasara - Club Dragon Revisit the Tower of Victory after completing a Sea Quest there
Weapon Tome VIII
Weapon Tome IX Carbide Armor,

the Deep City

N/A Received from a trade ship in the south sea
Weapon Tome X Obtained during the whale hunt (Tanniyin Cannon event)

Trade ShipsEdit

During your marine travels, you might encounter friendly merchant ships. Interacting with this ships will give the option to trade a Compendium item for a consumable item, including permanent stat increasing items. Have in mind that the position of the ship and the item requested are entirely random, and also that you can only trade one item for every encounter.

Item Requested Item Rewarded
Topaz Amrita
Green Algae Hamao
Narcissus Luck Book
Trileaf Stalk Nectar II
Poinciana Pod Speed Book
Serpentinite Amrita II
Memimorphite Vigor Book
Life Honey Amrita III
Aloe Intelligence Book
Star Driftwood Madora II
Stardust Twig Power Book