Everything will be in the same order as listed in the game.

Item CompendiumEdit

Name Worth Description Monster to kill
Beast Meat 0 en A tender, delicious-looking piece of frosted meat. Awebull
Rat Needle 5 en A Hedgehog's prickly fur. Hedgehog
Husk Shard 6 en The shattered shell of a Woodmai. Woodmai
Soft Fur 6 en Soft fur obtained from beasts. Mole, Raidmole
Earth Nail 8 en Hard, thick claws of a Labyrinth mole. Mole, Raidmole
Bug Wing 11 en Beautiful wing with a mysterious glow. Venomfly
Bug Nail 11 en Clawed tip from the leg of a ladybug. Ladybug
Metal Hull 11 en A shell as sturdy as a sheet of metal. Kingmai
Gum Hide 11 en Animal hide with buoyant properties. Roller
Bug Shell 12 en A ladybug's magnificent outer shell. Ladybug
Shell Wart 12 en Thorns protruding from a beast's carapace. Roller
Gel Core 13 en The nucleus of a cube-like gel. Cube Gel
Small Nail 14 en A crawling creature's twisted black nail. Crawler
Cactus Pin 14 en Light, sharp thorn from a Cactoid's head. Cactoid
Long Pin 15 en Long, flexible, and prickly fur. Hedgehog
Red Shard 15 en Fragment of a rhino's horn. Redhorn
Glue Quill 16 en An Evil Eye's wing hide. Highly elastic. Evil Eye
Cactus Log 17 en A cactus's flexible trunk. Cactoid
Feather 17 en Owl feathers whose pattern resembles eyes. Hypnowl
Soft Horn 18 en Horn formed from the hardened skin on a frill. Frilzard
Lymph 20 en Highly flammable butterfly lymphs. Venomfly
Open Cap 21 en Bigcap's head with a hardened interior. Bigcap
Iron Shell 22 en An internal shell wall, frozen and turned black. Kingmai
Collar Fur 22 en Hide surrounding a lizard's neck area. Frilzard
Green Hide 23 en Lizard skin impervious to any flame. Firezard
Huge Petal 24 en Reeking petals that can be used for armor. Raflesia
Fiber Hide 25 en Thin, stretched cubic tissue. Cube Gel
Green Tail 25 en A Firezard's tail, left due to mortal peril. Firezard
Tiny Bloom 25 en Small flower that restores some HP. Bigcap, 1st Stratum Take
Red Horn 26 en A large rhino horn, turned red from heat. Redhorn
Gem Eye 27 en Resembles a polished crystal ball. Evil Eye
Rock Shard 27 en Strange-looking rock, crushed to fine pieces. Mystue
Ruby Shard 28 en Scrap of Nozuchi hide. Contains crimson metals. Garauchi
Gum Vine 30 en A thorned vine with spear-like leaves. Raflesia
Steel Fang 30 en A boar's large fangs, containing quality iron. Gigaboar
Bell Fruit 30 en Fruit whose skin has a tone which affects monsters.

(Chopping Point) 3rd floor only

Amazonite 30 en Bluish rock used for weapons or fuel. Mystue, 1st Stratum Mine
Bent Twig 30 en Flexible wood that doesn't break easily. Fangleaf
Sour Fruit 30 en Sour fruit that restores some TP. 1st Stratum Take
Tail Quill 31 en A Moa's tail feathers, spread to scare enemies. Moa
Glow Quill 32 en Mysterious luminescent feathers of an Addleowl. Addleowl
Moving Eye 33 en A squirming Fangleaf bulb. Fangleaf
Pure Quill 33 en A Gryphon's glistening white crown feathers. Gryphon , Sonicker
Beast Hide 34 en Tough, thick beast fur, perfect for armor. Gigaboar , Redwood ,


Red Core 34 en A cubic nucleus that gives off warmth. Red Gel
Aragonite 35 en Seashell-like rock used as a polishing tool.

(Mining points) 1st Stratum

Hard Root 35 en Tree roots that grow deep underground.

(Chopping points) 1st Stratum

Steel Beak 36 en Sturdy, steel-like beak of a Gryphon. Gryphon, Sonicker
Bendy Tool 37 en The tangled, fibrous vines of a plant. Fangleaf, Trigourd
Holed Rock 39 en This pierced rock has a large hole in it. Mystue
Ruby Scale 41 en Crimson metal scales that turn red in heat. Garauchi
Armor Hull 44 en Thorned armor of a giant dragon. Tortmail
Ice Fiber 48 en A frozen, hardened cubic nucleus. Red Gel
Torn Tail 48 en Snowzard's tail with flexible skin. Snowzard
Steel Horn 49 en Actaeon's giant horn, containing steel grains. Actaeon, Kilohorn
White Gem 49 en Rock-like Snowsoul core, used for various things. Snowsoul, Icefiend
White Chip 51 en The sturdy, white bones of a winged creature. Snowzard, Darksoar
Brute Bone 52 en Powerful dinosaur's huge thigh bone. Poseidon
Bug Nest 52 en Moriyana nest material. Mostly oak branches. Moriyana
Blue Fin 54 en Highly flexible fish fins. Fishman
Snow Fang 58 en Sharp fangs, used in high-quality weapons. Wolf
Shell Chip 59 en Shattered fragments of a crab shell. Hugecrab
Snow Quill 62 en Snowbird wing feathers, thin and white as snow. Snowbird
White Hide 63 en The thin hide beneath a wolf's pelt. Wolf
Curse Nail 65 en Cursed bird's black talons, de-poisoned. Addleowl
Red Mane 65 en High-quality hair from a Sleipnir's mane. Sleipnir
Whole Hull 65 en An intact shell of a Hugecrab. Hugecrab
Mint Leaf 65 en Cold grass that restores some HP. Moriyana, 2nd Stratum Take
Space Husk 67 en Carapace with metals beyond human ken. Killclaw, Clawbug
Armor Bone 69 en The hard core of an armored tortoise's scale. Tortmail
Dew Scale 69 en Flammable, easily damaged fish scales. Fishman
Blue Core 70 en Cubic core that's cold to the touch. Blue Gel
Fluorite 70 en Used in iron production and crafting lenses. Nastue, 2nd Stratum Mine
Red Root 70 en Flexible ivy that stretches like rubber. Snowbird, 2nd Stratum Chop
Mugwort 70 en Wild grass that restores some TP. 2nd Stratum Take
Front Wing 73 en Transparent Moriyana wings. Moriyana
Red Fin 73 en Beautiful and flexible reddish-white fin. Redfish
Stag Horn 75 en Mustache-like growth around a beetle's mouth. Clawbug
Green Nut 75 en Press its seeds to make high-quality oil. 1st Stratum Take
Red Ball 75 en Highly durable red gem. 2nd Stratum Mine
Hardwood 75 en Wood that doesn't burn, even in a fire. 2nd Stratum Chop
Red Scale 87 en Merman scales turned red in the heat. Redfish
Bee Needle 89 en Sharp tip that could pierce through anything. Waspior
Bison Hide 90 en Bristly cow fur that's as sharp as needles. Warbull
Pale Arm 91 en Pale stone with strange emblems etched into it. Nastue
Gold Crest 94 en Conductive feathers from a lightning bird's head. Raicho
Toxic Barb 98 en Tail tip turned reddish-purple from poison. Killpion
Sticky Web 99 en Moist spider thread. Sturdy when dry. Spider
Garnet 100 en Highly transparent crimson gem. 1st Stratum Mine
Metal Horn 101 en Broken animal horn, made of various metals. Warbull, Armoth
Color Hull 101 en Rainbug shell, in a multitude of colors. Rainbug
Dew Beak 103 en Large, metallic beak with a white band. Diatrima
Pale Beak 104 en Strong, sharp beak taken from a pale bird. Raven
White Hoof 105 en Intact Sleipnir hooves. Difficult to come by. Sleipnir
Razor Edge 108 en Windsnip arm that looks like a sharp scythe. Windsnip
Strawberry 110 en Sweet berries that restore some HP. Waspior, 3rd Stratum Take
Heaven Pin 112 en Still-undamaged needle from a scorpion's tail. Killpion
Gold Quill 113 en Glowbird feathers that shine brighter than gold. Glowbird
Pale Quill 116 en Raven feathers with a variety of uses. Raven, Cocatris
Plum Quill 118 en Surprisingly lightweight Big Moth wings. Big Moth
Gold Claw 119 en Sharp claws that easily rip through flesh. Glowbird
Celestine 120 en Sky-colored coin that turns red when heated. Diatrima, 3rd Stratum Mine
Death Stem 120 en Grey, thin stake that brings death to mind. Glowbird, 3rd Stratum Chop
Icy Flower 120 en Snow-like flower that restores some TP. 3rd Stratum Take
Glue Hide 126 en Sticky, malleable lizard skin. Slaveimp
Adularia 130 en Icy, transparent variant of orthoclase. 3rd Stratum Mine, Dinolich
Sea Branch 130 en Snowflake-like flower that restores some TP. 3rd Stratum Chop
Dark Lymph 131 en Rare lymphs found in moth wings. Big Moth
Wind Blade 138 en A Windsnip's arm that can slice the breeze. Windsnip
Dark Spur 138 en Caterpillar claws coated with strong poison. Venombug
Cry Root 138 en A Mandrake's sturdy roots. Mandrake
Hazard Eye 139 en A bulb that extrudes vines in search of prey. Petaloid, Pollener
Pale Hull 144 en Nozuchi's outer shell, made of blue metal. Nozuchi
Bat Fangs 146 en Fangs soaked in blood. Woodbat
Lemon Core 148 en Faintly luminescent cubic nucleus. Gold Gel
Log 150 en Cut-down tree trunk worth quite a bit. 1st Stratum Chop
Pure Shell 152 en Silver alloy coating a Defender's body. Defender
Lilac Vine 156 en Thorny vine with sky-colored leaves. Wrathbud, Flygourd
Pure Bone 156 en Hair thin tubing from a mechanical soldier. Defender
Plum Hide 161 en A Gemzard's light purple skin. Gemzard
Curve Horn 162 en Fang-like spikes from a caterpillar's maw. Venombug
Coal Brick 162 en Carbonized body of a burnt Mandrake. Mandrake
Tri-Fruit 175 en Fruit that changes color with the temperature. 2nd Stratum Take
Head Gem 189 en Highly prized Gemzard jewel, still intact. Gemzard
Blood Rock 200 en Dark red gem that looks like a clot of blood. 2nd Stratum Mine
Deer Hide 203 en Durable hide with a sandpapery surface. Furyhorn, Furylord
Crabapple 210 en Sweet-smelling red fruit that recovers some HP. Nozuchi, 4th Stratum Take
Gold Shell 214 en Armor fragment from a mechanized soldier. Steelgun
Coal Bone 219 en Charred bone fragment of a black wing. Ebonwing
Prehnite 220 en Green gem that looks like a bunch of grapes. Shelltor, Tortiron, 4th Stratum Mine
Arc Branch 220 en Arched branch that can be used as a bow. Mandrake, 4th Stratum Chop
Cordyceps 220 en Mushrooms used to restore some TP. 4th Stratum Take
True Shard 221 en Fragments of a bodiless suit of armor. Armorman, Stir Eye
Hazard Bud 223 en A dangerous bud, cut before it could blossom. Petaloid, Pollener
Black Hoof 229 en Pitch-black hooves of a dark horse. Nitemare
Coal Skull 231 en Preserved skull of a winged dragon. Ebonwing
Malachite 235 en Bluish-green copper ore with streaked patterns. 4th Stratum Mine
Scent Wood 235 en Cherry blossom bark that smells like its flowers. 4th Stratum Chop
Black Core 239 en Ebon nucleus, needing two hands to lift. King Gel
Comet Chip 244 en Unmalleable metal also called a "star shard." Gigantue
Brass Fang 248 en A Raptor's steel-hard tooth. Raptor
Metal Chip 250 en Sharp, silvery fragment of some sort of metal. Steelgun, Defender,

Armorman, Deathman, Guardian

Red Pine 250 en Reddish pine that grows in low-moisture areas. 2nd Stratum Chop
Black Husk 271 en Blue-black carapace with spikes jutting from it. Tortiron
Red Collar 281 en Frilled collar hide with flower-like patterns. Gorezard
Narcissus 285 en Carnivorous flower with its own water supply. 3rd Stratum Take
Life Honey 285 en Healing honey that restores some HP. Sickwood, 5th Stratum Take
Blue Petal 289 en Large petal, colored a venomous violet. Wrathbud
True Soul 289 en Purest sample from a mechanoid's armor. Armorman
Moss Shell 292 en Has gained astonishing hardness over the ages. Oldcrab
Albino Fur 296 en White hide from a lizard's stomach. Gorezard
Ice Sheet 300 en Soft plaster used in carvings and sculpture. 3rd Stratum Mine
Wild Rose 300 en Brilliant pink flower that restores some TP. 5th Stratum Chop
1000 Shell 301 en Shell of a thousand-year-old crab. Oldcrab
Moonstone 310 en Pale blue gem that gives off a milky glow. Trihorn, 5th Stratum Mine
Gum String 310 en Thin, golden threads coated in rubbery skin. Crawlest, 5th Stratum Chop
Red Metal 316 en Fragments of a soldier's blood-soaked armor. Bloodman
Tourmaline 325 en Rare mineral that's electrified when heated. 5th Stratum Mine
Ironwood 325 en Long, thin club that's hollow in the middle. 5th Stratum Chop
Gold Spore 330 en Gilded spores of a giant mushroom. Kingcap
Sharp Nail 350 en Powerful monkey claw that can crack boulders. Redwood
Ice Branch 350 en Slender, bent crystal valued as an art piece. 3rd Stratum Chop
Blood Soul 361 en A clump of metal that glistens red with blood. Bloodman
Giant Horn 370 en Crown-shaped horn of a giant lizard. Carbuncl
Gold Arm 375 en Steelgun arm, made of indestructible material. Steelgun
Gourd Head 380 en A Trigourd's headpiece. Highly resilient. Trigourd
Scythe 389 en Thin, sharp scythe of a praying mantis. Stalker
Curse Bone 390 en Strange, bony structure from a Trigourd. Trigourd
Maroon Fur 398 en Elegant, scarlet skin that's highly flexible. Carbuncl
Blood Hide 410 en Monkey fur that has grown matted with blood. Redwood
Throb Vine 421 en Tendril-like branch that moves after being cut. Sickwood
Pure Horn 432 en Bone-white fragment of a triple horn. Trihorn
Venom Twig 436 en Branch that's turned purple with poison. Sickwood
Ruin Talon 456 en Black monkey claw that can cut through anything. Ebonail
Jet Fur 481 en Ash-colored fur from a black monkey. Ebonail
Volt Fruit 485 en Combustible fruit that activates talismans. 4th Stratum Take
Short Nail 489 en Black caterpillar fangs that resemble needles. Crawlest
Horn Shard 490 en A cow's broken horn. Razeking
Red Quartz 515 en Warm, pink crystal in demand by jewelers. 4th Stratum Mine
Red Blade 520 en Crab scissors whose tips are covered in blood. Killclaw
Red Quill 520 en Thin, nebula-patterned wings of the king moth. Mothlord
Red Lymph 533 en Incredibly poisonous moth lymphs. Mothlord
Ebon Skin 539 en Highly flexible caterpillar hide. Crawlest
Dry Thorn 543 en A durable thorn the color of rotting wood. Cactlord
Bloom Wood 550 en Aromatic wood used in high-quality tools. 4th Stratum Chop
Carapace 560 en Steel-hard carapace with a brilliant luster. Killclaw
Cactus Cap 571 en Embedded iron filaments have turned it brown. Cactlord
Closed Cap 630 en Umbrella portion of a carnivorous mushroom. Kingcap
Plum Scale 669 en As hard as metal, yet as flexible as animal hide. Sauromar
Blue Skull 671 en Metal-plated skull that emits blue light. Sauromar
Whole Horn 688 en Undamaged giant horn from a Trihorn. Trihorn
Spine Horn 690 en Fireking's backbone, festooned with spikes. Fireking
Odd Fruit 700 en Human-shaped fruit used to activate talismans. 5th Stratum Take
Red Jaw 710 en Teeth so large that one man cannot carry them. Armoth
Shine Rock 720 en Rare, weak mineral that stores and emits light. 5th Stratum Mine
Brute Tail 776 en Chimaera tail that looks like a giant serpent. Chimaera
Wing Skull 780 en Winged dragon skull. Makes for a good helm. Darksoar
Light Chip 780 en Gold fragment with a circular engraving. 5th Stratum Chop
Cat's Eye 800 en Looks like a cat's eye in the right lighting. 6th Stratum Mine
Shiny Vine 800 en Crystallized plant vine. 6th Stratum Chop
Deep Bloom 800 en A medicinal flower that recovers some TP. 6th Stratum Take
Jade Thews 825 en High quality quartz colored yellowish-green. 6th Stratum Mine
Deep Leaf 825 en Its fibers are hard, like metallic needles. 6th Stratum Chop
Ambrosia 875 en Glowing analeptic flower that restores some HP. 6th Stratum Take
Dark Scale 980 en Sharp, blade-like scales of a many-headed dragon. Helldra
100 Shell 990 en Carapace of a hundred-year-old turtle. Shelltor
Small Bone 1010 en Small bone fragment with a mysterious aura. Flygourd
Risky Vine 1020 en Vine drenched in lethal poisons. Pollener
Ruby Bone 1110 en Wing bones made of a rare glowing substance. Sonicker
Harvester 1280 en A sickle blade said to cut anything. Stalker
Stone Beak 1320 en A broken beak that has lost its stoning power. Cocatris
Jet Shard 1350 en Broken piece of a black knight's helm. Deathman
Spinal Fin 1480 en Lightning fins from the spine of the Voltking. Voltking
Damask Bit 1550 en Crimson fragment of a swordsman's arm. Beamedge
Pop Leaves 1650 en A highly combustible leaf. 6th Stratum Take
Red Wings 1680 en Grotesquely large wings, surrounded by flames. Hellion
Devil Wing 1690 en Wing bone that's more elastic than pine wood. Stir Eye
Sternum 1720 en Incredibly dense outer hide of a bone dragon. Dinolich
Shot Shard 1780 en Spent shells that never err, as if demon-guided. Wilhelm
Evil Rock 1780 en Icy core that cannot be touched with bare hands. Icefiend
Sword Claw 1820 en Blade-sharp fangs of a lethal mole. Raidmole
Thorn Bone 1920 en Bony vines that grow from monstrous gourds. Hexgourd
Kilo Horn 1930 en Complex horn resembling a many-branched tree. Kilohorn
Curse Garb 1980 en Cloth stained crimson with maidens's blood. Artelind
Star Rock 1990 en A mineral that glistens like stars in the night. 6th Stratum Mine
Glow Wood 2010 en Soaks up light in the day to glow at night. 6th Stratum Chop
Curse Vine 2050 en Cylindrical, boneless body of a pumpkin monster. Flygourd
Pale Bone 2220 en Chills one to the core when touched. Hexgourd
Sword Rib 2250 en Rib bone that looks remarkably like a sword. Dinolich
Sword Chip 2330 en Tip of a ruby sword. Beamedge
Dew Bone 2360 en Artificial dragon tail spewing light and fire. Riptor
Gem Chip 2460 en Fragment of the finest metal alloys. Asterios
Evil Bone 2550 en Hardened scales from a many-headed dragon. Evildra
Ice Horn 3820 en Iceking horn that's as sharp as a sword. Iceking
Snow Vine 3890 en These appendages steal warmth with their touch. Scylla
Call Horn 4860 en Triple horn from the nose of a Riptor. Riptor
Axe Shard 5120 en Battleaxe fragment made from fine materials. Asterios
Flame Bone 6201 en Unyielding bone with high fire resistance. Salamox
Ice Bone 7120 en Blade-like spines from the Iceking's backbone. Iceking
Harpy Wing 7920 en Winged arm with three sharp talons at the tip. Harpuia
Guard Horn 8010 en Gnarled, twisted skull of a guardian beast. Colossus
Lord Wrath 9800 en Chunk of the Overlord's scale-like armor.
Golem Rock 10000 en Golem fragment that is harder than a boulder. Golem
Tough Fang 10000 en Fangs from the undamaged head of a winged dragon. Wyvern
Guard Skin 11200 en Sturdy hide that befits a guardian beast. Colossus
Fire Scale 20000 en Uniquely sharp scale of the magnificient Wyrm.
Ice Scale 20000 en Uniquely sharp scale of the magnificent Drake. Drake
Volt Scale 20000 en Uniquely sharp scale of the magnificent Dragon. Dragon
Brute Wing 30000 en Beast king's wing made for defense, not flight. Chimaera
Flame Puff 30000 en A lizard tongue that burns on contact. Salamox
Sharp Claw 30000 en Thin, sharp demon claws that can slice any prey. Hellion
Snow Bone 30000 en Sharp bone the size and shape of a large spear. Scylla
Cut Quill 30000 en Virtually weightless razored feather. Harpuia
Red Spine 30000 en Guardian beast tailbone of legendary ruby. Colossus
Statue Arm 50000 en Golem's arm that has retained its shape. Golem
Tough Wing 50000 en Dragon's wing with various resistances. Wyvern
Fire Fang 50000 en Wyrm fang that burns all nearby. Wyrm
Frost Bone 50000 en The bones of a Drake. Drake
Amp Barbel 50000 en Taken from the mane of the thunderous Dragon. Dragon