A list of items. found in Etrian Mystery Dungeon. These can be found by slaying enemies or picked up off the ground.

Enemy DropsEdit

Item Description Sell Price Obtained From Location
scales Scales of a butterfly that roams around the dungeon. 10 En Woodfly Mysterious Labyrinth
Thin Wing Thin, yet sturdy wings. 30 En Woodfly Mysterious Labyrinth
Butterfly Wing Beautiful Wings with an eerie glow. 100 En Venomfly Glacial Cave
Needle Tail Tail with a poisonous barb that has turned purple from the venom. 46 En Soldier Bee Haunted Woods
Angel Wing A red bee's iridescent wings. 72 En Divine Bee Muspelheim
Strong Poison A gel-like substance from a strongly toxic bee. 108 En Divine Bee Muspelheim
Dragonfly Nest Materials for a titanic dragonfly's nest. Most of it is oak branches. 14 En Dragonfly Emerald Copse
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Sky Iron Nail Large nails with sky iron. which defy analysis. Can be melted down for sky iron. 32 En King Dragonfly Pristine Stream
Blue Blood Blood with a lively blue color. Its color does not fade with the passage of time. 80






Soft Sickle The thin sickles of a praying mantis that can slash through anything. 1500 En Omnihunter Glacial Cave
Frigid Sickle Large, sharp sickle that gives off cold air. 1500 En Icy Pincer Crystalline Peak
Sticky Web A spider's sticky web. 17 En Venom Spider Pristine Stream
Hard Shell The hard shell of a beetle. 15 En Claw Beetle Haunted Woods
Beetle Sickle This sickle is thorned to prevent its prey from escaping. 20 En Claw Beetle Haunted Woods
Broken Horn Though not sharp, this horn is extremely hard and cannot be cut. 25 En Claw Beetle Haunted Woods
Beetle Shell A beetle's hard shell, red as if drenched in blood. 15 En Flying Beetle Torrential Ravine
Golden Shell A hard Shell from a glistening beetle. 24 En Beetle Lord Glacial Cave
Grasseater Leg The hind legs of a fierce grasshopper. 11 En Grasseater Emerald Copse
Grasseater Jaw A curved mandible. 22 En Grasseater Pristine Stream
Tough Leg The hind legs of a grasshopper. They have an ominous aura. 32 En Demon Hopper Pristine Stream
Hopper Wing The soft, flexible wings of a grasshopper. 35 En Demon Hopper Pristine Stream
Locust Leg The flexible leg that powers those threatening jumps. 24 En Curse Locust Glacial Cave
Locust Wing Thin, Sturdy wings that are soft, yet hard to break. 35 En Curse Locust Glacial Cave
Rat Fang Sharp, hard fangs. 12 En Tree Rat Mysterious Labyrinth
Rat Hide Small, yet sturdy skin. 35 En Tree Rat Mysterious Labyrinth
Flame Fang Sturdy, sharp fangs that can withstand high heat. 20 En Flame Rat Muspelheim
Flame Tail A rat's tail. Feels hot to the touch. 35 En Flame Rat Muspelheim
Hard Skin Very hard skin. 20 En Roller Emerald Copse
Roller Shell Outer skin that hardened while it was still rolled up. 35 En Roller Emerald Copse
Sky Iron Shell Sturdy shell made of sky iron. 77 En Plated Roller Animal Trail
Rabbit Tail Meaty rabbit tail. 50 En Forest Hare Haunted Woods
Rabbit Ear Long ears which hold strange magical powers. 80 En Forest Hare Haunted Woods
Tiny Tooth These small fangs, meant to kill, are in the shape of blades. 40 En Suicide Hare Glacial Cave
Blue Ear The ears of a demonic rabbit which indiscriminately massacres humans. 50 En Suicide Hare Equinox Garden
Thunder Tooth The sharp teeth of a rabbit that can call forth lightning. 22 En Thunder Hare Torrential Ravine
Mole Claw A hard, thick, mole's claw. 33 En Clawed Mole Pristine Stream
Mole Skin A mole's skin. It smells of earth. 50 En Clawed Mole Ravine Fork
Sky Iron Claw Hard claws that contain sky iron, a substance that defies analysis. 70 En Mauler Mole Crystalline Peak
Mountain Claw Sharp, black claws that rend the flesh of their prey. 44 En Great Lynx Crystalline Peak
Sealed Claw Beautiful black claws that were well-preserved by being sealed. 64 En Great Lynx Crystalline Peak
Sharp Claw A claw that inflicts fatal wounds to anyone who lets their guard down. 70 En Volt Cat Torrential Ravine
Lion Claw Claws that tear all. Suitable for the king of beast. 55 En Sleeping Lion Muspelheim
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Boar Tusk A boar's tusks with high-quality steel mixed in. 45 En Raging Boar Crystalline Peak
Boar Skin Stiff fur on thick skin. The most desirable hide for protective clothing. 68 En Raging Boar Crystalline Peak
Bat Fang Though small, these fangs are quite sharp. 54 En Forest Bat Haunted Woods
Soft patagium Soft patagium that allows for silent flight. 84 En Forest Bat Haunted Woods
Crimson Fang Small, sharp fang soaked in blood. 63 En Vampire Bat Muspelheim
Red Patagium Stretchy patagium so red that it's a little shocking to behold. 83 En Vampire Bat Muspelheim
Deer Skin Extremely tough pelt with a sandy texture. 1000


Furyhorn Haunted Woods
Golden Horn A rare creature's horn. It holds mysterious powers. 1200 En Golden Deer Crystalline Peak
Beast Fist The hard bones of a hand that possesses terrifying punching strength. 55 En Bounding Beast Crystalline Peak
Wallaby Fist A marsupial fist as hard as steel. 66 En Blue Wallaby Torrential Ravine
Bloody Fist The bone of a fist hard enough to punch through iron. 77 En Bloody Knuckle Muspelheim

Conditional DropsEdit

Item Description Obtained From Sell Price Location Condition

Gathering Point ItemsEdit

Item Description Gathering Point Sell Price Location
Cyanite A beautiful crystal colored deep blue. Often used in jewelry. Mining Point 10 En Emerald Copse
Iridescent Ore Ore containing a rainbow-colored gas that is lighter than air. Mining Point 11 En Emerald Copse
Corundum An extremely hard ore that's difficult to melt, even at high temperatures. Mining Point 15 En Emerald Copse
Dolomite An absorbent white stone. Often used in construction. Mining Point 20 En Emerald Copse
Steel Earth Light metals can be extracted by purifying this soil. Mining Point 30 En Pristine Stream
Chalcedony A variant of an ore formed from multiple crystals that were gathered and hardened. Mining Point 35 En Haunted Woods
Red Jasper A gem valued as a ward or charm against demons. Mining Point 40 En Haunted Woods
Rose Quartz A delicate, rose-colored crystal. It's in demand for use in accessories. Mining Point 45 En Animal Trail
Nephrite A translucent, deep green gem. Sought after for high-quality crafts. Mining Point 50 En Crystalline Peak
Tourmaline An unusual ore that conducts electricity when heated. Mining Point 55 En Crystalline Peak
Tricolor Stone This high-quality mystic stone is a patchwork of red, blue, and yellow. Mining Point 60 En Torrential Ravine
Dark Pyroxenite When split, this pitch-black stone shows a cross section sharp as a sword. Mining Point 65 En Muspelheim
Slate This common rock has excellent durability and heat resistance. Mining Point 70 En Muspelheim
Tiger's Eye A stone said to improve concentration as well as insight. Mining Point 75 En Muspelheim
Sturdy Timber A common tree fragment. Its usage is up to the adventurer. Chopping point 10 En Ravine Fork
Teak Wood Wood from teak trees native tot he tropics. Chopping Point 11 En Pristine Stream
Guaiacum Wood This material is hard to work with, but its hardness and durability are first-rate. Chopping Point 15 En Pristine Stream
Mahogany A fast-dying, malleable wood. Chopping Point 20 En Pristine Stream
Jet-black Pith A choice wood with a black glow. Fetches a high price on the market. Chopping Point 30 En Haunted Woods
Paulownia Bark High-quality, lightweight material. Has all manner of uses. Chopping Point 35 En Haunted Woods
Trileaf Stalk A tree branch with sharp needles. Normally used as hay. Chopping Point 40 En Haunted Woods
Ice Stake A chilled, transparent stake. It is sensitive to atmospheric changes. Chopping Point 45 En Animal Trail
Wisteria Branch An old, flexible branch with burning, violet flowers. Chopping Point 50 En Crystalline Peak
Yggdrasil Trunk A tree trunk that does not wither with age. Chopping Point 55 En Crystalline Peak
Thujopsis Root A tree's sturdy roots that can withstand the most fiercely raging winds. Chopping Point 60 En Torrential Ravine
Holly Lumber A hard, limber tree with thorn-shaped leaves. Chopping Point 65 En Torrential Ravine
Cave Palm Bark The bark of a short palm tree that grows even in low-light conditions. Chopping Point 70 En Animal Trail
Forest Aloe A succulent forest plant that's also known as the doctor substitute. Gathering Point 10 En Mysterious Labyrinth
Small Flower Used as a base to draw out medicinal properties in other substances. Gathering Point 11 En Emerald Copse
Mint A forest herb cultivated for its fragrance and medicinal effects. Gathering Point 15 En Pristine Stream
Crane Ginseng Medicinal plant from the dungeons. Extremely valuable due to its potency. Gathering Point 20 En Pristine Stream
Luminous Moss A rare moss that glows by absorbing heat. Gathering Point 30 En Pristine Stream
Scarlet Sage A perennial plant used in medicine. Rubbing it produces heat. Gathering Point 35 En Haunted Woods
Glove Grass Grass with beautiful flowers which, if misused, can be turned into deadly poison. Gathering Point 40 En Haunted Woods
Crabapple A deep red fruit with a sweet aroma. Gathering Point 45 En Crystalline Peak
Osmunda Frond A wild plant valued by adventurers. Gathering Point 50 En Snowy Cavern
Aloe A succulent plant that yields powerful analeptic gel. Gathering Point 55 En Torrential Ravine
Ambrosia A revivifying flower that glows white. Gathering Point 60 En Snowy Cavern
Shea Fruit Seeds with high fat content. Used for medicinal and culinary purposes. Gathering Point 65 En Muspelheim
Fennel A yellow-green flower. Its fruits, when crushed, provide pure oil. Gathering Point 70 En Muspelheim
Deathly Bud A bud with destructive power inside. It seems almost ominously vibrant... Gathering Point 75 En Muspelheim