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This is the list of monster items that can be found in Etrian Odyssey Untold: The Millennium Girl.

Monster Drops[]

Regular Monsters[]

Name Finding Place Description Drop Condition Worth
Bug Scale Woodfly Butterfly scales used in medicinal compounds. -- 4en
Small Fang Tree Rat A tiny, sharp mouse fang. Has no uses, and therefore little value. -- 5en
Steel Snout Woodfly A butterfly's snout, used to suck sap from trees. Can be made into weapons. -- 6en
Soft Hide Clawed Mole, Tree Rat Soft leather from beasts in the upper forest. Has many uses. -- 7en
Poison Wing Venomfly Purple, with poisonous scales. Must be handled with care. -- 7en
Beast Bone Clawed Mole A relatively durable mole bone. There are harder materials out there, though. -- 8en
Rabbit Tooth Forest Hare An herbivore's front tooth. Often used in the creation of weapons and armor. -- 8en
Enamel Leg Venomfly A Venomfly's beautiful leg, often used for ornamental purposes. -- 10en
Mandrake Root Mandrake An eerie root that resembles human legs. Said to bring bad luck. -- 12en
Gum Hide Roller Stretchy and elastic leather used for covering joints when making armor. -- 13en
Beetle Whisker Claw Beetle Whiskers from a Claw Beetle, used in sewing cloth together. -- 13en
Hard Shell Flying Beetle A Flying Beetle's red shell. Its round shape makes it useful in making shields. -- 14en
Insect Eye Woodfly, Venomfly A butterfly's compound eye that is worthless if damaged. Kill with non-physical attacks. 15en
Vine Mandrake A durable Mandrake root, often used to create bowstrings. -- 15en
Thorn Flying Beetle A red thorn from a Flying Beetle's shell. It is quite hard, and difficult to work. -- 17en
Monkey Bone Zebratherium A large, thick beast bone with stripes. Otherwise, much like any other bone. -- 18en
Spinnerette Venom Spider A hardened web-producing organ. Carrying it around is unpleasent. -- 19en
Beetle Jaw Giraffa Beetle An insect jaw. Not as hard as its shell, but still very rigid. -- 20en
Metal Horn War Bison A bull horn with traces of steel inside. Plentiful and easy to work with. -- 22en
Bat Skin Vampire Bat A thin membrane of wing skin from a Vampire Bat. It is quite durable. -- 24en
White Fang Sabretooth A clean, sharp fang from a Sabretooth. It is a beautiful white color. -- 28en
Sticky Goo Sleeper Ooze Adhesive goo from an Ooze, used as glue as well as to provide protection. -- 33en
Sharp Stinger Army Wasp A wasp stinger, stained purple from its own poison. Handle with care. -- 36en
Scarlet Ore Sleeper Ooze Occasionally found inside a Sleeper Ooze. Why they make these is a mystery. -- 38en
Stretchy Feather Longisquama The elastic back feather of the Longisquama. Used in crafting armor. -- 38en
Violet Ore Venom Ooze Occasionally found inside a Venom Ooze. Why they make these is a mystery. -- 40en
Leafy Branch Fanged Vine A branch with leaves that resemble mouths. Despite its looks, it has many uses. -- 40en
Iron Shell Death Scorpion A scorpion shell with true steel inside. Only malleable at extreme temperatures. -- 41en
Vivid Petal Fanged Vine A petal from a rare flower. When lit on fire, it creates a dazzling light. -- 44en
Venom Barb Death Scorpion A dangerous scorpion stinger. Often used in the creation of poisoned weapons. -- 46en
Fire Feather Firebird A vivid tail feather from a Firebird. Often used as a hat decoration. -- 52en
Tiger Fur Barbed Tiger Smooth tiger skin used as interior padding for armor. -- 54en
Flex Vine Petaloid A flexible vine found in the forest. The fibers inside make it quite durable. -- 56en
Glow Beak Glowbird A Glowbird's shining beak, used in creating accessories. -- 57en
Penetrated Hide War Bison Cowhide with several holes puncturing it. It has a spotted pattern. Kill with Stab damage. 57en
Broken Wing Firebird A Firebird's wing bone, broken at one end. Still effective as weapon material. -- 58en
Glow Talon Glowbird The shining talon of a Glowbird. It doesn't create light, merely reflects it. -- 59en
Tiger Fang Barbed Tiger A steel tiger fang used in the creation of notably sharp blades. -- 61en
Bent Claw Giant Sloth A rigid sloth claw. Its durability makes it useful for warrior's armor. -- 67en
Binded Vine Fanged Vine Vines that were bound to prevent them from enveloping prey, but still poisonous. Kill while under Arm Bind. 76en
Curved Claw Mauler Mole A mole claw optimized for tearing. Unlike normal claws, this claw is barbed. -- 80en
Condensed Mucus Venom Ooze A poisonious Ooze that has been crushed with great pressure without splattering. Kill with Bash damage. 80en
Rainbow Gel Towering Ooze Organic goo from an Ooze that changes colors. Most people describe it as eerie. -- 89en
Palm Bark Cannon Palm Bark from a Cannon Palm's stomach area. Too soft to be used for building. -- 92en
Cut Feathers Longisquama Back feathers from a lizard that have been carefully tripped from the roots. Kill with Slash damage. 96en
Vermillion Hair Doom Bison Stiff hair from a Doom Bison. Even veteran weavers have trouble with these. -- 104en
Clear Core Towering Ooze A crystal created when an Ooze's mouth is sealed shut. Kill while under Head Bind. 106en
Iron Exoskeleton Honey Ant The thin exoskeleton of an ant. Can be layered to make armor. -- 107en
Starseed Cannon Palm Inner coconut seeds that have a variety of shapes. Used to make accessories. -- 108en
Steel Chitin Killer Ant An ant carapace with a high iron content. Its many uses make it quite popular. -- 108en
Bone Shard Guardian Ant A shard of ant shell that contains steel used for smithing various things. -- 110en
Scale Plate Dragonhorse The shell plating covering a sea creature. Often used as armor. -- 110en
Bat Wing Forest Bat A bat wing supposed by three bones. Popular among crafters for its strength. -- 112en
Elastic Skin Madworm Strong, slimy worm skin that is stretchy, allowing it to be used in various things. -- 115en
Carminite Firebird A stone from a Firebird's gizzard. The color varies with the bird's diet. Kill with Fire damage. 115en
Rigid Thorax Dragonfly The metal-hard shell of a Dragonfly's thorax, great for making armor. -- 116en
Carapace Scissor Crab A steel-hard carapace that can be melted down and reshaped. -- 117en
Squeezing Ivy Slavering Vine A dangerous vine that curls around you if touched. Keep away from children. -- 118en
Gum Throat Treefrog A fairly common material that can expand to ten times its original size. -- 118en
Fish Scale Swordfish A bristle-covered Swordfish scale. Touching it without gloves is dangerous. -- 119en
Evil Flower Eviloid A flower with a scent that soothes the heart. The central petals are soft. -- 123en
Stretchy Skin Meltworm A sticky wormskin. It doesn't rip, no matter how hard you pull on it. -- 124en
Vermillion Horn Doom Bison A humongous Doom Bison horn. Weaker monsters flee in terror from it. -- 138en
Bat Ear Forest Bat A Forest Bat's ear. Has various effects when ground up and lit on fire. -- 144en
Ryuguu Pearl Dragonhorse A pearl created by giant seahorses. It beautiful, and often used as gifts. -- 145en
Honey Crystal Honey Ant A solid mass of honey storned within an ant's abdomen. -- 146en
Amber Lump Army Wasp, Honey Ant, Pixie, Divine Bee Solidified nectar used in making medicine. Rare Drop 150en
Bug Nest Dragonfly Material carried by a Dragonfly in order to be made into a nest. -- 151en
Crab Leg Scissor Crab A curved crab limb with steely joints. Often used as clamps. -- 153en
Sap Vine Hexroot A vine dripping in red sap. For some reason, insects avoid the sticky sap. -- 193en
Flamerat Skull Flamerat This skull still radiates heat. It is often used in ceremonies. -- 196en
Developed Jaw Hell Angler A fish jaw used to crush food. The maw is directed upwards to help catch prey. -- 203en
Savage Tusk Black Boar A tusk that can bore through steel. It can be made into a powerful weapon. -- 203en
Iced Skin Forest Bat Bat skin that peeled away when frozen. It will make good leather when thawed. Kill with Ice damage 204en
Sandfish Crystal Sandfish A crystal with some impurities, lowering its value. -- 207en
Bloodbear Claw Redclaw A bear claw with a razor-sharp edge, stained red from the blood of its prey. -- 209en
Hard Rock Forest Soldier Rock processed by the forest folk. It is hard as forged metal. -- 224en
Sand Cloth Forest Mystic Knit from plants of the Sandy Barrens. Surprisingly durable. -- 227en
Faerie Wings Pixie A Pixie's wings. They are nearly weightless. -- 232en
Frog Skin King Frog A damp swatch of light-pink skin, used in making leather armor. -- 240en
Pure Root Hexroot A mutated, trident-shaped root that wards off ill luck. -- 246en
Red Hide Redclaw The crimson hide of a Redclaw, said to bathe in the blood of fallen adventurers. -- 249en
Glimmer Stone Hell Angler An anglerfish's lure. Even after being cut from the body, it still glows. -- 249en
Sandfish Eye Sandfish A glass-like eyeball from a Sandfish. It can shatter easily when dry. -- 255en
Faerie Pitch Faerie A black liquid carried by Faeries. The forest folk use this to make ink. -- 260en
Damascus Ingot Forest Warrior An ingot made by forest folk technology. Smiths who can handle it are rare. -- 263en
Magatama Forest Druid An ornament said to focus the forest folk's concentration. Can be reforged. -- 275en
Faerie Hair Pixie A half from the small beings of the Sandy Barrens. Smells sweet when burned. -- 279en
Gold Pelt Golden Deer The fur of the noble Golden Deer. It is of the finest quality. -- 311en
Artificial Hermit Pylon Crab A menacing yellow-and-black crab shell. Made of an unknown substance. -- 341en
Tiny Tooth Chopper Hare A blade-like tooth capable of tearing through flesh and bone alike. -- 345en
Ice Sweat Treefrog Frozen water found on a frog's skin. The ice is horrifically poisonous. Kill with Ice damage 350en
Crimson Eye Hexfrog An eerily-glowing eyeball from a Hexfrog. -- 353en
Bird Tendon Huge Moa A tough tendon from a huge Moa. Big enough to mistake for a large snake. -- 363en
Sleepy Eyeball Madworm An orb-like part from a worm in slumber. Pedants point out that worms have no eyes. Kill while asleep 367en
Gold Antler Golden Deer A Golden Deer's strong antler rack. So beautiful, it's a shame to process. -- 379en
Nyx Scythe Death Mantis A sharp scythe from a giant mantis. Said to be capable of cutting one's soul. -- 402en
Strong Web Silkbinder Webbing extruded by a Silkbinder. It can hold things in place easily. -- 424en
Gold Shell Beetle Lord The hardest part of a Beetle Lord's shell. Favored as an armor component. -- 439en
Thorn Stem Muskoid The thorny stem of a Muskoid. The thorns excrete neurotoxins when stimulated. -- 440en
Demon Fur Chopper Hare The blue-black pelt of a demonic rabbit. -- 446en
Gold Tusk Gullinbursti A hideous golden tusk. Because of its vile appearance, it has little worth. -- 452en
Navy Fluid Pylon Crab The deep blue blood of a Pylon Crab. Used as ink to make protective charms. -- 453en
Hex Throat Hexfrog The throat skin of a cursed frog. When dried, used in curing curses. -- 460en
Space Husk Plated Roller The impenetrable shell of a Plated Roller. Useful for weapons or armor. -- 463en
Gem Core Burst Ooze A crystal core found inside Oozes. They cannot hold their shapes without them. -- 465en
Paralyzed Leg Dragonfly A severed Dragonfly leg that twitches spasmodically, even in death. Kill while Paralyzed. 465en
Paralyzed Tail Flamerat A tail from a Flamerat that was paralyzed. It twitches occasionally. Kill while Paralyzed. 480en
Angel Wing Divine Bee The translucent wing of a Divine Bee, so beautiful it is thought to be a god. -- 482en
Pearl Carapace Death Mantis A lustrous white shell from a Death Mantis. Beautiful when polished. -- 488en
Red Fur Dire Wolf The fur of a flame-colored wolf. It is very resistant to heat. -- 507en
Space Claw King Dragonfly Claws optimal for catching prey. High-quality metal can be extracted from it. -- 515en
Pressed Fur Black Boar A boar pelt that has beaten soundly. It looks bad, but is in fact more durable. Kill with Bash damage. 530en
Venomous Gel Divine Bee Gel found within a poisonous bee, composed almost entirely of toxin. -- 540en
Stone Dress Faerie The power of a Faerie, trapped in stone. Strange waves can be felt from it. Kill while petrified. 549en
Gold Fur Gullinbursti Its thickness makes it popular as a winter coat among the wealthy. -- 591en
Sawfish Scale Sawfish A pretty Sawfish scale. Unlike its fins, the fish's scales are smooth. -- 598en
Wing Scale Hellfly Hellfly scales that glitter like stars. Harmless, but very sticky. -- 606en
White Crystal Leukocyte A white material created within a Leukocyte. It is pure as a gemstone. -- 612en
Giant Wing King Dragonfly Elegant wings large enough to support the King Dragonfly in flight. -- 630en
Red Blood Dire Wolf A Dire Wolf's blood. Even after death, it remains warm. -- 634en
Blaze Mineral Flame Ooze Created within a Flame Ooze, and said to require souls of the dead to make. -- 638en
Blue Crystal Bladefish A blue, gem-like material made by a peculiar organ inside the Bladefish. -- 682en
Red Crystal Red Corpuscle A red material created within a Corpuscle. It is pure as a gemstone. -- 696en
Black Root Evilroot A root that appears to be rotten. It can suck on corpses for nutrients. -- 712en
Saw Fin Sawfish A fish fin with a jagged edge. Each tooth is wickedly sharp. -- 733en
Bound Feet Huge Moa Bird legs that were restrained to prevent it from running away. Kill while under Leg Bind. 734en
Roller Tail Spiked Roller Part of a Spiked Roller's shell that has no spikes. Softer, but still hard. -- 736en
Ice Wing Hellfly The gorgeous blue wings of a Hellfly, cold as ice and just as brittle. -- 737en
Haze Wing Hazefly Strangely patterned to disorient the Hazefly's enemies when in motion. -- 755en
Blade Spiral Bladefish A Bladefish's curved horn, used for both slashing and thrusting. -- 790en
Obsidian Fang Babirusa A shiny fang from the Barbirusa. -- 798en
Roller Spikes Spiked Roller A Spiked Roller's shell, with rows of spikes, good for attack and defense. -- 868en
Scarlet Mane Babirusa A Babirusa's full-body mane. Used to make red-colored armor. -- 930en
Sprout Leaf World Sprout A rare item said to have miraculous protective powers. Just kill. 1,000en
Slumber Web Silkbinder Webbing with slumber-inducing toxins, made while the spider sleeps. Kill while asleep. 1,049en
Doom Petal Muskoid A white petal left behind by Muskoids if they are killed instantly. Kill with an Instant Death skill. 1,191en
Chaos Eyes King Dragonfly Dragonfly eyes that no longer function properly due to confusion. Kill while panicked. 1,272en
Throbbing Vine Gasser Tree The "stomach" part of a tree monster. It still thrashes about after removal. -- 1,325en
Cursed Leg Plated Roller A leg from a cute animal that was killed by its own hex. May move on its own. It must kill itself with Curse damage. 1,331en
Shiver Stinger Steel Barb A stinger from the tail of a Steel Barb. Once cast, it becomes hard as metal. -- 1,379en
Ant Claw Huge Ant A pointed claw from a giant ant. Used to dig holds for the good of the colony. -- 1,425en
Century Shell Iron Turtle The shell of a century-old turtle. Time has made it incredibly strong. -- 1,485en
Gray Shell Iron Crab A bluish-gray crab shell. Blades are ineffective against it. -- 1,504en
Shrunken Cell Red Corpuscle, Leukocyte A cell that has shrunken in fear. Much of its body has been compressed. Kill while afraid. 1,875en
Gold Carapace Huge Ant The Huge Ant's exoskeleton. It is a mystery why it is so brightly colored. -- 1,900en
Cursed Root Evilroot A cursed root that sucks all moisture out of anything it touches. It must kill itself with Curse damage. 1,950en
Gray Pincer Iron Crab A black and silver crab pincer. Can cut through anything with its power. -- 1,985en
Severed Stinger Steel Barb A Steel Barb's tail, cut cleanly off at the base. It is still quite fearsome. Kill with Slash damage. 2,538en
Scratched Shell Iron Turtle A Century Shell covered in scratches. Reinforcing it should improve it. Kill with Physical damage. 2,900en
Binded Jaw Huge Ant A Huge Ant's jaw that can no longer bite. Its power is still frightening. Kill while under Head Bind. 2,950en


Name Dropped By Description Conditions Worth
Wolf Fang Forest Wolf A wolf's sharp fang. It is durable enough for all manner of everyday uses. -- 68en
Wolf Pelt Skoll The vivid blue fur of the Skoll. Popular as protection against the cold. -- 72en
Camel Pelt Errant Camel Useful against heat and drying, and used to craft lightweight clothing. -- 73en
Deer Antler Ragelope The great rack for a Ragelope. Commonly used as interior decoration in homes. -- 87en
Broken Tusk Boulder Boar A shattered tusk from a peculiar boar. Any non-adventurer would think it a rock. -- 98en
Split Tail Raging Camel A camel tail that splits into several tails at the end. It is quite hefty. -- 110en
Blood Plate Bloody One-Arm The shell of the red-black mantis. The red must come from its victims' blood. -- 120en
Redbird Plume Carmine Beak A feather from the noted red and black bird. Clothes made with these are popular. -- 135en
Scythe Reaping Shade A sharp but malleable mantis scythe that has taken the lives of many. -- 180en
Wolf King Mane Fenrir The cold, blue mane of Fenrir. Even after its death, you can still feel its power. -- 300en
Bear Fur Cutter Fluffy bear fur. Some foreign lands use it as a hunting trophy. -- 360en
Black Stinger Coeurl Said to draw in darkness. Those who see it are made speechless by its eeriness. -- 400en
Bird Limb Giant Moa The leg of a huge flightless bird. Surprisingly strong for a bird bone. -- 412en
Toxic Barb Jungle Killer An ominously-colored scorpion tail. A mere touch would floor the weak. -- 453en
Black Carapace Blood Ant An iron-rich chunk of exoskeleton from an ant. Shiny with internal metal. -- 481en
Red Carapace Servitor Ant This ant skeleton is harder than steel when tempered. -- 488en
Tied Scythe Reaping Shade A mantis scythe that has been tied up, and thus rendered harmless. Kill while under Arm Bind. 490en
Pink Wing Blue Patroller Thin bee wings in a pretty pink shade. Many have died in search of them. -- 494en
Great Tusk Tusked Ruin A large elephant tusk, broken off at the root. -- 797en
Red Blade Aquatic Butcher A blood-encrusted crab's pincer. Only the larger claw is called this. -- 900en
Bound Arm Cutter The bound front leg of a bear. It looks as if it has a life of its own. Kill while under Arm Bind. 900en
Sharp Horn Cernunnos Cernunnos' horn. It's so grand, it seems almost a waste to turn it in. -- 1,200en
Royal Hide Voracious King Smooth alligator hide. The upper classes often make requests for this material. -- 1,260en
Fossil Nest Servitor Ant A knot of petrified plants and dirt. Part of a giant ant nest fortification. Kill while petrified. 1,346en
Gator Skin Creeping Death Hard skin covered with wedge-shaped scales. Popular with the rich. -- 1,370en
Furcasternum Queen Bee The bloated body of a Queen Bee. Normal weapons can't even scratch it. -- 1,500en
Wolf Tail Fenrir Fenrir's soft tail. A swift kill is needed to obtain it in mint condition. Kill in 1 turn. 1,500en
Iced Ivory Tusked Ruin An elephant tusk frozen solid from root to tip. Worth quite a lot. Kill with Ice damage. 1,532en
Hard Bark Medusa Tree Stone-like bark of the Medusa Tree. It is too brittle to be used for armor. -- 1,650en
Death Claw Queen Ant A Queen Ant's blade-like claw. So sharp, Death himself would use it on the job. -- 1,770en
Volt Shell Aquatic Butcher An electrically charged crab shell that can be used to make strong shields. Kill with Volt damage. 1,850en
Red String Cruella A bewitching hair from a Cruella. Any lady would kill for hair like this. -- 1,900en
Purple Thread Diabolix A single strang of Diabolix Hair. -- 2,000en
Statue Plate Golem The chest section of a mysterious moving statue. Even harder than stone. -- 2,000en
Tree Eye Medusa Tree An eye from a Medusa Tree branch. It stares back, but is useful in medicine. -- 2,040en
Huge Fin Corotrangul A fin from Corotrangul made of flexible fibers. -- 2,390en
Evil Scale Forest Ogre A scale taken from an Ogre's arm. Large enough to be used as a shield. -- 2,400en
Evil Plume Forest Demon A large feather from a Forest Demon's arm. Said to grant the forest's boon. -- 2,450en
Bull Horn Gudanna A giant horn crusted with red. The mere sight of it brings many to despair. -- 2,540en
Judge Claw Desouler A vicious claw, said to cleave the soul from the body. -- 2,800en
Sternum Bone Lizard A Bone Lizard sternum, covered in scales. A knife wouldn't even scratch it. -- 3,000en
Evil Leaf Forest Demon The horn-like leaf that grows on the Forest Demon's head. It feels powerful. -- 3,050en
Dragon Tail Bone Lizard A Bone Lizard tail, covered in scales. Can fell several trees in one swing. -- 3,800en
Magic Leaf World Bud A rare item said to protect you just by being carried on your person. Just kill. 3,900en
Frost Scythe Ice Claws The arm blades of an ice-clawed mantis. Frost covers the edges. -- 4,000en
Unknown Shell Calamity Crab A menacing reddish-orange crab shell. Made of a strange, unknown substance. -- 4,400en
Sinister Beak Depth Dancer The beak of a wicked bird, used to peck at a victim's very soul. -- 4,500en
Steel Claw Iwaoropenelep Iaworopenelep's sharp black talon, that has slain many trespassers. -- 5,000en
Curse Tusk Arboreal Hulk An elephant tusk with an evil-looking pattern. Ironically, used for good luck. -- 5,000en
Ant's Jaws Queen Ant A Queen Ant's jaws, fixed in place to prevent them from biting. Kill while under Head Bind. 5,310en
Poison Pith Medusa Tree The pith of a poison-infused Medusa Tree. Looks exactly like normal pith. Kill with Poison damage. 5,400en
Burnt Barrel Gimle A circular tube that was attached to a mobile cannon of Gladsheim -- 5,600en
Cursed Arm Cernunnos The Jungle King's arm. The fist is clenched in anger that it was hexed. It must kill itself with Curse damage. 6,000en
Statue Arm Golem This Golem's arm has been fixed in place, and makes a strange weapon. Kill while under Arm Bind. 6,000en
Hex Chain Tlachtga The chain worn by the Cursemaster. It has a poweful hex, but requires skill. -- 6,100en
Ronin Armor Ren Part of the strange armor worn by the Ice Blade. It's light, but strong. -- 6,200en
Crystal Plume Songbird An ornamental feather with a crystalline pattern. Blessed by the hunting gods. -- 7,000en
Ogre Belt Forest Ogre A fierce Ogre's belt, said to be given to rivals who defeat it instantly. Kill with an Instant Death skill. 7,200en
Dread Crest Forest Demon A Forest Demon's head, covered in feathery horns. It seems terrified. Kill while afraid. 7,350en
Burnt Blood Desouler A lump of blood left behind after cremation. Valued for its medicinal uses. Kill with Fire damage. 7,500en
Millennial Shell Nether Tortoise The shell of a 1000-year-old tortoise. Worshipped as a symbol of longevity. -- 8,000en
Vine Strand Cruella Sticky hair from a Cruella when her entire body is bound. Kill while its entire body is bound. 8,700en
Toxic Paw Manticore A venomous purple monster paw. Poison oozes from its pores. -- 9,000en
Rose Whip Diabolix A violet hair, taken from a Diabolix when her entire body is bound. Kill while its entire body is bound. 9,000en
Torn Heart Bone Lizard Bone Lizard heart damaged from it tearing at itself in pain from poison. Kill while Poisoned. 9,000en
Shroud Etreant Bark enveloping Yggdrasil's corpse. Still hard after the tree's death. -- 10,000en
Lucky Leaf World Clover A rare item said to provide protection just by having it in one's possession. Just kill. 10,000en
Blue Sternum Bane Lizard The sternum of the ferocious Bane Lizard. It must be used as-is. -- 10,000en
Venom Spine Corotrangul A discolored spine from a Corotangul that died of poison. Kill with Poison damage. 11,540en
Machine Plate M.I.K.E. Part of the giant terminal protecting Gladsheim. Made of an unknown material. -- 12,000en
Tough Wing Wyvern A Wyvern's wing. The upper and lower portions have very different properties. -- 12,500en
Dragon Core Blizzard Clone, Dragon Clone, Storm Clone The core of one of the three dragons protecting the forest's depths. ??? 13,000en
Blue Blood Bane Lizard Crystallized blood from a ferocious beast. Creates great steel in forging. -- 13,500en
Venom Fang Essence Drainer Bat fangs that have been corrupted by poison. A mere touch may bring death. Kill with Poison damage. 13,500en
Hex Tusk Arboreal Hulk A cursed elephant's tusk. Hang it over your enemy's door to curse them, too. Kill while Cursed. 15,000en
Royal Vine Alraune A vine of a beautiful flower monster. Flexible, but difficult to handle. -- 18,000en
Golden Plume Iwaoropenelep A decorative feather from Iwaoropenelep's wing. It came off easily when paralyzed. Kill while Paralyzed. 20,000en
Ruffled Feather Songbird A clutch of tail feathers in an irregular pattern, due to confusion. Kill while Panicked. 21,000en
Tempered Shell Nether Tortoise A turtle shell that has hardened in response to physical impacts. Kill with Physical damage. 24,000en
Fire Fang Great Dragon The fang of a Great Dragon that can smash boulders with ease. -- 25,000en
Drake Wing Blizzard King A large, fan-like wing. When the dragon flaps these, it creates awful blizzards. -- 25,000en
Barbel Storm Emperor The Storm Emperor's whisker-like barbel. Said to control lightning. -- 25,000en
Stiff Wing Depth Dancer Wings that are stiffened, as if the animal's entire body was bound in death. Kill while its entire body is bound. 27,000en
Beast Eye Manticore A blue eyeball from a monster that has lost its sight. Kill while Blinded. 27,000en
Wyrm Head Dragon Clone The severed head of a Dragon. Its expression is still terrifying. Kill with Slash damage. 29,000en
Drake Eye Blizzard Clone This dragon's eye has been skewered, but it still seems to have intelligence. Kill with Stab damage. 29,000en
Dragon Horn Storm Clone A dragon's horn, smashed with great force. Some pieces are razor-sharp. Kill with Bash damage. 29,000en
Stone Heart Bane Lizard A petrified Bane Lizard heart. Contains dragon blood, a great rarity. Kill while petrified. 30,000en
Demon Core Yggdrasil Core The core essence of the Yggdrasil Core. It has weakened, but has great power. -- 35,000en
Fire Scale Great Dragon The only scale on a Great Dragon that grows backwards. A symbol of great luck. -- 35,000en
Ice Scale Blizzard King The only scale on a Blizzard King that grows backwards. A symbol of great luck. -- 35,000en
Volt Scale Storm Emperor The only scale on a Storm Emperor that grows backwards. A symbol of great luck. -- 35,000en
Restrained Legs Wyvern The bound feet of a Wyvern. It can use these to grab various things. Kill while under Leg Bind. 37,500en
Velvet Alraune The "skirt" part of an Alraune. It must be taken when unconscious. Kill while asleep. 52,000en
Heat Horn Great Dragon A black horn engulfed in flames. Those who have this obtain power overwhelming. Kill with Fire damage. 60,000en
Frozen Wing Blizzard King A dragon wing covered in ice. Grants great protective ability to its owner. Kill with Ice damage. 60,000en
Thunder Eye Storm Emperor A dragon eye wreathed in lightning, it grants great knowledge to its holder. Kill with Volt damage. 60,000en
True Demon Core Yggdrasil Core The core essence of Yggdrasil. With its sheer vitality, the name is fitting. ??? 1,000,000en

Gathered Items[]

Chopped Items[]

Name Found In Description Worth
Severed Plant Lost Shinjuku A plant cut down by an Ice Claws. There's no way to know what it was. 1en
Hardwood Emerald Grove A durable piece of wood common in the early Strata. Has any number of uses. 35en
Twining Ivy Emerald Grove A tough vine found wrapped around trees. Often used to make rope. 40en
Light Wood Primitive Jungle The thickest part of a large plant's stalk, light and durable. 110en
Entangling Ivy Primitive Jungle Flexible ivy that wraps around jungle trees. Has a variety of household uses. 120en
Red Fruit Emerald Grove Deep red fruit. Unsuitable for consumption, but contains special oils. 150en
Rock Coral Azure Rainforest Coral growing from the bedrock of the forest. Light, but also quite brittle. 200en
Sea Branch Azure Rainforest Found only in the Azure Rainforest. It is flexible and easy to work with. 220en
Sand Twig Sandy Barrens Wood gathered from the Sandy Barrens. It is bone-dry and light. 330en
Dried Peachtree Sandy Barrens A peach tree found only in the Sandy Barrens. It is withered and fruitless. 360en
Jomon Oak Primitive Jungle A branch from an ancient oak tree. It is incredibly hard. 500en
Death Stem Lost Shinjuku A dark plant stem that evokes feelings of death. 500en
Shiny Vine Lost Shinjuku A plant vine that has slowly crystallized over the ages. 550en
Narcissus Azure Rainforest A fleshy plant that collects water within its hard petals. 850en
Moschino Claret Hollows A mysterious ovoid plant that is constantly spraying a fine mist. 900en
Lady Palm Claret Hollows A luck-bearing plant that grows in the deepest, lightless forest depths. 1,000en
Temari Katahiba Sandy Barrens A plant that survives drought by curling into a ball for years at a time. 1,600en
Gummy Wire Lost Shinjuku A thin metal strand with a rubbery sheath. It looks artificial... 2,500en
Armroot Claret Hollows An Yggdrasil bulb shaped like a human arm. 5,000en
Glacier Ootheca Lost Shinjuku Ice-covered eggs laid by a certain type of mantis in particular places. 15,000en

Mined Items[]

Name Found In Description Worth
Pyroxene Emerald Grove A shard of white, shining stone. Easy to work on. 35en
Bronzite Emerald Grove A copper-colored ore containing iron, used for making weapons. 40en
Scrap Iron Primitive Jungle Cracked and broken pieces of iron, but still very usable. 110en
Laterite Primitive Jungle Soil that has turned red after centuries of oxidation. Used in many metalworks. 120en
Andradite Emerald Grove An ore full of iron and calcium. It has gemlike properties when polished. 150en
Sea Pyroxene Azure Rainforest A blue pyroxene found in the rainforest. Its value is tied to its blueness. 200en
Deposit Piece Azure Rainforest Soil with a variety of ore pieces. The layered pattern is quite pretty. 220en
Steel Chip Sandy Barrens A combination of various metals. Only forest folk know how it can be made. 330en
Hard Shard Sandy Barrens A shard of stone used by forest folk. It is surprisingly lightweight. 360en
Smashed Fossil Primitive Jungle Fossilized animal bones found in old Strata. They are broken and worth little. 500en
Drywall Lost Shinjuku Brittle gray material usable for construction projects. 500en
Crystal Wall Lost Shinjuku A crystal shard with a rocky core suitable for construction. 550en
Corundum Azure Rainforest A hard ore that shines blue and red when polished. 850en
Tri-Color Claret Hollows A pyroxene that changes colors in the light. Each color may have a new power. 900en
Calculus Claret Hollows Crystallized fluid secreted from the walls of the deepest forest reaches. 1,000en
Cullinan Sandy Barrens A gigantic chunk of pyroxene ore. When polished, it is blindingly bright. 1,600en
Shiny Seed Lost Shinjuku A sparkling seed that enchants those who behold its beauty. 2,500en
Legroot Claret Hollows An Yggdrasil bulb shaped like a human leg. 5,000en

Taken Items[]

Name Found In Description Worth
Tiny Petal Emerald Grove A fragrant white flower found near the entrance. Both medicinal and decorative. 35en
Crabapple Emerald Grove Small, red fruit that gives an energy boost. 40en
Mint Leaf Primitive Jungle Cool-tasting herb. Clears one's head. 110en
Sap Lump Primitive Jungle A large lump of crystalized tree sap. Nutritious when used in medicine. 120en
Amber Lump Emerald Grove Solidified nectar used in making medicine. 150en
Crinoid Leaf Azure Rainforest While mistaken for plants, these are actually related to starfish. 200en
Stab Shell Azure Rainforest A conch shell with sixteen sharp thorns. 220en
Oleander Sandy Barrens White flowers with a sweet scent, used in high-quality medicine. 330en
Sap Wine Sandy Barrens Extracted from trees. It has a 0% alcohol content, so children can have it. 360en
Cross Seed Primitive Jungle Cross-shaped seed pods. They burst in hear, scattering seeds further. 500en
Strawberry Lost Shinjuku Its high sugar content provides an energy boost. 500en
Mugwort Lost Shinjuku A bitter green that refreshed the mind. 550en
Lapis Strawberry Azure Rainforest Strawberries with hugh sugar content. Its sweet scent heals people's mind. 850en
Ambrosia Claret Hollows A renewing flower vital to the Yggdrasil Project. 900en
Monotropastrum Claret Hollows Fungi that can make flowers grow even in the lightless depths of the forest. 1,000en
Cordyceps Sandy Barrens A fungus that grows on insects. Has strong effects and is used in potions. 1,600en
Spiral Seed Lost Shinjuku A strange seed that is bent in a spiral. Very bitter tasting. 2,500en
Headroot Claret Hollows An Yggdrasil bulb shaped like a human head. 5,000en

Consumable Items[]

A list of items that is found in Etrian Odyssey Untold: The Millennium Girl. These can be bought from Shilleka's Goods.

The "Special" column is to show if the item is offered in another way, either as a quest reward or from a treasure box. In-game, they are shone gold, similar to conditional drops.

Name Description Effect Ingredients Buy Price Special?
Ariadne Thread Thread used to return the party to town from the Labyrinth. Teleports to town Unlocked after 1st mission 100en --
Medica Medicine made of boiled herbs. Slightly restores HP ---- 20en --
Medica II Medicine from Tiny Petal extract. Moderately restores HP Tiny Petal x1 100en --
Medica III Medicine made from Honey Crystals. Greatly restores HP Honey Crystal x8 500en --
Medica IV Medicine made from Monotropastrum. Fully restores HP Monotropastrum x1 2,500en --
Soma Potion made of crushed Sap Lumps. Moderately restores party HP Sap Lump x1 700en --
Somaprime Potion of herbs pickled in Sap Wine. Greatly restores party HP Sap Wine x1 1,500en --
Amrita Tonic from Lapis Strawberries. Restores slight TP Lapis Strawberry x1 800en Y
Amrita II Tonic of diluted Burnt Blood. Moderately restores TP Burnt Blood x1 2,000en Y
Hamao Potion made of scented Oleander. Moderately restores HP/TP Oleander x1 600en --
Hamaoprime Potion made of Ambrosia. Greatly restores HP/TP Ambrosia x1 1,500en --
Nectar Revival elixir made of Amber Lump. Revives a party member with low HP Amber Lump x1 300en Y
Nectar II Revival elixir from Shrunken Cells. Revives a party member with full HP Shrunken Cell x1 3,500en Y
Theriaca A Panacea made from Bug Scales. Removes bindings Bug Scale x1 150en --
Theriaca B Panacea made of boiled Mint Leaves. Removes all status ailments Mint Leaf x1 400en --
Metopon Mugwort-based neurotoxin. Returns an enemy to normal status Mugwort x1 1,800en --
Unihorn A paste made of boiled Tree Eyes. Returns all allies to normal status Tree Eye x1 1,100en --
Bravant Candy made from Crabapples. Increases attack for 5 turns Crabapple x1 400en --
Stonard Jelly made of boiled Crinoid Leaves Increases defense for 5 turns Crinoid Leaf x1 400en --
Axcela Perfume made from stewed Bound Feet. Slightly restores Boost points Bound Feet x1 1,200en Y
Blaze Oil Oil that imbues a weapon with the element of fire. Lasts 5 turns Red Fruit x1 150en Y
Freeze Oil Oil that imbues a weapon with the element of ice. Lasts 5 turns Red Fruit x1 150en Y
Shock Oil Oil that imbues a weapon with the element of lightning. Lasts 5 turns Red Fruit x1 150en Y
Heat Mist A mist that absorbs extreme heat. Lessens fire damage for 5 turns. Cordycep x1 1,000en Y
Chill Mist A mist that absorbs extreme cold. Lessens ice damage for 5 turns. Cordycep x1 1,000en Y
Spark Mist A mist that mitigates electrical charge. Lessens volt damage for 5 turns. Cordycep x1 1,000en Y
All Mist A mist that counteracts all elements. Lasts 5 turns Strawberry x1 2,000en --
Fire Talisman Made from Cross Seeds. Open to unleash a ball of fire at one enemy. Fire damage to one enemy Cross Seed x1 150en Y
Ice Talisman Made from Cross Seeds. Open to unlease a spear of ice at one enemy. Ice damage to one enemy. Cross Seed x1 150en Y
Volt Talisman Made from Cross Seeds. Open to unleash a bolt of lightning at one enemy. Volt damage to one enemy. Cross Seed x1 150en Y
Flame Talisman Made from Spiral Seeds. Open to unleash a wave of flames at all enemies. Fire damage to all enemies Spiral Seed x1 1,000en Y
Frost Talisman Made from Spiral Seeds. Open to unleash a cold snap against all enemies. Ice damage to all enemies Spiral Seed x1 1,000en Y
Storm Talisman Made from Spiral Seeds. Open to unleash a lightning storm at all enemies. Volt damage to all enemies Spiral Seed x1 1,000en Y
Blind Gas A dark gas that blinds all enemies. Causes blindness to all enemies. Vivid Petal x5 250en --
Poison Gas A toxic gas that poisons all enemies. Poisons all enemies Venomous Gel x1 950en --
Nerve Gas An anaesthetic gas that paralyzes all enemies Paralyzes all enemies Venom Barb x5 250en --
Confuse Gas A mesmerizing gas that causes all enemies to panic. Cause confusion to all enemies. Bat Ear x1 450en --
Curse Gas A demonic gas that curses all enemies. Curses all enemies Hex Throat x1 1250en --
Sleep Gas A soporific gas that puts all enemies to sleep. Puts all enemies to sleep. Faerie Hair x1 650en --
Tangler: Head A thread coated with disabling toxins that binds all enemy heads. Binds the head of all enemies Ice Sweat x1 400en Y
Tangler: Arm A thread coated with disabling toxins that binds all enemy arms Binds the arms of all enemies Ice Sweat x1 400en Y
Tangler: Leg A thread coated with disabling toxins that binds all enemy legs. Binds the legs of all enemies Ice Sweat x1 400en Y
Flash Bomb Unleashes a bright light Stuns nearby FOE's ---- 20en --
Sonic Bomb Unleashes a loud sound Knocks enemies off-balance ---- 100en --
Analysis Lenses Glasses made from Insect Eyes. Adds enemy's info into compendium Insect Eye x1 250en Y
Warding Bell Made rom a Ryugyuu Pearl, its repellent chime decreases encounter rate. Decreases encounter rate Ryuguu Pearl x1 750en --
Luring Bell Made from fish eyes, its attractive chime increases encounter rate. Increases encounter rate Sandfish Eye x1 750en --
Guard Sole Insoles made from lizard feathers that protect againt harmful floors. Reduces damage from the floor Cut Feathers x1 300en Y
Formaldehyde Use in battle to gain all materials from enemies slain that turn. All drops that turn from enemies Doom Petal x1 3,000en Y
Divine Gift A box made from Fossil Nest. Increases experience gained in battle when used. Increases exp from battle Fossil nest x1 2,100en Y
Lucky Scarab Use during a Grimoire Chance to guarantee obtaining a Grimoire Stone. Guarantees Grimoire Stones Bound Arm x1 700en Y
Hunting Horn There is a chance you may obtain a Grimoire, even without a Grimoire Chance Causes a Grimoire chance Poison Pith x1 2,500en Y
Four-Leaf Clover If Grimoire is made this turn, it may be a higher skill level than usual. Increases Lvl Grim Stones recieved Dragon Core x1 10,000en Y
Shilleka's SP Potion Based on the Healing Spring's waters. Restores some HP/TP ---- 350en --