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Monster Drops[]

Regular Monsters[]

Name Finding Place Description Drop Condition Sell Price
Cooled Lava Lava Beast (cold) Lumpy lava hardened by a cooling process.

Any use it had is gone in this state.

1 en
Carapace Piece Forest Snail The shattered shell of a Forest Snail.

Not used in everyday life, so not worth much.

5 en
Rat Needle Hedgehog Prickly fur used to protect one's body.

Brittle and hard to use; not ideal for offense.

6 en
Strange Horn Jackalope Deer horn an odd rabbit-like monster.

A rare item often displayed with pride.

6 en
Mole Claw Mole Hard, thick claw of a Labyrinth mole.

Used in equipment fir its edge and durability.

7 en
Soft Fur Mole Soft fur from beasts who inhabit the lower Stratums. Widely used for its versatility. 8 en
Ray Flower Sunflower A large flower petal that store sunlight.

Supple yet tough, it's great for making gear.

9 en
Venomous Wing Venomfly Venomfly wing in a poisonous violet shade. Handle with care due to its venomous powders. 10 en
Gum Hide Roller Animal hide with buoyant properties.

Commonly used as joints in leather armor.

11 en
Spotted Carapace Giant Ladybug A ladybug's magnificent outer shell.

Its patterns remains even after being worked on.

12 en
Shell Wart Roller Thorns protruding from a beast's carapace.

Not too stiff, so its uses are limited.

13 en
Gel Core Cube Gel The hard nucleus of a cube-like gel.

Commonly worked into weapons.

14 en
Perfect Thorn Sunflower Sunflower thorn with no visible damage.

Unscathed, its fire can be imbued in charms.

defeat with non-phys dmg 14 en
Small Nail Crawler Crawler's twisted black nail.

Widely used due to its hard outer surface.

15 en
Large Feather Hypnosis Owl Owl feathers whose pattern resembles eyes.

Popular as a decoration.

15 en
Owl Beak Hypnosis Owl Sharp beak of an owl that lives in the woods.

Its small shape makes it hard to work on.

17 en
Glue Hide Flying Lizard Thin hide with a sticky surface.

Used to make light and sturdy armor.

18 en
Metal Hull King Snail A shell as sturdy as a sheet of metal.

Widely used since it's harder than normal ones.

19 en
Yellow Plume Haggis Soft yellow down that covers a Haggis.

The color and texture make it quite popular.

20 en
Chipped Blade Wereboar Chipped blade carried by Wereboars.

It seems to be long used, but it's made of a tough metal.

22 en
Electric Shell King Snail Shell that retains an electric current. It can be use to make lightning shields. defeat with volt dmg 24 en
Wyvern Skull Wild Wing A skull with a thin and distinct shape.

Due to this trait, it takes time to work on it.

27 en
Collar Fur Frilled Lizard The hide surrounding a lizard's neck area.

Soft and supple, it is fit for making armor.

31 en
Iron Toenail Frilled Lizard Metallic toenail with a distinct black color.

Many loves the weapons made with it.

38 en
Open Cap Giant Shroom Giant Shroom's head with a hard core.

Used in sorceror's weapons when hardend

40 en
Huge Petal Rafflesia Large petal of a flower that attacks people.

Handle with care due to its toxic pollen.

42 en
Bendy Vine Fanged Vine The tangled, fibrous vines of a plant.

This flexibility is used in whips and clothes.

44 en
Crimson Hide Flame Lizard Lizard skin impervious to any flame.

Often used in place of cloth when thinly sliced.

45 en
Bony Scale Dread Hydra Hardened scales of a many-headed dragon.

Many try not to touch the bonelike surface

47 en
Steel Fang Raging Boar A boar's large fangs containing quality iron.

Quite heavy compared to its size.

49 en
Gooey Fiber Red Gel A fibrous nucleus that gives off warmth.

When specially treated, it becomes a soft cloth

49 en
Glow Quill Madness Owl Luminescent feathers of a Madness Owl.

Also used in accessories due to its beauty.

55 en
Ruby Shard Rattle Nozuchi Scrap of Nozuchi hide. Contains crimson metals.

One mistake in forging it will turn it black.

57 en
Steel Beak Gryphon Sturdy, steel-like beak of a Gryphon.

High heat it needed to work with it.

58 en
Rock Shard Odd Statue Strange-looking rock, crushed to fine pieces.

Harder than cheap metal, but still brittle.

59 en
Steel Horn Actaeon Actaeon's giant horn, containing steel grains.

However, the metal is difficult to extract.

59 en
Frozen Bone Wild Wing Wing bone frozen to its core.

Its cold power can be embedded into weapons.

defeat with ice dmg 60 en
Crest Feather Red Haggis Feather from the head of the cute Red Haggis.

A popular ornament for weapon and armor.

63 en
Eerie Tail Bugbear Purple tail from a Bugbear. Because of its eerie appearance, some avoid touching it. 64 en
White Crest Gryphon The brilliant white crest of a Gryphon.

For its size, it's unbelievably light.

66 en
Massacre Claw White Orangutan Dense monkey claw that can crack boulders.

It's prized for making quality weapon with.

77 en
Ostrich Tendon Giant Moa Thick tendon from a Giant Moa.

Often used in bows due to its elasticity.

83 en
Thick Boar Skin Raging Boar

Boar skin pounded thin. It doesn't look great, but it's now ten times as strong.

defeat with bash dmg 89 en
Ankylosaur Skin Armor Tortoise Thorned armor of a giant dragon.

Specialized skills are needed to mold it.

101 en
White Gem Snow Ghost Stone thought to be a Snow Ghost's core.

However, this has not been confirmed.

103 en
Bound Wings Madness Owl Wings that can no longer be moved. Many stay away, unsure when they'll move again. defeat while arm bound 105 en
Blue Scale Fishman Beautiful scales on a Fishman's body.

Hard as iron, but easy to work with.

108 en
Crazed Bulb Fanged Vine Bulb that has lost control over its mouths.

Even severed, it thrashes wildly.

defeat while paniced 112 en
White Metal Snow Lizard Sturdy, white bones of a winged creature.

Used often in weapons for its toughness.

114 en
Frozen Iron Rattle Nozuchi Red iron rapidly cooled and trapped in ice.

If treated incorrectly, its power will react.

defeat with ice dmg 114 en
Crabshell Great Hermit A shard of a Great Hermit's shell.

It's brittle, but easy to work with.

118 en
Beast Femur Sauroposeidon A powerful dinosaur's huge thigh bone.

Many adventurers can't get it back to town.

120 en
Red Fin Redfish Beautiful red-white fin of a Redfish.

It's worn on some local holidays.

121 en
Red Mane Sleipnir Fine hair from a Sleipnir's mane.

Rare and sticking, it sells out quickly.

122 en
Slimy Scale Redfish The red scales of a Redfish's body.

If it dries out, it crisps and crumbles.

125 en
Swan Feather Snowbird Snowbird's wingfeathers, pale as snowfall.

Popular as material for warm clothing.

127 en
Divine Carapace Claw Beetle Carapace with metals unknown to humans.

Used to make both weapons and medicine.

129 en
Bound Right Arm Odd Statue Statue arm sealed so it can't attack.

Those who fell to it may now rest it peace.

defeat while arm bound 133 en
Sapphire Arm Deadly Statue Arm-shaped stone with strange emblems engraved. Can be used for all manner of weapons or armor. 140 en
Ugly Horn


An Illbear's small horn that spreads sickness.

Exercise caution with it to avoid disease.

140 en
Horn Shard Chi You Broken horn from the head of a Chi You. It can be reforged as incredibly strong iron. 147 en
Gourd Head Deathly Pumpkin Large pumpkin like a laughing face. It sells out in certain times of year. 147 en
Perfect Shell Great Hermit A shell with no visible damage at all. These are more rare, since they chip easily. defeat with non-phys dmg 156 en
Crushed Carapace Claw Beetle Crushed carapace of a hard-shelled beetle. Gets harder the more it's struck. defeat with bash dmg 163 en
Red Foreleg Forest Dragonfly Dragonfly foreleg containing red iron. When tempered, it turns black. 177 en
Metal Horn War Bison Curved animal horn with metal traces. The curve makes it hard to work with. 204 en
Giant Tusk Evil Mammoth Curved tusk broken off at its base. A heavy load for just one person. 219 en
White Boulder Giant Snow Stone found in a Giant Snow thought to be its core. It's much larger than a Snow Ghost's one. 232 en
Elephant Hide Evil Mammoth Thick, red hide of an Evil Mammoth. The rough texture is hard to refine. 234 en
Severed Wing Forest Dragonfly Severed front wing of an agile dragonfly. Must be severed while still alive. defeat with cut dmg 242 en
Gold Crest Ptarmigan Beatiful golden crest from a bird's head. Some fashion it into accessories for luck. 243 en
Bee Needle Waspior A sharp point that pierces anything. Carry it with extreme caution. 247 en
Prism Shell Prism Ladybug Prism Ladybug shell patterned in colors. The design is quite popular among explorers. 254 en
Azure Beak Raven Strong, sharp beak from a pale bird. Its sharpness is used in some weapons. 271 en
Sticky Web Venomous Spider Sticky web spun by a Venomous Spider. Drying it makes it workable into weapons. 287 en
Pink Leather Axolotl Soft leather with a dinstinct pink color. It's popular among young women. 299 en
Frozen Stone Giant Snow White stone made by freezing a snow monster. As an accessory, it grants its wearer power. defeat with ice dmg 301 en
Soft Scythe Grim Mantis The massive scythe of a forest mantis. It's said that many died to its edge. 308 en
Razor Cutter Wind Cutter Wind Cutter arm that resembles a scythe. It cuts anything, but it's brittle as-is. 309 en
Night Vine Night Flower A thorny vine of a Night Flower. When treated, it can put others to sleep. 316 en
Glinting Beak Diatryma A large metallic beak, white and curved. Easily workable, and widely used. 326 en
Dark Claw Mad Crawler The small and toxic claw of a Mad Crawler. Take caution when dealing with its venom. 326 en
Snow Teeth Thunder Rabbit Sharp rabbit tooth fit for a herbivorous diet. It can be processed to make weapons and armor. 330 en
Meteoric Spike Deathstalker Undamaged needle from a scorpion's tail. Used for weapons and accessories. 358 en
Bendy Wings Longisquama The supple wings of a Longisquama. It's often used for weapons and armor. 364 en
Savage Fang Black Boar A hard fang that can pierce through steel. A powerful weapon can be made with this. 378 en
Dense Syrup Waspior Syrup made more dense from Waspior's fear. It is now sweeter, and calms the mind. defeat while Feared 389 en
Bound Mandible Venomous Spider A mandible now bound and unable to spit web. Its razor sharpness remains threatening. defeat while head bound 404 en
Century Shell Metal Tortoise Shell of a tortoise said to live to 100. Layering these makes fine protective gear. 512 en
Plum Quill Great Moth Surprisingly light Great Moth wings. Poison still remains, so handle with care. 555 en
Lilac Vine Wrath Bloom Thorny vine with sky-colored leaves. Strong enough to be used for animal taming. 561 en
Dormant Seed Night Flower Black seed that seems completely dormant. It's unknown if it can return to normal. defeat while asleep 564 en
Ancient Beak Cockatrice A Cockatrice beak that can shatter even rocks. The beak is strong, though it can't petrify. 572 en
Bat Fangs Forest Bat Fangs of a bat living deep in the forest. Commonly used for making new weapons. 601 en
Mandrake Root Mandrake Mandrake Root shaped like a human leg. Eerie, and said to draw bad luck. 608 en
Blue Carapace Nozuchi Nozuchi's outer shell, made of blue metal. Though layered with scales, it feels smooth. 614 en
Plum Hide Gem Lizard A coarse, plum colored hide. With proper treatment, it makes weapons or armor. 619 en
Coal Bone Black Wing Charred bone fragment of a Black Wing. It's brittle, and hard to work with. 622 en
Yellow Gelatin Yellow Gel Faintly luminescent nucleus. If treated properly, it can make a powerful weapon. 625 en
Gold Shell Silver Gunman Piece or armor for a mechanical gunman. It seems manmade, but its origin is unknown. 632 en
Black Hoof Nightmare Pitch-black hooves of a dark horse. It's easy to work with, and valued for crafting. 640 en
Silver Shard Undead Soldier Pieces of a bodiless suit of armor. Requires expertise to properly craft with. 647 en
Chattering Tooth Thunder Rabbit Rabbit's front teeth that chatter in fear. The more it chatters, the harder it gets. defeat while Feared 648 en
Glittering Tail Raptor Lord Mysterious raptor tail that somehow releases heat and light. Takes great skill to work. 707 en
White Crystal Leukocyte White object formed in a Leukocyte's body. Has no impurities, and looks like a gem. 714 en
Red Crystal Red Corpuscle Red object formed in a Red Corpuscle's body. Has no impurities, and looks like a gem. 721 en
Bone Plate Dinotyrant Bony plate of myriad overlapping scales. If worked properly, it makes weapons or armor. 741 en
Frosted Wing Hell Papillon A beautiful light blue wing. Cold, and as fragile as a thin layer of ice. 742 en
Fearful Stinger Metal Needle Thornlike point on a Metal Needle's tail. Casting it converts it into a hard metal. 887 en
Gold Spore King Shroom The gilded spores of a giant mushroom. Its beauty is stark contrast to its source. 1020 en
Frozen Petal Wrath Bloom Blue petal of a Wrath Bloom that devoured many. Frozen instantly, its life energy remains. defeat with ice dmg 1035 en
Sleeping Hoof Nightmare Hoof gained by putting a Nightmare to sleep. A volatile power is sealed within. defeat while asleep 1090 en
Squirming Vine Gasser Tree Tendril-like vine that moves after being cut. It writhes around when you aren't watching. 1100 en
Black Carapace Iron Tortoise Blue-black carapace covered in spikes. Its hardness makes it difficult to shape. 1130 en
Golden Horn Bloody Lizard The unique golden horn of a Bloody Lizard. Used often in weaponry for its hardness. 1130 en
Severed Horn Raptor Lord A cleanly severed horn. Though impressive, it is hard and extremely difficult to work. defeat with cut dmg 1131 en
Cowering Silver Undead Soldier Silver that has shrunk from fear. Now condensed, it better conducts certain energy. defeat while Feared 1173 en
Meteor Fragment Huge Statue Part of a Huge Statue, it can't be pierced by a blade. Skill is needed to craft with it. 1190 en
Withered Spine Lord Saguaro A durable thorn the color of rotting wood. Be careful of its sharpness when carrying. 1220 en
Black Gelatin King Gel Ebon nucleus, needing two hands to lift. A curious gravitas can be sensed from it. 1260 en
Bloody Blade Scissor Crab Crab claws whose tips appear bloodstained. Despite the hardness, it's a crafting staple. 1290 en
Slaughter Claw Black Claw Black monkey claw that can cut anything. Through curses, it can be used for many things. 1370 en
Damascus Claw High Crawler Dark caterpillar fangs resembling needles. Only workable be the most skilled artisans. 1440 en
Lizard Crown Carbuncle Crown-shaped horn of a giant lizard. Hard and metallic, it works well for weapons. 1480 en
Petrified Tail Nozuchi Petrified, snakelike tail of a Nozuchi. The bone inside makes a curious clattering. defeat with petrification 1515 en
Pure White Horn Trihorn Bone-white fragment of a Trihorn. Used for equipment and medicine alike. 1530 en
Red Iron Shard Bloody Soldier Shard of armor that looks bloodstained. It makes for reliable weapons and armor. 1600 en
Pierced Heart Dinotyrant Dinotyrant's heart, stopped in one strike. If struck when alive, its power changes. defeat with instant death 1600 en
Blue Head Gem Gem Lizard Stone taken by binding the lizard's head. It can be used to make a protective bracelet. defeat while head bound 1650 en
Soft Black Hide High Crawler Highly flexible caterpillar hide. Absorbs shock, and is thus used in armors. 1833 en
Bound Root Mandrake A root bound so firmly as to be immobile. The Mandrake's power is sealed within. defeat while entirely bound 1880 en
Dull Crown Carbuncle The light has faded from this crown upon blinding. However, its power is magnified. defeat while blinded 1980 en
Poisoned Hide Bloody Lizard Soft lizard hide with poison-formed spots. Treating it with gems enhances concentration. defeat while poisoned 2070 en
Crazed Stinger Lord Saguaro Unusual stinger that appears when confused. It's quickly shed, and is hard to obtain. defeat while panicked 2150 en
Mossy Shell Ancient Hermit Time has made it extremely resilient. Its assorted trees are popular as decoration. 2180 en
Frozen Horn Ice Drake Thick, heavy horn that resembles a large sword. Dense, heavy, and unwieldy to carry. 2280 en
Electric Crest Lightning Drake

Bladelike crest from the Lightning Drake's back. Imbues weapons with a voltaic energy.

2280 en
Blue Skull Mokele-mbembe Metal-plated skull emitting blue light. It improves the grade of other metals. 2360 en
Burnt Iron Bloody Soldier Iron scorched even after its bearer's death. If heated after death, it reacts differently. defeat with fire dmg 2370 en
Cursed Core King Gel A giant cursed gelatinous core. Even just looking at it may bring misfortune. defeat via curse damage 2400 en
Polished Shell Ancient Hermit Shell made tougher through physical shocks. It's said a lucky leaf grows on this shell. defeat with phys dmg 2430 en
Red Quill Moth Lord Thin, nebula-patterned wings of a Moth Lord. Some people admire its vibrant coloring. 2450 en
Shaking Shell Scissor Crab Shell that hardened from trembling in fear. The nature of this reaction is unclear. defeat while feared 2720 en
Perfect Hide Black Claw Undamaged black hide of a wild clawed monster. If the faintest scratch is made, it's useless. defeat with non-phys dmg 2810 en
Cursed Horn Trihorn Pristine white horn, wrought with curses. Though ominous, it's filled with life energy. defeat while cursed 2890 en
Shabby Bone Ice Drake Swordlike dorsal bone, twisted from the Drake's insanity. Working it is extremely difficult. defeat while panicked 4980 en
Rigid Croc Hide Dinogator Crocodile hide dappled with wedgelike scales. It can be used to make highest quality leather. 5000 en
Coated Horn Lightning Drake Horn with mysterious textlike patterns on it. They slowly blink, as if breathing. defeat while poisoned 5730 en
Petrified Scale Mokele-mbembe A hard purple scale from a petrified dragon. Now stone-hard, it can make stronger armor. defeat with petrification 7070 en
Pierced Fang Dinogator The 4th fang, and Dinogator's largest. Dinogator must be alive to remove it. defeat with stab dmg 9999 en


Name Finding Place Description Drop Condition Sell Price
Black Muzzle Mercenary Boar Black hardened leather muzzle worn by a feral boar. Usable with some minor modifications. 72 en
Deer Hide Ragelope Durable hide with a sandpapery surface.

Some people use it as a floor mat.

80 en
Bat Membrane Vampire Bat The red membrane of a large bat monster.

Thin, but durable enough to fly with.

96 en
Timeworn Hilt Boar Captain Hilt of a sword used by a Boar Captain.

It has a good grip, and swings well.

101 en
Brass Fang Raptor A Raptor's steel-hard tooth. Its poisons can

be used to make special medicines

120 en
Severed Antler Ragelope Deer antler severed with sharp blade.

Popular as decoration among the nobility.

defeat with

cut dmg

135 en
Brass Claw Terrible Hunter Claw supporting the Terrible Hunter's body. It's hard enough to support a great weight. 145 en
Punctured Wing Vampire Bat Bat wing with a round hole in it. When wrapped around wood, it heightens focus. defeat with pierce dmg 155 en
Brute Tail Chimaera Chimaera tail that resembles a serpent. Still full of life and wrath, writhing still. 208 en
Stiff Skin Basilisk Hard, snake-like skin. Its heavy, cold feeling reminds you of the fear of petrification. 224 en
Fiery Chip Baby Salamander A scale-like chip of iron, as red as flames. It can grant weapons properties of fire. 245 en
Water Bubble Tree Sponge The intact bubble of a Tree Sponge. With this, you could make fire-resistant armor. 303 en
Cactus Spine Attack Cactus Light, sharp thorn on an Attack Cactus' head. The inattentive may prick their fingers. 322 en
Sturdy Web Binding Spider Spider web made within a Binding Spider. It can ensnare almost anything. 364 en
Spiny Horn Fire Drake Fire Drake's backbone, festooned with spikes. It grants resistance against fire. 480 en
Poison Wing Chimaera Wing of a Chimaera that died while poisoned. kill with poison 780 en
Pure Fang Ambush Wolf White fang that froze countless enemies. It can grant icy power to weapons. 800 en
Red Wings Flame Demon Oddly small wings for such a huge monster. Slightly warm, and retain some power yet. 840 en
Blue Core Blue Gel Cubic core that's cold to the touch. Working it into weapons can grant it freezing power. 870 en
Woven Thread Arachne Powerful thread that binds one's movement. Spun in a special way and difficult to cut. 901 en
Crystal Lens Evil Eye Resembles a polished crystal ball. It's often a decoration for the wealthy. 920 en
Thorny Hide (DLC) Gentle Toad Thorny cheek skin that can stretch and expand. Its elasticity is used to make special armor. 960 en
Rigid Fragment Death Wall A hard chunk used when mimicking a wall. It can be used to make protective shields. 975 en
Purple Vine Dazing Pumpkin A curled up vine ending in a needle. Even if straightened, it'll curl itself up again. 1040 en
Fleeting Thorn Attack Cactus A rare long needle on an Attack Cactus' head. Usually falls out immediately when hit. defeat on the first turn 1070 en
Dark Scale Hell Dragon Bladelike scales of a many-headed dragon. It retains its color when worked. 1300 en
Gold Claw Luminous Bird Sharp claws that rip easily through flesh. Some gather it only for the color. 1500 en
Crazed Wolf Eye Ambush Wolf Wolf's eye bulging with insanity. Even now, it makes your mind feel strange to look at it. defeat while panicked 1500 en
Toxic Skin Frog Lord Vibrant pink-colored skin of a giant frog. Being toxic itself, it resists poisons. 1650 en
Frog Skin Great Frog Frog's cheek skin said to stretch 10 times its size. Good for making impact-resistant armor. 1690 en
Deceptive Jaw Mimic Through trickery, this jaw harmed many people. Its sharp teeth pierce through any material. 1720 en
Red Horn Shard Charging Rhino A chunk of a Charging Rhino's tough horn. Weapons made from it are the same striking red. 1800 en
Cinder Stone Lava Beast (hot) Red stone too hot to handle with bare hands. Its heat even makes it hard to craft with. 1840 en
Devil Wing Wandering Eye Wing bone that's more elastic than pine wood. Despite its size, it's light and easy to carry. 1870 en
Cursed Scrap Artelinde Cloth stained crimson with a maiden's blood. Necessary for a war magus since it has mystical powers. 2000 en
Magic Casing Wilhelm Bullets that never err, as if demon-guided. Power yet remains in them to be shaped anew. 2100 en
Crushed Skin (DLC) Gentle Toad Frog skin crushed with tremendous strength. Now compressed, it has remarkable power. defeat with bash damage 2114 en
Nickel Shell Silver Sentinel Silver alloy coating a Silver Sentinel's body. It's manmade, but it's unknown how it was done. 2400 en
Frosted Hull Icy Bulb Highly elastic hull imbued with cold. Grants chilling power to crafted weapons. 2400 en
Glinting Claw Flame Demon Fragile swordlike claw of a demon in the red forest. Gain it by defeating one quickly. defeat on the first turn 2400 en
Black Feather Enraged Raptor Slick, firm black feather. Unless treated carefully, its beauty will soon fade. 2500 en
Petrified Heads Hell Dragon All seven heads of the Hell Dragon petrified at once. Said to bring good fortune. defeat with petrification 2560 en
Jet Black Iron Cursed Knight Broken-off piece of a helm's steel horn. Good for weapons, due to its hardness. 3000 en
Ice Queen's Vine Scylla These strands steal heat with their touch. Its dark power turned countless invaders to ice. 3000 en
Spongy Skin Blue Glaucus Thin and durable cloth-like skin. Armor made with this has the sea's beauty. 3200 en
Undying Flame Demi-Fafnir Flame with an endless burn. One can sense eternal power from its light, even in death. 3500 en
Sizzling Lava Lava Beast (hot) Rock formed when a Lava Beast burns to death. Won't burn, regardless of temperature. defeat with fire dmg 3770 en
Blind Eye Wandering Eye An evil eye that no longer sees. Its ominous power can be used for curses. defeat while blinded 3970 en
Eternal Hide Icy Bulb Plant matter carefully aged with no singes. The older, the better it feels. defeat after 10 turns 4000 en
Bound Red Horn Charging Rhino Large horn that can no longer move freely. A flute made from this is said to be lucky. defeat while head bound 4100 en
Wootz Shard Sky Metal Knight Crimson fragment of a knight's arm. Made of a now-lost metal called black steel. 4500 en
Cursed Frog Skin Frog Lord Cursed skin that excretes toxins. Both toxic and cursed, it's extremely dangerous. defeat with curse dmg 4800 en
Hazardous Bulb Hazardous Petal A bulb that extrudes vines in search of prey. Even when cut, it may still sprout again. 5300 en
Bound Shard Cursed Knight Pitch-black shard, now darker from binding. It's almost impossible to see at night. defeat while head bound 5500 en
Harpy Wing Harpuia Winged arm with three shard talons at the tip. Its power charms those who look upon it. 6000 en
Pale Bone Cursed Pumpkin Piece of a horn from a Cursed Pumpkin's head. Unnerving to touch, so most keep away. 6690 en
Lavish Bone Scylla Bone resembling a lance. It breaks upon Scylla's death, unless she's put to sleep. defeat while asleep 6700 en
Black Steel Asterius Fragment of the finest metal alloys. Weapons made from this are unusually sharp. 7680 en
Guardian Skin Juggernaut Sturdy hide fitting for a guardian beast. So hard, some smiths refuse to work with it. 8700 en
Thorny Barbel (DLC)


Barbel developed from a thorn for capturing prey. It would then swallow them whole. 8800 en
Lavish Flower Hazardous Petal A flower of unsettling beauty, dead from its own curse. Its sweet nectar soothes the mind. defeat with curse dmg 9400 en
Imperial Wrath Overlord Part of the Overlord's scale-like armor. Abnormally light, it's unknown how it was made. 10000 en
Demon Essence Yggdrasil Core Core of the Calamity at Ginnungagap's heart. Its immense power is worthy of the title "demonic". 12000 en
Queen's Quill Harpuia A seemingly weightless sky-blue quill. Silence its bearer's sing to obtain it. defeat while head bound 12500 en
Flame Marrow Salamander Metallic marrow that burns continuously. Hard to work, but can grant fiery qualities. 13000 en
Black Ingot Asterius Chunk of quality steel struck with great impact. Good for making both weapons and armor. defeat with bash dmg 13600 en
Macho Plumage (DLC) Master Bird Plumage from a talking chicken. It flinches when you pluck it, so you kind of feel bad. 15000 en
Sky Metal Shard Sky Metal Knight Sword chip made from material called Sky Metal. It's faintly warm, as if alive. defeat within 5 turns 16000 en
Statue Shard Golem Golem piece that is harder than a boulder. One can sense the Golem's power from just holding this shard. 16800 en
Emperor Barbel Storm Emperor Majestic barbel at the thunder dragon's mouth. Some believe the barbel controls thunder. 17000 en
Poison Pumpkin Cursed Pumpkin Pumpkin with poison coursing through it. Certain medicine can be made from it. defeat while poisoned 17500 en
Sky Metal Tail Juggernaut Tail said to be made of the mythical Sky Metal. Gained by sealing the limbs of the juggernaut. defeat while leg bound 17500 en
Wyvern Talon Wyvern Curved talon from the tip of a Wyvern wing. It cuts through wind to increase its velocity. 18500 en
Emperor Scale Storm Emperor The only reverse scale on the thunder dragon. It takes great fortune to acquire this. 20000 en
King Plate (DLC) Frost King Thick chest plate of the Frost King. It's so big, carrying it will be troublesome. 20000 en
Snow Pterygoid Blizzard King Ice dragon's wingbone that spreads, fanlike. A flap of this wing can cause blizzards. 21000 en
Giant Skin Hecatoncheires Patchwork skin of the thousand-handed giant. It's obvious this isn't its original skin. 23000 en
Blizzard Scale Blizzard King The only reverse scale on the ice dragon. It takes great fortune to acquire this. 24000 en
Electric Ring (DLC) Thunder Queen A wheel used by the Thunder Queen to move. It may be useful for transportation. 24000 en
Flame Breath Salamander Lizard tongue so hot it can scald you. It'll cool unless taken while it's afraid. defeat while feared 25000 en
Dragon Fang Great Dragon Fire dragon's fang that can crush all. Its dreadful strength can shatter boulders. 30000 en
Broken Stake Hecatoncheires One of the countless stakes in the monster. The deeper-driven ones are less given to rot. defeat with bash dmg 30000 en
Statue Arm Golem Statue arm fixed in place by its joint. Made from a boulder, it's lethal already. defeat while head bound 35000 en
Paralyzed Wing Wyvern A paralyzed wing that can no longer fly. So full of energy, it flaps while paralyzed. defeat while paralyzed 37000 en
Dragon Scale Great Dragon The only reverse scale on the fire dragon. It takes great fortune to acquire this. 38000 en
Thunderous Eye Storm Emperor Thunder dragon's eye, cloaked in lightning. Some say it holds the key to ultimate power. defeat with volt dmg 39000 en
Bound Ice Arm (DLC) Frost King The bound arm of the Frost King, now still. It can no longer strike down any innocents. defeat while arms bound 41000 en
Frozen Wing Blizzard King Ice dragon's wing, encrusted in ice. Some say it holds the key to ultimate power. defeat with ice dmg 44000 en
Odd Purple Hide (DLC) Tindalos Spongy skin from a toxic monster. Repels poison, but not so much as armor. 44444 en
Confusing Bow (DLC) Thunder Queen Bow dropped by the queen when confused. Normally inseperable from the body. defeat while panicked 48000 en
Scorching Horn Great Dragon Fire dragon's horn, wreathed in flames. Some say it holds the key to ultimate power. defeat with fire dmg 66000 en
Bound Talon (DLC) Tindalos Thin, leglike talon Tindalos' body. The dripping poison is unlike anything known. defeat while legs bound 88000 en
Eden Apple Ur-Child Strange red fruit from the Ur-Child's wings. It's likely a fruit in name alone. 90000 en

Gathered Items[]

Chopped Items[]

Name Found on Description Sell Price
Bent Twig Ancient Forest Sturdy stick found in the forest's early area.

Supple, and fit for bow making.

20 en
Hard Root Ancient Forest Tree root commonly tripped over.

Hard, but light, making it easy to work with.

22 en
Scarlet Vine Auburn Thicket Elastic vine found wrapped around trees.

Used in practical items and weapons alike.

55 en
Hardwood Auburn Thicket Hard, sturdy from Auburn Thicket.

Used for weapons, housing, or furniture.

60 en
Clumped Sap Ancient Forest Chunk of crystallized tree sap.

It can be refined into quality oil for special tools.

100 en
Protruding Root Frozen Grounds Tree root jutting out of the ground.

Has a hard surface making it suited for weapons.

110 en
Sea Branch Frozen Grounds Blue tree branch that feels like coral.

Easy to use, being supple and durable.

120 en
Arc Branch Petal Bridge Tree branch bent in the shape of a bow. It can be used as-is by bowyers. 230 en
Red Pine Auburn Thicket From a tree common in areas lacking water. Its beautiful grain is quite popular. 250 en
Scent Wood Petal Bridge Wood with a soothing floral scent. Popular for housing, furniture, and weaponsmithing. 250 en
Gum String Heavenly Keep Very thin metal string in a soft outer skin. Looks manmade, but its origin is unknown. 400 en
Ironwood Heavenly Keep Thin and long metallic rod, hollow inside. Looks manmade, but its origin is unknown. 440 en
Ice Branch Frozen Grounds Rare, crooked crystal from the Frozen Grounds. Used for armor, though better known as art. 600 en
Crystal Vine Forbidden Wood Plant vines growing on ancient walls. Time has crystallized them. 750 en
Forest Branch Forbidden Wood Strange branch only in the forest depths. Being as hard as metal, it is used in weaponry. 850 en
Bloom Wood Petal Bridge Wood with a lingering, pleasant scent. Prized for upscale furniture, as it's quite rare. 1500 en
Light Chip Heavenly Keep Oddly light metal with carved round shapes. Look manmade, but its origin is unknown. 2500 en
Glow Wood Forbidden Wood Luminous wood storing light in its bark. Rare even in the depths of the forest. 5000 en

Mined Items[]

Name Found on Description Sell Price
Amazonite Ancient Forest Beautiful, blue-green soft from early floors.

Good for making weaponry, and also soap.

20 en
Aragonite Ancient Forest Ore with radial spikes and coral-like texture.

It's a good tool for whetting blades.

22 en
Fluorite Auburn Thicket Ore named for its shine when heated.

Used as binding agent for forging weapons.

55 en
Ruby Auburn Thicket Red gem that is small, but very hard.

Vividly colored ores sell for the most.

60 en
Garnet Ancient Forest Beautiful scarlet gem with high transparency.

Popular and common as jewelry.

100 en
Celestine Frozen Grounds Beautiful stone the color of the clear blue sky.

Turns red when heated up.

110 en
Adularia Frozen Grounds Distinctly shaped ore, a possible mutation of

orthoclase. Pure white ores are in demand.

120 en
Prehnite Petal Bridge Ore of multiple mixed metals. When polished, it takes on the green color of sultana grapes. 230 en
Blood Rock Auburn Thicket Dark red gem the color of coagulated blood. Rarely found, and thus highly valued. 250 en
Malachite Petal Bridge Bluish-green copper ore with signature markings. Popular, as no two patterns are the same. 250 en
Moonstone Heavenly Keep Gem that shines like gentle moonlight. It's believed to ward away evil. 400 en
Tourmaline Heavenly Keep Unusual ore that electrifies if heated. Has many practical uses aside from equipment. 440 en
Ice Sheet Frozen Grounds Crystal sheet of tiny granules, white as snow. Rare, and in demand for jewelry production. 600 en
Cat's Eye Forbidden Wood Beautiful gem that resembles a cat's eye in the right light. Good as a weapon material or art. 750 en
Jade Thews Forbidden Wood A pure yellow-green ore formed in crystal quartz. Some have it processed, and wear it in a charm. 850 en
Rose Quartz Petal Bridge Beautiful crystal with a faint pink color. The jewelry industry has it in high demand. 1500 en
Shine Rock Heavenly Keep A rare ore giving off a faint light. Rarely found in the Labyrinth, and quite valuable. 2500 en
Star Rock Forbidden Wood Ore with a distinctive radial pattern on it. Only rarely found in the forest's depths. 5000 en

Taken Items[]

Name Found on Description Sell Price
Small Flower Ancient Forest White flower commonly found near the entrance.

Used often to make medicine.

20 en
Sour Fruit Ancient Forest Tart fruit common on trees of the forest.

Its sour flavor is used for special medicine.

22 en
Mint Leaf Auburn Thicket Biting into this leaf is cool and refreshing.

The medicine made from it invigorates the mind.

55 en
Mugwort Auburn Thicket Once thought poisonous due to its bitterness.

Used for medicine that gives rise to power.

60 en
Dew Shard Ancient Forest Piece of crystalized flower nectar and sap.

Even a small amount can make a fine medicine.

100 en
Strawberry Frozen Grounds Grows on mossy rocks in the forest depths.

The sweet flavor makes one feel emboldened.

110 en
Icy Flower Frozen Grounds A native flower that resembles a snowflake.

Aesthetically pleasing, but also medicinal.

120 en
Crabapple Petal Bridge Small red fruit common on forest trees. High sugar content, and invigorating 230 en
Tricolor Fruit Auburn Thicket Mysterious fruit that changes color depending on its temperature. Used in low-quality elemental jars. 250 en
Unseasonal Grass Petal Bridge Fungus found on insects of the Petal Bridge. Highly nutritious, and used in certain medicine. 250 en
Life Honey Heavenly Keep Honey, shining as if with floral vitality. Nutritious, and used in expensive medicine. 400 en
Wild Rose Heavenly Keep Lovely flower that blooms in forest depths. Fragrant, and used for potent medicine. 440 en
Narcissus Frozen Grounds Round-shaped succulent that retains water. Sprays a mist when crushed to make medicine. 600 en
Ambrosia Forbidden Wood Shining white flower from the forest depths. Once believed to grant immortality. 750 en
Forest Flower Forbidden Wood Flower blossoming in the forest's true depths. Used for its sweet scent and expensive medicine. 850 en
Knockberry Petal Bridge Dangerous fruit that explodes when heated. Practically inedible, but used in jars. 1500 en
Bloody Dew (DLC) Forbidden Wood Mysterious liquid on grass in forest depths. Reddish-black, like thickened blood. 2400 en
Odd Fruit Heavenly Keep Eerie fruit that looks like an unsettling face. Used to make high-quality elemental jars. 2500 en
Solomon's Seal (DLC) Forbidden Wood Wild herb with a slightly sweet stalk. You can dry it to make an analeptic medicine. 2700 en
Profound Fruit Forbidden Wood Sublimely sweet fruit in the forest depths. Just finding it is proof of good fortune. 5000 en
Antler Fungus (DLC) Forbidden Wood Sought by royalty as a miracle longevity drug. The fungus extended in branches, not a cap. 16000 en

Consumable Items[]

Name Description Effect Ingredients Buy Price Special?
Ariadne Thread Thread used to return to town. Necessary for venturing into the labyrinth. Warps party back to town. None 100en Not expendable on picnic mode
Medica Medicine made of boiled herbs. Slightly restore HP. Recovers 50 HP. None 20 en
Medica II Medicine from Tiny Petal extract. Moderately restores HP. Recovers 100 HP None 100en
Medica III Medicine made from Strawberries. Greatly restores HP. Recovers 200 HP None 800en
Medica IV Medicine made from Forest Flowers. Fully restores HP Fully recovers HP None 5,000en
Soma Potion made of squeezed Crabapples. Moderately restores party HP Recovers ?? Party HP None 1,600en
Soma Prime Potion of crushed Pure White Horns. Greatly restores party HP. Recovers 160 Party HP None
Hamao Potion made by soaking herbs in Life Honey. Moderately restores HP and TP Recover ?? for one party member None 2,000en
Hamao Prime Potion made of Ambrosia. Greatly restores HP and TP Recover ?? for one party member None 5,000en
Nectar Revival elixir made of Amber Lump. Revives a party member with low HP. Revive a fallen party member with 20 HP. 1x Dew Shard 300en
Nectar II Revival elixir from a Profound Fruit. Revives with a moderate amount of HP. Revive a fallen party member with 200 HP. 1xProfound Fruit 6,500en
Therica A Panacea made from stewed Mint Leaves. Removes bindings Remove binds from a party member. None 150en
Therica B Potion made from squeezed Sour Fruits. Removes ailments. Remove ailments from a party member. None 250en
Metopon Wild Rose-based neurotoxin. Neutralizes an enemy's status boosts Remove all buffs on an enemy. None 2,500en
Unihorn Paste made of boiled Unseasonal Grass. Returns all allies to normal status. Remove all buffs and debuffs from party. None 2,500en
Bravant Enhancement potion made by brewing Mugworts. Increases attack for 5 turns. Increase all attack on one ally for 5 turns. None 500en
Stonard Enhancement potion made with Icy Flowers. Increases defense for 5 turns. Increase all defense on one ally for 5 turns. None 500en
Axcela Powerful potion made from stewed Nacissus. Slightly refills the Force gauge. Recover a part of the force gauge on one party member. 1x Narcissus 800en
Blaze Oil Oil that imbues a weapon with the element of fire. This effect lasts for 5 turns. Add fire element to normal attacks for 5 turns. 1x Clumped Sap 200en
Freeze Oil Oil that imbues a weapon with the element of ice. This effect lasts for 5 turns. Add ice element to normal attacks for 5 turns. 1x Clumped Sap 200en
Shock Oil Oil that imbues a weapon with the element of lightning. This effect lasts for 5 turns. Add volt element to normal attacks for 5 turns. 1x Clumped Sap 200en
Fire Mist A mist that absorbs extreme heat, Lessens fire damage for 5 turns. Lower the damage taken to fire attacks for 5 turns. 1x Ice Branch 1,000en
Ice Mist A mist that absorbs extreme cold, Lessens ice damage for 5 turns. Lower the damage taken to ice attacks for 5 turns. 1x Ice Branch 1,000en
Volt Mist A mist that mitigates electrical charge, Lessens volt damage for 5 turns. Lower the damage taken to volt attacks for 5 turns. 1x Ice Branch 1,000en
Fire Jar Made from Tricolor Fruit. Open to unleash a ball of fire at one enemy. Send a ball of fire at a single target. 1x Tricolor Fruit 200en
Ice Jar Made from Tricolor Fruit. Open to unleash a spear of ice at one enemy. Send a spear of ice at a single target. 1x Tricolor Fruit 200en
Volt Jar Made from Tricolor Fruit. Open to unleash a bolt of lightning at one enemy. Send a bolt of lightning at a single target. 1x Tricolor Fruit 200en
Flame Jar Made from Odd Fruit. Open to unleash a wave of flames against all enemies. Send a wave of fire at all enemies. 1x Odd Fruit 1,200en
Frost Jar Made from Odd Fruit. Open to unleash a cold snap against all enemies. Send a wave of ice at all enemies. 1x Odd Fruit 1,200en
Storm Jar Made from Odd Fruit. Open to unleash a lightening storm against all enemies. Send a wave of lightening at all enemies. 1x Odd Fruit 1,200en
Cut Jar Made from Knockberry. Open to unleash a Cut attack on all enemies. Cut all enemies on the field. 1x Knockberry 1,200en
Bash Jar Made from Knockberry. Open to unleash a Bash attack on all enemies. Bash all enemies on the field. 1x Knockberry 1,200en
Stab Jar Made from Knockberry. Open to unleash a Stab attack on all enemies. Stab all enemies on the field. 1x Knockberry 1,200en
Poison Gas A toxic gas that poisons all enemies Poison all enemies. None 950en
Stun Gas An anesthetic gas that paralyzes all enemies. Paralyze all enemies. None 250en
Addle Gas A mesmerizing gas the causes all enemies to panic. Cause all enemies to panic. None 650en
Sleep Gas A soporific gas that puts all enemies to sleep. Put all enemies asleep. None 650en
Head Liberator A thread coated with disabling toxins. Binds all enemy heads. Bind all enemies heads. None 400en
Arm Liberator A thread coated with disabling toxins. Binds all enemy arms. Bind all enemies arms. None 400en
Leg Liberator A thread coated with disabling toxins. Binds all enemy legs. Bind all enemies legs. None 400en
Flash Grenade Unleashes a bright light that stuns nearby FOEs. Use in battle to stop FOEs from moving for that turn. None 20en
Blast Grenade Unleashes a loud sound, knocking enemies off-balance. Use in battle to knock enemies off-balance after taking a stance. None 100en
Analysis Scope Glasses made from Garnet. Adds an enemy's info to the codex. Use on an enemy in battle to register their info in the codex. 1x Garnet 120en
Scout Boots Insoles made from boar hide that lowers damage from harmful floors. Use during exploration to lower the damage from damage tiles for 30?? steps. 1x Thick Boar Skin 300en
Return Flute A flute that allows one to escape to the last stairway or geomagnetic pole used. Usable in or out of battle to warp back to the last stairway or geomagnetic pole used. 1x Severed Antler 200en

Key Items[]

Name Description
Western Food 1 The first volume of Western recipes that uses ingredients found in the Yggdrasil Labyrinth.
Western Food 2

The second volume of Western recipes that uses ingredients found in the Yggdrasil Labyrinth.

Western Food 3

The third volume of Western recipes that uses ingredients found in the Yggdrasil Labyrinth.

Western Food 4

The fourth volume of Western recipes that uses ingredients found in the Yggdrasil Labyrinth.

Western Food 5

The fifth volume of Western recipes that uses ingredients found in the Yggdrasil Labyrinth.

Western Food 6

The sixth volume of Western recipes that uses ingredients found in the Yggdrasil Labyrinth.

Chinese Food 1

The first volume of Chinese recipes that uses ingredients found in the Yggdrasil Labyrinth.

Chinese Food 2

The second volume of Chinese recipes that uses ingredients found in the Yggdrasil Labyrinth.

Chinese Food 3

The third volume of Chinese recipes that uses ingredients found in the Yggdrasil Labyrinth.

Chinese Food 4

The fourth volume of Chinese recipes that uses ingredients found in the Yggdrasil Labyrinth.

Chinese Food 5

The fifth volume of Chinese recipes that uses ingredients found in the Yggdrasil Labyrinth.

Chinese Food 6

The sixth volume of Chinese recipes that uses ingredients found in the Yggdrasil Labyrinth.

Japanese Food 1

The first volume of Japanese recipes that uses ingredients found in the Yggdrasil Labyrinth.

Japanese Food 2

The second volume of Japanese recipes that uses ingredients found in the Yggdrasil Labyrinth.

Japanese Food 3

The third volume of Japanese recipes that uses ingredients found in the Yggdrasil Labyrinth.

Japanese Food 4

The fourth volume of Japanese recipes that uses ingredients found in the Yggdrasil Labyrinth.

Japanese Food 5

The fifth volume of Japanese recipes that uses ingredients found in the Yggdrasil Labyrinth.

Japanese Food 6

The sixth volume of Japanese recipes that uses ingredients found in the Yggdrasil Labyrinth.

Western Cuisine Recipes of the ultimate dishes that only those who have made all of Apicius's Western foods can cook.
Chinese Cuisine

Recipes of the ultimate dishes that only those who have made all of Apicius's Chinese foods can cook.

Japanese Cuisine Recipes of the ultimate dishes that only those who have made all of Apicius's Japanese foods can cook.
Tea Brewing 1 An extremely old book showing the different teas that can be made with the rare sprouts found in the Yggdrasil Labyrinth.
Tea Brewing 2

An extremely old book showing the different teas that can be made with the rare buds found in the Yggdrasil Labyrinth.

Tea Brewing 3

An extremely old book showing the different teas that can be made with the rare clovers found in the Yggdrasil Labyrinth.

Flower Pin A pin the innkeeper's daughter made from white clovers.
Ice King's Book The story of the Ice King, told since ancient times in High Lagaard, is written in this book.
Foul Grail Memo 2 Memo detailing the locale of the Foul Grail.

"To gain the cursed cup, bring the key shard to the center of the temple."

Labyrinth Map Parchment used to map the interior of the Yggdrasil Labyrinth.
Citizenship Card Show that the bearer is a citizen of High Lagaard.

The registration as an adventurer is directly recorded here.

Ancient Periapt An ancient necklace emblazoned with the Duke's crest.
Yggdrasil Key Unlocks the patterned door in the Yggdrasil Labyrinth.
Gold Book Scripture of the winged ones relating to the golden snake.
Foul Grail Memo 1 Memo detailing the locale of the Foul Grail.

"Those who seek the sky: through the cursed cup's shrine, the sacred cup returns."