The Item Compendium is used to keep track of all of the items the player has collected. Items denoted in bold are either conditional drops from their source monster, or rare materials gathered from their point in the stratum.

For information on consumable items, see Items.

Item Compendium (In-game order) Edit

Below is a list of all items in-game. Bold items (yellow in-game) are either conditional drops or rare harvests.

Name Sell Price Description From
Hard Cupule 5 Bowl-shaped outer cap of a nut monster. Being practically useless, it isn't worth much. Rabid Acorn
Thorny Vine 6 Thorned ivy of a plant monster. It isn't sharp, but it's hard enough to make weapons with. Roper
Cracked Nut 7 A cracked acorn shell. The seed inside can be pressed to extract a well-burning oil. Rabid Acorn
Fluffy Muffler 7 Fluffy neck fur of a flying beast. Its warmth makes it a popular material for clothing. Air Squirrel
Cold Patagium 10 Chilly membrane from a bat that uses ice. It's resilient, but soft, and makes fine leather. Ice Bat
Heavy Ferrule 11 The hard part of the mushroom, the tip of its "leg". Heavy, and commonly thrown away. Myconid
Dislodged Fang 12 Sharp fang from the Ice Bat. It won't come clean unless stabbed out while the bat's alive. Ice Bat
Shattered Shell 13 Hard shell of a Forest Turtle. Used for armor. Forest Turtle
Conical Canine 14 Heavy fang of a beast known for slaying many adventurers. Not sharp, but meant to grind prey. Wild Dog
Curved Claw 14 The curving claw from a lemur's slender finger. It's small, hard, and difficult to process. Forest Aye-Aye
Spongy Epidermis 15 Spongy skin of a toxic worm. Once it has been processed, it can stretch to over twice its length. Venomous Leech
Steely Bucktooth 16 Sharp front tooth of a skittinsh, vicious bunny. It's quite sharp, so use caution in handling it. Man-eating Hare
Mossy Ore 16 Ore mossy enough to tell you it's been here for a long time. If cleaned, it ends up good metal. Mine: Tutelary Forest
Brown Tuber 16 A nutrient-filled root noted for analeptic properties. A classic medicinal ingredient. Take: Tutelary Forest
Spiraling Vine 16 A vine that coils around anything, from trees to bushes. After refining, it becomes quite sturdy. Chop: Tutelary Forest
Tempered Shell 19 A hard shell baked with fire. By tempering it, its properties change for use in weaponmaking. Forest Turtle
Cracked Mudstone 20 Between the cracks of overlapping layers, you can see many metals useful for smithing. Mine: Tutelary Forest
Lotus Fruit 20 The hive-shaped fruit of a floating plant. Its juice is widely used in restoratives. Take: Tutelary Forest
Ivied Bark 20 Bark with visible marks from ivy bindings. Its hardness makes it good for armorcrafting. Chop: Tutelary Forest
Forked Tusk 22 A forked hog tusk. Since each tooth has a unique shape, some collect them as decorative pieces. Charging Boar
Brown Wing 25 Large, thin wing of a high-flying insect.. It's translucent, but not at all fragile. Stun Cicada
Feline Ear 26 Triangular ear of a mountain animal. Its soft feel makes it popular among non-adventurers. Jumping Caracal
Turkey Feather 28 Gorgeous tail feather of a cautios bird. It's used for bows and other hair accessories. Gobbler
Rodent Tailthorn 31 A thorn from a Volt Squirrel's fluffy tail. The surface near the root resists electricity. Volt Squirrel
Gelatinous Core 33 Strange spherical core found inside a Gel. It can be heated into a metal-like substance. Popping Gel
Thick Vine 35 A thick vine seemingly made of clustered thin vines. They're much tougher than they look. Colossal Roper
Shattered Horn 35 The chipped horn from a mountain goat. Depending on how it's broken, it might be more valuable. Cliff Goat
Canine Jawbone 47 Lower jaw of a ferocious mongrel. It's hard to process, so it keeps its shape in crafting. Spotted Hound
Electric Horn 49 A crushed horn from the Volt Squirrel. The sheer impact has dislodged it's electrical organ. Volt Squirrel
Black Dewclaw 50 Blackened claw of a mad dog. The tip breaks cleanly under strong pressure. Spotted Hound
Skunk Cabbage 50 An enigmatic red plant with a meditative air. It's used in medicines, but it smells awful. Take: Tutelary Forest
Flying Tailfin 51 The thin tail of a fish that flies in the air. Flexible, and often used for hair ornaments. Stoneray
Crested Wing 55 A severed macaw wing. Its bones and feathers are quite versatile, and used for many things. Prancing Parrot
Colorful Crest 59 Feathers from a macaw that ridicules adventurers. The size of the red circle determines its price. Prancing Parrot
Dolomite 60 A soft yellow one of high clarity. It can be processed to make weapons or bonding agents. Mine: Jagged Reach
Cecidium 60 A gall-shaped stalk containing an insect and nutritious honey. Once cut, they seep out. Take: Jagged Reach
Sturdy Branch 60 Despite its thinness, this branch is sturdy. You'll need a precision cutting tool to get it. Chop: Jagged Reach
Razor Stone 70 Named because of the sharp edge of the rock's angle. It's said to cut through metal. Mine: Jagged Reach
Aromatic Moss 70 Fragrant moss found in patches on rocky areas. The soothing scent is used for food and medicine. Take: Jagged Reach
Thick Sap 70 Thick sap that hardens when heated over a fire. With metal-like hardness, it's used for weaponry. Chop: Jagged Reach
Broken Claw 78 A sturdy mole claw, capable of digging through even solid layers of bedrock. Rending Mole
Bound Hoof 78 A hoof from a beast of the mountain trails. It can be combined with ore to make weapons. Cliff Goat
Giant Humerus 85 Bone removed for the arm of a violent bat-ape. Its hardness changes with the processing method. Chiroptekong
Squishy Leg 88 Tough foot of a small black fairy. Often used for clothes or accessories. Petite Spriggan
Floating Cranium 90 Fragment of a floating skull. Unless held down, it'll keep floating due to residual magic. Cracked Skull
Bound Vine 95 Large vine made utterly immobile. The monster's power is sealed inside, so it's high in demand. Colossal Roper
Toxic Gelatin 98 A Gel's body that has been discolored from contact with toxins. It's quite resilient. Popping Gel
Elastic Vine 99 Eerie ivy that looks like an arm. It's flexible, and so is used for shoes and bows. Eerie Choker
Cloudy Augite 100 A stone that gleams prettily when polished. Often processed into popular accessories. Mine: Tutelary Forest
Rusted Metal 100 A rusty metallic plate found in the ground. Once melted down, the metal can be recycled. Mine: Fetid Necropolis
Bane Weed 100 Eerie grass that spreads with abandon, killing all other plants around it. Used in medicine. Take: Fetid Necropolis
Crooked Tree 100 An old tree from the wetlands near the forest entrance. Something about it seems incorporeal. Chop: Tutelary Forest
Skull Wood 100 Unsettling wood with skull-like patterns in the grain. Used for weapons and armor, mostly. Chop: Fetid Necropolis
Metal Pincer 102 A horn as hard as metal. It's primarily used to restrain prey, so it's actually non-venomous. Toxipede
Rotting Dogbone 107 Ribs of an undead dog killed by adventurers. The bones are oddly soft, and poison-resistant. Zombie Mutt
Scarlet Carapace 111 A large red shell that covers a lobster's head and body. It's actually not as heavy as it looks. Iron Crustacean
Dirty Quiver 111 Dingy green quiver once worn by an archer. Wrapped with metal, so it can be used as a weapon. Bone Archer
Electrified Beak 112 The beak of a macaw that died from electrocution. Curiously, the charge made it heat-resistant. Prancing Parrot
Ivory Sack 119 White bag made from a wandering spirit. It looks like common cloth, but transmits high mana. Ghost
Obsidian 120 A dark and transparent ore that breaks into very sharp shards. Used in making daily items. Mine: Fetid Necropolis
Zombie Shroom 120 Eerie mushroom that looks like a zombified hand. Looks nasty, but high in nutrients. Take: Fetid Necropolis
Parasitic Vine 120 A parasitic vine plant that uses animals as hosts. Most wildlife barely even notices it. Chop: Fetid Necropolis
Tough Membrane 134 Patagium that a Zombie Squirrel uses to glide. It;s thick enough that blades can't pierce it. Zombie Squirrel
Frozen Chunk 140 Contents of a Horned Skull frozen by magic. When defrosted, it turns into a glowing green mass. Horned Skull
Vampire Crown 145 Crown worn by a fiery witch. It keeps itself safe with a fireproof sheet on the inside. Flame Temptress
Bear Feather 158 A furry feather from a bipedal bird-bear. Given its ferocity, many give up on obtaining this. Owl Beast
Blackened Horn 163 A black horn from a creepy skull's forehead. It's actually quite soft at the base. Horned Skull
Cut-off Claw 164 A large claw cut from a shore-dwelling lobster. It's more dense than it is sharp, surprisingly. Iron Crustacean
Burnt Airsac 164 A sac from the chest of a burnt beast. Heat has hardened it, and it can take some heavy impacts. Chiroptekong
Confused Needle 170 Sharp needle from a confused undead dog. It's a hollow tube, so it works as a straw. Zombie Mutt
Rainbow Fruit 175 A mysterious fruit that changes color in light. It can preserve magic, and is used for jars. Take: Jagged Reach
Sharpened Rim 196 Sharp outer ring of a wheel monster. Often used in flooring and walls for insulation. Soultaker
Selenite 200 An almost completely-transparent ore. After refining into a powder, it's used in weaponmaking. Mine: Lucent Hollows
Ooze Mushroom 200 Green fungi that sticks firmly to walls and the ground. It has a calming effect on the mind. Take: Lucent Hollows
Shining Bark 200 Bark that merged with ore over countless years. Still, it feels the same as normal wood. Chop: Lucent Hollows
Bismuth 240 A soft metal ore that reflects many colors. Heat makes it easier to process. Mine: Lucent Hollows
Igneous Herb 240 Bluish white plant that looks silver in the light. Very healthy, but tastes absolutely disgusting. Take: Lucent Hollows
Quartz Shoot 240 A large bamboo shoot encased in crystal. The outer shell can be used for metalwork. Chop: Lucent Hollows
Warped Voltstone 246 Portion of a monster that resembles a bolt. It's used a material with metal goods. Volt Cryst
Bound Manastone 250 Petrified mana trapped in a witch's gemstone after its spells have all been sealed off. Flame Temptress
Sharp Batfang 257 Fangs of a massive predatory bat. They're sharp enough to pierce through steel. Hypno Bat
Elastic Wornskin 264 Resilient outer skin of a cave-dwelling leech. It remains rubbery even after dying. Cave Leech
Black Tail 265 Soft tail of a giant fairy. If melted with metal, the resultant alloy is likewise soft. Grand Spriggan
Redglass Shell 281 Translucent-red shell of a flame crystal. Grows soft and malleable under heat. Fire Cryst
Crimson Coxcomb 297 Symbolic coxcomb from the head of a raging bird. Its softness makes it good for clothes. Tantrum Turkey
Necrotic Finger 300 Black finger of a fairy felled by heavy impact. Incongruously fragile, and a bit sticky. Grand Spriggan
Mist Blossom 300 A flower that stores water in the air as vapor. Given its capabilities, it's used for mists. Take: Fetid Necropolis
Empty Casket 304 A large, empty coffin that once stored a demon. When triggered, blades pop out from inside. Coffin Demon
Red Forewings 305 Wings ripped apart from the back of an alert insect. Klaxon Cicada
Azure Core 313 Blue core from the bosy of a crystalline being. Its hardness changes according to temperature. Ice Cryst
Granite 340 A dull white stone of notable hardness. The right processing method can make it smoother. Mine: Untamed Garden
Thick Stalk 340 Stalk of a plant with a gelatinous mesophyll under its outer surface. Used in expensive medicines. Take: Untamed Garden
Pliable Bark 340 Translucent bark scraped off a fallen tree. Oddly, exposure to fire causes it to melt. Chop: Untamed Garden
Chipped Blade 347 Unique sword beloved by a reptoid warrior. Not well-maintained, so not a great weapon. Sword Saurian
Stoneguard Shard 350 Part of a barrier that protected the forest. The material is very conductive of mana. Amalgolem
Rose Quartz 350 A hard pink ore. It's said that the more white is on the inside, the rarer it is. Mine: Jagged Reach
Writhing Root 360 Twisted tree root that jutted from the ground. Highly pliable, it's used for shoes and furniture. Chop: Jagged Reach
Sharp Pincer 360 Massive pincer of a giant scorpion. The metals inside are used for knives or katana. Glaring Stinger
Imperial Talon 375 Hooklike claws from the king of all moles. The sharp barb demands caution in carrying. Mole King
Cloudy Crystal 376 The clouded bosy of a monster that had its senses dulled. It's harder to process now. Fire Cryst
Inert Sugarcore 381 Sweet core with natural sugars released by paralysis. It's even sold as a sugar substitute. Volt Cryst
Thorny Scapula 391 Pauldron worn by a spear-toting reptoid. It won't fit you, obviously--it's only good for crafting. Lance Saurian
Silenced Siren 392 Head of a cicada that could not sound its alarm. Supposedly quite mana-conductive. Klaxon Cicada
Fluorescent Ore 400 A thin, mysterious plate emblazoned with a pattern that glows in the dark. Can be made into an alloy. Mine: Untamed Garden
Coriander 400 An herb with a distinct fragrance due to its environment. Used for making mist products. Take: Untamed Garden
Stiff Branch 400 A fine branch that resists being bent. It takes hard work, but it can be crafted with. Chop: Untamed Garden
Cut-off Blade 408 The tip of a reptoid spear, severed during combat. Fortunately, it's easily recyclable. Lance Saurian
Dull Metal 408 Metal mass from the tip of a reptoid warhammer. Seems like exotic metal, but it's still workable. Hammer Saurian
Lizard Tail 423 Tail from a hammer-wielding reptoid. hard to process, but makes a high-quality weapon. Hammer Saurian
Camouflage Fang 452 Fang of a crafty, carnivorous dog that hides behind plants to ambush its prey. Camo Dog
Giraffe Fur 455 Long, stiff hair from a violent giraffe. They're used to make weapons and stringed instruments. Bucking Giraffe
Monochrome Leg 495 Leg of a monochromatic insect. The exoskeleton is tough, so it's often used for weaponry. Panda Ant
Fluffy Coldtail 510 Soft tail of a rodent that shoots ice. They say more thorns on it means a higher price. Ice Squirrel
Metal Nutshell 523 Shell from an acorn as tough as steel. The severe impact has left it badly deformed. Steel Acorn
Red Catspaw 530 Paw of a crimson beast with paralytic powers. Used as cushioning for protective gear. Crimson Caracal
Long Nose 536 Elongated nose of a giant ape. Drying it will make it harder, but it'll still stay slimy. Impeding Tengu
Primate Patagium 554 Thin membrane found on a bat-ape's upper arm. It's often used for footwear designs. Chiroptilla
Sharp Mandibles 559 Jaw blade from a fire-spewing insect. It's used to make weapons, as it's heat-resistant. Fire Ant
Soft Yellow Core 573 Yellow core from a particularly tough Gel. It's quite delicate, and must be carried carefully. Horned Gel
Fiery Horn 596 Horn of a feisty rodent that tries to burn adventurers. It's a good conductor of mana. Fire Squirrel
Flint 600 A hard quartz that sparks if struck against steel. Civilians have taken to lighting fires with it. Mine: Fetid Necropolis
Crystal Flower 600 An eerily beautiful bloom with crystalline petals. The petals are used to make special jars. Take: Lucent Hollows
Fine Sapling 600 A fairly recent sapling that nevertheless had fully rooted. It's hard and sturdy. Chop: Fetid Necropolis
Holey Gelatin 601 Soft, coreless body of a Gel. It has a liquid consistency, and needs a vessel to carry it in. Horned Gel
Frozen Wing 615 Unique organ from a reptoid, numbed by freezing. Seems to regulate body heat. Hammer Saurian
Statue Shard 641 Fragment of an equine stone doll. They say you can tell your fortune by how it's broken. Hex Steed
Equestrian Orb 654 The core of a moving statue that releases cursed lightning. Mix it to make a sturdy alloy. Hex Steed
Stickbug Shield 660 Shield of an insect with a chivalrous spirit, interestingly, it can parry shocks and mana. Shielded Phasmid
Stickbug Switch 718 Thin, twiglike arm of a sword-wielding insect. Can be used for a variety of crafting purposes. Bladed Phasmid
Twisted Horn 733 Ominous horn of a goat that curses passersby. It's soft enough that it can be cut with a knife. Cursed Capra
Rockhorse Ear 741 Ear of a stone doll that looks like an animal. Conducts mana well, so it's used to make tools. Stone Steed
Rusty Blade 780 A sharp sword cherished by a fallen soldier. You can reforge the blade as a shield. Skelesword
Jagged Tusk 809 Tusk of a rampaging boar. Since it contains various metals, it's used to make cutlery. Battering Boar
Scorpion Crystal 889 Crystal from a giant scorpion's tail. It has been made heavier through petrification. Glaring Stinger
Meteorite 900 An uneven rock made from a jumble of metals. Its properties vary when processed differently. Mine: Empyreal Bridge
Ambrosia 900 A brilliant white flower that blooms in harsh environments. Once thought to grant immortality. Take: Empyreal Bridge
Flowering Branch 900 A branch with a capped flower at its tip. It communicates with other plants through mana. Chop: Empyreal Bridge
Burnt Leafblade 909 A leaf sword that survived a fiery blast. Can't work with fire, so craftsmen dislike it. Bladed Phasmid
Stun Barrier 1000 Once part of a barrier that kept the forest safe. The striped pattern is meant to signify peace. Amalgolem
Checkered Board 1000 A slick black plate with white grill patterns It emanates mana under light. Mine: Empyreal Bridge
Clock Flower 1000 A rare flower that blooms according to the time. It stores mana, so it's made into powerful jars. Take: Untamed Garden
Vortex Flower 1000 A black flower with a swirling pattern at its center. Distinctly sweet, and used for medicines. Take: Empyreal Bridge
Tripod Cedar 1000 A tree similar to cedar where the trunk splits into three. It looks odd, but can be processed. Chop: Empyreal Bridge
Imperious Tail 1045 Pointy tail of a bird with a crownlike crest. Supposedly boosts your determination. Emperor Falcon
Fallen Stardust 1062 Chunk of a fallen meteorite, full of metals. Often sold as decoration or jewelry. Stardust
Alien Tentacle 1070 Spiked tentacle from a many-limbed monster. It's flexible, and often used to make accessories Xenopod
Impish Wing 1091 Wings from the back of a mischievous imp. Surprisingly sharp, so handle with caution. Alluring Imp
Gryphon Wingpaw 1100 A giant wing from the Hippogryph that rules the highlands. It's massive, but very light. Hippogryph
Agate 1200 A crystalized mineral with strange, distinct coloring. It's hollow, and easy to process. Mine: Lucent Hollows
Crystal Tree 1200 Pillar-like tree with a clear, crystalline root. Seems to gain more clarity with age. Chop: Lucent Hollows
Hellish Hindwing 1236 Large wing from an insect that dwells in harsh environments. Used for protective gear. Asura Cicada
Pointed Claw 1329 Claws from slender hands, suitable for hunting prey. It semms to have been carefully polished. Mimic Aye-Aye
Illusory Cloth 1400 Cloth worn by a monster that haunts battlefields. Sometimes, it seems to move on its own... Roaming Wraith
Bound Horseshoe 1440 Hoof of a strange doll that moved due to magic. Adding metal activates the dormant mana. Stone Steed
Ebon Breastplate 1630 Metal armor that's been stained with the blood of adventurers. Large and unwieldy. Headless Hunter
Space Cartilage 1667 Cartilage of a strange white fish that swims through the void in perpetual darkness. Dreamray
Hard Beak 1820 Curved beak of a bird that ridicules passersby. It can pierce metal without a scratch. Wily Parrot
Burnt Pauldron 1850 Pauldron of an armored wraith that was burnt. Already charred, it's hard to process. Headless Hunter
Dread Canesword 1994 Metal staff wielded by a humanoid monster. It's suitable for processing that involves magic. Night Witch
Starstruck Sugar 2000 Core of a meteorite that was destroyed in one hit. Can be added to drinks for a sweet, crisp taste. Stardust
Bound Tail 2000 Thorny tail of an entirely bound squirrel. The fur is undamaged, and suitable for crafting. Fire Squirrel
Rutile 2000 A crystal with a multicolored gleam. It's harder than iron, and needs a craftsman's touch. Mine: Untamed Garden
Lunar Wood 2000 Distinct white wood with an alien bluish tinge. It can be processed into long-lasting woodwork. Chop: Untamed Garden
Eyeball Pauldron 2016 Odd pauldron on a thin monster's shoulder. Some hollow it out to make shock-resistant shoes. Slender Demon
Curved Blade 2040 Arcing blade of a wheel-like monster that attacks from darkness. Usually heavily processed. Doom Wheel
Devildog Fang 2130 Razor-sharp canine of a three-headed hound. It can b used to make fine cutlery. Cerberus
Fullmana Gem 2203 Ominous crystal infused with a flood of mana. It's used in making magic accessories. Night Witch
Stupefied Orb 2400 Glowing eyeball gouged from a confused demon. More valuable for research than smithing. Alluring Imp
Starfall Fruit 2500 Star-shaped fruit with a refreshing taste. Being so rare, it's usually beyond commoners' reach. Take: Empyreal Bridge
Direbug Stinger 2760 Tail needle of a giant worm. This one has no toxins, and can be brough back safely. Dread Worm
Rigid Shell 2800 Insanely hard shell of a giant forest turtle. Despite its hardness, it's not very thick. Raging Tortoise
Crushed Ribbon 3000 Ribbony arm of a thin monster, crushed from excessive force. Can be processed with mana. Slender Demon
Unseeing Eye 3000 Eerie eyeball of an all-seeing wheel. In taking its sight the eyelid is no longer an obstacle. Doom Wheel
Royal Deathmask 3000 The death mask of the nefarious Undead King. Its eerie smile lingers even beyond death. Undead King
Warped Ebonhorn 3037 The warped, ebony horn of a vaguely lion-like life form. Seems to be coated in brimstone. Xenolion
Tremor Needles 3150 Needles from the mouth of a giant blue worm. Famous among craftsmen for their fragility. Sonar Worm
Orthrus Fur 3580 Bushy fur from a canine of the crystal caverns. It's thick, but breathable. Hellhound
Stunned Bugmolt 3880 Skin shed in desperation by a stunned worm. As it's freshly shed, it's still quite soft. Dread Worm
Zapped Dewclaw 4060 Claw detached from a devildog by lightning. It's rich in metal and other elements. Hellhound
Cracked Spike 4550 Pointy quills from a small bird's body. Cracked, but still sharp and dense. Puffer Sparrow
Bound Needle 5000 Needle from the foot of an immobile cicada. It breaks easily, so handle it gently. Asura Cicada
Azure Dew 5000 A translucent blue drop thought to be used for hygiene. It's filled with metallic components. Mine: Empyreal Bridge
Reverse Tree 5000 A bizarre tree that seems to grow upside-down. Said to grow into a destroyer of stars. Chop: Empyreal Bridge
Fiendish Mane 5200 Mane hairs from a fiend that chases adventurers. They're tougher when bunched up together. Plague Demon
Azure Dragonhorn 6000 A crystal crescent horn from a cave-dwelling dragon. It's translucent, and chimes when tapped. Crystal Dragon
Wicked Armspikes 6500 Spikes on the arms of a demon of the labyrinth. Possibly used for heat, as they're still warm. Clawed Fiend
Freakish Finger 8800 Crooked fingers from a hideous monster. Application of mana can make them more pliable. Mounting Horror
Transient Pick 9800 Barbed talon of the mighty Hippogryph. It rarely breaks cleanly unless defeated quickly. Hippogryph
Nightmare Hair 10000 Long hair of a vicious demon that lures adventurers to their deaths. Oddly beautiful. Mounting Horror
Draco Lightwing 11400 Crystal wing with the godly aura of a dragon. Unless drained of mana, it shatters upon death. Crystal Dragon
Accursed Talon 12880 Dark claws of a monster that was cursed to death. They look fearsome, but have curative properites. Plague Demon
Cursed Loincloth 14700 Loincloth worn by the puppeteer of the dead. Imbued with foul curses and a powerful hatred. Undead King
Gelatinous Leg 16000 Soft limb cut from a Gel. Working with this is a true test of a craftsman's skill. Prosperous Gel
Bloody Sickle 17400 Sickle of a monster that cuts down adventurers. Is that blood yours or the enemy's...? Harvester
Distortion Core 18700 Core of a gelatinous monster, deformed from adventurers' beatings. Can increase one's mana. Prosperous Gel
Flabby Arm 20500 The arm of a large monster. Being neatly cylindrical, it's used as a model for gun barrels. Taurus Demon
Shadow Dorsalfin 25000 Dorsal fin of a massive shadow. Its malevolent aura seems more fit for the underworld. Eternal Tyrant
Hardened Horn 34000 Petrified monster horn. If you can break its surface, the core within is rich in metal. Taurus Demon
Pachyderm Crown 34000 An ornate crown from the head of a giant elephant The metal is mossy, but without tarnish or flaw. Primordiphant
Goddess Wings 37200 Degenerated wings of the mythical Mantis Princess. The transparent fragility has a strange beauty to it. Harvester
Bewitching Bud 44500 The blossoming bud of a carnivorous plant that lures in live prey with a pseudo-humanoid form. Dryad
Primoridal Trunk 46000 Robust leg of a giant elephant living in the craggy mountains. Thick as a tree trunk. Primordiphant
Corrupted Ulna 52000 Thick bone from the wing of an undead dragon. Denser than most bones, and nigh-unbreakable. Zombie Dragon
Sinister Serpent 67000 Giant snake that Lamia controls like a limb. Each has its own length, strength, and toxicity. Lamia
Snakebraid Snarl 83000 Red tresses so snarled that they can never be separated from anything in their tangles. Lamia
Dead Dragonbone 100000 Spine of the ferocious Zombie Dragon, whose body fought even beyond the bounds of death. Zombie Dragon
Treant Velvet 120000 Fabric from a sprite, after being tainted by poison. It looks wispy, but it's quite strong. Dryad
Worldeater Core 300000 The spherical core of an abomination said to have been the end of countless civilizations. Star Devourer

Materials not in the Item Compendium Edit

These materials are not in the in-game Compendium. They are found only through Adventure Episodes, quest rewards, and other nonrepeatable means. They are not used for equipment or items.

Name Sell Price Description
Mountain Copper 50 A copper coin used in the Therian mountain city. Old, common, and not too valuable.
Celestial Silver 100 A silver coin made by Celestrians long ago. It's decorated beautifully.
Zepheria Coin 1000 A large silver coin found at he Zepheria Exchange where Brouni merchants gather. It's quite rare, and valuable besides.
Raspberyl Gem 2200 A raspberry beryl called pezzottaite. Especially large or pure samples of this mineral are prized by collectors.
Dragon Crystal 7400 A hexagonal pillar of quartz formed from the crystallization of a Crystal Dragon's mineral-rich scale shards.
Yggdrasil Mythril 100000 Chunk of silvery metal known as mythril. It's enigmatic, but of the highest quality.