Alias Player-decided name
Personal Details
Race Human
Age 19 (estimate, non-canon)
Gender Male
Relatives Unknown
Professional Details
Class Highlander
Affiliation Highlander Tribe, Player's Guild, Grand Duchy of High Lagaard(Citizen)
Voice Actors
Japanese Kousuke Toriumi
English Orion Acaba
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The Highlander is one of the main protagonists of Etrian Odyssey Untold: The Millennium Girl. He was selected by the Elder of his tribe to assist Etria and the Radha to solve the mysteries of the Yggdrasil Labyrinth and mainly, the mysterious earthquakes that had been occurring for quite some time.


Similar to Classic Mode / other Etrian Odyssey games, the Highlander is just like most chosen characters; silent. He is unable to talk (in your view), but instead, you can choose the replies he gives for certain dialogues. Although they may determine his personalities, this won't really affect the plot in any way at all.


Not much of the Highlander's backstory were revealed or given during the gameplay. The only information known about him is that he hails from the Highlander Tribe, which is located in the Grand Duchy of High Lagaard. Etria/the Radha sends an invitation to the tribe's elder, asking them to help Radha Subaltern of Etria to investigate the cause of mysterious earthquakes that had been occurring lately in the area and also inviting them to solve the mysteries of the Yggdrasil Labyrinth.

The elder chooses the Highlander for this job; he believed that the Highlander can help Etria and Radha with their problems. He tells the Highlander to "show Etria a Highlander's true justice".

Class OverviewEdit

Most of the Highlander's damage output comes from his Spear skills which require a percentage of HP to use. If these skills are performed excessively, the Highlander is prone to chewing through his HP and TP reserves rather quickly, unless supported with a Medic's healing. Still, if designed correctly he possesses the capability of doing immense damage through his Delayed Charge and Cross Charge combo, or with the assistance of an Alchemist, Spear Assist. To show off the Grimoire Stone capabilities of letting characters use skills from other classes, he also has Limitless that functions as a charge skill while lifting weapon restrictions for the turn - which also increases potential burst damage when used with any of the above attacks.

He is also capable of supporting the party in several ways through a limited ability to apply buffs. Bloody Offense is one of the best class-based attack-boosting skills in the game, offering an immense surge in power for a miniscule HP drain. He can also heal the party with Black Sabbath, may defend them from ailments with Battle Instinct, or assist in ailment infliction with Allied Bonds. While these skills can open up several support options, many choose to instead focus entirely on his damage output.

  • Strengths: Strong and fast with great potential for burst damage.
  • Weaknesses: Lack of variety of damage types without Spear Assist, HP consumption in-battle may leave him fragile.


Skill Description Type Requires Extra
Spear Mastery Enables spear skills and increases spear damage. Mastery None Can be augmented with Grimoire Stones.
Long Thrust Ranged stab attack to 1 enemy. Spear Spear Mastery Lv1
Draining Thrust Melee stab attack to front enemy line. Consumes user's HP. Spear Spear Mastery Lv2
Legion Thrust Melee stab attack to front enemy line. Consumes party's HP.
Draining Burst Melee stab attack to all enemies. Consumes user's HP. Spear Draining Thrust Lv5
Legion Burst Melee stab attack to all enemies. Consumes party's HP. Spear Legion Thrust Lv5
Head Pierce Stab attack to 1 enemy. May cause head bind or instant death. Spear Spear Mastery Lv3 Lv5 and 10 increase head bind and instant kill rate.
Spear Assist Slow melee stab attack to 1 enemy. If an ally has used an attack with an elemental component, it does increased damage and has that element. Spear Spear Mastery Lv5 If different elements are used, the element of the last skill overrides all others.
Delayed Charge Consumes user's HP for a ranged stab attack to 1 enemy 2 turns later. Spear Spear Mastery Lv10 Damage increases with longer delay; Lv5 and 10 increase max delay.
Cross Charge Consumes user's HP for a fast melee stab attack to 1 enemy. Stronger with Delayed Charge. Spear Delayed Charge Lv3 If used on same target as Delayed Charge, Delayed Charge will immediately trigger.
ATK Up Raises physical attack. Stat Up None
Turning Tide Recovers HP for all allies when user slays an enemy. Passive ATK Up Lv1
Bloody Offense For 3 turns, increases 1 line's offenses while causing them to lose HP when they act. Buff ATK Up Lv3 Lv5 and 10 increase duration.
Bloodlust User may perform a normal attack whenever they lose HP. Passive Turning Tide Lv3
Bloody Offense Lv3
Retaliatory attack cannot crit, but works with normal attack-augmenting skills.
Stigmata Binds user and an enemy, while also transferring user's ailments to target. Battle ATK Up Lv5
DEF Up Raises physical defense. Stat Up None
Battle Instinct At the start of the battle, the party may be protected from the first ailment for 5 turns. Passive DEF Up Lv1
Blood Fortune Consumes party's HP to raise ailment success rate. Buff DEF Up Lv3
Allied Bonds When skills consume the user's HP, at the end of the turn, allies in their line recover TP. Passive Battle Instinct Lv3
Blood Fortune Lv3
Spirit Shield Consumes user's HP to raise one line's elemental defense for 3 turns. Buff DEF Up Lv5 Lv5 and 10 increase duration.
HP Up Raises max HP. Stat Up None
Limitless Charges for increased damage on next action, which can use other weapon skills. Battle HP Up Lv3
Black Sabbath Steals HP from enemy, restoring party HP but also transferring binds and ailments. Battle HP Up Lv10 Cannot steal more HP than total ally HP.
Mine Allows the user to find more resources while mining. Gather None Can be augmented with a Grimoire Stone.

Grimoire SkillsEdit

Skills to generate and pass:

  • Limitless: A charge skill that allows for a wider skill use. Unlike Charge (enemy skill), this applies for all attacks during the turn, with interesting applications with Bloodlust.
  • Bloody Offense: Powerful attack boost, with a negligible HP cost.

Skills best used on the Highlander:

  • Various non-stab attack skills: Increases the variety of damage types he can inflict besides Spear Assist.
  • Formula Mastery (Alchemist): Raises elemental damage, and thus the power of Spear Assist.
  • Aegis (Protector): The Highlander is a little fragile given how frequently he burns his own HP. Offset this by letting him resist death.
  • Sagittarius Shot (Survivalist): Lv10 Delayed Charge → Limitless → Sagittarius Shot means that both attacks will connect at the same time with increased turn speed, doing a ridiculous amount of burst damage to a single enemy.
  • Wrath Might (Dark Hunter): This passive can apply the moment your HP falls within the threshold, so the Highlander's HP-consuming skills will be incredibly powerful.


  • As of now, he has no official name yet; instead, the player has to give him a name.
  • In Etrian Odyssey 2 Untold: The Fafnir Knight, there is a DLC pack that allows the player to add the Highlander class to the guild hall. The protagonist of EOU does not make a cameo in the game despite this.
  • In one of the "Etrian Odyssey Untold: Millennium Girl" Original Soundtrack covers, the Highlander is dressed as a Troubadour like Frederica.
  • The Highlander is Lagaardian, which serves a slight fortelling for the release of the second Untold game.


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