Food is a type of item that can be found in Etrian Odyssey V. Food can be found from farm animals left at Jenetta's Inn, or at harvesting spots.They can be eaten in the field to restore HP and/or TP. It has an inventory separate from other items, and the player can have up to 60 at a time. Any excess must be discarded, just like with regular items.

List of foods Edit

Listed by order in the in-game menu.

Random Edit

These foods seem to come only from Adventure Episodes, quests, and similar.

Name Description Effect Source
Dried Fish A fish from the forest, caught and dried. Heals a great deal of HP. Lazy Guard 4F
Olives Fully ripe, oblong black fruits. Due to their natural bitterness, fermentation is recommended. Heals a bit of HP. Streetpass Event,

Marten the Farmer

Boiled Crawfish A delicacy received from a chef. Heals an exceptional amount of HP and TP. Grocery Shopping I

Cooked Edit

Name Description Effect Ingredients Unlock
Grilled Fish Caught in the forest and grilled over an open flame, this nutritious fish is good for health. Heals a great deal of HP. Forest Fish
Roasted Meat A hearty dish made by roasting meat from the forest. Good for replenishing health. Heals a great deal of HP. Meat
Grilled Apple A tasty dessert. Expert grilling has brought out the apple's sweetness even further. Heals a great deal of HP. Moon Apple
White Bread A flat, light bread made from wheat. Many savor its delicate sweetness Heals some HP. Forest Wheat Jenetta 3F

(Unavailable after 6F)

Egg-in-the-Basket A Ramus original, made for adventurers. Not only nutritious, but also delicious. Replenishes some HP and TP. Forest Wheat, Egg Complete 3 maps
Fruit Cake White bread topped with whipped cream and fruit. Said to be a popular snack with the kids. Replenishes some HP and TP. Forest Wheat, Forest Berries Jenetta 3F only

(Unavailable after 6F)

Pancake A dessert loved by Celestrians. Fresh eggs lend a fluffy texture to its delectable batter. Heals a great deal of TP. Forest Wheat, Egg, Forest Berries Reach 5F
Honeyed Fruit A time-honored Earthlain dessert. Great when preserved, and so sweet it can wake the dead. Revives the dead with full HP. Moon Apple, Forest Berries, Forest Honey Reach 4F
Honey Yogurt A fermented milk dessert, passed down among Brouni. Eaten with olive oil and honey. Heals a great deal of TP. Milk, Olives, Forest Honey Discover ingredients
Fishball Soup Soup filled with balls of coarsely ground fish. A traditional meal of the Therians. Heals some HP and TP. Skeleton Fish, Forest Fish Discover ingredients
Traveler's Stew Warm stew made with milk and Mandrapotato. A specialty of wandering Brouni. Heals some HP and TP. Mandrapotato, Milk Discover ingredients

Raw/Ingredients Edit

Name Description Effect Source
Forest Fish A brown, white-spotted species from the forest. Tasty and popular in the city. Heals a bit of HP. Fishing: 1st, 2nd, 4th, 5th, 6th Stratum, Jenetta (Forest Hen)
Meat Meat hunted from forest beasts Historically enjoyed in a multitude of dishes. Heals some HP. Adventure episodes (may require Hunting), Jamie the Hunter
Forest Wheat Short-stalked wheat that grows in the forest. Perfect for making bread. Heals a bit of HP. Harvest: 1st, 2nd, 4th, 5th, 6th Stratum
Forest Berries Fruits that grow all over the forest. Their tangy sweetness is loved by many. Heals a bit of TP. 1F Adventure Episode, Dale the Berry Merchant
Moon Apple A yellow apple that grows in the forest. Delicious both raw and grilled. Heals a bit of HP. Harvest: 1st, 2nd, 6th Stratum
Egg An egg laid by a Forest Chicken Heals a bit of TP. Jenetta (Forest Chicken)
Milk Milk from a cow that lives in the forest. Known for its refreshing aftertaste. Heals a bit of TP. 8F Adventure Episode, Jenetta (Forest Cow)
Forest Honey Nutritious honey made by bees in the forest. Its refined sweetness is perfect in desserts. Heals a bit of TP. 3F Adventure Episode, Jenetta (Beehive)
Skeleton Fish A freshwater fish with bones for a body. With so little meat, it's not very edible. Heals a bit of HP. Fishing: 3rd Stratum, Jenetta (Forest Hen)
Mandrapotato An ancient medicinal vegetable. The buds and skin are poisonous, but its human-shaped root is delicious when cooked. Cannot be eaten raw. Harvest: 3rd and 6th Stratum