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FOE is an acronym for Formido Oppugnatura Exsequens in the United States, Foedus Obrepit Errabundus in Europe or Field On Enemy in Japan. FOEs are like minibosses, and should not be fought the first time you enter a floor or stratum, because you would run a risk of being killed by one. FOEs tend to be much stronger statistically than all other enemies in a given strata or dungeon and should be tested or observed before risking death to kill one. A capable - or fortunate - party can defeat an FOE to enjoy its unique drops and large amounts of EXP, but all FOEs in Etrian Odyssey II do not give any EXP to enforce the fact that they are obstacles to be maneuvered around rather than fought through.

Skills like analyze or items like analysis lenses, are especially useful for understanding the capabilities of new FOEs. Another general rule is that most FOEs are resistant to status ailments and it may take many tries to land one. That aside, FOEs serve as the main obstacle to exploration, and many floor puzzles involve navigating around FOEs without trying to engage any in battle, while several stratum bosses often utilize FOEs to complicate the fight.


Passive FOEs appear as purple dots on the map, and are either committed to their movement pattern or normally stationary over anything else. Should, if possible, they spot the player (usually by the player getting too close and in their line of sight), they turn red and commence pursuit, chasing down the player until they either vacate the room or either party is dead. FOEs turning aggressive (or at least noticing the player) are accompanied by a signature ding. Should a player engage an FOE from behind, they get a pre-emptive round, while the FOE doing the same to the party will give it an ambush round. Note that certain FOEs are also invisible, either on the overworld or undetectable on the map, but they tend to be mercifully immobile unless they turn aggressive or are engaging the player. FOEs that have been stunned by an item, skill, or map event, are instead coloured grey.

FOEs can still move about the map in the middle of combat. Every turn commenced after the first will move all mobile FOEs as if the player had taken a single step in the map. FOEs can turn aggressive should they get close enough to the party while they are still in combat, and any FOE that moves onto the party's square mid-combat will have them join the battle. When running from an FOE battle, in Etrian Odyssey I-III, the party needs a vacant square behind them to retreat to - otherwise escape will be impossible. Should the party engage an FOE while not looking towards them, they will automatically turn to face the FOE before the battle begins, which can have disastrous results if this rotation puts their back to a wall. EOIV and all subsequent games abolish this requirement.


Starting with Etrian Odyssey IV, FOEs each have their own overworld model instead of being represented by a moving orb in the labyrinth. Their map symbols also gain a ring around them that shows their general difficulty compared to the party's highest level character - red rings signify the party is likely to die in a few hits to the FOE; yellow means the party has a better chance to survive; blue means the FOE can theoretically be defeated by the party, though the player should still take caution. These rings are based on the highest-leveled member of the party. All bosses have purple rings instead.

List of FOEs[]


Etrian Odyssey - Music A Sudden Gust of Wind Before Your Eyes

Battle Theme[]

The FOE battle theme of Etrian Odyssey is called A Sudden Gust of Wind Before Your Eyes.

First Stratum-Emerald Grove[]

Name Floor Found On Skills Description
Ragelope B2-3 Scream An extremely aggressive horned monster whose uncontrollable fury gives it lethal strength.
Kuyutha B2-3 Rampage A large bull that will charge at the slightest provocation. Approach it with great caution.
Wolf B4-5 Fang, Evil Cry White-furred wolves who wander the upper floors of the grove. Dangerous when fought in packs.
Stalker B3 Scythe An overgrown man-eating mantis. Defeating one is a rite of passage for novice adventurers.

Second Stratum-Primitive Jungle[]

Name Floor Found On Skills Description
Moa B6, B9-10 Rush This large, plump, flightless bird compensates with its quick foot speed.
Cutter B6-10 Shredder, Roar Bears with thick muscles and long claws. Novice adventurers should avoid them at all costs.
Assassin B6, B9 Needle, Venom A type of scorpion that carries one of the deadliest poisons known to mankind.
Armoth B8, B10 Bullrush, Charge An elephant whose tusks are so strong that a single strike is enough to fell most warriors.
Sprout B10 None One of Yggdrasil's buds. Its size prevents it from posing a real threat to explorers.

Third Stratum-Azure Rainforest[]

Name Floor Found On Skills Description
Bloodant B11-12 Acid The evolved Deathant. It has similar abilities, but its strength is vastly enhanced.
Servant B12 Crusher The evolved Guardant. If not defeated quickly, it will continue to call its brethren.
Killclaw B13-14, only appears after a battle is fought near it. Ripper This ruthless crab shreds adventurers to ribbons almost as if for sport.
Shelltor B11 Blizzard A gigantic hard-shelled turtle that preys on unwary adventurers in the Labyrinth.
Muckdile B13-14 Bite This creature, which evolved in the forest, can swallow human-sized creatures in one gulp.

Fourth Stratum-Sandy Barrens[]

Name Floor Found On Skills Description
Sickwood B16-17, 19 Venom, Branch These trees are capable of independent motion, and their branches are tipped with poison.
Cruella B18-20 Siren A tree spirit in human form. Many adventurers are lured by its beauty to their deaths.
Diabolix B18-20 Curse Among the oldest of the Labyrinth's tree spirits, its alluring appearance belies its strength.
Ogre B20 Evil Cry, Silencer The forest folk's deadliest warriors. Their thick arms crush even veteran explorers.
Hunter B20 Blazer, Glare Evolving ever more in harmony with nature, these forest folk took on a more demonic look.
Bud B18 None The rare evolved form of Yggdrasil's bud that grows deep within the Labyrinth.

Fifth Stratum-Lost Shinjuku[]

Name Floor Found On Skills Description
Desouler B22-25 Slash, Charge A blue-furred ursine which uses its silver claws to drown victims in their own blood.
Kingdile B21-23, 25 Shred Called the king of the crocodiles, its natural arsenal makes it an unstoppable juggernaut.
Treetusk B25 Hell Cry, Rush An elephant so immense its steps shake the earth. Fleeing it is no shame for novices.
Dinolich B21-22, 24 Roar, Devour, Charge One of the Labyrinth's most powerful monsters, its strong jaws could shatter diamonds.

Battle Theme[]


Etrian Odyssey II Heroes of Lagaard - Music A Sudden Gust of Wind that Calls for Death

The FOE battle theme of Etrian Odyssey II: Heroes of Lagaard is called A Sudden Gust of Wind That Calls Death.


Battle Theme[]


Etrian Odyssey III - Music Is That Blood Thine or the Enemy's

The FOE battle theme of Etrian Odyssey III: The Drowned City is called Is That Blood Thine or the Enemy's.


Battle Theme[]


Etrian Odyssey IV - Music Battlefield - The Fall of the Final Enemy

Battlefield - The Fall of the Final Enemy

The FOE battle theme of Etrian Odyssey IV is called The Fall of the Final Enemy.

All Stratums (Overworld)[]

Name Item Skills Description HP
Pooka Vigor Book None A floating organism seen only rarely. Some say that is is a seed from Yggdrasil. 1
Red Pooka Power Book A floating organism seen only rarely. It is marked by cross-shaped eyes and a whimsical nature.
Metal Pooka Speed Book A floating organism seen only rarely. In contrast to its tough appearance, it is soft to the touch.
Gold Pooka Luck Book A floating organism seen only rarely. Encounters with it are said to bring financial fortune.
Rainbow Pooka Intelligence Book A floating organism seen only rarely. It is called the King of Pookas due to its vibrant coat.

Windy Plains (First Overworld)[]

Name Location Item Skills Description HP
Bounding Beast Overworld Kangaroo Fist Jet Uppercut, Boomerang Hook A beast that roams the plains as though it owns them. Its child is still taller than a man. 1289
Supreme Wing Huge Feather Stone Eye, Sand Wing, Ripping Claw A giant raptor that flies the Windy Plains' skies. Novice explorers are no match for its might. 2540
Sky Emperor Emperor Feather Gravity Wave, Kiss of Death, Godly Storm A raptor that has ruled the skies since ancient times. Barring dragons, nothing is stronger. 6441
Cutter Lush Woodlands B1F, B2F Bear Claw Bear Claw Bears with thick muscles and long claws. Novice adventurers should avoid them at all costs. 883
Bloodbear Lush Woodlands B2F, B3F; Dense Bushland Rending Claw Bear Claw, Ruinous Strike A vicious bear whose fur is matted with blood. It is vulnerable while readying a deadly strike. 1171
Desouler Lush Woodlands B3F (secret area) Desouler Claw Raging Assault, Charge A blue-furred bear whose shining silver claws have mauled many explorers to death. 4139
Nomad Baboon Old Forest Mine Baboon Skin Swing A baboon that roams the Old Forest Mine. Best one in combat is a rite of passage for explorers 742
Furyfawn Small Orchard Fawn Hide, Fawn Hoof Stomp A fawn with beautiful fur. It seems unthreatening, but witnesses speak of a parent lurking nearby. 248
Furyhorn Small Orchard, Valley Spring Fawn Hide Stomp, Muddle Horn A vicious deer with immense horns. It strikes fear into explorers with its cry before attacking. 784

Scarlet Pillars (Second Overworld)[]

Name Location Item Skills Description HP
Dream Eater Overworld Cursed Wool Dozing Gaze A ram beast that wanders the Pillars. Looking into its red, jewel-like eyes induces a deep sleep. 1643
Omnihunter Soft Sickle Amputate, Scythe Dance The king of insects. The sharp sickles on its powerful arms can easily end an explorer's life. 2176
Dinogator Dinogator Skin Tear Apart A carnivorous monster that roams the highlands. It viciously rends its prey before eating it. 2035
Big Moth Misty Ravine B1F, B2F; Moth's Garden Violet Wing Nerve Spores, Devour Ally, Mince A large moth naturally drawn to battle. The scales it spreads affect one's nervous system. 1518
Giant Moa Misty Ravine B2F, B3F Moa Beak Heavy Stamp This large, plump, flightless bird compensates with its quick foot speed. 1812
Huge Moa Misty Ravine B3F (secret area) Moa Tendon Crushing Kick, Rush, Charge Like the Moa, but intelligent enough to use its feet to kick as well as to spring. 4008
Greedy Lizard Miasma Forest Lizard Back Fin Poison Tail The poison seeping from its tail is so deadly that without an antivenin, the beast is best avoided. 1365
Spotted Frog Noisy Marsh Spotted Tongue Sticky Tongue, High Jump Larger than a normal Forest Frog, it uses its strong leap to direct powerful kicks at you. 1705

Sacred Mountains (Third Overworld)[]

Name Location Item Skills Description HP
Raging Raptor Overworld Raptor Wing, Raptor Claw (Conditional) Ripping Claw, Raging Winds A giant raptor making its home in the mountains. It creates gale winds to immobilize its prey. 2540
Tusked Crusher Crusher's Hide Binge Eating A fierce crocodile that awaits its prey with its wide jaws open until it can swallow them whole. 2465
Icy Pincer Frigid Sickle Frigid Scythe, Overhand Swing, Scythe Dance A giant mantis with frozen sickles. It controls the cold, freezing anything in order to slice through it. 3744
Plated Chaser Golden Lair, Underground Lake Armor Shard Grinder, Oil Spin A giant turtle whose shell is strong as armor. Though it is slow, it can charge surprisingly quick. 2420
Calm King Golden Lair B3F (secret area) Thorny Shell Mow Down, Emperor Guard, Charge A mutated giant turtle. Its plated shell has sharp spikes; none can withstand its charges. 4028
Patrol Bat Cramped Nest, Underground Lake Giant Wing Claw Dance An abnormally evolved cave bat. Its patrols take it through paths invisible to the eye. 1984
Poison Lizard Toxic Cave Poison Trihorn Poison Tail This lizard strews poison around its lair; when its prey is weak, it attacks with its deadly tail 2032

Cloudy Stronghold (Fourth Overworld)[]

Name Location Item Skills Description HP
Ancient Keeper Overworld Unusual Metal Gavel Bang, Purple Mist A mysterious sculpture with unknown origins. It uses a strange smoke to negate its own weaknesses. 3533
Guardian Judge Sintered Body Sleep Stomp, Gravity Wave A mysterious sculpture with unknown origins. It seals its enemy's movement before passing judgement. 3533
Death Mantis Death's Scythe, Stone Scythe (Conditional) Scythe Dance, Finisher Slash A vicious mantis flying the skies with sharp sickles at the ready. 4104
Sky Emperor Emperor Feather Gravity Wave, Kiss of Death, Godly Storm A raptor that has ruled the skies since ancient times. Barring dragons, nothing is stronger. 6441
Cold Watchman Echoing Library Spiked Iron Ball Target Search, Thorny Ball A mechanical soldier set to eliminate intruders. On finding one, it walks up silently as death. 3392
Cruel Slayer Stone Tusk Frozen Sphere, Wrenching Fang A superior metal beast programmed to protect important areas. It has no pity or remorse. 3764
Silent Killer Echoing Library B3F (secret area) Killer Blade Target Search, Guillotine Arm, Damage Drain A humanoid soldier built to annihilate intruders. It bisects its targets in a single swipe. 3768
Scorching Beast Guardian Shell Flamethrower, Acid Spray, Wrenching Fang The final guardian, meant for the highest level of the intruder elimination system. 4144
Stalking Shadow South Sanctuary Earthy Skin Camouflage, Entrapment, Blizzard A giant chameleon that lurks in places where it cannot be seen in order to ambush its prey. 2953
Golden Deer Golden Deer Keep Golden Horn Rush, Charge A buck with shining golden fur. Its habitats are rare enough that one does not encounter it often. 3498
Rafflesia Forgotten Capital Giant Petal Poison Dust, Panic Stench, Predatory Ice A vicious man-eating flower. Once it weakens its prey with toxic gas, it freezes and eats it 4187
Nightmare Ram Hall of Darkness B1F Horrific Breath, Toxic Eye (Conditional) Stone Eye, Rush A ram mutated by the thick miasma in the labyrinth. It expels the miasma from all parts of its body. 5208
Trigourd Hall of Darkness B2F Cursed Femur, Pumpkin Head (Conditional) Binding, Crazy Noise, Trigourd Tune A pumpkin ghost with three heads. It is said to be the most combative of the ghastly pumpkins. 2519
Hexgourd Thorny Bone, Pale Bone (Conditional) Violent Vines, Tangling Vines, Trigourd Tune A hellish pumpkin demon. It catches explorers off guard then binds them with its vines. 5038
Flygourd Cursed Bone, Cursed Vine (Conditional) Bewildering Eye, Scorching Hell, Trigourd Tune An eerie vegetable filled with the grudges of the dead. It binds its prey tightly before the kill. 7557
Moth Lord Hall of Darkness B3F Crimson Eye, Eerie Scales (Conditional) Mince, Madness Spores, Devour Ally The king of all moths. Its vibrant colors mark the deathly poison present in its scales. 6978

Name Location Description
Toxipede Tutelary Forest A giant caterpillar that guards its territory by poisoning its prey with its toxic mandibles.
Owl Beast With the body of a bear and the face of an owl, it crushes adventurers with its monstrous arms.
Iron Crustacean A rock lobster monster. Its claws are prized as proof of an adventurer's strength around Arcania.
Glaring Stinger Jagged Reach A huge scorpion roaming the mountains. Its tail crystal gets even harder once it is mineralized.
Bucking Giraffe This monster runs around at breakneck speed. None can withstand the full swing of a giraffe neck.
Impeding Tengu This cunning monkey uses monsters as shields and knocks down pillars to hinder human explorers.
Skelesword Fetid Necropolis This skeletal swordsman works itself to the bone chasing foes. Beware of its blinding swordplay.
Roaming Wraith A wandering phantom that hides its form in a huge cloak. Attacks appear to drift right through it.
Headless Hunter A dullahan that wears a full suit of armor. Its two axes can turn whole guilds into a bloodbath.
Raging Tortoise Lucent Hollows A sturdy-shelled turtle. It's sensitive to change and lashes out when it's running low on defenses.
Sonar Worm A gigantic worm that makes up for its poor vision by tracking prey through echolocation.
Hellhound This two-headed monster will hunt down explorers anywhere, pin them, then attack with its fangs.
Puffer Sparrow Untamed Garden A round, avian monster. If it senses any danger, it puffs up its own body to release sharp quills.
Plague Demon A demonic lion monster. If it's cursed to death, its evil energy lingers inside its body claws.
Clawed Fiend This fiendish fighter's fists send foes flying. Its eyes are protected but might also attack.
Harvester A giant praying mantis whose wildly beautiful dancing turns those who see her into servants.
Mounting Horror Empyreal Bridge A cluster of nightmares. The only way to wake up from this bad dream is to destroy it quickly.
Taurus Demon A demonic monster that is big and soft-bodied. Its bull-like horns can be hardened into metal.
Prosperous Gel This jelly monster slips between dimensions. Only the best adventurers can hit its malleable body.

Labyrinth FOEs[]

Name Location Description
Cutter Lush Woodlands (EON) A bear with bulging muscles and long claws. Its powerful blows pulverize trees.
Giant Moa Primitive Jungle (EON) A flightless bird with powerful legs. Can keep running even when paralyzed.
Jungle Killer A formidable scorpion nicknamed "Assassin" for its powerful sleep-inducing venom.
Raging Tyrant Waterfall Wood (EON) A giant hippo that lives near rivers. Seems dimwitted, but can crush stone.
Greedy Lizard Bacteria are rife on this lizard's tail. Any bite wounds should be treated immediately.
Rebel Wolf Southern Shrine A wolf that races across the plains like a blazing fire. Loses its striped crown when enraged.
Roaming Ananas A giant fruit-like monster. Its feet crack open the earth, and it can control its smaller brethren.
Crimson Gale A mythical bird that soars through the sky with incredible speed. Hates those who are faster.
Furious Hawk Petal Bridge (EON) A giant bird of prey. Has clawed feet that, when severed, become harder than metal.
Charging Rhino A rhinoceros with a giant, elongated horn. Flies into a rage if any part is bound.
Bloodhound Bat Ancient Forest (EON) A tiny bat that developed a taste for adventurer blood. Recovers vitality with only a small drink.
Rushing Raptor This creature's teeth are so strong and venomous, they could paralyze and crush with just a graze.
Sea Wanderer Undersea Grotto (EON) A gigantic fish that has lived in the abyss since ancient times, luring many to their demise.
Scaled Dragon A draconic monster with fins and a powerful tail that create strong, sweeping waves.
Platinum Pillbug Western Shrine A monster resembling a pillbug with a metallic shell. Some have dented shells on their head.
Dream Eater A giant fruit-like monster. Its feet crack open the earth, and it can control its smaller brethren.
Glaring Stinger A mythical bird that soars through the sky with incredible speed. Hates those who are faster.
Plated Chaser Golden Lair (EON) A giant turtle whose shell is strong as armor. Uses its oozing oil to perform high-speed spin attacks.
Evil Eye A strange, floating organism. Immobilize its wings to cleanly harvest its eyeball.
Medusa Tree Sandy Barrens (EON) A tree that harasses adventurers with its branches. Produces a potent toxin within its trunk.
Cruella A tree spirit that has taken on the form of a beautiful woman. Bind the head to avoid panic.
Diabolix A very old, very powerful tree spirit. Bind its entire body to weaken it before engaging in battle.
Forest Demon A monstrous winged humanoid that is one with nature. Trained in magic and martial arts.
Forest Ogre A highly-trained warrior that seeks out opponents stronger than itself.
Toxipede Northern Shrine A giant caterpillar that guards its territory by poisoning its prey with its two toxic mandibles.
Craven Mantrap A strange-looking plant. After drinking its fill of blood, it falls into a deep slumber.
Toad Marshal A highly-trained warrior that seeks out opponents stronger than itself.
Indignant Mantis Yggdrasil Labyrinth (EON) A large, carnivorous mantis bearing sharp scythe-like arms that have ended many lives.
Rhinodozer A mutated rhinoceros with three horns and increased aggression that gores all in its path.
Croaker Slug An unsettling creature with a long neck. Flies into a rage when it cannot reach its prey.
Silent Assassin Abyssal Shrine (EON) When this insect wakes, it immediately tries to kill the first thing it sees. Defeat it quickly.
Hellbent Beast A monster with twisted horns and muscular arms. Excels at fighting when driven into a corner.
Dazing Pumpkin An ancient monster that can slip through walls and drags adventurers into darkness with its tendrils.
Gourmet Pelican A pelican-like creature that flies high searching for its prey and puffs up its pouch when confused.
Wandering Eye An unsettling creature with a long neck. Flies into a rage when it cannot reach its prey.


Name Location Description
Furyfawn Small Orchard (EON) A fawn with beautiful fur. It seems unthreatening, but witnesses speak of a parent lurking nearby.
Galatea Giant's Ruins A winged statue in the Giant's Ruins that is inexplicably drawn to the sounds of battle.
Skoll Alpha Plains A blue-pelted wolf that shows its true worth when commanded by a pack leader.
Stalking Shadow Untrodden Basin A giant chameleon that changes colors to blend into its surroundings and ambush its prey.
Cocky Capacitor Buried Castle An electric monster made of liquid metal that can fuse with its brethren. Dislikes changes in heat.
An monster fusion of metallic, electric beings. When in danger, it splits apart to protect its core.
Servitor Ant Seditious Colony A giant ant sworn to protect its queen. Moves into complex formations to battle any threats.
Dune Prowler Forest of the End A giant earthworm that swims through quicksand. When damaged, it sheds its skin to regain health.
Hexgourd Illusory Woods A demonic pumpkin that can control hellfire. Its face scrunches up when it tries to recall its spells.

Overworld FOEs[]

Name Description
Bounding Beast A giant, arrogant beast. When its offspring leaves its pouch, they fight to the death with their fists.
Frigid Mantis A mantis with icy scythes. It is extremely aggressive and can perform a variety of deadly attacks.
Dinotyrant A fierce carnivore covered in hard scales. It has no pain tolerance and often goes on rampages.
Dinogator A rarely encountered crocodile-like creature. It is eager to "play" with strangers it meets.