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The Ducal Restaurant's goal is to serve the food of Apicius, a deceased former chef of High Lagaard who, due to the harsh climate of the city being unsuitable for growing crops, created food using the ingredients found in the Yggdrasil Labyrinth. The citizens of the town enjoyed his cuisine, due to the supernatural effects it would imbue them with. Due to his secretive nature, however, his recipes were lost upon his passing until recently, though they are still encoded.

The player's goal is to gather the ingredients hinted at within each recipe and recreate them, with Regina serving the food to the player for a small fee. Each meal has its own unique beneficial effect that will last until overwritten (with a few exceptions).

Ancient Forest (Stratum 1)[]

  • Western Food 1: Obtained automatically from Regina.
  • Chinese Food 1: 3F, C-3
  • Japanese Food 1: Quest: Volunteer Service I


Ingredient Gathering Point Monster
Hiding Snail - Forest Snail
Venison - Ragelope (FOE)
Still Venomfly - Venomfly
Round Roller - Roller
Owl Cartilage - Hypnosis Owl
Giant Bud - Rafflesia
Citron Take (1F B-3, 3F B-2, 5F B-3) -
Rye Take (1F B-3, 3F B-2) -
Walnut Chop (3F A-3) -
Asparagus Chop (3F C-5, 5F C-2) -
Rock Salt Mine (2F B-4) -
Sugar Beet Mine (2F C-6, 5F C-5) -


Recipe Hint Description Ingredients Effect Price
Chinese Stir-Fried Roller Strip the shell of a rounded beast, and stir-fry with vegetable sprouts. Fried to a crisp, the roller goes well with the asparagus.

1x Round Roller



Ail/Bind Recovery (Your natural recovery rate from ailments and binds has increased!) 73en
Citron Owl Bowl Deep fry chopped soft bones, and top with a light fruit jam. A rice bowl containing crispy poultry mixed with a tangy sauce.

4x Owl Cartilage

1x Citron

Poison RES ↑↑↑ (Resistance to poison has greatly increased!) 78en
Seared Deer Red meat braised lightly, eaten with salt and sour fruit juice. Seared slowly with fire, the salt and citron bring out the flavor.

4x Venison

2x Rock Salt

2x Citron

Block Bind once 3T (When battle begins, you can now block a bind once for 3 turns!) 97en
Black Tea Rub and wash a smelly monster, then dry with root skin and boil to extract. A unique-smelling tea that isn't too bitter.

1x Giant Bud

2x Sugar Beet

Blind RES ↑↑↑ (Resistance to blind has greatly increased!) 81en
Japanese Butterfly Tsukudani Extract sugar from a sweet root and stew with an unmoving monster. Butterfly stewed with sugar extracted from boiled beets.

1x Still Venomfly

4x Sugar Beet

Poison Damage 2x (Damage dealt to enemies through poison will be doubled!) 77en
Owl Cartilage Karaage Crush soft bones, add salt, and deep fry until crispy. A deep-fried dish with unique texture, eaten with light salt.

4x Owl Cartilage

2x Rock Salt

Adds Volt Element 1T (For the first turn of battle, your weapons will have volt element!) 81en
Walnut Yokan Pour sweet root extract into a mold, then harden with crunchy nuts. A candy whose bitter walnuts counterbalance the sweetness.

4x Walnut

3x Sugar Beet

Grimoire Chance (The chance of a Grimoire Chance occurring has increased slightly!) 83en
Forest Deer Sukiyaki Stew lightly braised red meat with plants and vegetables picked from the forest. A pot that uses tender deer meat to help flavor the vegetables.

3x Venison

1x Giant Bud

3x Asparagus

Action Speed 1T (For the first turn of battle, your action speed will be doubled!) 105en
Western Escargot Citron Cook an entire retracted shell, and top with a sour fruit sauce. The tangy sauce goes well with the texture of the snail.

1x Hiding Snail

2x Citron

Ingredient Amount ↑↑ (You will obtain more amounts of food ingredients!)

Hi Lagaar Coffee Roast and grind some wild cereal, and add powdered sweet roots to the extract. A sweet, easy to drink tea with the scent of rye.

3x Rye

1x Sugar Beet

Walk to Recover HP (You now recover some HP after taking a certain number of steps in the Labyrinth!) 74en
Walnut Rye Bread Grind wild cereal and knead with crushed salt, then back with hard nuts. Walnuts gives this tasty bread an interesting texture.

5x Rye

2x Walnut

3x Rock Salt

Max TP  (Max TP has increased!) 90en
Deer Steak Grill thick cut red meat on a hot iron plate, and garnish with vegetable sprouts. Tender even when cut thick, the deer steak goes well with asparagus.

4x Venison

2x Asparagus

Recover HP Each Turn (You now recover HP at the end of each turn!) 99en


Auburn Thicket (Stratum 2)[]

  • Western Food 2: Quest: Toward a cozier inn
  • Chinese Food 2: 9F, D-2
  • Japanese Food 2: 6F, C-5 [Hidden Passage]


Ingredient Gathering Point Monster
Small Soybean Take (6F D-4)
Leek Take (6F B-5)
Red Persimmon Chop (7F E-1)
Oni Chestnuts Chop (7F C-4)
Scarlet Yam Mine (8F D-5)
Root Chili Mine (8F D-6)
Stange Stone Odd Statue
Stiff Leg Meat Giant Moa
Vine Head Fanged Vine
Boar Thigh Raging Boar
Liquid Red Gel Red Gel
Deer Shoulder Actaeon
Fire Heartwood Tree Sponge (FOE)
Dragon Fruit Attack Cactus (FOE)


Recipe Hint Description Ingredients Effects Price
Chinese Mala Inferno Pot Add firm meat to a spicy root-based soup, and finish with high heat. A pot full of flavorful meat in an incredibly hot soup. 2x Fire Heartwood

5x Deer Shoulder

1x Root Chili

Ailment Damage ↓ (Damage taken from poison, curse, and fear has been halved!) 135en
Sweet and Sour Moa Deep fry elastic meat, then stir-fry long vegetables and mix. Greasy fried chicken made easy to eat with sweet and sour sauce. 4x Stiff Leg Meat

2x Leek

Block Ailments once 3T (When battle begins, you can now block an ailment once for 3 turns!) 106en
Chestnut Moon Cake Strain red roots and small beans, then knead and bake with spiky nuts. A candy with moderate sweetness matched with the texture of game. 2x Oni Chestnuts

4x Small Soybean

2x Scarlet Yam

Leg Bind RES ↑↑↑ (Resistance to leg bind has greatly increased!) 130en
Dragon Jelly Color by crushing a red fruit, add a violent plant's fruit, and then cool. A dessert that has both flavor and tart using persimmons and dragon fruit. 2x Dragon Fruit

3x Red Persimmon

Paralysis RES ↑↑↑ (Resistance to paralysis has greatly increased!) 124en
Japanese Odd Ishiyaki Pot Place bird loin and other ingredients in a bowl, and bowl instantly using a hot rock. The dish is not only delicious, but it is fun to see the pot instantly boil. 1x Strange Stone

4x Stiff Leg Meat

Buff Item Effect: Line (During battle, the effects of Bravant and Stonard are now increased for the entire line) 113en
Boar Tonjiru Add thin vegetables with sinewy meat of a large beast, then stew well. A miso soup with stewed tendon that melts in your mouth. 4x Boar Thigh

3x Leek

Add Ice Element 1T (For the first turn of battle, your weapons will have ice element) 114en
Chestnut Chakin Shibori Strain boiled pointy nuts and red roots, then wrap with a cloth. Sweets that allow you to taste the natural sweetness of the honey. 4x Oni Chestnuts

4x Scarlet Yam

Active Chance ↑ (The chance of an Active Grimoire Chance occurring has increased) 119en
Autumn Dango Wrap small beans with rice and cover with gelatin and a spiky fruit sauce. The sweet dango and the sour sauce match well in this colourful dessert. 2x Liquid Red Gel

2x Small Soybean

2x Dragon Fruit

Curse Damage 3x (Damage dealt to enemies through curse will be tripled) 137en
Western Fanged Sandwich Boil a biting plant until soft, then place cooked elastic meat in between. The boiled plant and savory leg meat compliment each other. 1x Vine Head

4x Stiff Leg Meat

Gather Amount ↑ (You will obtain more amounts of materials when gathering!) 95en
Autumn Pot-au-feu Cut roots and beast meat into large pieces, and stew until ready. Cooked for a long time, the ingredients are tender, and the soup is strong. 4x Scarlet Yam

3x Boar Thigh

Walk to Build Force (Your Force gauge now increases after taking a certain number of steps in the Labyrinth!) 105en
Persimmon Pudding Mix red fruit and gelatin, then bake, adding sauce from a spiky fruit. A dessert that has a unique texture as well as taste. 3x Red Persimmons

2x Liquid Red Gel

2x Dragon Fruit

Rare Enemy Rate ↑ (The chances of rare enemies appearing has increased!) 124en
Gibier Curry Rice Chop horned-monster meat and roots, then stew with hot spices. The deer meat is stewed until tender, making this spicy dish flavorful. 3x Deer Shoulder

3x Scarlet Yam

1x Root Chili

Max HP ↑ (Max HP has increased!) 124en


Frozen Grounds (Stratum 3)[]

  • Western Food 3: Quest: A culinary crusade
  • Chinese Food 3: 12F, D-3
  • Japanese Food 3: Quest: To the bitter end


Ingredient Gathering Point Monster
Goatgrass Take (3rd Stratum)
Meltwater Take (3rd Stratum)
Forest Tea Chop (3rd Stratum)
Glitter Apple Chop (3rd Stratum)
Petit Onion Mine (12F E-6)
Winter Daikon Mine (12F B-6)
Fish Head Fishman
Eternal Ice Snow Ghost
Beef Loin War Bison
Meaty Shell Claw Beetle
Horse Filet Sleipnir
Freshwater Fillet Redfish
Snow Egg Snowbird
Giant Tear Evil Eye (FOE)
Cold Gelatin Blue Gel (FOE)


Recipe Hint Description Ingredients Effects Price
Chinese Apple Blue Aiyu Jelly Dice shiny fruit and add to a melted, bouncy blue lump, and cool using snow. A cool, jiggly dessert with crunchy apples inside. 1x Cold Gelatin

4x Glitter Apple

3x Eternal Ice

Theriaca Range ↑ (During battle, the effect of single-target ailment/bind-healing item is now increased for the entire line) 219en
Bison Lamian Use pure water to make noodles from string cereal, and top with horned beast meat. The savory meat helps add to the texture of the firm noodles. 4x Beef Loin

3x Meltwater

5x Goatgrass

Aid/Bind = HP Recovery (When inflicted with ailment/binds, you will now recover HP) 179en
Horse Bao Diced multi-legged monster meat steamed with clustered roots and wrap. A steamed dish with a fluffy outside and a juicy, flavorful inside. 5x Horse Fillet

2x Petit Onion

Sleep RES ↑↑↑ (Resistance to sleep has greatly increased) 164en
Snow Crab Foo Young Mix meat from shell and thick egg, then fry. The fluffy egg melts in your mouth, spreading crab flavor inside. 4x Snow Egg

3x Meaty Shell

Arm Bind RES ↑↑↑ (Resistance to arm bind has greatly increased) 169en
Japanese Traditional Kabutoyaki Cook an entire fish head and serve with grated white roots. The savory fish and daikon match well, but some may not like the looks. 1x Fish Head

1x Winter Daikon

Sleep Effect ↑↑↑ (When an enemy is inflicted with sleep, the chance of waking it with an attack has decreased) 152en
Snow Egg Oden Stew filets, roots, and eggs in a broth for a long period of time. A stew where each ingredient's flavor soaks into one another. 2x Snow Egg

4x Freshwater Fillet

1x Winter Daikon

Adds Fire Element 1T (For the first turn of battle, your weapon will have fire element) 183en
Crab Chazuke Remove meat from shell and place on rice, then add pure water with tea leaves. The extract from the crab is strong, but the tea makes it easy to eat. 1x Meaty Shell

3x Meltwater

1x Forest Tea

Enemy Chance ↑ (The chance of an Enemy Grimoire Chance occurring has increased) 210en
Apple Matcha Shaved Ice Shave a block of ice, and place sliced shining fruit with powdered leaves. A mountain of shaved ice flavored with a sweet, then bitter sauce. 2x Glitter Apple

3x Eternal Ice

1x Forest Tea

Blind Effect ↑↑ (When inflicted with blind, the enemy's hit rate will decrease even more) 190en
Western Monster Fish Panino Marinate filet with salt water from a monster, and sandwich with baked cereal. The monster replica is interesting, but the fermented fish isn't for everyone. 1x Giant Tear

3x Goatgrass

3x Freshwater Fillet

EXP Gain ↑ (The amount of experience earned after battle has increased) 222en
Apple Sauce Bison Steak Broil a thick-cut raging-beast meat, and place grated shining fruit on top. The meat is fragrant and tender, and the apple cause makes it light. 4x Beef Loin

1x Glitter Apple

No Preemptive/Surprise (Excluding special situations, preemptive and surprise attacks will no longer occur) 160en
Crab Cream Croquette Mix string cereal with pure water, add meat from a shell, and deep fry. Crispy on the outside, the inside is flavorful and creamy. 2x Meaty Shell

3x Goatgrass

2x Meltwater

LUC +10 (LUC has been raised by 10) 203en
Forest Paella Simmer meat from a shell, a multi-legged beast, and clustered roots together. The ingredients give the flavors to each other, making the dish savory. 3x Horse Fillet

1x Meaty Shell

1x Petit Onion

Recover TP Each Turn (You now recover TP at the end of each turn) 186en


Petal Bridge (Stratum 4)[]

  • Western Food 4: 19F, A-3
  • Chinese Food 4: Quest: Explorers! Heroes! Caterers!
  • Japanese Food 4: 16, F-3 [Event + Battle]


Ingredient Gathering Point Monster
Big Strawberry Take
  • 18F (E-5)
  • 19F (D-4)
Uguisuna Take
  • 18F (A-3)
Pea Pod
  • 17F (A-2)
  • 19F (B-3)
Sakura Petal Chop
  • 17F (E-2)
Duck Nuts Mine
  • 16F (E-4)
  • 19F (E-3)
Sakura Potato Mine
  • 16F (E-2)
Ptar Breast Ptarmigan
Wasp Honey Waspior
Metal Shell Metal Tortoise
Spider Carcass Venomous Spider
Scorpion Claw Deathstalker
Scarebird Egg Diatryma
Cockatrice Leg Cockatrice
Rhino Shoulder Charging Rhino (FOE)


Recipe Hint Description Ingredients Effects Price
Chinese Fried Whole Spider Deep fry a monster whole, and top with a characteristic nut sauce. The crispy spider and nuts match well, but the dish may not be for everyone. 1x Spider Carcass

2x Duck Nuts

Endure once 3T (You can now withstand fatal damage once for three turns) 202en
Forest Fried Rice Crack a large egg into a hot wok, and stir-fry with chopped breast meat. A simple stir-fried dish where the rice and ingredients are cooked dry. 2x Ptar Breast

3x Scarebird Egg

Aid/Bind = TP Recovery (When inflicted with ailments/binds, you will now recover TP) 207en
Stewed Rhino Stew horned-beast meat until tender, add honey, then garnish with greens. The tender stewed shoulder meat is infused with sweet honey. 4x Rhino Shoulder

2x Uguisuna

2x Wasp Honey

Panic RES ↑↑↑ 243en
Pepper Cockatrice Slice bird meat and vivid vegetables, then stir-fry with young beans. A fried dish that is as vivid as it is tasty. 3x Cockatrice Leg

2x Uguisuna

2x Pea Pod

Curse RES ↑↑↑ 226en
Japanese Shell Yakiniku Cook various meats directly on top of a heated monster shell. The fats slide off the shells, leaving just the lean parts of the meats. 1x Metal Shell

4x Rhino Shoulder

3x Ptar Breast

Paralysis Effect ↑↑ 243en
Strawberry Daifuku A candy made from honey and a giant red fruit, wrapped with mochi. The honey gives a refined taste, matching with the giant strawberry. 3x Big Strawberry

3x Wasp Honey

Attack Item Effect 3x 216en
Sakura Tea Steam and dry petals, then pour hot water and sweeten with honey. Bitter tea made easy to drink with sweet honey, having relaxing effects. 1x Sakura Petal

2x Wasp Honey

Passive Chance ↑ 213en
Stone Bird Nikujaga Chop and stew muscular loins and pink roots, then add sealed beans. Flavor is infused into the pot and meat, and the peas give it color. 4x Cockatrice Leg

4x Sakura Potato

2x Pea Pod

Grimoire Add Effect ↑ 235en
Western Scorpion Green Pasta Knead vivid vegetables and a large egg into noodles, then garnish with monster arms. Chewy, vivd noodles are complimented by the scorpion. 1x Scorpion Claw

3x Uguisuna

3x Scarebird Egg

Escape Rate ↑ 243en
Honey German Potato Stir-fry pink roots, and pour sauce made form honey on top. The crispy potatoes match well with the honey sauce. 2x Sakura Potato

5x Wasp Honey

AGI +10 205en
Strawberry-Jam Loin Steak Broil loin meat, and garnish with sauce made from petals and a large fruit. The leg is crispy, but works well with the sweet strawberry-petal jam. 5x Cockatrice Leg

2x Big Strawberry

2x Sakura Petal

VIT +10 247en
Rhino Meat Stew Stew protected meat, roots, and strangely shaped nuts until tender. The meat and vegetables create the perfect balance for this stew. 3x Rhino Shoulder

3x Sakura Potato

2x Duck Nuts

Item Drop Rate ↑ 292en


Heavenly Keep (Stratum 5)[]

  • Western Food 5: Quest: The golden shadow
  • Chinese Food 5: Quest: Settling a bet
  • Japanese Food 5: 23F, D-2


Ingredient Gathering Point Monster
Purified Water Take
  • 22F (E-6)
Sky Egg Take
  • 22F (B-5)
  • 25F (E-5)
Stone Mushroom Chop
  • 21F (D-6)
Swallow Nest Chop
  • 21F (D-3)
  • 25F (B-2)
Soft Floor Mine
  • 24F (D-3)
Wall Piece Mine
  • 24F (D-6)
  • 25F (B-1)
Mandrake Leaf Mandrake
Jewel Skirt Gem Lizard
Tortoise Meat Iron Tortoise
Nozuchi Body Nozuchi
Black Breast Black Wing
Empty Chassis Silver Gunman
Fatty Horse Nightmare
Purple Gel King Gel


Recipe Hint Description Ingredients Effects Price
Chinese Nozuchi Soup Stew monster leaves and body with pure water until tender. Stewed over a long time, even the bones are soft in this soup. 1x Nozuchi Body

1x Purified Water

5x Mandrake Leaf

Ail/Bind Recovery in 3T 329en
Nest and Mushroom Soup Use saliva and chopped mushroom to boil and make a soup. A soup with a flavored nest and sliced mushrooms. 3x Swallow Nest

3x Stone Mushroom

Ail/Bind = Build Force 264en
Zhulongbao Slowly steam minced belly meat, mushrooms, and leaves wrapped in a bun. Slowly steamed, the insides are juicy and savory. 4x Jewel Skirt

2x Stone Mushroom

2x Mandrake Leaf

Head Bind RES ↑↑↑ 338en
Beggar's Fowl Take marinated lean meat and steam, wrapping with clay. You can enjoy watching the clay being broke open, then enjoy the tender meat. 3x Black Breast

2x Soft Floor

Fear RES ↑↑↑ 273en
Japanese Tortoise Takikomi Gohan Simmer protected meat with a flavorful rock in a silver body. Thanks to the special kettle, the rice is fluffy yet flavorful. 1x Empty Chassis

5x Tortoise Meat

3x Wall Piece

Extreme Grimoire Quality 329en
Horse Shabu Shabu Boil pure water with a piece of wall, and swish thinly sliced fatty meat. The stock burns off the fat, making the meat easy to eat. 4x Fatty Horse

4x Purified Water

2x Wall Piece

Rare Enemy Rate 0 320en
Sky Chawanmushi Steam high-altitude eggs with mushrooms and a light meat. A steamed dish with a perfect combination of jiggly, crunchy, and tender. 2x Sky Egg

4x Stone Mushroom

2x Black Breast

Grimoire Quality ↑ 301en
Gem Nikogori Stew the meat of a monster with a shiny stone, then add saliva and cool. Meat stock chilled to a jelly mixed with crispy swallow's nest. 4x Swallow Nest

3x Jewel Skirt

Ail/Bind Item Effect ↑ 268en
Western Ominous Aspic Stew a glowing lump and lean meat with pure water, then cool to harden The gelatin is flavorful, but not all may like its appearance. 1x Purple Gel

3x Black Breast

3x Purified Water

Walk to Recover TP 386en
Triple Salisbury Slice three different meats, and broil under high heat. Three meats prepared in three different ways, making eating fun. 3x Black Breast

3x Tortoise Meat

3x Jewel Skirt

Recover HP/TP Each Turn 333en
Steak Tartare Marinate a vivid meat, and top with a thick yellow. A dish with ground raw meat mixed with egg. 4x Fatty Horse

2x Sky Egg

STR +10 329en
Stone Galette Cook a high-altitude egg with leaves grown on a monster on a clay tile. The porcelain is heated, cooking the food inside. 2x Soft Floor

3x Sky Egg

1x Mandrake Leaf

TEC +10 336en


Forbidden Wood (Stratum 6)[]

  • Western Food 6: 29F, E-5 [Hidden Passage]
  • Chinese Food 6: Quest: Chasing the dream
  • Japanese Food 6: 28F, B-7 [Hidden Passage]


Ingredient Gathering Point Monster
Cabbage Take
  • 27F (E-5)
  • 30F (F-1)
  • 27F (D-1)
  • 29F (A-3)
Forbidden Yuzu Chop
  • 26F (D-6)
  • 29F (F-3)
  • 26F (B-3)
Autumn Onion
  • 28F (D-2)
  • 29F (E-7)
Bamboo Shoot Mine
  • 28F (D-2)
  • 30F (E-1)
Meaty Cap King Shroom
Kaiju Round Tip Mokele-mbembe
Shut Shell Ancient Hermit
Black Arm Black Claw
Curled Bug High Crawler
Sap Belly Moth Lord
Blue Pumpkin Cursed Pumpkin (FOE)
Hazardous Bud Hazardous Petal (FOE)


Recipe Hint Description Ingredients Effects Price
Chinese Dangerous Flowering Tea Add sweet fruit with a good scent to a giant bud extract. The tea is sweet and easy to drink, but it smells dangerous to some explorers. 1x Hazardous Bud

2x Orange

Enemy Ail/Bind Lasts 3T 450en
Shumai Ground powerful meat, monsters' caps, and segmented vegetables, then wrap and steam. A dish filled with soft meat, mushrooms, and other various ingredients. 4x Black Arm

2x Meaty Cap

2x Bamboo Shoot

Petrification RES ↑↑↑ 421en
Twice-Cooked Meat Whip giant monster meat, wrapped leaves, and buds under high fire. Cooked on high heat, the strong flavor makes it pair well with rice. 4x Kaiju Round Trip

2x Cabbage

2x Cauliflower

Chance of Reviving 434en
BBQ Lizard Steam white meat with sweet sauce made from sap and long vegetables. The slowly steamed meat's saltiness matches with the sweet sauce. 5x Lizard Loin

1x Sap Belly

1x Autumn Onion

Instant Kill RES ↑↑↑ 444en
Japanese Hermit Sugata-zukuri Remove meat from the shell, cut and replace it, then squeeze sour juice onto it. Looking like it will move at any minute, the sweet meat goes well with sour sauce. 1x Shut Shell

2x Forbidden Yuzu

Single Attack Item Inf 368en
Black Osuimono Stew monkey meat and segmented vegetables, then garnish with a scented fruit. Lightly flavored, but has the umami of meat and the tempting scent of yuzu. 3x Black Arm

3x Bamboo Shoot

2x Forbidden Yuzu

Grimoire Fever ↑ 444en
Sumo Chanko Pot Add lean meat, wrapped leaves, and a long vegetable into boiling water. A warming pot with well-stewed ingredients that bring out each other's flavors. 5x Kaiju Round Tip

2x Cabbage

1x Autumn Onion

Grimoire Skill Level +2 440en
Eastern Nishime Stew blue fruits with monster caps in a honey stock until evaporated. Stewed for a long time, the sap really brings out the flavor. 1x Meaty Cap

1x Sap Belly

1x Blue Pumpkin

Preemptive on FOE 450en
Western Caterpillar Casserole Stew a curled monster, buds, and monster caps in a special pot. The caterpillar is cooked in a saucepan and tastes great with the vegetables. 1x Curled Bug

1x Meaty Cap

3x Cauliflower

Retry +1 430en
Orange-Sauce Kaiju Steak Broil a thick-cut lean meat, and top with a sauce using sweet-and-sour fruits. The medium-rare meat is savory, pairing well with the tangy sauce. 5x Kaiju round Tip

1x Orange

1x Forbidden Yuzu

All Stats +5 441en
Bamboo Sarmale Dice white meat and segmented vegetables, then wrap in leaves and cook. Take a bite of the leaf-wrapped dish and the flavor bursts out. 2x Cabbage

4x Lizard Loin

2x Bamboo Shoot

Attacks Recover HP 450en
Pumpkin Pie Mash blue fruit and mix with sweet sap, then place on a crust and bake. A dessert with a crunchy crust and a smooth sweet taste. 1x Blue Pumpkin

1x Sap Belly

Damage Recovers TP 421en


Special Menu[]

All items on the Special Menu are free in cost at the expense of their materials being somewhat rare to acquire. They cannot be used in advertising as a result.

  • Tea Brewing 1: Bring Regina a Soft Bud (Yggdrasil Bud).
  • Tea Brewing 2: Bring Regina a Delicate Sprout (Yggdrasil Sprout).
  • Tea Brewing 3: Bring Regina a Strong Clover (Yggdrasil Clover).
  • Chinese Cuisine: Complete all of the previous 24 Chinese recipes.
  • Japanese Cuisine: Complete all of the previous 24 Japanese recipes.
  • Western Cuisine: Complete all of the previous 24 Western recipes.


Ingredient Monster
Soft Bud Yggdrasil Bud, not to confuse with World Bud [Appears at random; 1F during DLC Quest].

Always spawns at the same place you first found it in Auburn Thicket.

Unsure if at a random location, or at 6F, E2. Please verify.

Delicate Sprout Yggdrasil Sprout [Appears at random; 1F during DLC Quest]
Strong Clover Yggdrasil Clover [Appears at random; 1F during DLC Quest]
Thunder Chirp Storm Emperor [19F, Secret Area]
Blizzard Neck Blizzard King [14F, Secret Area]
Dragon Tail Great Dragon [9F, Secret Area]


Recipe Hint Description Ingredients Effects
Tea Brewing Yggdrasil-Bud Tea Boil a rare Yggdrasil bud to obtain its extract. Just a little sweet, this tea has mysterious powers. 1x Soft Bud Materials + Gather ↑↑↑ (Material drop rate greatly increased, and get rare materials when gathering! Effective until you return to town.)
Yggdrasil-Sprout Tea Boil a rare Yggdrasil sprout to obtain its extract. Very sweet, this tea has mysterious powers. 1x Delicate Sprout Premium Chance ↑↑ (The chance of a Premium Grimoire Chance occurring has increased greatly! Effective until you return to town.)
Yggdrasil-Clover Tea Boil a rare Yggdrasil clover to obtain its extract. Very grassy and bitter, this tea has mysterious powers. 1x Strong Clover Extra EXP for Guild (All guild members gain extra experience after a battle! Effective until you return to town.)
Japanese Cuisine Traditional Osechi An ultimate dish using a blizzard neck, dropped from a blizzard king. An eastern dish that combines many dishes into one. 7x Blizzard Neck Encounter Rate 0 (Encounter rate has been reduced to 0%! Effective until you return to town.)
Western Cuisine Court Haute Cuisine An ultimate dish using a thunder chirp, dropped from a storm emperor. A traditional course served at the palace, but arranged for the commoner. 7x Thunder Chirp Force Gauge May Return (When broken, there is a chance the Force gauge will return after battle! Effective until you return to town.)
Chinese Cuisine Imperial Manhan Quanxi An ultimate dish using a dragon tail, dropped from a great dragon. A dish that replicates a grand imperial meal long ago. 7x Dragon Tail Prevents Annihilation (If annihilated in battle, you will be revived once! Effective until you return to town.)