The following is a list of Classes from Etrian Odyssey 2 Untold: The Fafnir Knight. Just as the original, it retains all of the old classes but also adds two new classes to the mix such as the Highlander and the Sovereign. All of the classes are available in both Story and Classic Mode, with exception to the Fafnir class who is first available by starting Story Mode (although he and the Story Mode party can be transferred to Classic Mode via a new game plus).

Classes Edit

  • Landsknecht: Those skilled at melee combat with swords or axes. They are very well-balanced, with a variety of weapons and armor.
  • Survivalist: Specialists in forest survival. Their deadly arrows and extraordinary speed can save the party.
  • Protector: Holy knights sworn to guard others with their lives. Their shields are invaluable tools for surviving the Labyrinth.
  • Dark Hunter: Their long whips are useful in weakening their foes. Proper use of a Dark Hunter greatly expands your options in battle.
  • Medic: Healers who treat the party's wounds. Their combat skill is limited, but they are highly useful regardless.
  • Alchemist: Those who study the laws of the universe to gain control over creation. They wield the elements against their enemies.
  • Troubadour: They survive to support their allies with songs and dance. Their true strength is the ability to bolster the party.
  • Ronin: Foreign masters of the art of bushido. They see death as part of life, and so neglect defense in favour of offense.
  • Hexer: Their forbidden arts use curses to control minds. As so few are fit to master the practice, they are quite rare.
  • Gunner: Versatile bearers of firearms. Able to attack, bind, and heal according to the situation.
  • War Magus: Balanced explorers that can both heal with War Lore and attack with War Edges. Sometimes called "Doctor Magi".
  • Sovereign: Those of royal blood from kingdoms large and small. Their orders raise morale to turn the tide.
  • Beast: Wreak havoc with their wild teeth and claws while protecting their owners with their own bodies.
  • Highlander (DLC only): Warriors trained in ancient spear techniques. By taking their lifeforce into their weapons, they can use powerful attacks.
  • Fafnir