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The Blue Glaucus is an FOE found on Etrian Odyssey 2 Untold.

Blue Glaucus (Etrian Odyssey 2 Untold)[]

Blue Glaucus
Blue Glaucus.jpg
A creature from deep within Ginnungagap that fights using wild, erratic movements.
Enemy Data
HP 9294
ATK 59
DEF 43
EXP 51000
Skills Healing Dance, Crazed Dance
Items Spongy Skin
Weakness Stab
Resistance All ailments, Leg Bind
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Blue Glaucus is an FOE found in Ginnungagap B5F. It remains stationary unless the player moves within 2 squares of them, upon which they turn aggressive and pursue the player. If a tentacle has been triggered, whether it hits or misses, every Glaucus in the room will move over to investigate that tentacle. If a tentacle catches a Glaucus, not only will the Glaucus take damage, but for 3 turns it will not pursue, and the tentacle cannot reach past its prey.

When the player leaves the room, all Blue Glaucus will respawn. This makes them prime targets for level grinding for a party who can easily defeat them in battle.

In-battle, Blue Glaucus is a relatively simple enemy, which does damage with Crazed Dance that can also lower the party's accuracy. However, at the end of every even-numbered turn, it will use Healing Dance that will completely restore its HP unless its legs are bound. If the player attacks a Blue Glaucus held captive by a tentacle, it will start the battle completely bound, giving the player 4 turns at minimum to defeat the FOE, rather than the usual 2.


  • Healing Dance (Uses Legs): Fully restores the user's HP.
  • Crazed Dance (Uses Legs): Deals heavy damage to 3-5 different targets and lowers their accuracy.


  • Spongy Skin (Worth: 3200 en)
  • None.

Conditional Drop[]

  • None.


  • The Blue Glaucus is inspired by the Glaucus atlanticus, an species of sea slug commonly refered to by the same name.