• Wily383

    Weaknesses and Resistances

    December 30, 2018 by Wily383

    Just a reminder that status ailments and binds are NOT weaknesses/resistances.  If a monster is vulnerable to a bind or status ailment, put it in the main article for that monster.

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  • Wily383

    Conditional Drop Standard

    December 13, 2018 by Wily383

    When adding the conditions for a conditional drop, I'd like to set a standard for it so that it's consistent throughout the wiki.  I'd like it as follows:

    To get the [Monster's Name]'s conditional drop, [Name of Drop], defeat it with/while [condition].

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  • Wily383

    I'm back

    November 25, 2018 by Wily383

    I'm back, bitches.

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  • Drivebladesman

    The classes I think should return will focus mainly on uniqueness.  Here are the classes I believe should return:

    • Beast:  They have strong attacks and defensive capabilities, as well as good healing capabilities.
    • Yggdroid:  Pretty unique (from its low TP and TP restoration methods to its playstyle of binding itself and unbinding itself); bots can act as its summons (like with the wraiths and beasts).
    • Necromancer:  Versatile magic class tied to the wraiths it summons.
    • Rover:  Executes comboes through its bow and beasts; also versatile.

    I'd like to hear other peoples' thoughts on this topic.  :)

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  • Prexot

    The Etrian Odyssey series is known for having names and monsters from mythos. For example, Etrian Odyssey I was Norse, Etrian Odyssey II was Hebrew, and Etrian Odyssey II was Cthulhu.

    I've noticed that Etrian Odyssey V has quite a number of references to Dungeons & Dragons. Some of the monsters, particularly Myconid, Roper, and Owl Beast/Owlbear are originally from D&D.

    I still don't have the full game (it should arrive in the mail later today), but I'm wondering if this trend will continue?

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  • Prexot

    Lili and Solor

    August 31, 2017 by Prexot

    I want to talk about Lili and Solor. But first, I should mention that I have not read any kind of plot spoilers and am therefore only speculating.

    Lili the Necromancer and Solor the Harbinger caught my attention immediately as I was looking at Atlus's official site . (No, my attention wasn't caught just because of Solor's... nevermind). It was because they're a pair of helpful, experienced explorers, which seemed kinda familiar...

    Have you noticed a pattern in the Etrian Odyssey games so far?

    SPOILER FOR ALL GAMES EXCEPT EO5 and Mystery Dungeon

    Every single fellow explorer you meet early on in the Labrynth and has both a name and a portrait either ends up dying tragically or tries to kill you later in the story (in at least one game mode or sto…

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  • CrusaderCheeses

    Site Logo

    July 6, 2017 by CrusaderCheeses

    As I was browsing through the Wiki, I noticed that the logo yonder in the top-left corner looks... sub-par. The gradient is off between "Etrian" and "Odyssey," and the "wiki" is in an entirely different font and font color. I've taken it upon myself to touch it up a bit. This is v0.5.

           As you can see, it's unfinished, but I believe the direction is clear enough to get a general concensus of opinions. Also, I'm afraid this can't be a one-man job. I'll need someone else to get rid of the white background; it's a bit outside of my perview.



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  • DBinitiate

    As you all are aware of, Etrian Odyssey Untold: The Millenium Girl mentions there are seven Yggdrasil. Products of a project that was meant to purify the land of the corruption that mankind had brought unto it. With the addition of Etrian Odyssey V we have reached seven Yggdrasil, counting all mentions among the main five games, the two remakes, and spin-off title. However. Some things have been bugging me. Yggdrasil seems to not always be defined the same way... Or does it?

    So let's put together what we know about the various Yggdrasil and see where we land.

    What we know about Yggdrasil in Etrian Odyssey is that it created a gigantic labyrinth around itself. It's unknown whether the labyrinth is the tree itself or not, but it seems rather u…

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  • Jaymiller923

    and I came out of the Explorers Guild andinto the Duke's Palace, where we met Minister Dubois, who gave us our mission and a place to get supplies called Sitoth Trading Post,

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  • Jaymiller923

    Forest Frog

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  • DBinitiate

    NOTE: While everything I post here is found on the official site for Etrian Odyssey V, it's all found through a casual google translate. Do not take this as a certain truth. Therefore, I, DBinitiate, will keep this as a blogpost rather than try to make actual pages from this. This post will be removed once Atlus revealed the official information. (Official site can be found here ))

    First up, regarding these two girls:

    Their names appear to be Lili for the Necromancer and Solor for the Reaper. (Reminder: It's gotten through google translate, so it's likely these can change) Like all games before Etrian Odyssey V, these are two people you'll meet in the Labyrinth. Anything else is still unknown.

    New gathering spots.

    Aside from the usual mining, …

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  • CrusaderCheeses

    I think that the Wiki should not have fan art (oralbum art for remix albums) in the gallery sections of articles. This destroys the serrious atmosphere a Wiki needs to be considered as a viable source. These are most prevailent in the articles for classes, though some monsters have this as well. The reason I wanted to bring this up here rather than just doing it, is because the images usuallly have thier only use on these articles and then would have to be deleted by an admin afterwords, and I really don't want to push this responsibility to one of them without thier willingness. If I get approval or no sort of response from an admin, I will remove the images from the pages. If an admin or a number of other users convincingly express that …

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  • CrusaderCheeses

    Posted this in the wrong place. I think it's been fixed now.

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  • Jaymiller923

    New Guild

    May 23, 2016 by Jaymiller923

    I created a new guild ENCHANTI, using four characters from SOFIA THE FIRST and one character from JAKE AND THE NEVER LAND PIRATES:Princess.Sofia, Sir.Barleby, Captain.Jake,   Witch.Lucinda, Princess.Lani.

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  • Hobgoblin2099

    Cooking (EO2U)

    September 23, 2015 by Hobgoblin2099

    This is SigmaSlash from GameFAQs. I am giving permission to the wiki to use information from my FAQ to fill out the tables listed here. I will also continue to upload images of the recipes.

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  • LadyNighteyes

    Monster Page Titles

    September 7, 2015 by LadyNighteyes

    I just put a TON of info on the EO2U monsters page, and in the process created a bunch of redlinks, which I redirected to existing articles for the EO2 monsters where I could. Here's the problem, though- how many of the old monster names do we want to keep as the page titles? I know they came first and they change a lot from game to game, but at the same time it just seems silly to have "Cockatrice" redirect to "Cocatris" when the latter was clearly only spelled that way due to the character limit.

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  • Lonewolfgui


    August 5, 2015 by Lonewolfgui

    etrian odyssey untold 2 has an miiverse community!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    that means taking and uploading screenshots of the game will be a lot easier now, you can take save a screenshot there and acess the miiverse website, and save it from there!

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  • CeDia93

    Monster List EO2U

    August 5, 2015 by CeDia93

    Hi folks!

    I'm working on the monster list page for EO2U. I've been playing the game for a while and I'm up to the 4th Stratum, so I'm going based off memory for some of the earlier stratum enemies. If you see anything questionable, feel free to change it or let me know! I'm also missing a few conditional drops, so feel free to enlighten me there as well if you can!

    Thanks for your patience and assistance!

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  • Khdayskh1314

    Just got Etrian Odyssey 2 Untold early today!! It was a nice surprise and the staff book has info in it that will contribute nicely to the wiki. Ill be sure to be on the front lines adding about the game!!

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  • Lonewolfgui

    heads up

    July 29, 2015 by Lonewolfgui

    a bit of a heads up, there has been reports of people posting links to screamers in some wikis. this one is rather small so i don't think it would happens here, so please keep an eye for strange activity, and if you notice a similar link in any article, please remove it at once

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  • Khdayskh1314

    who's in charge?

    July 18, 2015 by Khdayskh1314

    So who's in charge of the navigation tabs? because Some things I think should be added:

    • Yggdrasil trees get their own tab since they have VERY significant plot points and connect all of the games.
    • EO2U needs to get way more subtabs. Because now that the demo is out, we can get started on filling those supposed subtabs with info like monsters and maps. I've already beaten the demo. 
    • etc.
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  • Lonewolfgui


    July 4, 2015 by Lonewolfgui

    i'm uploading images for the monsters in the 3d games, but the quality of the images are rather bad, so if anyone can take pictures at better conditions, please feel free to change the pics!

    edit: ok, more specificaly, images from millenium girl since i currently don't have EOIV

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  • Khdayskh1314

    Someone, an Admin or something, should edit the Navigation soon. Etrian Odyssey 2 Untold  is already out in Japan and due to be released in English this year. EO2U deserves its own tab on the Navigation by now since there are more and more pages that are already made in that category and more are soon to come.

    If necessary, I might adopt this wikia if i can or if possible

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  • Wily383

    This wiki

    February 26, 2015 by Wily383

    Not gonna lie, this wiki seems kinda dead.  As I have just recently fell in love with this series, I'd hate to see this wiki fall into neglect.

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  • Caper the Fox

    Do moth lords respawn?

    November 15, 2014 by Caper the Fox

    I just defeated one and wasn't sucessful with the other 2 but when i went to the hall of darkness they weren't at the same floor and trying to staying at the Inn motel so much and that doesn't make them spawn back. I'm trying to gain the item from moth lords thats needed to beat those damn dragon kings that keep using an instant kill on my party.

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  • Hobgoblin2099

    Spent some time on it and my plans for the setup is as follows. Feel free to critique or suggest better skills.

    Landsknecht: Axe Mastery, Shredding Bite, Tendril Thrash, Demon Beak, Charge, Action Boost, Recharge

    Dark Hunter: Whip Mastery, Curse Mastery, Silent Claw, Poison Tail, Demon Beak, Action Boost, Recharge

    Ronin: Katana Mastery, Dragon Fang, Land Slash, Defense Unit, Charge, Action Boost, Recharge

    Hexer: Formula Mastery, Fire Breath, Flood, Thunderwing, Binding String, Activate, Recharge

    Troubadour: Wolf Pack, Yggdra Vaccine, Song Mastery, Forest Guardian, Delayed Heal, Refresh (or some Healing skill), Recharge

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  • Hobgoblin2099

    Seriously cannot wait for this game. Seeing that they're taking all of the steps forward in interfacing from EO2 in addition to some of the neat additions like cooking from EO4 really has me antsy to know what the release date will be.

    Hopefully it'll come out soon! I don't have all that many 3DS games that can capture my full attention like the Etrian Odyssey series can!

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  • TheMysteriousGeek

    My team is: Landschnekt/Bushi Fortress/Medic Runemaster/Fortress Medic/Sniper Nightseeker/Arcanist

    Lvls: late 50s to early 60s

    Mode: Casual.

    Any tips on how to defeat the Heavenbringer? Should I just level up the units I have, or train some more appropriate units up to kill the Heavenbringer?

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  • Deoxash

    Adding Pictures

    July 25, 2014 by Deoxash

    I'd like to help with adding pictures for the pages on the wiki, but I don't know how to go about that. Could I get some help with this? There is a decent amount of pictures missing and I want to help upload them.

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  • Monenlaisia

    EOU Skill Trees

    January 23, 2014 by Monenlaisia

    I'd like to make the skill trees for Highlander (character), Raquna, Simon, Arthur, and Frederica Irving/Frederica (whichever page is being used), but there is a tiiiiiiny problem.

    I'm at level 76 in the game currently, which means I've unlocked a majority of the skills, meaning I only have a few skills that say "Level 3 to unlock this skill", or something like that. If anyone could help, that would be great!

    For reference: Note that these are just what I'm seeing, and there might be some that needed Masterys to be at a certain level that I already unlocked.

    • Highlander (character)

    Draining Thrust -> Draining Bust

    Legion Thrust -> Legion Burst

    Spear Mastery -Lvl 10-> Delayed Charge -Lvl 3-> Cross Charge

    Turning Tide + Bloody Offense -> Bloodlust


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  • Monenlaisia

    So I kind of dived into making pages, and I made a page for both the Yggdrasil Labyrinth and the Gladsheim labyrinth on one page, with other pages connecting to the separate areas/stratums. My question is: Is it possible to add maps (I've done Map:EOU/B01F and I'm working on Map:EOU/B02F) to those pages?

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  • HanaRei Mai-chan

    New Member... kinda.

    December 28, 2013 by HanaRei Mai-chan

    Hi everyone. I'm, in a way (I think), a new member of this wiki. Though I joined this 'Wikia' system a few days ago (or last week), I made my first edit today. Just felt like introducing myself via blog, since I see some people do it. (Honestly, I saw only one, but meh.)

    I haven't really ever played Etrian Odyssey before. But a few days after Untold's release, I couldn't find anything else to buy so I decided to buy Etrian Odyssey Untold: The Millenium Girl. (While my mother thinks that I'm into 'girly games' just because there's Frederica, a girl, on the box cover.) So at first, I had no idea what the game is about. But the first thing, yes, the first thing that got me into liking this game... was the opening cutscene before the Press Star…

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  • Hiro doomsday

    The story line of the game might be slightly different now with playing major characters. They actually talk, have conversations, personalities, and even video/anime version of their events. This may somewhat alter the story. But by how much is still a mystery. But there will be a suprise waiting for us when we play it.

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  • Bbguy97

    outland count

    June 26, 2013 by Bbguy97

    I have made an artical about the outland count, and would like to ask you to edit that artical for I can only do so much.

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  • Luzverdecradily

    I'm rather new to this franchise to be honest, I got into it during the most recent game which I actually demoed from the eShop. I realized it was amazingly addicting and I HAD to have it at all costs! When I got it for my birthday I didn't put it down not even to eat (which is quite a feat!), I played and played until my 3DS was constantly going on red! I actually stopped frequenting FaceBook for a long while and as such I stopped dropping in on my Pokemon groups! The game had taken a serious hold on me and I didn't mind!

    Though I was exceptionally confused, at first, at all the little things I quickly learned the game mechanics and found myself faced with the last quest of the bar: Defeat the Fallen One. I got to tell you, the Fallen One …

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  • Sabeta Sama

    Hey everyone, Sabeta here with a small bit of news. Monsters are now 98.75% done in terms of LISTING. What that means is that I've gone through and created pages and categories for just about every monster. There's a lot of blank pages out there, but I plan to fill them out, hopefully whoever reads this will take the time to fix up a page or two as well!

    The only pages I'm missing are the Claws for Warped Savior. I sort of forgot to kill them when I was smashing his face in. On the subject of bosses though,

    If a monster shows up in the Monstrous Codex, it gets put in the Monster category. This is true even for humans like Logre.

    If a Monster shows up on the map (besides the dragons) it gets put under the FOE category, I don't think there are …

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  • Sabeta Sama

    Misadventures pt1

    March 26, 2013 by Sabeta Sama

    We wandered down the cold steel coridors of the Hall of Darkness. The walls were jet black save for the extensive corosion that lent the appearance of blood. The only light came from dimly lit red lanterns, which cast deep shadows through the halls and lent further credence that the walls were spattered with blood. The effect was so chilling that even the mist from our breath turned red, as if with every exhale we let away our very life force. I sometimes found myself holding my breat, for fear that if I let it out I may not take another.

    It was down these corridors that it happened. Perhaps it was delerium that lead us down this path, perhaps the poisonous hallways had affected our minds, or maybe we left our sanity in the rooms of darknes…

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  • Raichudoggy

    I have EO1, 2, and 3 sitting right next to me with games completed at least up to the "normal" final boss of each game. I'll be going through the monsters list adding much more details about the monsters skills and abilities, with more details about where they are found, their partners in combat, What their "skills" actually do, How much their items are worth. Etc.

    I have already eddited Shelltors and Shellords entries anonymously beore signing up. I'll see how much I can complete the list before burning out, because I'd like this to actually be a viable source of information.

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  • Incandescent Lights

    I've been working on the monster entries for Etrian Odyssey IV for the last week (at least). I came here looking for information but found the wiki was sorely lacking so I made a few additions as a non-registered user before deciding I wanted to get this place up to date as best I could.

    I've been working closely with Destruction Matter, discussing with him my formatting choices and what not, just to make sure everyone is on the same page. There's another guy, Kojiro_5, who is around to talk but he doesn't own a 3DS so he can't help with the new games.

    Sabeta Sama has been doing a fantastic job updating the area pages and her help is keeping me inspired while also making things easier for me, so thanks for that. There's another user who... i…

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  • Jack4848

    Any thoughts about the new game Etrian Odyssey IV that came out about a week ago?

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  • Lonewolfgui

    im back 2

    November 26, 2012 by Lonewolfgui

    and thus im back to editing again xD hope you guys enjoyed the the top positions in the score board, 'cuz im knocking all of you out of the way~

    here's a awesome remix from EO4 as a consolation prize

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  • Pim gd

    If we're gonna make these maps together, we're going to need to establish some mapping guidelines. We've talked a bit about them in the past, but I think we should eventually add them as a section to the manual of style.

    For now, though, my ideas:

    List links to all the maps with stratum name.

    Place a map under a (with header).

    Only put a map quad here. No other words - it gets trouble some with importing.

    Draw all walls that a tile has. Even if we are having some kind of weirdness where declaring a N or a W wall has no effect, if we fix it someday, you don't want to add N and W walls everywhere.

    b for normal tiles. If the tile has no special effect and you can stand on it for any amount of time that you want (and event dialog does not matter he…

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  • Pim gd

    Item Compendiums

    August 14, 2012 by Pim gd

    I had another idea today...

    Should we add how to obtain a specific item in the item compendium? In game, the games sometimes tell you that new gear is available, but not yet completely unlocked. This usually happens when you have only not enough of only 1 component - for example, I need more Venom Twigs for some gloves (King's Arm). Listing in the Compendiums that these come from Sickwoods would be quite useful.

    It would also improve the flow from the articles - when you can link from the compendium to the monsters, the monster articles are more commonly used and the compendium would be more commonly used.

    Plus, not everything is dropped. Can anyone tell me where you can find an Ice Sheet in EO2? (Think, where is it?)

    I know where it is - thir…

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  • Pim gd

    EO3 Sprite sheet problems

    August 9, 2012 by Pim gd

    It has come to my attention (cough, fancy word usage there, lets tone it down) that the spritesheet for EO3 has problems.

    Allow me to illustrate (okay, so no toning down then, thanks brain):

    Left is hand cropped by me. Right is taken from the .

    Is there any way to resolve this issue, or must we resort to handcropping all of them?

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  • Destruction Matter

    Some news

    July 21, 2012 by Destruction Matter

    Well I got some good news and some bad news. The bad news is that the sorting on various numerical columns on tables are screwed up which I am unable to fix (in a reasonable amount of time and without making huge sweeping changes to them). So no low-to-high and vice versa sorting on those affected.

    The good news is that you can now listen to EO music while you edit! If you would like to try out the new music player, go to your preferences and click on the new Gadgets tab. Check off the music player and save your settings. There should now be a new music player on the right-hand panel of your editing screen. Currently the five music tracks from the EO4 website are available and possibly more from the time of this posting. If you have …

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  • Lonewolfgui

    EO4 music

    July 20, 2012 by Lonewolfgui

    found a few EO4 songs on youtube

    no words, just listen by yourselves

    The End of the Raging Waves remix (im love with this one):

    FOE theme:

    Scatter About:

    A Battle Music (boss theme maybe?):

    Another battle music (final boss theme?):

    Yet another battle music (idk this one):

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  • Kojiro S

    Etrian Odyssey II raws

    July 20, 2012 by Kojiro S

    The gunner girl's the star now.

    Get 'em while they're hot! Who knows how long will they last.

    -Raws on Raw manga land-

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  • Lonewolfgui

    random stuff

    July 19, 2012 by Lonewolfgui

    before i go to sleep, need to check something, random stuff, not game related

    please, tell me im not imagining things, and those two are horribly similar

    found this sprite on this site (a resource site for rpg maker), for me at least, it looks almost identical to Kirin

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  • Lonewolfgui

    . ."

    July 7, 2012 by Lonewolfgui

    Damn, my flash card with all the DS games got corrupted -.-"

    anyhow, lost all the data i had of etrian odyssey and EO3 >.> still got a EO2 save on my pc, but im still on petal bridge, so... sorry, wont be able to help as much as before

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  • Lonewolfgui

    Last video

    July 5, 2012 by Lonewolfgui
    • yawn* damn, 7am already, why am i still awoke?

    erm... anyhow, this is supposed to be the last video before the game launch

    unfortunately it doenst shows anything new or of interest, anyhow will be posting it xP

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