The Blizzard Clone is a clone of the Drake that appears on Etrian Odyssey and Etrian Odyssey Untold.

Drakoid (Etrian Odyssey)Edit

A clone of the Drake created to protect the Labyrinth's deepest floor.
Enemy Data
HP 8500
AT 402
DF 136
EXP 7000
Skills Icelance, 0 Point
Items Volt Core, Frost Skin
Weakness Fire
Resistance Ice
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Drakoid can be found protecting Primevil's original resting place. Even though it is much weaker than the original, it is still strongly recommended to take precautions, as the clones of the other two elemental dragons have to be battled as well.

Skills Edit

  • Icelance (Uses ???):
  • 0 Point (Uses ???): Deals very high Ice damage to entire party

Drops Edit

  • Volt Core (Worth: 9800 en)
  • Frost Skin (Worth: 12300 en)

Conditional Drop Edit

  • None

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Blizzard Clone (Etrian Odyssey Untold)Edit

Blizzard Clone
The Blizzard King's clone, created to protect the Labyrinth's deepest floor.
Enemy Data
HP 18000
AT 86
DF 63
EXP ???
Skills Ice Torrent, Triple Strike, Crushing Arm
Items Dragon Core, Drake Eye (Conditional)
Weakness Volt
Resistance Ice
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The Blizzard Clone can be found in the Claret Hollows in a hidden chamber on B28F that can only be accessed by falling into the correct hole on the floor above, B27F. The hole can be located at the coordinates D6. The Blizzard Clone is much weaker than the Blizzard King, and lacks a few dangerous moves like Mirror Shield or Wail. It appears Ice Torrent is used the very first turn and on turns that are a multiple of 5 (1, 5, 10, etc.). Once defeated, you gain access to a Dark Grimoire I that contains the skills Dragon Claw (3), Triple Strike (3), and Judgement (3).

Skills Edit

  • Ice Torrent (Uses ???): Powerful party wide Ice attack
  • Triple Strike (Uses Head?): Hits party randomly three times
  • Crushing Arm (Uses Arm?): Party wide attack, may bind

Drops Edit

  • Dragon Core (Worth: ??? en)
  • Drake Eye (Conditional) (Worth: 29000 en)
    • Selling this to the shop unlocks Athanor, the strongest glove available for Alchemists.

Conditional DropEdit

  • In order to get the Blizzard Clone's conditional drop, the Drake Eye, it must be defeated with a Stab attack.

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  • The fact that all of the dragon clones drop a core upon defeat may hint toward them in fact being machines, created based on the dragons, that work using said item as an energy source. This, however, is unconfirmed, as they are called clones in-game. This is also an unlikely theory due to the fact that the technology required to build such machinery is far more advanced than what the current level of technology is at. The item description also describes the core as being an embryo.