A list of armor that is found in Etrian Odyssey Untold: The Millennium Girl. These can be bought from Shilleka's Goods.

The "Special" column is to show if the item is offered in another way. In-game, they are shone gold, similar to conditional drops.

Heavy ArmorEdit

All heavy armor, unless stated otherwise, can be equipped by Landsknechts and Protectors.

Name Description Effect Ingredients Buy Price Special?
Holy Armor Armor that can only be worn by the pure of heart.

DEF+113 HP+40

Physical Resist 

Frozen Wing x1 120,000en Y/P
Freiturnier Uses only the hardest part of a giant crab's shell for great defenses. DEF+95 Gold Carapace x7 Gray Shell x7 27,000en --
Full Plate Made from a hard turtle shell, and capable of withstanding massive attacks DEF+90 HP+20 TP+10 Millennial Shell x5 25,500en --
Gold Armor This gaudy armor places form over function to a ridiculous degree. DEF+1 Poison Resist  Gold Armor x1 25,000en Y
Field Armor Heavy cavalry armor made from Tri-Colors and Shiver Stingers. DEF+81 Shiver Stinger x7 Tri-Color x1 23,400en --
Galvorn Armor A suit of black armor using the durable plating from M.I.K.E.'s body. DEF+77 HP+60 Story Mode Only

Machine Plate x1

21,500en --
Composite Armor crafted from layers of metal bars, protecting even the joints.

DEF+70 HP+30 AGI-2

Giant Wing x5 Space Husk x2 16,700en --
Blood Mail Chainmail of linked Gold Shells, strengthened with Blue Fluid. DEF+64 Navy Fluid x3

Gold Shell x3

13,300en --
Alla Romana A royal knight's armor, decorated with flamoyant Evil Scale accoutrements.

DEF+61 TP+5 TEC+1

Evil Scale x1 11,00en --
Jazeraint Sturdy plates of Damascus steel held together with flexible Bird Tendons.

DEF+57 HP+15 TP+5

Steel Chip x5

Bird Tendon x2

8,200en --
Adama Armor Incredibly hard armor fashioned from the remains of stone soldiers.

DEF+50 Physical Resist 


Statue Plate x1 7,400en --
Ebon Plate Layers of Damascus steel painted with pitch. DEF+52 Faerie Pitch x4 Damascus Ingot x3 6,750en --
Plate Mail Armor made of layers of metal plates to protect all the vital areas. DEF+44 Fish Scale x3

Rigid Thorax x3

3,820en --
Fluted Armor A full metal suit with grooves to redirect enemy strikes away.

DEF+39 HP+10

Iron Exoskeleton x5 Bone Shard x3 3,070en --
Brunhild Holy armor said to have been once given a valkyrie's blessing.

DEF+35 TP+10

Story Mode Only

Furcasternum x1

2,020en --
Ring Mail This armor is reinforced with rings of Laterite metal underneath.

DEF+31 TEC+2 AGI-2

Glow Beak x4 Laterite x2 1,570en --
Chain Mail Steel rings made from Scarlet and Violet ores form a heavy sheet. DEF+26 Scarlet Ore x3 Violet Ore x2 1,100en --
Laced Mail Metal taken from Metal Horn is layered over Gum Leather to protect the wearer. DEF+20 Gum Hide x5 Metal Horn x2 360en --
Breastplate Metal found in teeth is glued to leather to protect the torso.

DEF+15 HP+5 AGI-1

Rabbit Tooth x6 Gum Hide x3 230en --
Bone Armor An ugly "suit" of armor, barely more than various bones strung together. DEF+13 Beast Bone x6 Monkey Bone x1 90en --

Medium ArmorEdit

Medium armor can be equipped by most classes, but are usually the best armor available for Survivalists, Dark Hunters, Ronin, Troubadors and Highlanders.

Name Description Effect Ingredients Buy Price Special?
Wyvernmail Excellent armor made from weaving Wyvern leather with steel.


All Resist 

Tough Wing x1 100,000en --
Apocalypse Armor only wearable by those with true conviction. DEF+100 STR+4 TEC+3 Tempered Shell x1 96,000en Y/Hi
Demon Mail Legendary armor made from the Jungle King's arm, with his power within. DEF+100 HP+35 STR+5 Cursed Arm x1 92,000en Y/L
Ghost Vest Armor that cloaks its wearer in a mirage. DEF+95 TEC+5 LUC+9 Stiff Wing x1 85,500en Y/D
Sylpheed Spiritual clothes made from tail hairs that lighten the body. DEF+92 HP+30 TP+30 Wolf Tail x1 79,000en Y/S
Faerie Mail Weightless metal armor made using Velvet, said to be crafted by Faeries. DEF+90 TP+30 AGI+5 Velvet x1 77,000en Y/T
Ruby Mail Metal armor made frrom the lefendary Stone Heart. DEF+88 HP+50 STR+4 Stone Heart x1 72,000en Y/R
Blue Mail An armor that changes its form and solidity according to the situation.

DEF+82 AGI+10

Blue Sternum x1 39,500en R
Rat Armor Spiked armor made from Armor Rat Shells. DEF+79 Roller Spikes x8 22,800en --
Papillon Mail A suit with butterfly patters made from Ice Wings and Haze Wings. DEF+66 Physical Resist  Ice Wing x7

Haze Wing x5

19,300en --
Dino Plate Strong breastplate carved from a dragon's sternum.

DEF+66 Physical Resist 

Sternum x1 17,600en --
Blood Breastplate A blood-red breastplate made with Red Fur.

DEF+60 STR+1

Red Fur x3

Scarlet Mane x3

13,700en --
Demon Coat A thick jacket made from monster leather. DEF+55 Demon Fur x2 11,250en --
General Leather Leather armor said to have been worn by frontline generals.

DEF+51 HP+20 LUC+2

Story Mode Only

Frog Skin x4

9,980en --
Lacy Hide Armor said to have been bleeded by the spirits of the forest.

DEF+49 STR+1

Evil Plume x1 6,870en --
Brigandine Steel plates made from Flamerat Skulls lined under Gold Deer Fur. DEF+43 Flamerat Skull x3 Gold Fur x1 5,620en --
Aketon Armor made thin for the purpose of increased mobility. DEF+38 Scale Plate x3 3,180en --
Stud Vest A sleeveless coat of Red Hide reinforced with metal studs.

DEF+34 STR+1

Red Hide x1 2,560en --
Bison Armor Uses bison bristles to cover your upper half in red.

DEF+29 HP+10

Story Mode Only

Vermillion Hair x1

1,720en --
Tiger Coat An expensive thick jacket made from white tiger hide. DEF+27 Tiger Fur x1 1,300en --
Lamellar Armor Armor made of hundreds of wooden scales dipped in sticky fluid.

DEF+23 HP+5

Sticky Goo x10 Light Wood x2 930en --
Wolf Armor A solid armor made with the Wolf King's made to protect against the cold.

DEF+19 Ice Resist 

Wolf King Mane x1 550en --
Hide Armor Reinforced armor made by layering beast leather. DEF+16 Gum Hide x8

Beetle Jaw x3

240en --
Jerkin Upper-body clothing made with beast leather from the forest. DEF+11 Soft Hide x5 Beetle Whisker x1 130en --

Light ArmorEdit

Light Armor is usually equippable by all classes barring Heavy Armor classes, but usually the best available for Medics, Alchemists, Hexers, and Gunners.

Name Description Effect Ingredients Buy Price Special?
Angel Robe A mantle sewn for angel, light as a bird. DEF+77 TP+40 AGI+7 Golden Plume x1 70,000en Y/M
Dragoonery Gunner's armor that can stand yp against a dragon. DEF+75 TP+30 LUC+15 Ruffled Feather x1 62,900en Y/G
Mobius Alb Fine robe embroidered with the legendary Ouroboros' shape. DEF+74 TP+30 TEC+2 thunder Eye x1 61,000en Y/A
Hex Mantle Mantle whose chain blinds foes, heightening the effect of hexes. DEF+72 TP+50 TEC+3 Hex Chain x1 55,000en H
Moss Coat An expensive montle made form Yggdrasil DEF+49 Element Resist  Shroud x1 35,000en All
Azure Coat Clothes enhanced with a special blue dye.

DEF+64 AGI+3

Moschino x5

Blue Crystal x3

15,700en --
Papillon Doublet Made with Ice Wings, it is a vivid shirt with high defense. DEF+56 Ice Wing x1 13,600en --
Rune Tunic Gold Fur cothing with anti-demonsumbold stched in it DEF+47 TP+20 Red Blood x3 Gold Fur x2 9,620en --
Lord Tweed Made from tough spider webbing, it is decorated with detailed ornamentataion.

DEF+44 AGI+2

Strong Web x2 Death Stem x1 7,870en --
Dark Tunic Sand Cloth dipped in Faerie Pitch to dye it black, for stealthy movement. DEF+40 Sand Cloth x5 Faerie Pitch x1 4,810en --
Gold Coat Crafted using the fur from a number of Golden Deer. It glitters amazingly. DEF+36 Gold Pelt x3 3,930en --
Flower Dress Monster flowers are used to make these vivid, sweet-smelling clothes.

DEF+33 TEC+1

Story Mode Only

Evil Flower x1

3,220en --
Cotehardie Form-fitting mantle made of Bat Wings woven together. DEF+30 Bat Wing x3

Rock Coral x1

2,230en --
Fancy Coat Elegant clothes decorated with ornaments made from spicules.

DEF+26 HP+10

Iron Exoskeleton x1 1,790en --
Leaf Tunic A jacket of thick woven leaves and vines. DEF+22 Entangling Ivy x2 880en --
Petal Coat Outerwear made of forest plants sewn together.

DEF+18 AGI+1

Vivid Petal x1 600en --
Kazak A robe commonly worn by hunters that completely covers the body.

DEF+16 HP+20

Story Mode Only

Redbird Plume x1

480en --
Hide Vest Jacket made with beast leather. DEF+13 Gum Hide x1 170en --
Leaf Coat Long coat made from treated flowers and vines.


Twining Ivy x2 Poison Wing x1 90en --
Tweed Clothes of woven sheep's wool. DEF+5 ---- 60en All


Shields are, unless otherwise stated, only available to Landsknechts, Protectors, and Highlanders.

Name Description Effect Ingredients Buy Price Special?
Holy Aspis A legendary shield that can only be carried by the pure of heart.

DEF+73 Bind Resist 

Scratched Shell x1

80,000en Y/P
Pain Aspis A sharp shield that excels in both offense and defense.


All Resist 

Venom Fang x1 75,000en --
Ancient Shield A shield made from a turtle shell that has remained intact despite its age.

DEF+64 HP+20

Millenial Shield x1 38,800en --
Crab Shield A large shield created from a piece of a monstrous crab's shell. DEF+61 Gray Shell x1 18,000en --
Safeguard Made of layered monster scales, its size and weight repel most attacks. DEF+52 Sawfish Scale x10 15,600en --
Halo Aspis A shining, white shield said to grand heaven's protection.


Death Resist 

Angel Wing x5

Gem Core x1

11,200en --
King Aspis A large oval shield with a golden sheen. DEF+41 Gold Shell x1 9,000en --
Shoulder Shield A shield worn on the shoulder, made from a battle-hardened warrior's armor. DEF+38 STR+5 Ronin Armor x1 8,600en --
Moon Aspis A beautiful circular shield made of Peal Carapace and tempered silver. DEF+35 Pearl Carapace x1 5,630en --
Old Shield A simple yet effective design. It must have been quite famous in its day.


Ailment Resist 

Old Shield x1 5,000en Y
Ebon Aspis An oval-shaped black shield made of Hard Shards and Sandfish Crystals. DEF+32 Sandfish Crystal x5 Hard Shard x1 4,570en --
Crocodile Shield A strong shield made with crocodile skin, with a unique texture.

DEF+30 HP+10

Story Mode Only

Royal Hide x1

2,970en --
Al Tarf Shield A rounded shield designed to easily parry attacks. DEF+27 TEC+1 AGI+3 Volt Shell x1 2,730en Y
Body Aspin A large shield that covered the whole body.

DEF+28 HP+5

Ice Resist 

Carapace x3

Glimmer Stone x2

2,500en --
Gum Aspis A small, round shield made with rubbery leather and fur.

DEF+25 Volt Resist 

Elastic Skin x3

Red Hide x3

2,010en --
Jelly Shield Tiger hide is hardened with gelatin to make this shield flexible yet strong.

DEF+20 Fire Resist 

Rainbow Gel x3

Tiger Fur x3

1,040en --
Spike Shield With a sharp stinger on the front, this shield can be used for simple attacks.

DEF+17 STR+1

Sharp Stinger x5

Leafy Branch x5

750en --
Aspis Hard, elliptical shield made from shells.

DEF+12 HP+5

Hard Shell x3 190en --
Roggenwolf A light yet strong shield, said to contain the spirit of a wolf.

DEF+10 Ice Resist 

Wolf Pelt x3

Wolf Fang x2

180en --
Hide Aspis A small shield reinforced with beast hide. DEF+8 Soft Hide x8

Rabbit Tooth x1

110en --
Targe A shield that protects the joints. Anyone can wield this light shield. DEF+4 ---- 50en All


Headgear are normally available to all classes unless stated otherwise.

Name Description Effect Ingredients Buy Price Special?
Dragon Helm A beautigul helm that bestows its wearer with the power of dragons. DEF+57 HP+20 TP+20 Wyrm Head x1 60,000en Y/Hi
Angel Helm A magical hat with White Crystals woven into the fabric. DEF+55 TP+30 White Crystal x20 54,000en M
Great Helm A battle helm with high defense, crafted with Blade Spirals. DEF+50 Blade Spiral x1 13,800en --
Spangen A form-fitting helm for efficient defense. DEF+42 Sawfish Scale x1 11,700en --
Nightcap A comfortable hat made from flexible yet resilient spider web. DEF+37 TP+10 TEC+2 Slumber Web x1 10,500 Y
Gold Helmet A shiny helm that blinds those who see it, but provides little defense.

DEF+1 Blind Resist 

Gold Helmet x1 10,500en Y
Trojan Helm A helmet trimmed with a boar's mane. It protects the cheeks and nose. DEF+35 Scarlet Mane x1 8,200en --
Circlet A beautiful head ornament decorated with crystals to ward away evil.

DEF+31 TP+15

Navy Fluid x5 Crystal Wall x1 6,750en --
Pixie Hat A hat adorned with rare Faerie Wings, said to increase focus.

DEF+29 TEC+2

Sand Cloth x4 Faerie Wings x1 4,120en --
Sandy Pin Hairpin made from the bark of a rare tree in the forest's depths.

DEF+26 TP+10

Sand Twig x1 3,370en --
Morion A helm reinforced with the hard exoskeletons of ants.

DEF+24 HP+10

Red Carapace x1 2,880en --
Akizuhire A Dragonfly thorax shell processed and reshaped to fit over the head.

DEF+22 TP+6

Rigid Thorax x1 1,910en --
Scale Helm A sturdy helm made even harder with Iron Exoskeleton. DEF+18 Iron Exoskeleton x3 1,530en --
Viking Helm A helm with monster horns attached, used to intimidate the enemy.

DEF+16 STR+1

Vermillion Horn x1 1,010en --
Duck Curl A Glow Beak modified to hold hair in place. DEF+15 Glow Beak x1 780en --
Plumed Hat A broad-brimmed hat jauntily decorated with a Fire Feather.

DEF+12 Fire Resist 

Fire Feather x1 550en --
Balaclava A leather mask that covered the face, with holes for the eyes and nose.

DEF+10 TEC+1

Penetrated Hide x1

320en Y
Hairband A hairband plated with hard shells for defensive measures. DEF+9 Hard Shell x1 140en --
Camel Hat A fuzzy hat made from the hide of a ferocious camel.


Story Mode Only

Camel Pelt x1

120en --
Hide Hat A hat made of layered and tanned strips of monster hide.

DEF+6 TP+4

Soft Hide x2

Tiny Petal x1

80en --
Hairpin A hair clip made from splinters of wood form near the Forest Entrance. DEF+3 ---- 40en --


All armwear, unless stated otherwise, are available to all classes.

Name Description Effect Ingredients Buy Price Special?
Brave Gage Made from an oni's belt, and said to have the power of an oni itself. DEF+46 STR+6 Ogre Belt x1  50,000en Y/L
Ebon Glove Black gloves that help their wearer blend in with the shadows. DEF+44 HP+20 AGI+6 Wing Scale x30 45,000en D
Lightning Gage The signals these glaves emit increase accuracy and focus. DEF+41 STR+4 TEC+2 Dragon Horn x1 42,000en Y/G
Athanor Gauntlets that heighten spell power by eliminating the margin of error. DEF+40 TEC+4 Drake Eye x1 39,000en Y/A
Ruby Gage Red gaunlets made from the lefendary Torn Heart. DEF+39 TEC+3 AGI+5 Torn Heart 37,000en Y/R
Toxic Gage Gauntlets made from the tanned hide of a poison demon's hand. DEF+2 Ailment Resist  Toxic Paw x1 27,000en --
Superior Gloves These golden gloves shine brightly even in the faintest light. DEF+38 Gold Carapace x1 11,200en --
Dispel Arm Grants the wearer the power to dispel evil without weapons. DEF+32 White Crystal x1 9,750en --
Blood Gage Red gauntlets that protect both the hands and the forearms. DEF+27 Red Blood x1 6,870en --
Rune Gloves Gloves inscribed with holy words written in ink made of monster fluid.

DEF+25 TEC+3

Navy Fluid x1 5,620en --
General Glove A pratically decorated glove made from the skin of a frog.

DEF+25 STR+2

Story Mode Only

Frog Skin x1

4,440en --
Sand Glove Gloves made by weaving cloth found deep in the forest. DEF+23 Sand Cloth x1 3,430en --
Ocean King Gage An arm protector made by weaving materials made from monster fins.

DEF+20 TEC+2

Huge Fin x1 3,080en --
Fish Gage A gage improved by attaching a Crystalline Lens to it. DEF+21 Sandfish Crystal x1 2,800en --
Steel Gage A durable arm guard crafted from a beast's carapace. DEF+18 Carapace x1 1,590en --
Gum Glove Gloves made from tanned, rubbery leather. DEF+15 Elastic Skin x2 Honey Crystal x1 1,280en --
Bear Glove Thich gloves crafted from bear fur.

DEF+13 STR+2 TEC+1

Bear Fur x1 990en --
Iron Glove Gloves of woven steel extracted from Steel Shells, then lain over tiger skin. DEF+11 Iron Shell x1 650en --
Down Glove Gloved decorated with mystical feathers from a lizard. DEF+9 Stretchy Feather x2 460en --
Wolf Glove Made form the fur of a wolf that lived in the coldest reaches.

DEF+8 Ice Resist 

Wolf Pelt x1 290en --
Nail Glove Sturdy gloves woven with small metal fragments. DEF+7 Thorn x1 120en --
Hide Glove Thich gloves made frolm layers of tanned beast leather.


Soft Hide x3 Twining Ivy x1 60en --
Knit Glove Gloves for novice adventurers unaccustomed to using weapons. DEF+2 ---- 30en --


Unless stated otherwise, all footwear are available to all classes.

Name Description Effect Ingredients Buy Price Special?
Speed Boot Boots said to increase the weare's speed. DEF+37 TP+30 AGI+5 Dread Crest x1 40,000en Y/S
Cianontedae Dangerous boots made of Cursed Roots that impede the wearer's movements. DEF+34 Action Speed  Cursed Root x1 21,000en Y
War Boot Battle boots worn by warriors of old.

DEF+31 HP+30 STR+2

Ant Claw x3 Moschino x1 9,090en --
Dyed Boot Durable leg armor dyed a deep red using Blaze materials.

DEF+25 STR+3

Blaze Material x1 7,810en --
Fur Boot Sandals decorated with a golden fur that seems to glow. DEF+22 AGI+4 Gold Fur x3 5,600en --
Combat Shoe M2 These boots of compressed black leather are tough yet breathable.

DEF+19 HP+30 AGI+3

Pressed Fur x1

5,200en Y
Gold Shoe Leg "armor" that has little defensive ability, but looks quite impressive.

DEF+1 Paralyze Resist 

Gold Shoe x1 5,000en Y
Flame Boot Leg armor made of treated Crimson Eyes to protect the wearer from fire.

DEF+20 Fire Resist 

Crimson Eye x1 4,500en --
Kilt Tassels Special shoes with patterns that activate a barrier sewn into them.

DEF+17 TP+20 TEC+3

Hard Bark x1 3,880en --
Faerie Boot Mysterious boots that make the wearer feel light as a faerie. DEF+18 AGI+5 Faerie Wings x5 2,740en --
Exorcist Sock Socks made from fibers taken from a rootlike monster.

DEF+16 TEC+4

Pure Root x1 2,280en --
Cactus Boot Water-resistant boots made from the Narcissus, found near water.

DEF+15 HP+15 Ice Resist 

Narcissus x1

1,930en Y
Scale Boot Durable Boots made from layered fish scales.

DEF+14 Cut Resist 

Fish Scale x1 1,270en --
Moccasins Red slippers with no heels, made from Gum Throat

DEF+12 TEC+3

Gum Throat x1 1,020en --
Chain Boot Leg armor made from rings of Iron Scrap.

DEF+9 HP+20

Scrap Iron x2 520en --
Plume Boot Durable boots designed for exploring the forest, decorated with feathers.


Stretchy Feather x1 370en --
Hunter Boot Crafted from soft Bat Wings, these boots allow for maneuverability.


Bat Skin x1 320en --
Green Boot Boots made from vine fibers, suited for exploring.

DEF+5 TP+5

Vine x2 100en --
Hide Boot Durable boots of layered leather.

DEF+3 HP+10

Soft Hide x1 50en --
Leaf Boot Sandals made from forest leaves.


---- 20en --