Heavy Armor Edit

All heavy armor, unless stated otherwise, can be equipped by Landsknechts, Protectors, or Sovereigns.

Name Description Effects Buy Price Special Ingredient
Crusader Armor Spectral armor that can only be worn by the pure of heart. DEF+114, HP+30, TP+20 280,000 P Black Ingot
Berserker Mail Tough armor worn only by true warriors. DEF+108, HP+15, STR+3 260,000 L Petrified Scale
Royal Byrnie Golden armor that brims with regal dignity. Even enemies tremble at the sight of it. DEF+106, TP+30, TEC+3 245,000 So Pierced Fang
Hex Armor Grotesque armor made by combining monster bones that reside in the forest. DEF+100, TP+40 97,000
Full Plate Heavy armor said to be able to withstand an attack from an entire platoon. DEF+88 72,000
Bloody Armor A red armor crafted from swords that have slain many opponents. DEF+92, HP+30 60,000
Field Armor Very strong heavy armor that ordinary attacks cannot break through. DEF+80 48,000
Crystal Armor A magnificent white armor of remarkable strength. Comprised of white crystals. DEF+75 36,000
Composite Armor Armor made by embedding sheets made from Gold Shells to increase its durability. DEF+70 32,700
Jazeraint Armor covered with pieces from a blue Carapace to increase its durability. DEF+64, TP+10 26,100
Black Armor Armor made by crafting short black claws together to increase its durability. DEF+60 16,200

Fluted Armor

Full-body armor designed with grooves strengthen the armor an stop strike DEF+53, TP+8 10,800
Scale Armor Armor made from the scales of a many-headed dragon. Resistant to poison. DEF+49, Poison Resist ↑↑ 7,600
Chain Mail Armor made up of linked metal rings. They are made of the metal held by Sapphire Arms. DEF+47 6,000
Ring Mail Armor made from many metals linked together. DEF+39 3,750
Bubble Armor A special armor from a monster's cold bubbles. Resistant to fire. DEF+35, Fire Resist ↑ 2,040
Lorica Segmentata Incredibly durable armor. Made of fine metal plates forged with metallic beaks. DEF+32, TP+5 1,560
Iron Armor A durable black armor. Deflects attacks with carefully-plated monsters claws. DEF+27 1,120
Lorica Hamata A chain vest that is light and easy to move around DEF+19 500
Breast Plate Armor to protect the body, made with a durable cloth and monsters claws. DEF+13, HP+5 220
Half Armor A heavy armor with very little decoration. Designed to protect the chest. DEF+8 80

Medium Armor Edit

Medium armor can be equipped by most classes, but are usually the best armor available for Survivalists, Dark Hunters, Ronin, Troubadors, War Magi, Fafnir, and Highlanders.

Name Description Effect Buy Price Special Ingredients
Apocalypse Armor that can only worn by warriors with a strong force of will. DEF+98, TP+20, STR+3 241,000 Hi Black Ingot
Amianthus Mail Armor made from a legendary metal said not to melt even in extreme temperatures. DEF+100, All Stats+3 237,000 F Sizzling Lava
Curse Mail Prayer garb that casts a curse on the wearer, and converts it into raw spiritual power. DEF+96, STR+3, TEC+3 225,000 W Cursed Frog Skin
Sylpheed Vest Spiritual clothing that makes the wearer as light as the wind. DEF+94, TP+30, AGI+3 220,000 S Queen's Quill
Bindings Leather armor that protects vital points. DEF+93, STR+3, LUC+3 205,000 D Lavish Bone
Sky Metal Armor Armor made with a legendary metal. DEF+92, STR+3, AGI+3 196,000 R Sky Metal Tail
Hymn Cloth A legendary garb said to have been worn by a god that illuminates the world. DEF+90, TP+40, AGI+2 178,000 T Perfect Hide
Crocodile Hide Armor made from the hide of a powerful crocodile. Its resists every element. DEF+101, Fire Ice Volt Resist ↑ 156,000
Crab Gardbrace Armor made from a cowering crab. Made to protect the chest and shoulders. DEF+83, Fear Resist ↑↑ 75,000 Shaking Shell
Mirage Vest Armor made with specially crafted jade. It said to cloak one in illusions. DEF+73 60,000
Blue Mail Armor that changes hardness an shape depending on the situation. DEF+71 51,000
Pure Cuirass A beautiful white armor made from a light and durable white bronze. DEF+66, AGI+2 47,000
Ocean Armor A blue armor made with a light spongy hide. DEF+67, Ice Resist ↑ 44,000
Brigandine A light armor made from a beautiful silver. DEF+64 30,000
Reptile Cuirass Armor made from tanning the hide of a lizard with a gem on its head. DEF+54 19,000
Dino Cuirass A powerful armor from the chest plate of a bony dragon in the forest. DEF+50, Cut Stab Bash Resist ↑ 13,000
Divine Plate Breastplate strengthened with a metal obtained from monsters in the forest. DEF+52 10,500
Purpure Mail Purple armor strengthened with monster feathers, and sewn together tightly. DEF+45 9,000
Rose Cuirass A rose colored armor, made from the pale pink hide of a monster from the forest. DEF+41 7,500
Lamellar Armor Sleeveless armor made from layering thinly cut monster scales. DEF+39 5,000
Red Cuirass A flexible red breast plate with the mane of a white horse woven in. DEF+36 3,150
Fairy Cuirass A legendary armor, said have been made while the blacksmith was asleep. DEF+31 2,000
Rubber Pauldron* Pauldrons crafted from spikes on a frog's cheek. Resists impacts and electricity. DEF+5, Bash Volt Resist ↑↑ 2,000
Wing Cuirass A breast plate covered with white crest feathers to soften blows. DEF+27 1,300
Studded Leather Metal pieces are wedged in it to deflect blows. DEF+22 700
Elk Cuirass Armor made by layering beautiful elk hides to increase its durability. DEF+19, HP+5 570
Feather Armor A light armor decorated with the feathers of a giant forest bird. DEF+16 310
Leather Armor Armor made from layered best hide. DEF+11 180
Hide Armor Armor made from the hide of animals found nearby the city. DEF+6 40

*DLC only.

Light Armor Edit

Light Armor is usually equippable by all classes barring Beasts and Heavy Armor classes, but usually the best available for Medics, Alchemists, Hexers, and Gunners.

Name Description Effect Buy Price Special Ingredients
Dragoon Mail Armor designed for gunners, said to be able to withstand a blow from a dragon. DEF+77, HP+30, AGI+3 172,000 G Scorching Horn
Angel Robe A robe that is said to have been made and worn by celestial beings. DEF+75, VIT+3, TEC+3 160,000 M Eternal Hide
Ouroboros Robe A high quality robe with the symbol of a legendary dragon emblazoned on the back. DEF+72, TP+40, TEC+3 140,000 A Thunderous Eye
Cursed Mail Chained outerwear that dazzles the eyes, and amplifies the effect of curses. DEF+71, TP+20, LUC+4 127,000 H Blind Eye
Giant's Gown Clothing made from the tough skin of a many-armed giant. Grants titanic strength. DEF+66, HP+30 66,000
Rune Tunic Clothing with holy demon-repelling symbols sewn in. DEF+60 42,000
Czar Cloth A ruler's clothes, imbued with heavenly blessings. DEF+50, HP+20, Fire Ice Volt Resist ↑ 40,000
Lunar Coat An overcoat that is empowered by the moon's light. DEF+53 31,500
Expel Coat An overcoat that uses the gel core to absorb any blows the wearer receives. DEF+49 21,000
Metal Tweed Clothing enhanced by weaving in metal threads into the regular fibers. DEF+44 15,200
Poisondart Coat A coat made with the poisonous skin of a frog, for resisting venom and toxins. DEF+42, Poison Resist ↑↑ 10,500
Crapaud Dress Clothing with increased impact resistance by using the elastic cheek skin of a frog. DEF+38, Bash Resist ↑ 9,000
Sky Dress A beautiful dress dyed with the pigment of a sky blue flower. DEF+39 7,900
Prism Vest Clothing enhanced by dipping it into a mixture of melted multi-color carapaces. DEF+36 5,300
Blue Vest A vest with a cold blue core embedded in the fibers, to increase ice resistance. DEF+34, Ice Resist ↑ 4,100
Swan Coat An overcoat made to be extremely light, made using swan feathers. DEF+32 3,500
Bikini Armor* A mysterious armor from a foreign country. It doesn't look much like armor, but... DEF+1, Fire Ice Volt Resist ↑↑↑ 3,000 All Crushed Skin
Caftan Dress Elaborate clothing decorated with shells. DEF+28 2,650
Spinneret Gown A light but durable gown woven with a string spun by a monster. DEF+27, AGI+2 1,600
Rubber Dress Form-fitting clothing made from elastic fibers and flexible feathers. DEF+23 1,050
Flower Caftan An overcoat made from weaving ivy and vines from the forest together. DEF+18 630
Yellow Tunic Fluffy clothing made with a soft yellow fur. DEF+16 410
Wing Leaf Light clothing decorated with the feathers of a large bird. DEF+12 220
Green Leaf Clothing covered in hard shells. DEF+7 60
Tweed Clothing made from woven sheep wool. DEF+5 30

*DLC only.

Shields Edit

Shields are, unless otherwise stated, only available to Landsknechts, Protectors, Sovereigns, and Highlanders.

Name Description Effect Buy Price Special Ingredients
Crusader Shield A holy shield that can only be held by the bravest knights who fear nothing. DEF+73, HP+10, LUC+3 200,000 P Burnt Iron
Arm Shield* DEF+84, Ice resist ↑↑, Fire resist ↓↓ 102,500 Bound Ice Arm
Dragonbone Shield A light shield made from the wing bones of a forest creature. DEF+67, AGI+2 80,000
Moth Shield A shield made from the wings of the king of moths. DEF+60 54,500
Ancient Shield A shield made from a hermit crab shell that has barely changed in centuries. DEF+54 40,000
Papillion Buckler A small shield enhanced by layering butterfly wings across it. DEF+48 26,500
Kaiser Shield A shield said to have been used by an ancient ruler. DEF+46 20,000
Safeguard An extremely heavy and large shield that can withstand most attacks. DEF+43 15,200
Rostrum Shield A shield line with multiple bird beaks to increase its durability. DEF+40 10,800
Pelta A crescent-shaped shield made for Labyrinth exploration. DEF+37 7,200
Shield Wall A strong shield made from the shards of a monster disguised as a wall. DEF+35, Cut Stab Bash Resist ↑ 5,800
Glare Shield A shield made from the lens of a large-eyed monster. Patterned with iris and sclera. DEF+31, Paralyze Panic Resist ↑ 4,400
Pale Round A round shield, with white feathers and pale stones decorating it. DEF+33 4,000
Aspis A sturdy, elliptical shield made from Divine Carapace. DEF+28 2,500
Horn Shield A shield enhanced by mixing shards of metallic horns within it. DEF+25 2,000
Pine Shield A light, yet sturdy shield made from the Red Pines found in the forest. DEF+20, AGI+1 1,520 Red Pine
Round Shield A circular shield often used by soldiers fighting on the front lines. DEF+21 1,200
Iron Shield A sturdy metal shield strengthened with monster fangs. DEF+18 720
Snakeskin Shield A shield made from a giant snake monster's skin. Increases petrify resistance. DEF+16, Petrify Resist ↑↑ 570
Slaughter Shield A large shield made with sharp teeth, more for attacking than defending. DEF+100, All Resist ↓↓↓↓ 500
Lightning Shield A shield made from an electrically charged carapace. Resistant against electricity. DEF+14, Volt Resist ↑ 440 Electric Shell
Leather Shield A small shield enhanced by stretching a thin, sticky hide over it. DEF+10 250
Targe A small shield suspended on the arm to protect the shoulder joints. DEF+7 80
Buckler A small shield made from the trees near the city. Used to deflect attacks. DEF+5 45

*DLC only.

Headgear Edit

Headgear are normally available to all classes except Beasts unless stated otherwise.

Name Description Effects Buy Price Special Ingredient
Aegir Helm A helm that is said to help the wearer overcome their fears. DEF+56, STR+2, TEC+2 140,000 F Chattering Tooth
Dragon Helm A beautiful helm said to grant the wearer the power of a dragon. DEF+55, HP+20, TP+20 136,000 Hi Shabby Bone
Sky Metal Helm A powerful helm plated with a legendary metal. DEF+53, HP+20, STR+2 123,000 R Blue Skull (x30)
Angelic Cap A medical cap crafted with a rare monster's horn shards. DEF+52, TP+20, TEC+2 110,000 M Pure White Horn (x30)
Ice Crown* DEF+40, Action speed ↓ 40,000 All
Great Helm An extremely durable helm that can deflect any attack. Wearable by Beasts. DEF+46 41,000 All
Forest Hairpin A hairpin made with tough wood from the forest, with intricate designs etched in. DEF+40 30,000
White Helm A helm enhanced by using the white crystals of a monster of the forest. DEF+35, HP+10 18,000
Spangenhelm A form-fitting helm designed to increase defense. Beasts can equip this too. DEF+33, TP+10 16,400 All
Rune Circlet A royal crown, etched with symbols to protect evil. DEF+30, TEC+1 11,400
White Hat A beautiful hat adorned with giant sparkling white beaks. DEF+28 7,200
Rabbit Helm A helm enhanced by using monster teeth from the forest. Wearable by Beasts. DEF+27, TEC+1 6,300 All
Pointy Hat A cone-shaped hat popular among war magi. Said to help increase focus. DEF+22, TEC+1, LUC+2 5,350
Morion A helm with reinforced armor so that it can take more blows. Wearable by Beasts. DEF+26 4,500 All
Pumpkin Hat A pumpkin-shaped headpiece with an unusual hardness to it. DEF+24, TEC+1 3,500
Tusk Hairpin A hairpin made from a beautiful white elephant tusk. Beasts can equip this too. DEF+20, TP+5 2,250 All
Red Helm A red helm made from the strong forelegs of dragonflies. DEF+18 1,500
Inferno Helm A helm with the horn of a fire-resistant monster attached. Wearable by Beasts. DEF+17, Fire Resist ↑ 1,220 All
Bone Helm A giant piece of monster bone, crafted to fit on the head. Wearable by Beasts. DEF+16 900 All
Headdress A headpiece made of boiled and linked plants and leaves from the forest. DEF+13 540
Hachigane A headpiece that uses the embedded sword metal to protect the head. DEF+10, HP+5 230
Ladybug Hairpin A hairpin made from a monster carapace from the forest. DEF+8, TP+3 160
Leather Hat A hat of layered beast hide to increase its durability. Beasts can equip this too. DEF+5 60 All
Wooden Hairpin Hairpin made of shaved wood splinters. DEF+3 30

*DLC only.

Armwear Edit

All armwear, unless stated otherwise, are available to all classes except the Beast.

Name Description Effects Buy Price Special Ingredient
Brave Gage Made for warriors who never flee from battle. DEF+46, HP+20, STR+3 135,000 L Pierced Heart
Shadow Glove A black glove that hides its wearer's presence within the shadows. DEF+45, STR+3, LUC+5 128,000 D Bound Shard
Lightning Gage Armwear that increases accuracy and concentration through an electric pulse. DEF+43, AGI+3, Volt Resist ↑ 103,000 G Coated Horn
Athanor Armwear that quickens one's casting, and strengthens the force of spells. DEF+41, TP+25, TEC+2 88,000 A Shabby Bone
Toxic Gage* A gage made from a toxic monster. It shields the wearer from all maladies. DEF+5, Ailment resist ↑ 45,000
Bloody Gauntlet A bloody gauntlet that brings misfortune. Wearable by Beasts. DEF+38, STR+2 36,400 All
Wavellite Glove A glove with Star Rock embedded within. Wearable by Beasts. DEF+35, TP+20, LUC+5 30,000 All
Hail Vambrace An armguard enhanced with an ice-resistant horn. Wearable by Beasts. DEF+33, Ice Resist ↑ 25,000 All
King's Armguard Belonged to a legendary king who ruled with a rather literal iron fist. DEF+31, HP+20 22,500
Dark Horse Glove A glove made from the hooves of a black horse. Beasts can equip this too. DEF+28 13,600 All
Exorcist Vambrace An armguard crafted from a monster fang. It holds the power to repel evil. DEF+25, HP+10 9,500
Down Glove A glove that uses the feather's softness to cushion blows. Wearable by Beasts. DEF+23, Bash Resist ↑ 6,000 All
Wind Armguard An armguard protected by an ambient wind. Wearable by Beasts. DEF+22, AGI+2 5,300 All
Gauntlet Form-fitting armwear that makes it easy to control your strength. DEF+20, STR+1 3,750
Rouge Glove A brightly colored glove popular among women. Made from Pink Leather. DEF+19, TP+5 2,900
Gountlet Armwear lined with sturdy stones to block blows to the arm. DEF+18, LUC+2 2,200
Forest Demigaunt A knuckleguard made from flexible branches of the forest. Beasts can equip this too. DEF+16 1,250 All
Purple Glove Gloves that cover the whole arm, made from an eerie purple tail. DEF+13, STR+1 1,000
Quill Armguard An armguard sewn with the tailfeathers of a massive bird. DEF+12, AGI+1 850
Chain Glove A glove with woven metal shards from a monster's fang. Wearable by Beasts. DEF+10, HP+5 450 All
Yellow Mittens Very fluffy mittens lined with a soft yellow fur on the inside. DEF+8, HP+5 300
Studded Glove Sturdy gage woven with small metal fragments. Wearable by Beasts. DEF+6 130 All
Hide Gage A well-fitted gage made of tanned hide to reduce slippage. DEF+4 45
Thick Gage A gage made with layers of cloth. Often used by novice explorers. DEF+3 25

*DLC only.

Footwear Edit

Unless stated otherwise, all footwear are available to all classes excluding Beasts.

Name Description Effects Buy Price Special Ingredient
Forest Runners Increases the wearer's speed to the point that they may be the fastest in the forest. DEF+37, HP+20, AGI+3 120,000 S Sleeping Hoof
Swift Shoes* DEF+35, Action speed ↑ 60,000
Battle Boots Boots often worn by warriors of old. DEF+33, HP+10, STR+2 40,500
Leather Boots Boots made from caterpillar skin for their versatility. Wearable by Beasts. DEF+30, TEC+2 27,500 All
Snow Shoes Shows that do not slip on soft snow. Wearable by Beasts. DEF+27, TP+20, Ice Resist ↑ 20,000 All
Bright Sandals Sandals that dimly light the path ahead in the dark. DEF+23, STR+2, AGI+2 10,900
Black Chausses Leg guards made from wyvern bones to protect the shins. Wearable by Beasts. DEF+21, HP+10 8,700 All
Flame Greaves Legwear made from cooled lava for its fire resistance. Wearable by Beasts. DEF+20, Fire Resist ↑ 6,000 All
Knight Greaves Hefty legwear designed for discretion and practicality. DEF+19, TP+10, AGI+2 4,400
Purple Anklet Leg guards with venomous needles protruding from the surface. DEF+16, TEC+2 3,000 All
Fairy Boots Mysterious boots that make the wearer's steps as light as a fairy's. DEF+15, STR+1, AGI+1 2,150
Dendrite Boots Legwear made with ice crystals for its ice resistance. Wearable by Beasts. DEF+14, Ice Resist ↑ 1,700 All Ice Branch
Hide Boots Boots made from a tough elephant hide. Wearable by Beasts. DEF+13, AGI+1, LUC+1 1,500 All
Scale Boots Durable boots made from layered fish scales. DEF+12, TP+10 900
Quill Boots Easy-to-move-in boots decorated with a crest feather from a monster. DEF+11, TP+10, TEC+1 710
Carapace boots Boots designed for lightness and durability. Wearable by Beasts. DEF+9, AGI+2 490 All
Moa Boots Boots made from ostrich feet tendons. The weather can run like... an ostrich. DEF+7, STR+1 400
Deer Hide Boots Boots made from thoroughly tanned deer hide. Wearable by Beasts. DEF+6, HP+5, AGI+1 340 All
Wooden Shoes Shoes made from sturdy roots growing within the forest to increase durability. DEF+5, HP+5 140
Leather Shoes Shoes made from a firm collar that was once used to restrain a monster. DEF+3, STR+1 90
Papillon Boots Boots made with flexible wings of a monster. Wearable by Beasts. DEF+4, TEC+1 80 All
Leaf Sandal A common sandal made from the leaves of trees found near the city. DEF+2, AGI+1 20

*DLC only.

Collars Edit

Collars are main armor for Beasts and are exclusive to them. They don't actually count as body armor, and the Bikini Armor can be equipped alongside a Collar.

Name Description Effects Buy Price Special Ingredient
King's Collar A very grand looking collar. Gives the wearer a dignified air. DEF+109, HP+40, TP+10 300,000 Crazed Stinger
Silver Star A collar decorated with a Star Rock found in the forest. Famous also as an art piece. DEF+96, TP+30 89,500 Star Rock
Slaughter collar A collar made to intimidate enemies. The slaughter claw is attached to black leather. DEF+84 66,000
Quartz Choker A fashionable collar made with polished crystals found in plant vines. DEF+75 49,500
Wild Collar A collar infused with the soul of the king of beasts within it. DEF+67 30,000
Black Collar A collar with a pitch black color, made with a black shell and bone pieces. DEF+61 23,900
Feather Choker A collar of woven black feathers. Allows the wearer to move swiftly. DEF+57, AGI+3 18,700
Spiked Collar A collar made with many thorns. They hook and scratch any who try touching it. DEF+53 11,600
Gold Collar A golden collar with a mysterious power embedded within it. DEF+47 8,250
Fine Choker A red collar strengthened by using a monster fin. DEF+42 4,800
White Collar A white collar with a pale stone that protects an innocent wearer. DEF+37 3,450
Owl Eyes A collar made from the sealed eyes of a monster from the forest. DEF+32, Panic Resist ↑↑ 2,190 Bound Wings
Rubber Collar A very soft and flexible collar made from the fibers of a gel monster. DEF+28 1,210
Muffler A collar crafted from the hide of a monster. DEF+23 770
Red Choker A vivid red collar made from flexible bat wings. DEF+21, HP+5 630
Flower Collar A collar crafted from the petals of a giant flower monster. DEF+18 420
Papillon Collar A collar crafted from poison butterflies from near the entrance of the forest. DEF+12 190
Halter A collar for the nose and mouth, making it easier to train an animal. DEF+9 100
Leather Collar A collar made from thoroughly tanning the hide of animals nearby the city. DEF+7 60
Trust Collar A chain given by Wulfgar. Connects an explorer and beast with a bond of trust. DEF+26, STR+1, AGI+1 -- Classic only